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Скачать с ютуб Ranking all 200+ Mega Man robots | Unraveled

Опубликовано: 11 нояб. 2018 г. 2 036 945 просмотров

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The Mega Man robot masters were helpful before they became evil. But just how helpful were they? Brian David Gilbert locks himself in a studio to rank which ones were useful enough to be worth the risk of a robot uprising.

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  • Jace Parker
    Jace Parker 1 year ago Rank Pokémon on how irresponsible it is to let children control them
  • NoobMaster69 Brian David Gilbert Fan Account
    NoobMaster69 Brian David Gilbert Fan Account 1 year ago Only gen one because time but THIS WOULD BE AWESOME
  • Jace Parker
    Jace Parker 1 year ago Brian David Gilbert Fan Account Multi-part series, one Gen an episode. Full ranking as a finale
  • _Bookleman
    _Bookleman 1 year ago Jace Parker this is a very good idea.
  • SwankyPants
    SwankyPants 1 year ago Mew
  • Sofia Laya
    Sofia Laya 1 year ago Think about all those school shootings and how more wrong they would go
  • winkybrø
    winkybrø 1 year ago Imagine: I'm Timmy. I'm 9 years old and this is my pet God
  • Apple Bloom
    Apple Bloom 1 year ago @winkybrø Do you see this ever-burning 6 meter giant Bird? I play with him in my room. This is my bellsprout, i water it everyday :)
  • Ethan Sumner
    Ethan Sumner 1 year ago YAAS!
  • KE Clarke
    KE Clarke 1 year ago Yes yes yes
  • NoodleNayru
    NoodleNayru 1 year ago Yes
  • Embodiment Of void
    Embodiment Of void 1 year ago Jace Parker for some reason this comment made me immediately think about arbok you know that usually 10 ft snake oh boy if a child had an arbok
  • William Bowles
    William Bowles 10 months ago I'm pretty sure Magicarp is the only pokemon that is a reasonable children's pet. No one, young or old, should be able to have a pet that can control the weather, travel through time, or create the universe.
  • Doctor Eww
    Doctor Eww 8 months ago Embodiment Of void Arbok would at least be similar to real pets, so I’m guessing if this list was made, Arbok would be put in a “real pets” category, or the least deadly.
  • iop erty
    iop erty 5 months ago That's great
  • dilophosaurus sk
    dilophosaurus sk 5 months ago EVERY LEGENDARY EVER IS IN F TIER F FOR FUCKING RUN ironically a quarter of my silver team are legendaries
    MAD DOC MONKEY 5 months ago yep
  • Jin Jay
    Jin Jay 4 months ago Jace Parker Anything outside normal type and that isn’t the fish Pokémon that can’t do anything
  • Jin Jay
    Jin Jay 4 months ago Sofia Laya good thing the kids don’t even go to school then
  • Martin Rudolph
    Martin Rudolph 4 months ago PLEASE THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER HAHAHA
  • Blood Doll
    Blood Doll 3 months ago #1: Yveltl, kills things merely by touching them.
  • James Clark
    James Clark 3 months ago Jace Parker Legendaries have their own row, as do Mythicals, but there are still columns to abide by.
  • Jenni Bean the Sweets Queen
    Jenni Bean the Sweets Queen 3 months ago @Blood Doll what about Mewtwo? It hides in a cave, yet can be captured.... it literally says in the pokedex it lacks compassion. "Hi mom! I just caught a blood thirsty psychotic pokemon home!"
  • Magicpanther
    Magicpanther 3 months ago Number 1: arceus. LITERALLY GOD
  • The Man Who Says hoib
    The Man Who Says hoib 2 months ago Dialga god of time that's just so funny
  • icky thump 800000
    icky thump 800000 2 months ago @Sofia Laya Yeah but people could fight back easier
  • Fenrir Banner
    Fenrir Banner 2 months ago Arceus would be 1 because.... I don't know... he's basically god
  • Maxaroni 666
    Maxaroni 666 2 months ago maybe he could give them a point system, like the graph from the mortal cuddled video, like, is the pet a normal animal to give to a child? (dogs, cats, fish) and is the type dangerous by nature? (fire, poison, electric, dark, ghost) also get rid of any god/myth pokemon like mew or arceus because obviously creator gods make bad pets
  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 2 months ago All but normal type and that even pushing it sometimes
  • Maxaroni 666
    Maxaroni 666 2 months ago Blue Jay im all for learning by experience, but i don’t think i’ll give my kid a large, probably evil cat, a tired bear, and a pink cow
  • Molly Kate
    Molly Kate 2 months ago Yes!!!
  • Emory Daniel
    Emory Daniel 1 month ago Yep. This. This needs to happen
  • ElectronicWaffles
    ElectronicWaffles 1 month ago Jace Parker DO IT BRIAN
  • Nicholas Robert
    Nicholas Robert 3 weeks ago Speaking of which the whole only cuts down trees for secret bases is a pokemon reference.
  • Лев Бондаренко
    Лев Бондаренко 2 weeks ago "I no longer have to go to school because God is my pet
  • Droidix Bacon
    Droidix Bacon 2 weeks ago Eternatus is 1
  • Bugseph Bunnin
    Bugseph Bunnin 1 week ago A F U C K I N G D R A G O N
  • Matheus Tran
    Matheus Tran 1 week ago Sofia Laya school bomber: Nobody move I have a voltorb! Little timmy: Giratina send him to the shadow realm!
  • Widdershins
    Widdershins 1 week ago Okay, very valid idea. There's plenty of pokemon, like Charmander or Pikachu, that produce fire or electricity as a by-product. Dangerous, yes, but it'd be like having a dog with really toxic poop. Long as your responsible ...yeah, can work. Then there's the hyper-smart pokemon that likely know themselves better than any trainer who'd practically raise themselves. ....then there's the pokemon with so much power behind them they're literal bombs! (Pikachu shoots electricity sometimes, Pichu is just constantly radiating like a shorting battery. Yes, that's a safe baby for kids.) Then there's LITERAL SOUL EATERS AND THE DEVOURERS OF MINDS.
  • Robert Park
    Robert Park 1 week ago @William Bowles or can create singularity event horizon
  • Zacharie Peardon
    Zacharie Peardon 11 months ago "BDG Man" built to organize information at the cost of sanity
  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell 6 months ago The only robot worth the uprising
  • David Rigdon
    David Rigdon 3 months ago Attacks by attempting to unravel the opponent
  • ゴミげんよう
    ゴミげんよう 3 weeks ago Definitely not a task that can be performed by a human
  • JP
    JP 6 days ago And paper
  • Leviacrus
    Leviacrus 11 months ago "Where's my guy Toad Man" might just have to be my senior quote
  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness 6 months ago Leviacrus 169 likes nice
  • hermit purple
    hermit purple 6 months ago Lets make it 420
  • Saopo
    Saopo 1 month ago Hi. (This is gonna be weird when/if I change my profile picture)
  • Eddy Partida
    Eddy Partida 3 weeks ago (edited) Toad Man can make miracle rains on places that desperately need it, as well as helping with wildfires
  • Saopo
    Saopo 3 weeks ago @Eddy Partida And I don't even need to play a magical song on a magical instrument for that. That would be cool af tho.
  • Mohamad107
    Mohamad107 1 year ago "Don't let me suck more than I can handle." Did he say that to Top Man?
  • iop erty
    iop erty 5 months ago I ship it
  • Jenna
    Jenna 2 months ago It took me a second. Oh gosh... I ship it.
  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes 2 months ago No, he said it to Hard Man.
  • Jeff Goldbroom
    Jeff Goldbroom 2 months ago @Ethan Hughes hard man is totally a bottom
  • Stefan Alexander Lungu
    Stefan Alexander Lungu 2 months ago @Jeff Goldbroom Is Hard Man Top Man's bottom?
  • Jeff Goldbroom
    Jeff Goldbroom 2 months ago @Stefan Alexander Lungu top man is also a bottom
  • ThePinkArtist
    ThePinkArtist 1 month ago Guys...You all forgot about SNAKE MAN
  • Pip
    Pip 1 month ago Jeff Goldbroom new video idea: ranking mega man robots from bottom-switch-top
  • Mister Bad Guy
    Mister Bad Guy 3 weeks ago @Pip Splash Woman is definitely a top.
  • Alex Korinth
    Alex Korinth 2 weeks ago Ohhh myyy....
  • Ally S
    Ally S 10 months ago (edited) In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there is a book called To Catch a Bug. If this book is supposed to be the Animal Crossing equivalent of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, it implies that there is a dark past to the Animal Crossing world. I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding this.
  • Smokey Beaure
    Smokey Beaure 8 months ago Where did you get animal crossing this is a mega man video
  • i wake up and boom im a rat
    i wake up and boom im a rat 7 months ago i mean there are the dark towns that u can access Those Are Strange
  • Sarah Ford
    Sarah Ford 6 months ago If “To Catch a Bug” is Animal Crossing’s version of Harper Lee’s classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” this heavily implies that not only does the Animal Crossing world have a fully developed judicial system, that system is influenced by the racial bias of a broken community. In this essay I will
  • Insomniac Artist
    Insomniac Artist 5 months ago Wait, for real? I had no idea that was a thing
  • Sloth Bushido
    Sloth Bushido 5 months ago Sarah Ford yeah
  • JNathan
    JNathan 5 months ago as well as an animal crossing n word
  • August Cohen
    August Cohen 5 months ago In all honesty, the n-word would probably be “bugger”, which is: A) phonetically similar to the n-word B) a swear word in itself C) related to the TCAB title
  • Th3RandomN3rd
    Th3RandomN3rd 5 months ago ranking every animal crossing character on how safe it is for children to be around them
  • TigirlakaLaserwolf6
    TigirlakaLaserwolf6 3 months ago @Th3RandomN3rd ceasar is the most dangerous, not only is he a gorilla, he is an incredibly irate gorilla
  • Th3RandomN3rd
    Th3RandomN3rd 3 months ago @TigirlakaLaserwolf6 cmon dont spoil it before he makes the episode
  • TigirlakaLaserwolf6
    TigirlakaLaserwolf6 3 months ago @Th3RandomN3rd that's not a spoiler that's just a fact. If you let your child near him to INSTANTLY lose custody. I should know, it's how I got separated from my own parents. I'll never forgive him. Never.
  • Zoe Pool
    Zoe Pool 3 months ago @Sarah Ford WHERE'S THE REST OF YOUR ESSAY, YOU COWARD.
  • Childish Murderer
    Childish Murderer 1 month ago Where do I read this, in or out of game.
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 3 weeks ago Where is this book mentionned in the games? I can't find anything about that.
  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin 2 weeks ago Hate to spoil everyone's fun, but To Catch a Bug is much more likely to be a parody of To Catch a Thief, a 1952 novel that got made into a Hitchcock movie three years later.
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 2 weeks ago ... Do villagers talk about this book? Like « I’ve read X book, it was nice » or something?
  • Childish Murderer
    Childish Murderer 2 weeks ago @Ezekiel Martin I still have got no proof that it exists in game
  • Anna Nimmous
    Anna Nimmous 1 week ago 🦀🦀 ISABELLE SAYS THE N WORD 🦀🦀
  • pablo grass, destroyer of ass
    pablo grass, destroyer of ass 2 days ago what would the n word on animal crossing be
  • Stephen Fickus
    Stephen Fickus 1 year ago "We've done some shit to bees, y'all." ~ Brian David Gilbert, 2018
  • Fishotic
    Fishotic 10 months ago rip BDG, you were dead before I knew you
  • Nat
    Nat 4 months ago @Fishotic what? he's not dead
  • knightogourd
    knightogourd 3 months ago Nat they say RIP bc the og comment sounds like a eulogy quote ehehe
  • Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming 2 months ago After bee movie that quote could have some strange and frightening implications
  • MrGuyMontag451
    MrGuyMontag451 10 months ago (edited) I've seen this video about ten times because I love it so much, but there's one part I have to talk about. The robot who splits medium temperatures into hot and cold temperatures is a real concept in physics, called Maxwell's Demon. The line of reasoning goes that if there was a chamber of gas or liquid, and a being who could look individually at all the molecules in a substance and manually separate the slow-moving (cold) ones from the quick-moving (hot) ones, then entropy within that system would decrease without an equivalent expenditure of work, increasing overall order in the universe, violating the second law of thermodynamics, and generating a theoretically infinite supply of useful energy over time.  If Freeze Man existed, he would be the most useful machine in the world.
  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin 7 months ago That is crazy fucking interesting and I'm so happy that I know that now, thank you so much.
  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell 6 months ago This is dope as hell
  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 6 months ago That's fascinating! It sounds like something that would be solved in a hellish way by Quantum Physics.
  • iop erty
    iop erty 5 months ago Thank you, that is educating
  • Euisoon Ahn
    Euisoon Ahn 5 months ago @Clockwork Kirlia Oh they solved it. By declaring you can't know both the speed AND the position of a quantum particle. (Uncertainty principle) So Maxwell's demon couldn't know either where to put it or where it is.
  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 5 months ago @Euisoon Ahn Aaaahhhh gotcha! I did a quick wiki search but that is very much a better way to simply explain it. Gotta love the uncertainty principle (unless you wanted Absolute Zero to exist).
  • Sean Voltaire
    Sean Voltaire 4 months ago It's even simpler than that - your air conditioner and refrigerator do it too. That's why there are coils on the back of your fridge and a radiator on the outside of your AC. You can never 'make' cold (because of the second law of thermodynamics)
  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 4 months ago @Sean Voltaire Well, that bit I knew, and I'm imagining that the others here did too. Maxwell's Demon is a lot more specific than a refrigerator, which explicitly does require more energy to separate the temperatures than is gained from doing so. Certainly, you're right referring to the video. Not sure which bit you're responding to haha.
  • Kanra Hatake
    Kanra Hatake 2 months ago Or it could kill us all because some government ass would weaponize it
  • ThatBad Player
    ThatBad Player 1 month ago MrGuyMontag451 IKR
  • Robert Wimms
    Robert Wimms 3 weeks ago Luckily Wily had no clue what to do with him
  • Neolexious Neolexian
    Neolexious Neolexian 2 weeks ago Strictly speaking, it's not unambiguously stated that Freeze Man actually creates a net decrease of entropy. It's far more likely that the process consumes more usable energy than it produces than that it violates the second law. Basically, he's probably just a sapient and presumably very inefficient air conditioning unit/heat pump.
  • Dreadhalor
    Dreadhalor 2 weeks ago (edited) There is a machine that separates room temperature into hot & cold, it’s called air conditioning
  • Jon
    Jon 2 weeks ago @Dreadhalor but more energy is used up than is gained is the point people are trying to make here.
  • Ten Litre Hat
    Ten Litre Hat 1 week ago well, i can definitely see nothing bad coming from that
  • Josh Blatchley
    Josh Blatchley 5 days ago Damn, came to the comments to say the same thing.
  • You Know What I Like?
    You Know What I Like? 11 months ago (edited) 7:48 It's Snake Man, whose main powers include being a snake .
  • kaleo Sandoval
    kaleo Sandoval 7 months ago 2:doing snake like things
  • TenacityXL
    TenacityXL 7 months ago 3. hiss
  • John Healer
    John Healer 7 months ago The heathens don't get the joke
  • Fuval
    Fuval 7 months ago 4: hiding in boxes
  • Otto Graff 1871
    Otto Graff 1871 4 months ago 5: Bein’ sneaky
  • Electro Shock
    Electro Shock 4 months ago 6: murdering tons of people
  • Sad balalaika noises
    Sad balalaika noises 4 months ago Snaaaaakkkkkeeee! SNAAAKKKKEEE
  • Boop
    Boop 3 months ago Ekans
  • The Man Who Says hoib
    The Man Who Says hoib 2 months ago 7:wiglly iglly wibti
  • The Man Who Says hoib
    The Man Who Says hoib 2 months ago 8:hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoibhoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib :hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoibhoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib hoib
  • Robert Wimms
    Robert Wimms 3 weeks ago All the powers of Seviper
  • Salty Carrot
    Salty Carrot 1 week ago 9: there
  • The Chongo Show
    The Chongo Show 7 months ago "In his flavor text it says he's a romantic and loves poetry" So this time they DID send a poet
  • Gabriella Rodriguez
    Gabriella Rodriguez 5 months ago Hi Ryan!
  • PaperTiger
    PaperTiger 4 months ago Oh hey! It’s Ryan!
  • knightogourd
    knightogourd 3 months ago finally bringing in the big guns
  • alrightellie
    alrightellie 2 months ago oh hey ryan
  • Hannah McAleer
    Hannah McAleer 1 month ago Woah is chongus
  • Joseph Delahunty
    Joseph Delahunty 1 month ago Yo whoa it’s Ryan ChongoShow
  • Dylan Chouinard
    Dylan Chouinard 3 weeks ago I am not Jodie Fostering this kind of behavior
  • Jojo Bean
    Jojo Bean 1 year ago I have never played a single megamind game but I love listening to this man organize hundreds of things onto a wall as he questions his sanity.
  • DragonofEpics
    DragonofEpics 1 year ago Jojo Bean I want a mega man game with mega mind instead now.
  • M3TA
    M3TA 1 year ago megamind game
  • The Rhythm Dragon
    The Rhythm Dragon 1 year ago I think we need a Capcom and Dreamworks crossover now.
  • truffi krusty
    truffi krusty 1 year ago I would pay every last penny I owned for a Megamind game.
  • Dezyner
    Dezyner 1 year ago I think there WAS a megamind game on the xbox
  • Mister Sympa
    Mister Sympa 1 year ago Super fighting villain M E G A M I N D
  • evyrgreen
    evyrgreen 1 year ago guys stop bullying op
  • Garrett Kelner
    Garrett Kelner 11 months ago MAN
  • Made this for Restricted videos
    Made this for Restricted videos 11 months ago @truffi krusty I have one on the ds
  • truffi krusty
    truffi krusty 11 months ago @Made this for Restricted videos i want
  • cactus 15
    cactus 15 11 months ago Minion That was a mega mind reference
  • Joey The Marill Fan
    Joey The Marill Fan 11 months ago Megamind game
  • Luke Sinclair
    Luke Sinclair 10 months ago (edited) Megamind!? MEGAMIND!? MEGAMIND!?
  • Ross Long
    Ross Long 9 months ago @Dezyner yeah, it was terrible.
  • James threatt1
    James threatt1 8 months ago Dude you should play the megamind game on ps2 it's pretty good
  • A Brain
    A Brain 8 months ago @Rachael Fixico Sounds like you're new to the internet.
  • RinBinIsHere
    RinBinIsHere 8 months ago M e g a m i n d
  • trash person
    trash person 8 months ago mega man
  • Cherry Noble
    Cherry Noble 8 months ago Which man do you wanna play as? >Mega Man: (boy) Roll: (Mega Man girl) Protoman: (Communist bootleg Mega Man) Bass: (Dark Mega Man) Quint: (Mega Man Boy fused with Communist bootleg Mega Man) Mega Man?: (Clone Mega Man) Mega Man X: (Future Mega Man) Mega Man Vulnutt: (Super Future Teen Mega Man) Mega Man.EXE: (Mega Man the program) Mega Man Star Force: (Parasite infected Mega Man the program)
  • Guinea Girl
    Guinea Girl 7 months ago M e g a m i n d i would lowkey play a megamind game tho
  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 6 months ago DezynerEagle there was
  • Joseph Delahunty
    Joseph Delahunty 6 months ago Megamind, unironically tied for best superhero movie with the Incredibles.
  • Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis 6 months ago Same
  • Ful Gin
    Ful Gin 2 months ago @Dezyner and one for the ds that is actually pretty good
  • Deren Yilmaz
    Deren Yilmaz 1 year ago are we all gonna ignore "sexy man" from the joke category?
  • tech person
    tech person 11 months ago I must
  • teacup salamander
    teacup salamander 8 months ago Top man is where it's at.
  • GoodTimes Gaming
    GoodTimes Gaming 6 months ago @teacup salamander Secretly Wily just couldn't find any on the internet, he had to improvise
  • Tory Ficarola
    Tory Ficarola 2 months ago @GoodTimes Gaming you sir just totally made my day. lmao
  • bryan funk
    bryan funk 3 weeks ago (edited) @teacup salamander Top Man! Explorer of planets! his favorite is Uranus! special power as a top/gyroscope, he can explore and stay upright from ANY position! his creator was very lonely, and not ready to come out yet....
  • Widdershins
    Widdershins 1 week ago How about "Dubstep Man?" Truly terrifying. I would not go up against that man ...and expect intact eardrums.
  • Oskar Evans
    Oskar Evans 1 week ago @Widdershins they say once he drops the base the entire world will shake appart
  • Felix Kerrigan
    Felix Kerrigan 10 months ago “shark man dos.... not need to exist” gets me literally every time
  • Ameebruh
    Ameebruh 2 months ago “Why did we let the crash test dummy feel pain?” Also puts sentient minesweeper in the good category
  • Kanra Hatake
    Kanra Hatake 2 months ago I'm a little upset he didn't even touch on sexyman and dubstepman
  • charlotte biscuit
    charlotte biscuit 1 month ago @Kanra Hatake excuse me WHAT
  • Matias Rivas
    Matias Rivas 1 month ago @charlotte biscuit Sexy Man is from a comedy manga where Auto makes a bunch of robot masters, he uses makeup and has the word lipstick written on his abdomen. Dubstep Man is from a comic strip where he threatens to "drop the bass" and then get's his head blown off by Bass.
  • Micky Deery
    Micky Deery 3 weeks ago removal of mines is a tedious, dangerous, and terrifying task. bot can walk it off, dude is plated to high hell and easier to repair then unlucky human no.307
  • G.Master: Lord of the G-Force
    G.Master: Lord of the G-Force 1 week ago @charlotte biscuit pause at 9:15. One of the last names is Sexy Man.
  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 6 days ago @Micky Deery why don't we let Roombas roam in minefields?
  • Micky Deery
    Micky Deery 6 days ago @Bruh Moment uneven terrain, they're bloody expensive vacuums, and lack the "plated to high hell" quality that is essential