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Скачать с ютуб RESURRECTION - Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan - Forest find !

Опубликовано: 13 окт. 2016 г. 5 879 064 просмотра

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AirMapp & Serial Kombi present "RESURRECTION", a short movie about the found and the rescue of my 1955 panelvan. It was abandonned deep in a french alps valley since at least 40 years and we pulled it out of the forest in september 2016 by "restoring" it on site and driving it down the mountain !

Hope you will enjoy this video.

Music list at the end of the movie.

Filmed with 5D mark II, GoPro Hero4 black edition and a 3DR solo drone.

  • I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends
    I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends 1 year ago Those music choices are perfect! Great videography!
  • patricia craig
    patricia craig 1 year ago I bet you wont be able to do that with modern vehicles in 40 years time!
  • starmauser
    starmauser 7 months ago @Florian George so, after this episode what happened to it? did you restore it or just used for parts? i would like to know his history after this great rescue! thanks!!
  • Jon Roux
    Jon Roux 1 year ago If a vehicle had a soul, that VW was grinning from ear to ear. I'm saved :)
  • FriendlyRambler
    FriendlyRambler 1 year ago Watching them drive that old bus out of the forest gave me goosebumps! Great job everyone who worked on it. Is there a follow-up video so we can see how it looks now?
  • Nicos025
    Nicos025 1 year ago C’est un truc de fou ce que vous avez fait c’est mon rêve de faire ce que vous avez fait bonne chance pour la suite et continue comme ça tu gères 🤘🏼✌🏼🤙🏼😉
  • stanley steamer
    stanley steamer 9 months ago I cant even get my vw "friends" to pay for there parts let alone help build a bus in a forest
  • LincolnTek
    LincolnTek 10 months ago Meanwhile someone out there somewhere is saying: "So that's where my bus went when it was stolen back in 1962 !"
  • Fa Rel
    Fa Rel 1 year ago эр ля мор ме ке ма самую малость поржавел
  • Connaley Martin
    Connaley Martin 11 months ago just watching this van drive thru the woods made me tear up. I love how old it looks. its like a piece of moving history I can't even believe it
  • Sylvain Niski
    Sylvain Niski 9 months ago Bonjour, peut-on avoir la fin de l'histoire ?
  • handyhippie65
    handyhippie65 7 months ago it drove into the woods, and it drove out of the woods. much respect for fixing where it was, and giving it the respect to allow it to leave under it's own power.
  • Sean Fiba
    Sean Fiba 1 year ago Love how the van door opens like its waving goodbye to it's old home as it's going down the hill
  • Sammy Hallam
    Sammy Hallam 3 years ago This is the greatest VW resurrection story I've ever seen. Thanks for recording it all ! legendary
  • MISTERComaToes
    MISTERComaToes 2 years ago Practically took the words out of my mouth BUT for one thing, I think this is the GREATEST "drive it out" story I have ever seen, and I have seen RoadKill!
  • MostlymoparIH
    MostlymoparIH 2 years ago Well there handsome, I thought you just did the local garage sales and here I find you're a world traveler. But you are Wright as usual King Friday, this was a great adventure and accomplished with some great friends for help. :> )
  • Music is Life
    Music is Life 1 year ago Just one greater story here: Absolutely mindblowing is this story of the resurrection of one of the 1934' VW Bug prototypes:
    JOHN LOUWISSZZ 11 months ago Did you just save a car older than you? Wow now thats awesome
    JOHN LOUWISSZZ 11 months ago Omg 5 likes thats the highest i got so far ty guyzz
    HEMISUPERBEE426 DAVID 11 months ago 6 NOW !
  • Danny Sim Productions
    Danny Sim Productions 4 months ago Reminds me of those zombie survival kinda games where you need to rebuild a vehicle... Find parts and all that stuff.. Amazing guys✌✌
  • Ian Fisher
    Ian Fisher 1 year ago When you first started to drive down the looked like the bus was smiling.
  • Timon Wasilwa
    Timon Wasilwa 1 year ago finally the "mystery machine" has been found
  • dan kuhl
    dan kuhl 1 year ago I’d love to see how the van looked when it was fully restored
  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip 7 months ago Legend has it he still doing body work to this day