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Who Can Kill EVERY BRAWLER the FASTEST?! Kairos \u0026 Cori vs Ben \u0026 Uday vs Tom \u0026 Drage compete in an intense team race to see who can eliminate every single brawler in duo showdowns the fastest! The objective is to kill each brawler once, which only gets tougher and tougher as you hope that people are playing those brawlers. If you enjoy this video, don't forget to like and subscribe!! And if you've read this whole thing, comment \"I CAN'T BELIEVE OJ WON!!\" to confuse all of the people who don't read the description (imagine not reading this lmao couldn't be me)!

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Welcome to Tribe Gaming, a channel where we compete in a series of both variety mobile gaming and real life challenges! We feature the best of the best creators in mobile gaming such as Orange Juice Gaming, Lex - Brawl Stars, BenTimm1, KairosTime Gaming, Chief Pat, Rey - Brawl Stars, and many others! Two of the main games we play are Brawl Stars \u0026 Clash Royale, using everything from the best to the worst, meta comps, and creating tons of funny moments along the way! We also a play a variety of other games outside of Supercell, so be sure to subscribe!!

Supercell creators compete in a Gun Game Team Race style video, where they must be the first to finish killing every brawler in Brawl Stars to win! This is as insane as Lex - Brawl Stars Obstacle Courses or other insane and satisfying plays and challenges, or like KairosTime Gaming Olympics. The goal is to basically be the opposite of 58 Fails for 58 Brawlers! Instead of Unlocking EVERY BRAWLER in record time, BenTimm1, Cori, Tom, Drage \u0026 Kairos will compete to kill every brawler in record time! This might be tough for Tom, Drage \u0026 Cori since this isn't a Brawl Stars tips \u0026 tricks video, Brawl Talk, new Brawl Stars update, brawler tier list, pro Brawl Stars plays, or Brawl Stars tournament type video! Let's see if anybody is able to set a fastest time world record!

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