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One Piece Clothing:
One Piece Manga released One Piece Chapter 1056, which reveals that Buggy has pull the biggest Uno Reverse Card in all of Anime! As now, it is the Buggy's company that it's starting to issue Bounties on the Marine! For most of the story, the Pirates were the ones being hunted, but now The Most Powerful Pirate, Buggy D. Clown, has started to Hunt down the Marines! With is new company being so powerful, he has accepted Crocodile and even Dracule Mihawk in his company as partners. Monkey D. Luffy has new competition. All this time we though it was Shanks who rivals Luffy, but now it is Buggy who seems more likely to Become The Pirate King and Take Over the WORLD!

#onepiece #onepiecemanga #luffy #shanks #zoro #sanji #nami #buggy

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