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Скачать с ютуб Eminem - Till I Collapse [HD]

Опубликовано: 16 сент. 2015 г. 496 091 116 просмотров

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feat. Hugh Jackman from the movie REAL STEEL

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  • Daily Needs
    Daily Needs Год назад Real steel fans hit like
  • Michelle Halliday
    Michelle Halliday Год назад Awesome video
  • Gavin boggs
    Gavin boggs Год назад Yes
  • PANZER27
    PANZER27 Год назад Sad their will never be a second one
  • Kostas Tsiplakis
    Kostas Tsiplakis Год назад @PANZER27 yeah
  • mel david
    mel david Год назад I wish they made a real steel book
  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 11 месяцев назад @PANZER27( Unconfirmed) (rumors ) They will make another movie.
    CHANCE MAPLES 7 месяцев назад Had to hit like it was at 666 and it was creeping me out
    THEZOMBOT 04 7 месяцев назад I loved this movie when I was a kid it got me into robot stuff
  • stormken muffin
    stormken muffin 7 месяцев назад What has the internet become
  • david barnett
    david barnett 7 месяцев назад It be cool to see the kid and dad training as they slowly upgrade Atom and become champs.
  • bio django
    bio django 7 месяцев назад That game was legend tho
  • tobey yeager
    tobey yeager 6 месяцев назад R.I.P Zeus... (Rest In Pieces - He was trash)
  • Suman Ravi
    Suman Ravi 6 месяцев назад Sandhya sali chutya
    MELVIN LO NO LIMIT 6 месяцев назад Oh yeah
  • //SpriToXxFuraX\\ TV
    //SpriToXxFuraX\\ TV 5 месяцев назад @PANZER27 Are you sure? I'm not.
  • AFLV Productions
    AFLV Productions 5 месяцев назад Yup
  • Julia Pomorceva
    Julia Pomorceva 5 месяцев назад Привет
  • Tim kurtz
    Tim kurtz 5 месяцев назад My mom os
  • Connor Hughes
    Connor Hughes 5 месяцев назад I wish there was a sequel to Real steel
  • David omar Velasquez moxup
    David omar Velasquez moxup 5 месяцев назад 😲😳🙉😻😯😺👍🏻👍🏻😻🎤😽😅😽🙈🎤😻🤭😻😊😇😈😽😇😽😸😽😻😽😊😺🤙🏻😯🤙🏻😺🤙🏻😏🤙🏻
  • David omar Velasquez moxup
    David omar Velasquez moxup 5 месяцев назад 🧔👩👨🧒
  • David omar Velasquez moxup
    David omar Velasquez moxup 5 месяцев назад 👍🏻👍🏻😽👍🏻😊😇😊😈😺😊😸😊👍🏻👍🏻😊
  • David omar Velasquez moxup
    David omar Velasquez moxup 5 месяцев назад 👐🏻🤭👐🏻🤭👐🏻🧒😅👨😅🎤😅🎤😅🤭😽😏👨😅👩👨😴
  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan 4 месяца назад Came to see if someone Eminem rap song suits the fight scenes of real
  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan 4 месяца назад @mel david real steel game will be better yeah.
  • Cmccarthy 06
    Cmccarthy 06 4 месяца назад Sandhya Chandra bro this movie was the shit
  • Cmccarthy 06
    Cmccarthy 06 4 месяца назад SNIPER CHIEF27 this was my child hood
  • justine jandoc
    justine jandoc 4 месяца назад part two plss love it
  • DonBradipo 29
    DonBradipo 29 4 месяца назад Here i am🙋‍♂️
  • TheUnordinaryGuest
    TheUnordinaryGuest 4 месяца назад Of you or Eminem?
    MEGA BYTE 4 месяца назад @PANZER27 they never said no to the idea, itl peobally happen adventually
  • MLG Shrek
    MLG Shrek 4 месяца назад mel david pretty sure the movie is based off of a book
  • Shylor Petersen
    Shylor Petersen Неделю назад Lol
  • Susana Ramon
    Susana Ramon 2 дня назад Yes
  • Billyray Geroz
    Billyray Geroz 2 дня назад Honestly I reckon this is one of the bestest movies ever
  • Nikolaj Rosendahl Larsen
    Nikolaj Rosendahl Larsen 1 день назад whats the movie name
  • Luke Gibbs
    Luke Gibbs 1 день назад @Nikolaj Rosendahl Larsen its real steel
  • Gewoon Een persoon
    Gewoon Een persoon 1 день назад Facts.
  • Tachanky King
    Tachanky King 1 день назад I reckon
  • yago morales silva
    yago morales silva 1 час назад Yes
  • 20k subs in 2020 challenge
    20k subs in 2020 challenge Неделю назад Bro this song is still so good even in 2020
    GHOST EVE Неделю назад film too
  • Pika Pikachu!
    Pika Pikachu! Неделю назад Yee
  • Hiyeet
    Hiyeet Неделю назад Yeaaaaaaa
  • Samuel Mendoza
    Samuel Mendoza 6 дней назад Yeah get the game too it’s the best the name is real steel
  • Dark_Cobra89
    Dark_Cobra89 6 дней назад (изменено) Yeah, I just listened to it and to be honest I legit missed half the lyrics from watching the video from it being so interesting. xD
  • nolan rifle pew pew
    nolan rifle pew pew 6 дней назад it will always be good no matter what year it is
    GOD MITO 6 дней назад Yee
  • laticia briggs
    laticia briggs 6 дней назад No demonetization
  • Noah and mj fast runer turner
    Noah and mj fast runer turner 5 дней назад True
  • Salvador De La Fuente
    Salvador De La Fuente 5 дней назад This song make me remember the movie
  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 5 дней назад You nearly have 20 subs
    SAD-STM XD 5 дней назад Facts
  • Captain America
    Captain America 5 дней назад What else can you except from eminem?
  • 20k subs in 2020 challenge
    20k subs in 2020 challenge 5 дней назад @Big Mac ayyeee yea u right 😂
  • 20k subs in 2020 challenge
    20k subs in 2020 challenge 5 дней назад @Big Mac "So guys we did it" - proycial
  • 20k subs in 2020 challenge
    20k subs in 2020 challenge 5 дней назад @Captain America ik he is the fucken GOAT
  • 20k subs in 2020 challenge
    20k subs in 2020 challenge 5 дней назад (изменено) @GHOST EVE for sure the film's AMAZING
  • The Army Of Ducks
    The Army Of Ducks 5 дней назад What is the film called
  • Jelmer Bijma
    Jelmer Bijma 5 дней назад Yeee
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 5 дней назад You know it
  • William Riley
    William Riley 5 дней назад Real Steal is still a good movie, even now too
  • Water Malone
    Water Malone 5 дней назад Tru dat.
  • Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake 4 дня назад All was will be Catchy
  • Lamar Wilcher
    Lamar Wilcher 4 дня назад Yuh, em said flaeme on 🤣. Oh, not funny😔 ok
    FREEFIRE MX 4 дня назад Yeeaaaaa
  • Michael McDaniel
    Michael McDaniel 4 дня назад Wym it was never bad
  • Landyn Hunter
    Landyn Hunter 4 дня назад Yeaaaaa boyyyy
  • Ylli Berisha
    Ylli Berisha 4 дня назад In quarantine
  • Dion Jongbloed
    Dion Jongbloed 4 дня назад Ofc
  • BelBooi
    BelBooi 4 дня назад Of course it is.
  • Flavius Ro
    Flavius Ro 4 дня назад Can i copy this and paste it 100 years later?
  • Trolling people
    Trolling people 4 дня назад Yea bro
  • chill boy
    chill boy 4 дня назад yeeeeeee man
  • Brandon Enriquez
    Brandon Enriquez 4 дня назад this comment has been removed said your pfp lmao
  • Yvonne Barraza
    Yvonne Barraza 3 дня назад I now
  • Peaguester Coinorty
    Peaguester Coinorty 3 дня назад True
  • Peaguester Coinorty
    Peaguester Coinorty 3 дня назад I watched this atleast 5 time
  • Samuel Mendoza
    Samuel Mendoza 3 дня назад true it’s good but your mom and dad is better
  • Kaye Gee
    Kaye Gee 3 дня назад Def one of 100 best songs ever made
  • Toastghost
    Toastghost 3 дня назад Yes sir!!!!
  • C4RNAGE 007
    C4RNAGE 007 3 дня назад Meh
  • Lisa Underhill
    Lisa Underhill 3 дня назад That fax doe init
  • Jorge Parga
    Jorge Parga 3 дня назад Yes it is
  • C4RNAGE 007
    C4RNAGE 007 3 дня назад (изменено) @Jorge Parga is cool and all but errrrrrrrr
  • burningfire 101
    burningfire 101 3 дня назад Yeah so
  • Francisco R
    Francisco R 2 дня назад I know right
  • Holly Kirk
    Holly Kirk 2 дня назад Yeah
  • wavvy_vinny__YT
    wavvy_vinny__YT 2 дня назад 2020 gang
  • Kaikona Simao-Bacle
    Kaikona Simao-Bacle 1 день назад Fuck yea lol
  • Maynor Perez
    Maynor Perez 1 день назад @GHOST EVE 😀
  • Cameron Mega
    Cameron Mega 23 часа назад Ikr
  • -210joey -
    -210joey - 18 часов назад @GHOST EVE im glaf i have the film
  • MRS chu
    MRS chu 16 часов назад ya
  • Codi Howe
    Codi Howe 11 часов назад I know and it works with the quarantine things aswel.
  • Megcsinálom, mert akarom
    Megcsinálom, mert akarom 4 часа назад [email protected] EVE jmf861qqqqq1
  • Devon Jones
    Devon Jones 2 дня назад Yo can’t believe I’m still listening to this song 🔥
  • m16
    m16 1 день назад same!
  • Eren ARSLAN
    Eren ARSLAN 10 часов назад Me to guys
  • Leonardo Ruiz
    Leonardo Ruiz 8 минут назад i am too bwo
  • Moriah Barber
    Moriah Barber Неделю назад It’s 2020 already. I don’t understand why boxing robots haven’t been built yet.
  • SAMY ENDER Samuele
    SAMY ENDER Samuele Неделю назад Beacuse robot boxing is only a movie: real steel
  • Moriah Barber
    Moriah Barber Неделю назад SAMY ENDER Samuele no duh I meant like why hasn’t someone make this come to life. This could make a lot of money and change sports as we know it.
  • Kash Kuzmiak
    Kash Kuzmiak Неделю назад Yah
  • OneDaxSter
    OneDaxSter Неделю назад Not even little remote control ones
  • Tundmatu Diivan
    Tundmatu Diivan Неделю назад (изменено) Because it's hard to make a robot walk. And it's even harder to make a robot walk and hit. I've seen a robot fight event and talked to a person who has built fighting robots. They actually let you have a 20% heavier robot if you make it walk but nobody made a walking robot although there were competitors from world-class universities. TL;DR It's not worth the trouble.
  • leloxxx
    leloxxx Неделю назад there isnt because it would be retarded, just go watch IRON mike tyson if you want something hard.
  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez Неделю назад I agree day
  • akrillix
    akrillix Неделю назад @OneDaxSter actually they do have little remote control ones, their like 15 bucks at walmart
  • Antonella Bastías
    Antonella Bastías Неделю назад we are in quarantine bro
  • Sklank
    Sklank Неделю назад Probably cause it's hard to make robots like that, we aren't that far yet, also it's probably a little dangerous.....cause you know, flying parts and shit.
  • Moriah Barber
    Moriah Barber Неделю назад (изменено) Sklank true but this could be innovative not just for sports but for everything.
  • Sklank
    Sklank Неделю назад @Moriah Barber Yeah, I get you.
  • release the kraken
    release the kraken Неделю назад You need to wait in 20 years more my friend
  • Natulus
    Natulus Неделю назад @Tundmatu Diivan No its definitely worth the trouble.