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In this film I head to the Isle of Mull in Scotland to watch white tailed eagles, also known as sea eagles.

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White tailed eagles have a remarkable 8ft wingspan and are so big they were once, famously, described as 'flying barn doors'. At this size, they are not difficult to spot and within half an hour of arriving on the island I find my first, perched high in the trees. But it's not until this gigantic bird takes off that you appreciate its size.

White tailed eagles have followed fishing boats for centuries, hoping to get a little from the catch. I join Mull Charters to see if I can spot any.

Moments after we set off we were joined by a pod of dolphins. I get an underwater camera beneath the boat so I can follow the action.Dolphins are so playful, listen to the sounds they make!

The white tailed eagle's hunting technique involves flying close to the water, scanning for fish and then diving down. Watch how at the last moment they turn to grasp the fish with their enormous claws.

White tailed eagles catch fish near the surface because if their feathers get wet they find it harder to fly. They have large beaks which they use to tear up prey.

I even spot a white tailed eagle with a chick. Sea eagles are dependent on their parents for about six weeks after they fledge.

You don't have to charter a boat to see sea eagles. I managed to watch them from the shoreline. Watch for the moment when one eagle flies over a group of sunbathing harbour seals - they quickly scarper!

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