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Скачать с ютуб Snoop Dogg | Old School Hits Vol. 2

Опубликовано: 20 сент. 2017 г. 1 730 144 просмотра

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#1 Snoop Dogg - Dogg Named Snoop 0:00
#2 Snoop Dogg - Y'all Gone Miss Me ft. Kokane 03:52
#3 Snoop Dogg - Picture This ft. Mia X 08:10
#4 Snoop Dogg - Gold Rush 10:46
#5 Snoop Dogg - Bitch Please ft. Nate Dogg and Xzibit 15:43
#6 Snoop Dogg - Boss' life ft. Nate Dogg 19:32
#7 Snoop Dogg - Beautiful ft. Pharrell 23:00
#8 Snoop Dogg - Still Dre ft.Dr Dre 28:00
#9 Snoop Dogg - Fuck You ft. Dr. Dre Devin The Dude 32:34
#10 Snoop Dogg - Gangbang Rookie ft. Pilot 36:02

  • DarkonXBL
    DarkonXBL 10 months ago This album should be in JSRF3 If JSRF3 ever comes out
    OGTRUENO 2 years ago thanks for rating the true snoop classic songs! I was looking for something like this ... thanks for the two videos of complilations .... I hope the third!
  • alexandru cepraga
    alexandru cepraga 7 months ago OGTRUENO
  • Victor Cerqueira
    Victor Cerqueira 2 months ago So good to learn more about this culture!
  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima 1 year ago Passed out to this collection today, a good kush and some snoop tunes is all i need... awesome selection of songs!
  • Antidepressiva1980
    Antidepressiva1980 4 months ago Keep blazin' ... enjoy
    AYMAN MAHDI 8 months ago 36:06 Goosebumps
  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez 11 months ago Perfect i love that play music tanks Areg Oh !
  • Fernando Mouzinho
    Fernando Mouzinho 3 months ago foda snoop
  • petr Colledani
    petr Colledani 11 months ago Snoop IS the Real legeng💜☘️
  • Aleksandr Varkki
    Aleksandr Varkki 6 months ago Thank you for this wonderful mix of BEST old school Snoop Dogg songs!
  • Sifat Rabby
    Sifat Rabby 4 months ago This is actually the whole album
  • Aleksandr Varkki
    Aleksandr Varkki 4 months ago @Sifat Rabby Dear Sifat, thank you for this notification. Shame on me, I didn't know that.
  • Adrian M.
    Adrian M. 2 years ago Poland loves Snoop Dogg and your two videos of complilations <3
  • Areg Ohanjanyan
    Areg Ohanjanyan 2 years ago Me and Snoop loves you too....:)
  • Conscious Subconsciousness
    Conscious Subconsciousness 1 year ago i can agree, i love sticky icky zielsko and kurwas
  • Pawelek
    Pawelek 1 year ago All Poland agrees, jeeez ! Peace and Snooop ;)
  • StoweK
    StoweK 1 year ago 100% Prawda ziomek
  • Stylezzz101
    Stylezzz101 1 year ago adraian lis?
  • Antidepressiva1980
    Antidepressiva1980 4 months ago @Pawelek Siemka . Lapka do gory .
  • Gordon Kelly
    Gordon Kelly 4 months ago A packet of ZigZags and a nice bit of tha Cronic and some Snoop and the Doctor and life Good A Thugs Life Gangsta for Life☠🖕✌🤟🤙👊🖕💰🎶🎶🎶😎 Gurka
  • legendarnyziomal
    legendarnyziomal 3 months ago fo sho
  • Larry Lagushi
    Larry Lagushi 1 year ago Lyrical Legend 🎶🕺🎹🎺🍺
  • F0LDY
    F0LDY 2 years ago old school is best
  • el_pastelero chocolate
    el_pastelero chocolate 1 year ago me a flashback to the good old times
  • edith .w.m. van goethem
    edith .w.m. van goethem 1 month ago what mean you with DOPE ? is it , cool or f.nice , or smack ,drugs you name it ?
  • edith .w.m. van goethem
    edith .w.m. van goethem 1 month ago yes the good old days when people has still some of respect and frienship sharing what ever you also may have. And now ? i keep it short it is all about the money power and me me not you or us
  • Antidepressiva1980
    Antidepressiva1980 4 months ago #6 Snoop Dogg - Boss' life ft. Nate Dogg 19:32 |||| Alltime favorite ever. Keep blazin' ...
  • Biel & Milly
    Biel & Milly 1 week ago Snoop drugs 😎
  • Onur Gençyiğit
    Onur Gençyiğit 2 years ago Snoop Dogg =Rap's Legend.
  • draco5991rep
    draco5991rep 2 years ago Onur Gençyiğit Once there was a Dog.
  • Onur Gençyiğit
    Onur Gençyiğit 2 years ago What's my name?
  • Dima Mazurenko
    Dima Mazurenko 1 year ago Onur Gençyiğit One of...
  • laarif mouhamed
    laarif mouhamed 1 year ago @Onur Gençyiğit Onur fsflsd,mdsjffkljdsfez45sf45e
  • Emir Kağan Acer
    Emir Kağan Acer 7 months ago Onur bi boş yapma siktir git şurdan
  • 111 11
    111 11 4 months ago and what happened to him after 2009
  • Hedi Touzani
    Hedi Touzani 1 year ago i love it <3
  • Robert Zito
    Robert Zito 2 years ago Boss Life <3
  • Marcel Paulette
    Marcel Paulette 7 months ago Desde uruguay escuchando 🤯
  • Danitza Nicole Barriga Figueroa
    Danitza Nicole Barriga Figueroa 2 years ago putt sum dooggy style on it
  • Lou Figgs
    Lou Figgs 2 years ago hell yea!!!!!!!
  • matias cabrera
    matias cabrera 1 year ago De donde eres danii :o ? ∆.∆
  • Pero Juric
    Pero Juric 1 year ago Would like to put some doggy style on yo ass, bitch!
  • Gin JuiceGaming
    Gin JuiceGaming 1 year ago Pero Juric hahaha Not just you😂
  • nenmeu2
    nenmeu2 1 year ago Pero Juric Yeah not just you
  • kingkongsfingers
    kingkongsfingers 2 years ago (edited) More mixes = More subs :) SUBBED