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문대통령 \"4차 재난지원금, 3월중 집행되도록 속도 내달라\"

President Moon Jae-in has asked his top aides to speed up preparations for the fourth round of coronavirus relief payments for small businesses and the self-employed who've taken a hit to their incomes in the pandemic.
The president urged officials to quickly draft the extra budget needed to fund it and to ask the National Assembly for cooperation.
We will try to ensure that the fourth round of relief payments minimizes blind spots in the employment crisis and supports those affected by the pandemic. We will make sure to protect vulnerable people on low incomes, and to provide support that is as broad and as deep as possible. I ask the government to expedite the drafting of the supplementary budget and to seek cooperation from the National Assembly in speeding up the execution of the fourth round so that payments can begin in March.
President Moon also said the government will strengthen the active role of government funding to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and low-income groups that experienced a drop in income in the last quarter of 2020.

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2021-02-22, 17:00 (KST)