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Скачать с ютуб Ed Sheeran - The A Team (Acoustic Boat Sessions)

Опубликовано: 10 мая 2011 г. 13 881 078 просмотров

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Ed plays an acoustic version of 'The A Team'... on a boat! See the official music video for 'The A Team':

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  • Jian Vicente
    Jian Vicente 3 years ago NO BRIDGE CAN STOP ED SHEERAN SINGING. LOL.
  • Ksenija Jemensek
    Ksenija Jemensek 3 years ago yeah, ED is the best.
  • Lamer Khan
    Lamer Khan 3 years ago Jian James iutrufdfgmgf
  • Hoi Doei
    Hoi Doei 2 years ago Jian James ja👏💪
  • Vince
    Vince 2 years ago He sounded even better under the bridge because of the reverb.
  • Kia Kaunisto
  • Antonia Tomasa González von Maltzahn
    Antonia Tomasa González von Maltzahn 2 years ago Jian Jamegs
  • Rebecca Harrison
    Rebecca Harrison 1 year ago Lol
  • Caio Crisostomo
    Caio Crisostomo 1 year ago he missed it for a quarter of sec kkk
  • Nvard Harutyunyan
    Nvard Harutyunyan 1 year ago lol!!!!!!
  • my name is volcano
    my name is volcano 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂
  • vimal patra
    vimal patra 1 year ago Just think if he got hit and fall like an anime.. 😂
  • Yパンク
    Yパンク 1 year ago Isn't that danger 😂
  • meme is my life
    meme is my life 1 year ago Lol did you see that little kid is so cute
  • Navi 07
    Navi 07 6 months ago 😊😊
  • Navi 07
    Navi 07 6 months ago @Yパンク 😂😂
  • elijah
    elijah 1 month ago a bridge wont stop ed from singing the bridge lol
  • Claudia N
    Claudia N 3 years ago No effects, no auto-tune, nothing fancy, just him and a guitar, and it's better than 99% of the music on the radio these days. Pure music!!
  • Noah O'Donnell
    Noah O'Donnell 3 years ago 100%*
  • Emy Decarli
    Emy Decarli 3 years ago exactly what i think
  • Yuri Teixeira Mendes
    Yuri Teixeira Mendes 3 years ago THIS is music, babe. All the other stuff are noise pollution.
  • Kristian Hadberg
    Kristian Hadberg 3 years ago ignorant ed fan lmao
  • 502 KG
    502 KG 3 years ago I'm not even really an Ed fan but they're right. This is pure raw talent.
  • Matthew Gomez
    Matthew Gomez 3 years ago Claudia N I totally agree with you. Ed is truly talented
  • Ksenija Jemensek
  • Ksenija Jemensek
    Ksenija Jemensek 3 years ago yeah, he is.
  • Riju Chatterjee
    Riju Chatterjee 3 years ago You didn't mention his songwriting. That's what Ed really has over everyone else. He has a decent voice, but he's not the best singer in the world...
  • Ksenija Jemensek
    Ksenija Jemensek 3 years ago ED feels, lives, breathes music. Music is in him, in his bloodstream. And he's THE BEST SONGWRITER and THE BEST SINGER in the world ! THAT'S FINAL !
  • mspitslara
    mspitslara 3 years ago your right HE'S THE BEST in da world :)))
  • Rory Wallis
    Rory Wallis 3 years ago mspitslara I prefer James Arthur!
  • Lisa Barron
    Lisa Barron 2 years ago exactly
  • JaceUnknown
    JaceUnknown 2 years ago Claudia N eh not entirely, he did plug his guitar, and obviously put on a mic somewhere on him (near his chest) So his voice would sound clear.
  • ydoucare55
    ydoucare55 2 years ago I'd like to see some of these manufactured "artists" get up on stage with a guitar and loop pedal and put together an entire song by themselves live like he does. Real talent.
  • Glen Lucas
    Glen Lucas 2 years ago SO true
  • James
    James 2 years ago Claudia N 100%
  • Eoghan Murphy
    Eoghan Murphy 2 years ago Claudia N he is hooked up to the loop pedal though
  • Myalia Durno
    Myalia Durno 2 years ago Eoghan Murphy the loop station does not reverb, auto tune, or artificially correct his performances, though. It just plays back what is recorded.
  • Araliya Jayasuriya
    Araliya Jayasuriya 2 years ago *100%
  • Marcos Prolungatti
    Marcos Prolungatti 2 years ago Claudia N absolutely right
  • Whalturk
    Whalturk 2 years ago +Myalia Durno You can still add reverb, delay ect. before it goes into the loop station.
  • Clare Lim
    Clare Lim 2 years ago I loved this song so much! It's so raw and pure. I made 2 covers of it on my channel, please check it out. I'm an aspiring teenage musician and I hope you'll give my covers a chance and suggest ways to improve ♥
  • Caroline Grace
    Caroline Grace 1 year ago 100%* get it right next time
  • Jaypee150
    Jaypee150 1 year ago And a BRIDGE
  • Sarcastic Brit
    Sarcastic Brit 1 year ago this comment aged well which kind of saddens me
  • Dark View
    Dark View 1 year ago This is 99% of music on the radio
  • isma covers
    isma covers 1 year ago Follow me in YouTube, I don't use auto - tune, and I love ed sheeran
  • Hell0 Ayaya143
    Hell0 Ayaya143 1 year ago Same comment, different post
  • Lefkothea. k
    Lefkothea. k 1 year ago Yes u are right but its ed sheeran he doesnt need all these
  • The-terminator
    The-terminator 1 year ago Fuck XXX Tentation
  • riki rex
    riki rex 1 year ago 99%of the music you people listen...
  • jay-goes-to-europe BB
    jay-goes-to-europe BB 8 months ago Firstly, I love this version and this recording of a great song, Ed is a great musician, a good singer and an awesome songwriter. However, sorry to break it to you but both his voice and guitar have effects applied to them in this recording. 100% absolutely no doubt. Both are compressed clearly, there is a short plate reverb and a gate on the guitar and a small room digital reverb on the vocal, at least.
  • Daffa Hazza
    Daffa Hazza 4 months ago Even better than his own stuff we usually listen on the radio these days!
  • Felix Gabriel Montanez
    Felix Gabriel Montanez 4 months ago umm but ed sheeran is radio music
  • Sj Sh
    Sj Sh 2 months ago @Riju Chatterjee He's a decent songwriter but nothing special.
  • Riju Chatterjee
    Riju Chatterjee 2 months ago @Sj Sh idk man. With an origin story like ED's, it's hard to deny he has something special.
  • Sj Sh
    Sj Sh 1 month ago @Riju Chatterjee His origin story that he played tons of pubs before he got noticed? Like most other singer songwriters?
  • Riju Chatterjee
    Riju Chatterjee 1 month ago @Sj Sh He was already a pretty big deal before he got "noticed"
  • Ariam Isabel Guzman Villegas
    Ariam Isabel Guzman Villegas 1 month ago yup
  • theoneandonlypp
    theoneandonlypp 4 weeks ago @Noah O'Donnell That means, Ed Sheeran is better than Ed Sheeran? :D Cause I can listen to him on the radio very often
  • Toxic guy
    Toxic guy 2 days ago Cheak uot sam smith the \them Don't even need guitar
  • Maliha Ahmed
    Maliha Ahmed 3 years ago I walk this way home from school every day omg 😂
  • Sandy Oswin
    Sandy Oswin 3 years ago Oh my god, take me to home with you!!! I wanna see Ed...
  • jahdpianist
    jahdpianist 3 years ago wow
  • Rick Snow
    Rick Snow 3 years ago where is this?
  • Argen S.
    Argen S. 3 years ago you're so lucky
  • Carol Volken
    Carol Volken 3 years ago I wish my life was like this...
  • Sebastiano Ciccone
    Sebastiano Ciccone 3 years ago maliha london?
  • Cal Fitzgerald McShane
    Cal Fitzgerald McShane 2 years ago Regents canal right?
  • Miguel Maturana
    Miguel Maturana 2 years ago It's just a regular canal.. Ed makes it special.. same thing happens wherever he signs
  • falanta angya
    falanta angya 2 years ago maliha wow for real
  • Luis Alberto Paes
    Luis Alberto Paes 2 years ago you're lucky! its so beatifull
  • Slit Bodmod
    Slit Bodmod 1 year ago It's camden isn't it?
  • Lafuanda
    Lafuanda 1 year ago That’s a nice view to walk home lol
  • Fu Fu
    Fu Fu 10 months ago @Carol Volken same
  • Sumavayaa
    Sumavayaa 10 months ago For a second there I thought you walked on water
  • RiddleMan
    RiddleMan 9 months ago 999 and 1k there u go bud
  • FreyaL B
    FreyaL B 7 months ago Maliha your so lucky
  • Thomascz Thomash
    Thomascz Thomash 7 months ago The bridge is by baring street moving from Islington into Hackney towards De Beauvoir Town
  • Oliver Keely
    Oliver Keely 5 months ago On the water
  • Rxl Ent.
    Rxl Ent. 3 months ago That’s cool as fuck
  • mika moi
    mika moi 3 months ago @Slit Bodmod no
  • terrydactyl spontaneous
    terrydactyl spontaneous 2 months ago It’s always a momentous day when you master walking.
  • **%%
    **%% 1 month ago you are trully blessed
  • Along Pongener
    Along Pongener 1 month ago You walk on the canal?
  • Danny Deleto
    Danny Deleto 3 years ago Lmao, why'd he warn him about the bridge so late
  • sanne sam
    sanne sam 3 years ago Danya Wazwaz ikr 😂 I was seeing the bridge in coming and I was like ohno
  • Danny Deleto
    Danny Deleto 3 years ago @plants are friends Same lol XD
  • A hole in the Wall, where men can see it all
    A hole in the Wall, where men can see it all 3 years ago yeah he killed the hope xD
  • Sailx
    Sailx 3 years ago Because one does simply not interrupt this.
  • Naz Sunny
    Naz Sunny 6 months ago Your dark dude
  • Undre Bonesaw
    Undre Bonesaw 6 months ago he probably did not know if the bridge was low enough to hit him
  • Lavahawke
    Lavahawke 1 month ago Listen closely, the guy filming laughs after he ducks. I think he just thought it was funny/would be good for the video. What's really funny is how Ed starts looking behind him constantly after that. ;)
  • billy thornton
    billy thornton 3 years ago Imagine him doing this now. Someone would tweet a pic and suddenly thousands of people would be on the banks watching him
  • Queen Ariana Grande The Angel
    Queen Ariana Grande The Angel 3 years ago True <3
  • Danie Johnson
    Danie Johnson 3 years ago @Queen Ariana Grande The Angel
  • Sword Weeb
    Sword Weeb 1 year ago billy thornton this comment is two years old but now it’s truer than ever
  • SouZi
    SouZi 1 year ago so? wouldn't you also wanna see him performing on a boat?
  • Kelly -
    Kelly - 1 year ago @SouZi i don't think it was meant to be a negative comment. more like a reflection on all his success. like its crazy how far he's come. his fans be proud
  • Katie Madge
    Katie Madge 1 year ago (edited) Thing is he probably misses it a little. The freedom he had Also to think those kids are now teenagers
  • D-ROSE James
    D-ROSE James 1 year ago you mean millions? hehehe
  • Fu Fu
    Fu Fu 10 months ago I miss the good old days
  • Alex Spray
    Alex Spray 3 years ago HEAD HEAD HEAD
  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone 3 years ago lol
  • FussballgottTV
    FussballgottTV 2 years ago Ed*
  • Hyunkyu Park
    Hyunkyu Park 2 years ago 하 ㅠㅡㅠ 넘나 좋군
  • Shivam Solanki
    Shivam Solanki 11 months ago pretty sure they were saying Ed Ed Ed
    MANTAN PACAR 3 months ago @Shivam Solanki prety sure this make me laught wkwk 😂😂
  • Kuro Kazuki
    Kuro Kazuki 3 months ago Who else got recommended back here by Youtube?
  • Star
    Star 3 months ago I just got it and its 3:30am I have school tomorow
  • Sprah
    Sprah 3 months ago @Star How did your day at school go x)?
  • bozoes_s
    bozoes_s 3 months ago Lmfao
  • Hgnex 24
    Hgnex 24 3 months ago Kuro Kazuki meeeeeee
  • Kristel Veske
    Kristel Veske 2 months ago Me
  • Oskar Mirza
    Oskar Mirza 1 month ago No I searched for this
  • Timmy
    Timmy 3 years ago isnt anyone gonna talk about how he was smiling at he children?
  • Timmy
    Timmy 3 years ago HAHAHAHA true true
  • carly :3
    carly :3 3 years ago 😂
  • an absolute bossanova
    an absolute bossanova 3 years ago you're telling me children don't bring a smile to your face? the children are our future.. teach them well and let them lead the way. show them all.. wait what was I talking about? fuck you, ed is awesome
  • Pray For The Youth
    Pray For The Youth 4 months ago Oop- pedo
  • Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney 3 months ago an absolute bossanova I think you got wrong, sir
  • Saiegg
    Saiegg 2 months ago Timmy did you just laugh at your own comment?
  • Gustavo Shigueo Madureira Nochi
    Gustavo Shigueo Madureira Nochi 1 month ago @Saiegg I think someone deleted their reply
  • azzazinz_ 01
    azzazinz_ 01 1 month ago @an absolute bossanova umm I don't think thats what he meant
  • Jonathan Falush
    Jonathan Falush 1 month ago lol the songs lyrics arent really appropriate
  • my2amdoodles
    my2amdoodles 5 years ago My favorite part is when he almost gets decapitated.
  • Anthony Cowan
    Anthony Cowan 4 years ago Haha...😄
  • mEME lORD
    mEME lORD 4 years ago I ducked with him 😂😂😂😂
  • nathan mullally
    nathan mullally 4 years ago @richard thomas I just abandoned boat lol
  • lucie carla
    lucie carla 4 years ago What the hell
  • DreamersNights
    DreamersNights 4 years ago @my2amdoodles lol I agree. He doesn't miss a beat though, even crouched over like that.
  • A
    A 4 years ago omg i was laughing so had
  • wplayed archie
    wplayed archie 4 years ago @my2amdoodles which city is this in the video? :)
    LDN EDD 4 years ago @my2amdoodles shame he didn't.
    LDN EDD 4 years ago @wplayed archie london, notice the red buses :)
  • lucie carla
    lucie carla 4 years ago @***** what?
  • nathan mullally
    nathan mullally 4 years ago @lucie williamson He quoted you n you got wrecked by him
  • God hand Mishima
    God hand Mishima 4 years ago +my2amdoodles Still knew the chords in the dark too lol.
  • Laci598
    Laci598 4 years ago +richard thomas same
  • Ricardo Duarte
    Ricardo Duarte 4 years ago +God hand Mishima (SpinDoctor91) Only 5/6 for the whole song do xDD
  • MarkJohn Sotelo
    MarkJohn Sotelo 4 years ago We're the same
  • finnandjake
    finnandjake 4 years ago +my2amdoodles hahah
  • God hand Mishima
    God hand Mishima 4 years ago @Ricardo Duarte Lol haha i know its simple.
  • EddyS
    EddyS 4 years ago +my2amdoodles me too xd
  • Kai Brandt
    Kai Brandt 3 years ago (edited) this video is one of the reasons why he´s one of the best and most creative musician´s of the world
  • The Devil
    The Devil 2 years ago ED head lmfao
  • Mjerten
    Mjerten 2 years ago +Kai “Kai_hZe” Brandt what no I love Ed but he just plays guitar under a bridge
  • Kai Brandt
    Kai Brandt 2 years ago (edited) +Rabondo its not about the bridge ^^ its about the great idea behind this video
  • Mjerten
    Mjerten 2 years ago +Kai “Kai_hZe” Brandt "mate how bout we him ya on a boat??" "lovely idea mate."
  • Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox 2 years ago That's kinda fucked up
  • Aylin C.
    Aylin C. 2 years ago my2amdoodles when you don’t know if this is a hate comment or not 😂
  • my2amdoodles
    my2amdoodles 2 years ago It’s been over 2 years now and I just wanted to update everyone that this video still makes me want to stab myself in the throat because it’s so beautiful.
  • Kathy King
    Kathy King 1 year ago Wasn't it all of ours? 😊😊😊
  • Adil Saju
    Adil Saju 1 year ago (edited) Yeah I freaked. Wtf were the cameraman and sailor doing?
  • Claudia Mihai
    Claudia Mihai 8 months ago @Anthony Cowan q
  • Elon Davis
    Elon Davis 7 months ago Lmao dark lol 😂😂😅😅😆
  • Lillee Doucet
    Lillee Doucet 5 months ago Creepy...whoa u really have a dark side 😳
  • Ummay Shaharin Madani
    Ummay Shaharin Madani 4 months ago @LDN EDD we have red buses in bangladesh as well
  • Grace Moreno
    Grace Moreno 1 week ago Wait what
  • Chatty Ariya
    Chatty Ariya 3 years ago 1:08 I actually screamed out 'Ed, your head!!!' and then laughed when he made it through the bridge like that. And then mind blown, how can you still sound perfect in that position!?! Pure talent!
  • Marvz Santillan
    Marvz Santillan 3 years ago Chatty Ariya lmao 😂
  • fi
    fi 3 years ago I love the "Head... HEAD HEAD" of the other guy xD
  • John Green
    John Green 1 month ago well he did go flat on the “flyyy” but nevertheless solid performers considering the circumstances 😂😂