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Скачать с ютуб Highlights from the April 7th, 2021 Facebook Livecast - The Mill

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Welcome to The Mill! Today we’re talking about the Wednesday April 7th, 2021 Stonemaier Games Facebook Livecast. It was packed with good information.

00:00 - Introduction
01:13 - ETA for B2Ca Expansion?
01:43 - April Fools Day Post
02:18 - Shipping/Restock News, Red Rising web apps
04:33 - Jamey’s Working Hours
06:27 - Scythe coming to TV?
07:09 - Product talk about Speckled Eggs, Meeple Source, Top Shelf Gamer \u0026 Recent blogs
09:02 - Speckled egg meaning?
09:55 - Any Viticulture Expansion News?
10:14 - Tapestry Space Tile question
10:51 - Sustainability update
11:54 - Stonemaier Discord Channel
12:50 - Fan-Made Scythe Expansions?
14:47 - Advertising in the New York Times?
15:39 - Update on BGA Implementation of Tapestry
16:02 - Stakeholder Report
16:56 - My thoughts on the Stakeholder Report
20:01 - How to become a SM Playtester
20:28 - Tapestry Expansion 2 ETA
20:38 - Wingspan Big Box Prototype 2?
21:04 - Wingspan Double-sided Neoprene Mat ETA
21:46 - What makes the Work In Progress Chart?
22:50 - Wingspan OE without Mats \u0026 Nectar?
23:34 - What game didn’t perform like you’d hope?
25:08 - What about the Pendulum Overlay Sheets?
25:50 - What SM game are you the most proud of?
26:56 - Was Dusty right about the Frogmouth Pack?
27:30 - Me on Frogmouth \u0026 The Mill
28:47 - Red Rising tough above 2 or 3 players?
30:29 - Big Box Viticulture?
31:16 - What about Official Tournament Play?
33:09 - Do you miss Stonemaier being small?
34:08 - Replacement Parts Policy
35:10 - Content Warning
36:49 - Thoughts for Jamey’s Dad
37:15 - A few thoughts of my own
41:27 - Credits


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