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Скачать с ютуб Mountaineering Mercenaries [Saxxy Awards 2017 - Comedy]

Опубликовано: 8 мар. 2018 г. 716 237 просмотров

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The buddies Soldier and Demo go beyond their usual travels.

Andy Thybo:
Directing, Cinematography, Animation


Animation, Sound Design



Blade x64:
Set Design

3D Art

2D & 3D Art

FX Design

3D Art

Made with Source Filmmaker.

Workshop assets used:

Frontline props:

Timeless Thief Prop Pack:

Rivalry Rush Content Pack:

  • Evan [REDACTED]
    Evan [REDACTED] 1 year ago You've heard of Demoknight, now get ready for Demokite!
  • Das Deutsche Reich
    Das Deutsche Reich 1 year ago You're brilliant
  • Keith
    Keith 11 months ago Bloody brilliant.
  • Michael Kowal
    Michael Kowal 10 months ago I automatically thought of that when I saw demoman flying in the air, held in place from soldier holding the rope, due to the parachute
  • TheHackerMaster 101
    TheHackerMaster 101 9 months ago Bloody Brilliant!
  • Logan Herrera
    Logan Herrera 7 months ago The smartest out there
  • My Lullaby
    My Lullaby 7 months ago Now comes with a soldier with a market pardner
  • Seanorse
    Seanorse 4 months ago 666 likes >:)
  • z00pyg00pert
    z00pyg00pert 1 month ago New item for demo knight you automatically go up like a kite when you charge and higher than base jumper but you have less health and less fall damage resistance
  • Sasquatch Studios
    Sasquatch Studios 1 week ago You beat me to it
  • StickMaster500
    StickMaster500 1 year ago So this is what it’s like to go camping
  • ikiyuz
    ikiyuz 1 year ago yep
  • Pocket Pybro
    Pocket Pybro 1 year ago Why are you everywhere?
  • ArtistyVids
    ArtistyVids 1 year ago Pocket Pybro Ikr
  • The White Tortoise
    The White Tortoise 1 year ago So this is what it's like to copy and paste a comment
  • Kozak
    Kozak 1 year ago So this is what its like to spot my favorite commenter
  • SealMeme6
    SealMeme6 1 year ago You know it.
  • Black Rock shooter
    Black Rock shooter 1 year ago StickMaster500 I guess so.....
  • Doctor_Whoey
    Doctor_Whoey 1 year ago Why are you so omnipresent
  • XylomMan1
    XylomMan1 1 year ago Why are you here as well
  • Dgaming XRG
    Dgaming XRG 1 year ago This is what I’m saying XD I see this man every where on the internet
  • John Bread
    John Bread 1 year ago get better material
  • Harvey Bower
    Harvey Bower 1 year ago StickMaster500 Looks at profile picture Hmmm
  • SnapClapplePop
    SnapClapplePop 1 year ago What's an outdoors?
  • Froggo
    Froggo 1 year ago StickMaster500 you should know arent u a sniper
  • ChloeIceT 112
    ChloeIceT 112 1 year ago StickMaster500 i
  • Noisyduos3rd
    Noisyduos3rd 1 year ago StickMaster500 y u in every tf2 videos
  • Redslushycat
    Redslushycat 1 year ago StickMaster500 Dude, you literally said that in Winglet’ sneak peak
  • Cookie cracker2
    Cookie cracker2 1 year ago (edited) StickMaster500 dudncncjwjwodkfjvmfmrgjdmwjeughsks,fkvmefmvmemmgmrjfcjdj---STOP BEING EVERYWHERE!! And being in the top 10 the frik do you do it?!
  • Leon
    Leon 1 year ago You. Are. Everywhere
  • Fais faiz
    Fais faiz 1 year ago Make sure you dont brought drunk people 😏
  • Tall Guy
    Tall Guy 11 months ago I see you legit on every tf2 themed thing and over vids. Holy shat
  • YourAverageManiac
    YourAverageManiac 10 months ago Don't know, haven't left the house since nam'.
  • The Good Mudkip
    The Good Mudkip 9 months ago No, real camping is much colder And uncomfortable And you just wanted to stay home, but you thought it would be fun, and went out of obligation What I'm saying is that camping is hell
  • Grand Trunk Western Railroad Channel
    Grand Trunk Western Railroad Channel 8 months ago No this is what’s called flying a kite. Setting up your sentry in the intel room on 2Fort is Camping
  • Callum Aubrey
    Callum Aubrey 4 months ago Come to South Africa we will teach you the ways of camping
  • el chubacabra 2
    el chubacabra 2 3 months ago Hello Justin Y. 2
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    Sticky Mcbranch 2 months ago As a Boy Scout, I can confirm this
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    Liam Schuessler 1 month ago As a Boy Scout, can confirm
  • xalphahunter
    xalphahunter 1 month ago you should know, your profile IS a sniper afterall
  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple 1 year ago This was way funnier than expected, excellent execution on every punchline!
  • Noob King
    Noob King 1 year ago (edited) LazyPurple why don't you have a checkmark? But yes, this is excellent
  • Hugo
    Hugo 1 year ago LazyPurple 👌
  • Noob King
    Noob King 1 year ago Now you do have a checkmark :3
  • Logan Themudkip
    Logan Themudkip 1 year ago Hi there lazypurple
  • IHaveAPurple PS4
    IHaveAPurple PS4 1 year ago LazyPurple I love your channel I like how it feels to play engeenier the most
  • The Dungeon Crawling Fool
    The Dungeon Crawling Fool 1 year ago Mine is the behind the scenes one @IHaveAPurple PS4
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    patt zilla 1 year ago LazyPurple you're are gr8
  • sonic ZX
    sonic ZX 1 year ago i read your coment whif your voice of course on may head
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    patt zilla 1 year ago LazyPurple you evil person why did you get rid of wrath 2501s reactions
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    Gary Is alive and deaded 1 year ago LEZYPURPLE HALP STEEM WONT TUNR ON
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    Cery TNT9 7 months ago LazyPurple yay
  • Australian Soldier
    Australian Soldier 7 months ago WHERE'S HOW IT FEELS TO PLAY DEMOMAN!?
  • Ciclone Ike
    Ciclone Ike 6 months ago @LazyPurple you actually watched this? (Yes it does seem like something that would happen in TF2)
  • Cowboah
    Cowboah 5 months ago Hey whats ur name on steam
  • Ciclone Ike
    Ciclone Ike 5 months ago @Cowboah Mine is CicloneIke ( ... Atleast i thought it was obvious
  • Cowboah
    Cowboah 5 months ago @Ciclone Ike add me mein is Godinhuman form wanna play answer now youtoube is slow so
  • Ciclone Ike
    Ciclone Ike 5 months ago @Cowboah Maybe later at 6:00 because I can't right now
  • Cowboah
    Cowboah 5 months ago @Ciclone Ike how bout like 12 or
  • Ciclone Ike
    Ciclone Ike 5 months ago @Cowboah ?
  • Cowboah
    Cowboah 5 months ago @Ciclone Ike at 12:00
  • reygamers 2018
    reygamers 2018 5 months ago Iam the 1.5k!
  • No name
    No name 3 months ago Lazyyyyy
  • Zelda from link to the wild
    Zelda from link to the wild 2 months ago WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU DOING HERE PURPLE
  • Game Revo
    Game Revo 1 year ago That bird gag at the end was brilliant. Genuinely didn't see it coming.
  • Evil Justin.Y
    Evil Justin.Y 1 year ago Game Revo. I think that is a Persona refrence.
  • The Banana Monk
    The Banana Monk 1 year ago Can someone explain it to me?
  • JKrevy2294
    JKrevy2294 1 year ago The camera made it seem like the rock that fell would land Demo's head but the dove does instead.
  • wf.
    wf. 1 year ago honestly thought the rock was gonna be big
  • GamingMR88
    GamingMR88 1 year ago im 1000th like
  • Jonny2CoolBoss
    Jonny2CoolBoss 1 year ago Me too
  • FitnessGram PacerTest
    FitnessGram PacerTest 1 year ago Got me gud too
  • Jonathan Yang
    Jonathan Yang 1 year ago Come on! I saw this at the start of the video! Spoiler alert!
  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish 1 year ago THANKS FOR THE SPOILER
  • Luigi Gamer
    Luigi Gamer 1 year ago Sounds like a Oscar Award
  • Shadde
    Shadde 1 year ago LMAO i even thought a giant rock was gonna land on soldier
  • -Lochy. P-
    -Lochy. P- 1 year ago Spoiler alert!
  • iRED
    iRED 1 year ago people be like "Spoilers" by looking into the comments before watching the video
  • Qadir Parekh
    Qadir Parekh 1 year ago Qadirparekh @JKrevy2294
  • Qadir Parekh
    Qadir Parekh 1 year ago Qadirparekh
  • XCaster
    XCaster 11 months ago Well we know Soldier didn't.
  • sonic ZX
    sonic ZX 5 months ago persona 5 last surprise start playing
  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 1 month ago I was hoping the rock would kill them both Oh well
  • Nikol Geier
    Nikol Geier 2 weeks ago And also the perspective joke about the tiny rock. Perfect.
  • Raxxo
    Raxxo 1 year ago Who voiced the soldier and demoman? Spot on impression!
  • The Winglet
    The Winglet 1 year ago Surely it was Musetrigger
  • Duncan Murphy
    Duncan Murphy 1 year ago The Winglet Winglet! You're still active? I loved live and let spy!
  • Pupper of the Crusade
    Pupper of the Crusade 1 year ago Raxxo Those are just sound clips from the game.
  • Incurablederp
    Incurablederp 1 year ago Iron knee.jpg
  • Armored mecha
    Armored mecha 1 year ago The rare moment your Sanity arrives.
  • Buttered Gravy
    Buttered Gravy 1 year ago Those are sounds from the game itself
  • Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!
    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT! 1 year ago The joke has passed over many heads this day.
  • Maddisch
    Maddisch 1 year ago What joke? that was a serious question, right?
  • MischievousPirate
    MischievousPirate 1 year ago I want to know who voiced the dove, that was 5/5
  • Jumpshawt
    Jumpshawt 1 year ago Duncan Murphy he made animated part of this.
  • ryanoat
    ryanoat 1 year ago wooosh
  • The Problem Must Be In Your Pants
    The Problem Must Be In Your Pants 1 year ago Why if it isn’t my favourite animator.
    DHTGK 1 year ago the joke is that there is no voice actor unless you count the people doing the voice clips from tf2
  • Kozak
    Kozak 1 year ago Man, Musetrigger is a spot on impressionist
  • Uncle Chris
    Uncle Chris 1 year ago Duncan Murphy he made a saxxy entry
  • WasserGurke
    WasserGurke 1 year ago Darude Sandstorm
  • paradox
    paradox 1 year ago The Winglet will rest of ur spy soldier and scouts advanture serie come ?
  • Bappo Jujubes
    Bappo Jujubes 1 year ago Captain Incredibilis that's the joke, dude.
  • SillyDouglas
    SillyDouglas 1 year ago Pupper of the Crusade whoosh
  • Timmy Great12
    Timmy Great12 1 year ago The Winglet plz make live and let spy sequel soon...luv u!
  • Raped Ya
    Raped Ya 1 year ago They’re just cuts from the game character voice lines
  • Tempest Stormbreaker
    Tempest Stormbreaker 1 year ago R/Woooosh
  • ylop
    ylop 1 year ago r/wooosh
  • EnergyPixel
    EnergyPixel 1 year ago @Pupper of the Crusade r/woooosh
  • Ok Guy
    Ok Guy 1 year ago @Pupper of the Crusade woooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh
  • Ok Guy
    Ok Guy 1 year ago @Buttered Gravy whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh
  • Ok Guy
    Ok Guy 1 year ago @Raped Ya whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh
  • Xenozam
    Xenozam 11 months ago They used sound effects from the files, I'm sorry if you were already told this a billion times.
  • Mortis
  • TwoTime
    TwoTime 9 months ago Probably Troy Baker lol
  • Eureka
    Eureka 3 months ago I just wanted to know who voiced that rock at the near end. Such a beautiful performance.
  • N3bloons
    N3bloons 1 month ago @Pupper of the Crusade r/woooosh
  • BeefyBread
    BeefyBread 1 month ago @Maddisch no, its so obvious that it was actual ingame voicelines that it was obvious it was a joke.
  • PyjamaDan
    PyjamaDan 1 month ago Reading some of these replies hurt, “they’re from the game wah-“ that’s the point
  • Golden Gibus
    Golden Gibus 1 year ago Sad that soldier’s helmet didn’t absorb the impact.
  • Anthony Montoya
    Anthony Montoya 1 year ago What did you expect? It's issued from Mann Co.
  • Rob Webb
    Rob Webb 1 year ago A helmet can't stop blunt trauma.
  • Pizzaman4343
    Pizzaman4343 1 year ago Rob Webb True
  • Jason K
    Jason K 1 year ago He uses a shovel not a mountain
  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 1 year ago Soldier’s helmet is only bullet proof. 100%
  • Nicholas Martindale
    Nicholas Martindale 11 months ago Jake Johnson Classic Mann Co. product, logic is guaranteed to be shaky
  • Connor McLernon
    Connor McLernon 8 months ago Golden Gibus armor can stop a bullet, but physics is a harsh mistress.
  • Lemon
    Lemon 8 months ago Well it did do so he did not get a huge hole in the head he got unconscious by the blunt force
  • Xavier Mendoza
    Xavier Mendoza 2 months ago @Jake Johnson bullets ARE blunt trauma
  • z00pyg00pert
    z00pyg00pert 1 month ago Well the thing is its a part of his head its just solid skin thats why its non removable ingame
  • mk1 proto boi
    mk1 proto boi 1 month ago That helmet let him down
  • Xavier Mendoza
    Xavier Mendoza 1 month ago @z00pyg00pert it actually falls off when you die fun fact
  • z00pyg00pert
    z00pyg00pert 1 month ago @Xavier Mendoza i know its just skin and hurts to remove
  • steve cooper
    steve cooper 1 month ago Wasn't helmets in WW1&2 were made for falling dirt and rocks falling on a soldier's head so they wouldn't get hit in the head? Also animation is just made to meant to be a funny 3 minute sketch not that realistic, "But Realism? In MY TF2? Nah man this game is wacky 2fort and more"
  • mrcomp
    mrcomp 1 year ago 1 archimede was harmed during the making of this video.
  • Harvey Bower
    Harvey Bower 1 year ago mrcomp Archimedes is a name. The word you're looking for here is dove
  • McDickington
    McDickington 1 year ago Archimedes?
  • Filthyscoutmain
    Filthyscoutmain 1 year ago Harvey Bower You must be fun at parties.
  • Golden Ocean
    Golden Ocean 1 year ago r/wooosh
  • AnonyMusse [RBLX]
    AnonyMusse [RBLX] 1 year ago @Harvey Bower r/wooosh he is just joking okay.........cant you take a joke?
  • Medimedes Berd
    Medimedes Berd 1 year ago >:C
  • AnonyMusse [RBLX]
    AnonyMusse [RBLX] 1 year ago @Medimedes Berd ITS A MEEM
  • AnonyMusse [RBLX]
    AnonyMusse [RBLX] 11 months ago @Umonly Yeah................ i like the type of people like u
  • AFriendlyBloke
    AFriendlyBloke 10 months ago Oh don't be such a baby, ribs grow back!
  • Beanslingin' Theo
    Beanslingin' Theo 7 months ago @Harvey Bower r/iamverysmart
  • Gleb Woyt
    Gleb Woyt 5 months ago @Beanslingin' Theo wow look at you, you have reddit so you're cool
  • Beanslingin' Theo
    Beanslingin' Theo 5 months ago @Gleb Woyt i don't have reddit, i cant afford it. I live under a bridge and steal pizza from the delivery guy to survive.
  • Frautcres
    Frautcres 1 year ago Love how the story ends up flipping roles. Great animation, great short.
  • Crosh Barandorocoot
    Crosh Barandorocoot 1 year ago The problem is soldier's head is backwards
  • Janrei Africa
    Janrei Africa 1 year ago Crosh Barandorocoot dead?
  • Salty Gibus
    Salty Gibus 1 year ago Nah, he has Die and Come Back Stronger pills "tm", he'll just come back with a thicker neck.
  • The Asianmidget
    The Asianmidget 8 months ago @Crosh Barandorocoot it's not if you look harder
  • [VGB] Orange Juice
    [VGB] Orange Juice 4 months ago @Janrei Africa soldier doesnt have permission to die
  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop 1 year ago 2:24 that is the most creative thing I've seen in sfm animation
  • João_ Cavalcant3
    João_ Cavalcant3 1 month ago me too
  • Liggilon
    Liggilon 1 year ago That's all? Awwww...... I wanted more :(....... GUESS YOU COULD SAY THAT THEY ENDED ON A CLIFF HANGER
  • Displayter.
    Displayter. 1 year ago Didn't see that coming
  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 1 year ago CLEVER GIRL
  • Liggilon
    Liggilon 1 year ago Uncle Sam100 ROAAWWR
  • Liggilon
    Liggilon 1 year ago Displayter. Hehe
  • William Perry
    William Perry 1 year ago Motherfucker >:(
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    Crazygamerboys 4 cgb4 1 year ago OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH
  • Explicit Entity
    Explicit Entity 1 year ago For gods sakes...
  • Lance Elamparo
    Lance Elamparo 1 year ago the pain yoy cause me to remember to wait for a next episode of my fav series
  • Ink Me Dead
    Ink Me Dead 1 year ago @Uncle Sam did you just assume the person's gender?
  • FatCat808
    FatCat808 1 year ago cant hold on much longer.
  • BJtheUnknown
    BJtheUnknown 1 year ago Ba dum tish
  • Ninica1
  • patt zilla
    patt zilla 1 year ago Ha Ha! you fucker
  • Lieutenant Nova
    Lieutenant Nova 11 months ago (edited) Kill Me. Later.
  • shala esparrago
    shala esparrago 11 months ago It's punny
  • Mr.SilentTuberAnimations
    Mr.SilentTuberAnimations 11 months ago Just no
  • DarthWidar
    DarthWidar 9 months ago Well fuck you....
  • Some Guy's Channel
    Some Guy's Channel 9 months ago Badum Ching.
  • Joseph Nelson
    Joseph Nelson 3 months ago You clever bastard
  • Alexander Johansson
    Alexander Johansson 3 months ago h a
  • h z
    h z 1 year ago Demoman was kicked due to inactivity
  • Lux Nova
    Lux Nova 1 year ago Great work, like how you did all of this with base voice calls. Humorous and well animated.
  • Average Youtube Viewer
    Average Youtube Viewer 1 year ago Lux Nova This guy didn’t make it, A animator named “ The winglet” did.
  • Lux Nova
    Lux Nova 1 year ago Average Youtube Viewer Check the credits, this was a collaboration with various animators, although you are right to suppose that The Winglet was acting as primary animator.
  • ShpeeMod
    ShpeeMod 1 year ago (edited) Love the lighting.
  • Steaky
    Steaky 1 year ago MHMHMHM
  • A decent name
    A decent name 1 year ago Steaky Yo steaky
  • MacValent
    MacValent 1 year ago thats the cycle of the average New Zealander
  • Justifier
    Justifier 6 months ago windows_x_seven... Too soon.
  • [screams in Russian]
    [screams in Russian] 5 months ago @Justifier not soon enough
  • ical survivor
    ical survivor 1 year ago brilliant, the saxxy entries nowadays has the same level in terms of quality with Valve's official animation which is really pleasing in the eyes. i remember back then it was really clunky and just plain lifeless, now it's really fluid dynamic and really lively feel to it.
  • Maxime Lebled - 3D animator
    Maxime Lebled - 3D animator 1 year ago Amazing work on all aspects, love the background artwork and colors!
  • Milvus
    Milvus 1 year ago Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Jokes aside. I really like it!
  • Kinorian
    Kinorian 1 year ago Too many amazing submissions this year...
  • TheKowHunter
    TheKowHunter 1 year ago Kinorian IKR? This year's been great for SFM!
  • sam
    sam 1 year ago the next year is gonna be even better if you think about it sfm itself is getting better and better, new stuff is being added every time it gets updated so from now on basically any top sfm movie in the contest is gonna be amazing
  • Angelo_CC
    Angelo_CC 1 year ago this year was shit though...
  • Lakree
    Lakree 1 year ago Angelo_CC yeah because the chicken animation won comedy
  • Zono
    Zono 1 year ago Can someone tell me why this one didn't win, but the poorly made chicken animation did?
  • jen
    jen 1 year ago ikr it wasn't even funny either
  • Lakree
    Lakree 1 year ago I guess people don’t like good content
  • Rabbid Yoshi
    Rabbid Yoshi 1 year ago Wait what chicken thing can u link it?
  • PortalArch1702
    PortalArch1702 1 year ago opinion