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Скачать с ютуб INSTAGRAM VS REALITY || Are you living an insta lie? || Relatable by 5-Minute FUN

Опубликовано: 4 сент. 2019 г. 7 707 924 просмотра

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What do you choose: Instagram lie or reality?
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Do you feel sometimes that you are not really that person from your Instagram? Don't worry we all have done that once or twice:

0:11 Morning make up for Instagram
0:33 Breakfast for photo in Instagram
1:01 Ugly make up looks good on photo
1:20 Life hack for sporty photos
1:49 Going for a walk with Instagram addicted
2:11 Lack of attention on the road
2:18 Using clothes only for Instagram picture
2:35 Photo in boyfriends T-short
3:16 Faking summer pictures
3:30 Posting food photos
3:44 Taking too long to make photos in the toilet

Which situation do you find the funniest? What stupid things people do except of those to look good on the Instagram?

#fun #relatable #comedy

Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned – you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

  • 5-Minute FUN
    5-Minute FUN 3 months ago Which situation do you find the funniest?
    SHABANA KHAN 3 months ago I love anna
  • Panos Sfaellos
    Panos Sfaellos 3 months ago 2:13
  • Ellie's Tube
    Ellie's Tube 3 months ago When Anna hit on the pole!!😂😂
  • Yamuna Kapali
    Yamuna Kapali 3 months ago Anna cutie ❤️❤️ I love her 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Aniesha Adiyar
    Aniesha Adiyar 3 months ago When Anna kept on clicking pictures every where
  • Petra Slavkovic
    Petra Slavkovic 3 months ago The one when he gives her his pink T- shirt👚
  • Mohana Muniandy
    Mohana Muniandy 3 months ago In the bathroom
  • Rajeev B
    Rajeev B 3 months ago anna is very cute
  • Ali butt
    Ali butt 3 months ago At first
  • NOE 101
    NOE 101 3 months ago Everything
  • ash 777
    ash 777 3 months ago I like the yummy food ones
  • Unicorn me
    Unicorn me 3 months ago My favorite person is Anna the funniest situation if they take pictures everywhere
  • shiva bhavani G
    shiva bhavani G 3 months ago Hey Anna I love all ur vedios Also why didn't you asked about Chuck Anyway I have found it in 1:30 seconds All the best for your upcoming vedios
  • Shashi Bala
    Shashi Bala 3 months ago When Anna takes his shirt.
  • cookie_gamer Adri
    cookie_gamer Adri 3 months ago 5-Minute FUN all
  • md kamrul Islam
    md kamrul Islam 3 months ago When Anna take Mike's shirt
  • Sadia Latheef
    Sadia Latheef 3 months ago My favt funniest part is the blooper of Anna doing with the Glass That is hilarious😂😂
  • Sans
    Sans 3 months ago Hey i'm a big fan, please reply.
  • Ammar Khan
    Ammar Khan 3 months ago 2:14
  • EV U
    EV U 3 months ago I love anna
  • Kamini Darji
    Kamini Darji 3 months ago 1.The one where your bf is tired of clicking your photos while u go for a walk... 2. When you are busy clicking photos in the restroom and he is tired of waiting for u😝😝😝😝 3. In fact all .. Just loved it😘❤️❤️❤️
  • shah jee
    shah jee 3 months ago Love you anna
  • Ayisha Alayna
    Ayisha Alayna 3 months ago When Anna keep on talking pictures everywhere 😂😂😂
  • Avocado Girl
    Avocado Girl 3 months ago When Anna hit on the pole 😂😂😂😂
  • Cormoran Strike
    Cormoran Strike 3 months ago 2:13
  • 5-Minute FUN
    5-Minute FUN 3 months ago Because you found it anyway!)
  • Asd Asd
    Asd Asd 3 months ago @Ellie's Tube є..їє0ї.,дф7вщаку4йффєдлюжєбол,єю
    MAMTA GUPTA 3 months ago Anna ice cute but five minute fun best 👍💯 you deserve 100 out of 100 like if anybody agree
  • st dnd
    st dnd 3 months ago Aniesha Adiyar 9hjuphiubpbj.hh
  • Shiufa Ahmed
    Shiufa Ahmed 3 months ago Alka
  • Shiufa Ahmed
    Shiufa Ahmed 3 months ago 🍫
  • It's me #03
    It's me #03 3 months ago I think 3:38
  • nanda Sai
    nanda Sai 3 months ago 3:15 is nice
  • Mina كوكوكاكا Bashir
    Mina كوكوكاكا Bashir 3 months ago 💏
  • Bianca Van Oudtshoorn
    Bianca Van Oudtshoorn 3 months ago Anna you are pretty just the way you are! No make-up needed!
  • Милица Миладиновић
    Милица Миладиновић 3 months ago @Panos Sfaellos hahha really?
  • The Cool Girls !!!
    The Cool Girls !!! 3 months ago ,, mmYamuna Kapali
  • vladimir mangandi
    vladimir mangandi 3 months ago Panos Sfaellos h
  • vladimir mangandi
    vladimir mangandi 3 months ago Panos Sfaellos L
  • Willowhappy
    Willowhappy 3 months ago 2:13 is the funniest
  • amyra Jagoo
    amyra Jagoo 3 months ago In the bathroom
  • jds enterprises
    jds enterprises 3 months ago .. 12345677890qwwrtojklzvnmmkkkkkbdstuoouc nf
  • Sanowara Begum
    Sanowara Begum 3 months ago I love anna
  • kid 9310
    kid 9310 3 months ago None
  • Murad Ali
    Murad Ali 3 months ago 2:13 sooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!
  • Anagha Patil
    Anagha Patil 3 months ago All situations 😅
  • rajesh soni
    rajesh soni 3 months ago When anna hot on the pole
  • thais gonçalves Thais
    thais gonçalves Thais 3 months ago .VOCÊ TRAIS UM SALGADINHO
  • Maria Carol Bastos
    Maria Carol Bastos 3 months ago I Love Anna
  • Viktoria Ghalumyan
    Viktoria Ghalumyan 3 months ago Do you live in russia?
  • blue_kera Harper
    blue_kera Harper 3 months ago Nvm
  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez 3 months ago Ellie's Tube L1hey hey
  • Arabelle TV
    Arabelle TV 2 months ago 2:14
  • Devika Waisna
    Devika Waisna 2 months ago 5-Minute FUN I like the video you Anna