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Скачать с ютуб Headband- B.o.B ft. 2 Chainz Lyrics (HIGH QUALITY)

Опубликовано: 15 июн. 2013 г. 11 419 614 просмотров

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New track produced by DJ Mustard.
Don't own anything.

  • Kala Mae
    Kala Mae 2 months ago Anyone here in 2020😅
  • 902 Grower
    902 Grower 1 month ago Kala Mae good drinking song lol 🍻
  • Erica Ezee
    Erica Ezee 1 month ago Kala Mae hell yea still a banger
  • Toe-Knee Gutierrez
    Toe-Knee Gutierrez 1 month ago Why wouldn't you be?🔥💯
  • Adolfo Love your tu
    Adolfo Love your tu 1 month ago @kala Mae, stfu with that
  • Lacie Grant
    Lacie Grant 1 month ago Reeeee, I am
  • Jonny Mcphillips
    Jonny Mcphillips 1 month ago Ayyyy
  • Ciandra Carlson
    Ciandra Carlson 3 weeks ago A course dis song lit af
  • Willow Myers
    Willow Myers 3 days ago LOL meeeee!
  • Sophia H
    Sophia H 1 year ago who's here because its a good song?
  • Soul Walks Alöńe -
    Soul Walks Alöńe - 8 months ago Sophia H nah
  • Wally Jaik
    Wally Jaik 6 months ago There it is
  • Shyla Norman
    Shyla Norman 6 months ago Love it
  • Yung Papi
    Yung Papi 3 months ago bruh, why else do people listen to songs...bEcaUse thEY eNjoY iT STOOPID
  • Rayane Sijelmassi
    Rayane Sijelmassi 2 months ago Sophia H are you fucking dumb 🗿💀
  • daisy salgadoo
    daisy salgadoo 1 year ago who else is not here because of Dolan twins or anyone and they just came here by themselves
  • Gianna
    Gianna 1 year ago HAHA. DOLAN TWINS VINESSS💕💕💕
  • Abel Rodríguez
    Abel Rodríguez 1 year ago B4 those pussies! #BasicBitch
  • Celene Gilmonch
    Celene Gilmonch 1 year ago daisy salgadoo i came from the dolans skskks 😂
  • Julia Halwani
    Julia Halwani 1 year ago oMG YASSS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
  • Czee 20
    Czee 20 1 year ago daisy salgadoo 🙋🏻‍♂️🔥 they don't know bout dat
  • Crispy Cheerios
    Crispy Cheerios 11 months ago Me
  • xxIluvyouguysxx
    xxIluvyouguysxx 11 months ago I'm here because this song was popular when I was a freshman in college and I was reminiscing lol
  • Matt Coleman
    Matt Coleman 11 months ago Not sure how I got here. All I know is this song sucks ass lol
  • Aaliyah Delpezzo
    Aaliyah Delpezzo 11 months ago daisy salgadoo me
  • Ryan Zuniga
    Ryan Zuniga 10 months ago daisy salgadoo me
  • Robo buddy
    Robo buddy 10 months ago Bitch sit the fuck down this song is probably older than you
  • xxBrooklynnxx
    xxBrooklynnxx 10 months ago I’m here cause this song was definitely in gta 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Cesar Torres
    Cesar Torres 10 months ago Here cause i was listening to no hands by flocka and this was on the playlist
  • FTrot Gaming
    FTrot Gaming 10 months ago Same
  • reeseb. 12
    reeseb. 12 8 months ago Na but cause of iitspayton
  • Slime Gymnastics
    Slime Gymnastics 8 months ago Dolan twins daaa
  • Joselyn Gonsalez
    Joselyn Gonsalez 8 months ago daisy salgadoo mee
  • savanna ryniker
    savanna ryniker 7 months ago bro i love the dolan twins......
  • Matt Ciulla
    Matt Ciulla 6 months ago In my head randomly i thought of because the booty is bigger than it appeared.....and then i appeared in your comment section :) chop that down!
  • sömëthïñg Ëästêrdàŷ
    sömëthïñg Ëästêrdàŷ 6 months ago Me lmao I just like this sing the twins are kinda weird :/
  • Althea !!!!!!
    Althea !!!!!! 3 months ago OOOO OOOOO MEEEEEEE
  • Kira Wilson
    Kira Wilson 2 months ago lol not me i came because DTs
  • Kaleb Duckworth
    Kaleb Duckworth 2 months ago daisy zu tc guy by Bc
  • Tom Bradylol
    Tom Bradylol 2 months ago daisy salgadoo yes thank god i found someone lol
  • Thalia Watson
    Thalia Watson 3 years ago favourite part 'Hey look at baby over there whats up little moma come here' 😂😂
  • Leah Nannie
    Leah Nannie 2 years ago Yo girl Thalia no der bicth
  • Dramaqueen Dolanz
    Dramaqueen Dolanz 1 year ago Dolan twins...
  • grace crenshaw
    grace crenshaw 1 year ago same
  • Dalila 123
    Dalila 123 1 year ago @Dramaqueen Dolanz omg yessss
  • Dalila 123
    Dalila 123 1 year ago @Dramaqueen Dolanz i only came bc of them
  • Chase Crawford
    Chase Crawford 11 months ago "Make that pussy whistle like the old spice man"😂😂😂
  • Austin Hawkins
    Austin Hawkins 8 months ago The lyrics are on the screen, how did you manage to screw this up?
  • josie balch
    josie balch 2 years ago Anyone here in 2018
  • Skeletron Mark 84 2.0
    Skeletron Mark 84 2.0 1 year ago josie balch Fuck Ya bro
  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams 1 year ago josie balch me
  • Mohammed Altaee
    Mohammed Altaee 1 year ago josie balch yeah here ✋😂
  • RBXFlare
    RBXFlare 1 year ago Ya here
  • babygirl martina
    babygirl martina 1 year ago Me
  • Renn Jabr
    Renn Jabr 1 year ago No....... Im in 2019😏😎
  • Jonas Dario
    Jonas Dario 11 months ago @Renn Jabr me toi lol love this song
  • Laycie Pittman
    Laycie Pittman 5 months ago No
  • Lauren Dawn
    Lauren Dawn 4 days ago I’m a time traveler from 2020
  • caitlin
    caitlin 1 year ago Dolan twins vine got me here
  • Danielle Campbell
    Danielle Campbell 1 year ago Caity Cakes same here haha!
  • Dizzy Chinese man
    Dizzy Chinese man 1 year ago Can't relate
  • Bonnie McNamara
    Bonnie McNamara 1 year ago hahahahahah same
  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez 11 months ago SAME 😅😂😅😂
  • Lola Kirt
    Lola Kirt 2 months ago same
  • Czee 20
    Czee 20 1 year ago 2019 still a banger👀🔥🔥
  • Day Charge
    Day Charge 7 months ago yep
  • Taylor Southern
    Taylor Southern 6 months ago Fr
  • Just HOPEX
    Just HOPEX 5 months ago No one cares
  • Love Etienne
    Love Etienne 4 months ago 👎 NO
  • LeiLa Curtis
    LeiLa Curtis 3 months ago Period
  • Your Imagination Stop
    Your Imagination Stop 2 months ago Cruizee 87 2020 and still a banger
  • Makayla Nicole
    Makayla Nicole 1 year ago Who here is NOT from Dolan Twins??
  • Wavy Piñata
    Wavy Piñata 1 year ago Me
  • DraconisHesperos
    DraconisHesperos 1 month ago Nostalgia trip
  • Isabella Zarate
    Isabella Zarate 11 months ago (edited) Anyone in 2019 No just me,ok
  • Richard Burton
    Richard Burton 10 months ago Me
  • Mitchell Dillon
    Mitchell Dillon 10 months ago I soooo am
  • Najah Wiggins
    Najah Wiggins 10 months ago You best believe it
  • Ima mobile Bot
    Ima mobile Bot 9 months ago I am
  • Stormee knighton
    Stormee knighton 9 months ago Yep
  • M4LxHonerable Monsters4life
    M4LxHonerable Monsters4life 8 months ago Amen
  • Aviana Vlogs
    Aviana Vlogs 8 months ago Yea
  • Kwame Acheampong
    Kwame Acheampong 8 months ago Sup
  • bob upnkiss
    bob upnkiss 8 months ago Man f*ck 2019.... hahaha
  • David Steele
    David Steele 8 months ago Px . wiweiskwskskskskskskskska]
  • Victoria Meiser
    Victoria Meiser 7 months ago yo
  • Hunter Garner
    Hunter Garner 7 months ago Ayeee
  • justis duke
    justis duke 7 months ago 300
  • Katrina Leonardi
    Katrina Leonardi 7 months ago I’m here
  • Piper Ketchum
    Piper Ketchum 6 months ago Me😂
  • Jannah Baker
    Jannah Baker 5 months ago Anybody October 28th
  • TNS World
    TNS World 3 months ago im prob gone be still listening to dis in 2040 fr fr 💀💀💀
    SKULL_xKILLS 3 months ago Isabella Zarate yup
  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago I’m like 3 days it’s 2020
  • MadeInAmericaR3X
    MadeInAmericaR3X 4 years ago If he had ganja in his sweat glands, the water in his body would diffuse into his sweat glands resulting in a loss of saline in his sweat glands. Without the saline his body would rapidly increase in temperature causing him to not be able to maintain homeostasis. He would have a fever of about 106-107 and end up in the hospital or dead. Don't get ganja in your sweat glands.
  • Samuel Wakefield
    Samuel Wakefield 4 years ago Lol
  • Jose Esparza
    Jose Esparza 3 years ago True
  • Kaleb Lamanteer
    Kaleb Lamanteer 2 years ago hang yourself
  • Ciarra Catron
    Ciarra Catron 2 years ago MadeInAmericaR3X dude I tried it once and none of this happened.
  • Ciarra Catron
    Ciarra Catron 2 years ago MadeInAmericaR3X went to the hospital and they told me I was healthier than normal.
  • michael frazier
    michael frazier 2 years ago Lol this nigga dumb
  • Double FotyFo
    Double FotyFo 2 years ago This guy dont know what its like to have your sweat smell like herb..._ it happens. Lol
  • Ryan Bricker
    Ryan Bricker 2 years ago MadeInAmericaR3X Found they teachers pet😂😂😂
  • Bradley Stukenberg
    Bradley Stukenberg 2 years ago My niggah😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍
  • Grayson B
    Grayson B 2 years ago what's homeostasis
  • c dufault
    c dufault 2 years ago thank you for ruining the song
  • Yvonne Mcgee
    Yvonne Mcgee 2 years ago +c dufault Facts😂😂😂😂😂
  • Gale Thunder
    Gale Thunder 1 year ago gracebanigan1, BRUH! Basically, internal balance between your organs and all that stuff.
  • Elijah Waddell 2021
    Elijah Waddell 2021 1 year ago ok smart alice jeeeeezzzzz he is just saying
  • Katie Daniels
    Katie Daniels 1 year ago Wow. 🤣😂 you funny bro.
  • Caitlin Greenway
    Caitlin Greenway 1 year ago Shut up Meg.
  • Maliyha Jarrell
    Maliyha Jarrell 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X umm ok
  • Maliyha Jarrell
    Maliyha Jarrell 1 year ago TypicalPCgamer YOUtube don't tell people to hang thereself. That can cause people to self harm or even commit suicide. And all bc of you. Would you be able to handle that guilt? Probably not.
  • Bhadi Ryleigh
    Bhadi Ryleigh 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X I love this
  • Darian Stehley
    Darian Stehley 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃 i can't believe this kid!
  • Jennifer Hooks
    Jennifer Hooks 1 year ago Vibe ruined lol😂😂🖕🏻
  • mr X
    mr X 1 year ago Maliyha Jarrell hang yourself
  • IAmComp-
    IAmComp- 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X its a song
  • !めぐみ
    !めぐみ 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X well thank you for teaching me something new! Don’t listen to these replies. I love any chance i get at expanding my knowledge!
  • Montoya Ross
    Montoya Ross 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X lmao
  • inspired gummybear
    inspired gummybear 1 year ago There's always that one person......
  • cassandra alvarado
    cassandra alvarado 1 year ago MadeInAmericaR3X thats tuff 💀
  • Benjamin Moyer
    Benjamin Moyer 1 year ago LMAO
  • AceLegend
    AceLegend 1 year ago You know, I'm something of a scientist myself.
  • Cody akjbgo
    Cody akjbgo 1 year ago @!めぐみ nerd
  • Bridget B
    Bridget B 1 year ago 😂😂😁😂😂
  • Jonathan Tremaine
    Jonathan Tremaine 1 year ago So un true cuz I always got marijuana in my sweat glads
  • Jonathan Tremaine
    Jonathan Tremaine 1 year ago What a dumbass tho for real
  • Jonathan Tremaine
    Jonathan Tremaine 1 year ago Nerd bish 😂
  • Luxy Puppy
    Luxy Puppy 1 year ago Ya I am black you what up homie ya
  • Nicky Nichole Armstrong
    Nicky Nichole Armstrong 1 year ago Reading as ganja fill my sweat glands
  • MarioLord 14
    MarioLord 14 10 months ago TypicalPCgamer YOUtube no. It’s go commit neck rope. You failed life.
  • Shannon Pieck
    Shannon Pieck 7 months ago LOL!!
  • Robert Ward
    Robert Ward 7 months ago nobody asked for a scientist
  • Rae Tellez
    Rae Tellez 7 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Grady Barney
    Grady Barney 4 months ago Water doesn't follow ganja. And saline doesn't follow water. Water follows the higher concentration of saline... ie you drink salt water the water in your cells will exit (following the saline) making you dehydrated. Ganja doesn't effect water or saline in your cells. Well maybe it effects water cause of cotton mouth but yeah.
  • Grady Barney
    Grady Barney 4 months ago Obviously if you have weed in your system it's going to come out your sweat glands. Haha.
  • Cameron Ward
    Cameron Ward 3 months ago The best comment on any video ever 😂😂✌🏼
  • flavorytub 3139
    flavorytub 3139 2 months ago U made a fool of yo self
  • Glen Tennis
    Glen Tennis 2 months ago I took a fuckload of robitussin when I was younger and I remember sweating gallons and it REEKED of cough syrup. It was just... cough syrup just pouring from every pore in my body getting absorbed by my bedsheets and comforter.
  • alexis moser
    alexis moser 2 years ago 2018 it's still lit
  • Gunner Gaming
    Gunner Gaming 2 years ago alexis moser lit
  • Richard Pultz
    Richard Pultz 2 years ago alexis moser YES, YES IT IS!!
  • Savana Meiners
    Savana Meiners 1 year ago alexis moser for real!
  • Stefani Babineau
    Stefani Babineau 1 year ago alexis moser yes
  • Claudia Devary
    Claudia Devary 1 year ago You’re right lol
  • Billie Camphouse
    Billie Camphouse 1 year ago Oh i got o9 problems
  • Royal Phantom
    Royal Phantom 1 year ago Still lit
  • rigged
    rigged 1 year ago 2019 still lit
  • Cody Bennett
    Cody Bennett 11 months ago 2019 still a hit
  • Louujxne D.
    Louujxne D. 11 months ago 2019 n living the life mannnnn
  • Alanah Cook
    Alanah Cook 11 months ago glad im not the only one that thinks that.
  • Carlyn littler
    Carlyn littler 10 months ago 2019 and it’s still lit bruh
  • Soul Walks Alöńe -
    Soul Walks Alöńe - 8 months ago alexis moser we now don’t use the word “lit” that much in 2019
  • Laycie Pittman
    Laycie Pittman 5 months ago 2019 it's still lit
  • Maxxayy
    Maxxayy 2 months ago alexis moser 2020 its still lit
  • InvisibleVortexx
    InvisibleVortexx 5 months ago Dog: woof woof Cat: meow meow Actual Idiots: 2019? 2019?
  • Muslim banana
    Muslim banana 2 weeks ago InvisibleVortexx I love this comment
  • Lauren Dawn
    Lauren Dawn 4 days ago Can we please be friends. You made me cry this was so funny😂
  • Logan Law
    Logan Law 4 years ago My favorite part is the hook Hey baby look over there whats up lil mama come here
  • grace roulston
    grace roulston 3 years ago same
  • Leah Nannie
    Leah Nannie 2 years ago Logan Law same
  • Leah Nannie
    Leah Nannie 2 years ago Same
  • Brianne Brown
    Brianne Brown 2 years ago Logan Law same it reminds me of that Dolan twins vine!!
  • Itzzz Zahra
    Itzzz Zahra 2 years ago Yas
  • Ali Wood
    Ali Wood 1 year ago Logan Law Yessssssss
  • Dramaqueen Dolanz
    Dramaqueen Dolanz 1 year ago (edited) Brianne Brown omg I thought I was the only one...😂
  • Bee Nicole
    Bee Nicole 1 year ago Logan Law i read this just as that lyric came on
  • ThisGirlCarmen Lopez
    ThisGirlCarmen Lopez 1 year ago Logan Law like for for real love that part to
  • ThisGirlCarmen Lopez
    ThisGirlCarmen Lopez 1 year ago I dont even understand, why she even want a ma if she throw it, id catch it like a cornerback yup like a cornerback
  • Bryson Benson
    Bryson Benson 1 year ago Logan Law that’s my least favorite part
  • Reece Krenik
    Reece Krenik 1 year ago It's actually "hey look at baby over there..."
  • Soul Walks Alöńe -
    Soul Walks Alöńe - 8 months ago Logan Law you typed that comment 4 years ago...and now I’m replying to
  • Megan Sackel
    Megan Sackel 8 months ago Sameeee
  • My name is Patrick
    My name is Patrick 4 months ago Gosh time flies by fast. I remember listening to this as soon as it came out. And for some reason, I remember that I was in Missouri for vacation during the summer when it came out.
  • Rick Rosas
    Rick Rosas 3 months ago Lol started movin like shakira
  • Paw-Paw Productions
    Paw-Paw Productions 2 years ago I've been searching whistle song for hours
  • Misho Plays
    Misho Plays 2 years ago lol
  • Liam Gehue
    Liam Gehue 2 years ago tell me if you find anything!!!!
  • Monique McLaughlin
    Monique McLaughlin 2 years ago Sameee
  • Kensley Ford
    Kensley Ford 2 years ago This made me laugh way harder than I should have😂
  • Daxton Dallas
    Daxton Dallas 2 years ago Same
  • Reese& Dia
    Reese& Dia 2 years ago OMG lol
  • David Dowse
    David Dowse 2 years ago Paw-Paw Productions SAME
  • Breanna Crowe
    Breanna Crowe 2 years ago Same omg 😂
  • Julie Kay Dennison
    Julie Kay Dennison 2 years ago 😂😂Deaaaddd😂😂
  • meg
    meg 2 years ago Same 😂
  • Owen Baldwin
    Owen Baldwin 1 year ago You mean Darude-Sandstorm
  • Joy Harrison
    Joy Harrison 1 year ago Paw-Paw Productions is it Birdcage TRAP?
  • username invalid
    username invalid 1 year ago I wouldn't be surprised if you found the Kill Bill theme song
  • Bridget B
    Bridget B 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Beastly jack
    Beastly jack 1 year ago Damn time goes by fast Can’t believe I’m still listening to this song anyone else?
  • Luis Rea
    Luis Rea 1 year ago 0:50 I came here for the Dolan Twins
  • paige styles-horan
    paige styles-horan 1 year ago Thank you
  • Slime Gymnastics
    Slime Gymnastics 8 months ago Same lol
  • justis duke
    justis duke 7 months ago Gay
  • gamrgrl7915
    gamrgrl7915 7 months ago the Dolan Twins aren’t even cute
  • Kayleigh Wilson
    Kayleigh Wilson 7 months ago Haha same lol
  • Wow I’m so lonely
    Wow I’m so lonely 7 months ago gamrgrl7915 she didn’t say they were
  • Ariana M
    Ariana M 4 months ago 😔 yep
  • Jimmy Pootron
    Jimmy Pootron 4 months ago 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  • w h i t e n o i s e
    w h i t e n o i s e 3 years ago this whole song is on point
  • Myranda Sheldon
    Myranda Sheldon 2 years ago w h i t e n o i s e true that 😎
  • thomaz e João campeões
    thomaz e João campeões 2 years ago João Paulo
  • Aasiyah Lashay
    Aasiyah Lashay 6 months ago 2019? 😛
  • Christian Enriquez
    Christian Enriquez 5 months ago Aasiyah Lashay no sir
  • InvisibleVortexx
    InvisibleVortexx 5 months ago @Christian Enriquez ree
  • Katie cora
    Katie cora 5 months ago Almost 2020 still bumping be my friend
  • Briana Diaz
    Briana Diaz 4 months ago Yep
  • Taylor Whitlock
    Taylor Whitlock 1 year ago We now know the Dolan Twins aint innocent 😂🤣😂🤣