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Скачать с ютуб Avoid the Chip: Speed Up Your Checkout

Опубликовано: 3 авг. 2016 г. 195 352 просмотра

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Chip-card checkout nightmares? WSJ's Joanna Stern explains the transition to the new EMV chip cards for credit and debit, and why your smartphone is the real answer to all your payment problems.

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  • Okurka
    Okurka 2 года назад So the US is 20 years behind Europe?
  • Alicia Hughley
    Alicia Hughley Год назад Okurka coming from an American, yes
  • Justin BentRails
    Justin BentRails Год назад Considering the fact that the EMV chip was developed in America by both MasterCard & Visa, in conjunction with Europay? Before Europay was acquired by MasterCard? 🤔 No. But, please, dazzle us primitive Americans some more with your fancy American tech. 😃
  • nightofthecastle
    nightofthecastle Год назад America is behind Europe in almost everything, it sucks.
  • Kurt Alder
    Kurt Alder Год назад At least we Americans can still cut our steaks with a knife
  • Francis' Shitposting
    Francis' Shitposting Год назад Kurt Alder implying Europe can't?
  • Kurt Alder
    Kurt Alder Год назад Francis' Shitposting Satire, my good gentleman
  • Francis' Shitposting
    Francis' Shitposting Год назад Kurt Alder ;)
  • Adrians Tazans
    Adrians Tazans Год назад Okurka oh my god yesss in Latvia we have a like a scanner that takes legit 1-2 seconds
  • vortexlisa
    vortexlisa Год назад I had to sign for a transaction when I visited the US last year I was like whoaaa I haven't signed for like 15 years.
  • Sriharsha Nalabolu
    Sriharsha Nalabolu Год назад (изменено) And Canada
  • Toms Zvirbulis
    Toms Zvirbulis Год назад true
  • Bradley Jones
    Bradley Jones Год назад CONTACTLESS IN DA UK
  • goff0103
    goff0103 Год назад Yup, talk about backward from the ‘greatest’ country on earth.
  • ehermo
    ehermo Год назад Consider the fact the although America invented it, you don't use it. @Justin BentRails
  • Justin BentRails
    Justin BentRails Год назад @ehermo That's funny... all of my cards have them. 🤔 I can only think of a couple of places that still don't accept EMV chips yet; just a couple of fast food restaurants, Chic-fil-A and Sonic. Everywhere else does. I can imagine that it'll be quite pricey for Sonic to implement them, considering how all of their card readers are built directly into their order displays. But Chic-fil-A seems to be deliberately rejecting them, because they have the EMV slots already, but they have card-shaped pieces of cardboard shoved into them telling people to swipe their cards.
  • Ryan Tse
    Ryan Tse Год назад Justin BentRails ummm the internet
  • Leo L.
    Leo L. 11 месяцев назад As an American who is often in Europe, yes
  • Alexander Soloviev
    Alexander Soloviev 11 месяцев назад Mostly its to do with how the banking system in the US works.
  • imProveia
    imProveia 11 месяцев назад @Sriharsha Nalabolu No, Canada isn't really new to this. I've seen machines like that ever since I was born.
  • Arne Maeschaelck
    Arne Maeschaelck 8 месяцев назад 20? More like 30... Can't remember having having to swipe a card, except at toll booths or AMEX cards, who were so stubborn to give you just a swipe-only card for the first year... some parts of Europe just don't support swiping at all anymore... And haven't contactless payments been a thing since like 2014 now? Paywave (Visa), paypass (MC), ... I literally have my current debit card for like 1,5 years already and now they just have the contactless logo on them, but even my previous one already says paypass in the most colorful way possible, when it was new? I think since 2015, more contactless payments have been made compared to anything else... But swiping..........??? Also idk why it's taking the woman in this video so long, but we've been using the chip since forever and it doesn't take longer than 5 seconds at all (except if the store's internet connection is really bad). + we use the PIN. They still want to hold on to their outdated technology by keeping the signature as form of authentication, which means you're still not safe when it comes to skimming / getting your card stolen. And good luck getting that to work in any other part of the world? Kinda crazy
  • Bradley Bisby-mountain
    Bradley Bisby-mountain 7 месяцев назад laughs in ducth
  • Arne Maeschaelck
    Arne Maeschaelck 7 месяцев назад Bradley Bisby-mountain lol I speak Dutch
  • Levi Davis
    Levi Davis 6 месяцев назад yes in the uk almost every shop has contactless!!!
  • Harvey Kidd
    Harvey Kidd Год назад Does the US not have contactless cards?
  • Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey Год назад We do but it’s something that doesn’t come standard within most of our cards. One has to call the card company and request it. The process takes time, which a lot of people here choose not to give.
    FORCEGC Год назад We just started having chip readers everywhere
  • Rick McGrath
    Rick McGrath Год назад I use Google Pay on my phone.
  • Andrew
    Andrew Год назад We do, but it's not common
  • Someone
    Someone Год назад No, they have guns.
  • Miles Axelberd
    Miles Axelberd Год назад Costco (Citi) cards come with it and Costco supports it as well
  • Cakes dont lie ?
    Cakes dont lie ? 7 месяцев назад I think there’s a contactless card reader above it
  • J U N I U S C H A N
    J U N I U S C H A N Неделю назад in Australia every terminal support "paywave" and phone payments. it's basically standard across the country
  • Marcus T
    Marcus T 3 года назад here in the UK we have used the chip system for over a decade already. Now the wireless payment feature that some smartphones have is already built into each credit card (for the vast majority of new cards being issued). just sayin
  • RedLight GreenArrow
    RedLight GreenArrow 3 года назад I was hoping we kind of just skipped chips and went straight to Apple Pay. Sad that didn't happen.
  • RedLight GreenArrow
    RedLight GreenArrow 3 года назад We also had Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass since 2005, and I live in the US. They're nothing new, that's why you see the PayPass logo on that terminal in the video. All Apple Pay and stuff is, is a fancy $900 PayPass card.
  • techfan42
    techfan42 2 года назад Marcus T yep when I got my chip card I laughed so hard thinking his behind USA is. I had my in chip and contactless card for years
  • milkerfish
    milkerfish 2 года назад Same with Canada, everywhere has had contactless payments/chip and PIN for about a decade. There were even early attempts at mobile payments using blackberries. We recently got Android pay and have had apple pay for about a year. The US is way behind in payment tech.
  • Daniyal Ahmed
    Daniyal Ahmed Год назад RedLight GreenArrow Dude just use samsung pay it almost works at everywhere 98% or 99% of the time.
  • Rick McGrath
    Rick McGrath Год назад @Daniyal Ahmed I never had a problem with my Google Pay. Works everywhere.
  • Daniyal Ahmed
    Daniyal Ahmed Год назад @Rick McGrath I was saying this because of some mst thing that samsung has.
  • EnglishGuy32 1
    EnglishGuy32 1 Год назад *Contactless too
  • Michal
    Michal Год назад Its as if payment tech advances as you go from west to east. Kinda US: 20 years late UK:3 years late EU: On time Scandinavia: 20 in the future
  • Akash Sandhu
    Akash Sandhu 11 месяцев назад ​@milkerfish Although this was posted a year ago, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay all work in the states, where I work at least contactless payments work as well.
  • Dawid Prusak
    Dawid Prusak Год назад The moment I realize US doesn't have NFC payments built into the cards which is standard in Europe for... at least a few years. It's a few years older than NFC smartphone payments if not more.
  • Juuso Peltoniemi
    Juuso Peltoniemi Год назад Apparently many people in the US love their paper money and associate credit or debit cards with greedy banks, etc.
  • Spencer Renenger
    Spencer Renenger Год назад NFC is very insecure. Someone can copy all of your credit data by simply swiping a phone over the card.
  • znmo0nlight
    znmo0nlight Год назад Spencer Renenger Erm you know that you can copy a card's data by swiping and by the chip as well?
  • Spencer Renenger
    Spencer Renenger Год назад @znmo0nlight Yeah but if the card has NFC you don't need to have physical contact with the card to steal the data. Honestly the best system would to do what china does where you pay using QR codes.
  • Sylvère Barré
    Sylvère Barré Год назад @Spencer Renenger tottaly wrong you can't copy all credit card data that's encrypted.
  • Rick McGrath
    Rick McGrath Год назад I'd rather use Google Pay on my phone. I shut off the NFC when not in use.
  • Max Gisborne
    Max Gisborne Год назад (изменено) Most wallets now come with NFC proofing so cloning is not really a big problem.
  • Tomas Francisco Yañez Fuentes
    Tomas Francisco Yañez Fuentes Год назад (изменено) @Spencer Renenger but you can only do 2 payments of max 24,99 or you will need your number code. Edit: at least in Belgium and The Netherlands, I don't know if that's the case in other eu countries Another edit 🙃: and you need the actual card or the app which you have signed in via the bank
  • Dewbie O'Brien
    Dewbie O'Brien 3 года назад 7 seconds saved....thank you WSJ
  • SPL PuroOne
    SPL PuroOne Год назад (изменено) 0:21 Honey, i not going home tonight. Yeap, Chip Cards
  • Si Señor
    Si Señor Год назад In N.Korea we had the chip cards since the 1960’s. The Great Leader thought of it first.
  • Kenny Hobson
    Kenny Hobson Год назад lol stfu
  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach Год назад I bet North Korea have no first world problems These so called "first world" counties have so much to learn from the greatest leaders Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un
  • Not Bob
    Not Bob 3 года назад Ridiculous video
  • Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey 2 года назад You're an idiot.
  • meltstrap
    meltstrap Год назад I think personally that it isn't. That's ok too.
  • The Chillmaster
    The Chillmaster 4 месяца назад @Oprah Winfrey how?
  • James Herron
    James Herron Год назад Exaggerating the time it takes to complete a chip card transaction...
  • Zigs
    Zigs Год назад in Austrailia we have had chip cards for 1 decade.
  • Sacred_Evistix YT
    Sacred_Evistix YT 8 месяцев назад Zigs yeah
  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell Год назад Wait, since when were chip cards new?
  • Tim Abbott
    Tim Abbott Год назад They are new to the US. We only started using them in October 2015.
  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell Год назад Tim Abbott  They're more secure with having to put your PIN in every time, so I guess America just doesn't care about security then
  • K Ha
    K Ha Год назад @Finlay Mitchell Nah, my US chip cards still only require a signature if used outside of US. However, it requires neither signature nor pin while using in most stores in US.
  • goff0103
    goff0103 Год назад Wow so backward
  • Killian Moore
    Killian Moore Год назад Finlay Mitchell way to get robbed
  • Spectacular Spice
    Spectacular Spice 8 месяцев назад I just wasted more time watching this than paying using my chip credit card
  • Anton Cabunilas
    Anton Cabunilas Год назад first world problems
  • AxelBelnas0123
    AxelBelnas0123 Год назад Anton Cabunilas lol
  • Álvaro Modesto Ribeiro Borges de Souza
    Álvaro Modesto Ribeiro Borges de Souza Неделю назад Wow, I think here in Brazil we have chip cards for almost 17 years
  • Václav Havelka
    Václav Havelka 1 месяц назад Avoid the Chip: Speed Up Your Card Info Compromise
  • justadrummervienna
    justadrummervienna Год назад lol in europe we use NFC to pay - chip payment we had already some years ago.
  • Steven Biollo
    Steven Biollo Год назад justadrummervienna Here in Canada we’ve had the chip for about 10 years and NFC for about six
  • Simon Tonekham
    Simon Tonekham Год назад Steven Biollo: While Google Pay (then known as Android Pay) has been into Canada for almost a year, some of the banks in Canada have been super reluctant to offer that service instead relying on their own in-house mobile apps. As for Samsung Pay, it's availability in Canada (in terms of banks) has been limited. Besides, sometimes I tap with my card, but the majority of paying for my stuff is through my phone. For some high-value purchases, I still use the chip-and-pin method.
  • Juuso Peltoniemi
    Juuso Peltoniemi Год назад In here Finland most banks have their own payment apps what are just digital variants of the existing card, but with extra added features like seeing how much you spend on what, etc. Americans seem to love their cash.
  • random stuff
    random stuff Год назад At least on my bank the NFC payments are limited to 25 euros
  • Rick McGrath
    Rick McGrath Год назад I use Google Pay on my phone.
  • Thomas Hart
    Thomas Hart Год назад love how USA is like 20 years behind in payments. like who doesn’t have tap
  • Braden Rogers
    Braden Rogers Неделю назад Who was that biker dike?
  • Unknown 9173
    Unknown 9173 7 месяцев назад that’s why i use apple pay🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 11 месяцев назад I use Apple Pay wherever they have it, but Walmart doesn’t. I use it at fast food restaurants and cafes tho