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Скачать с ютуб Making Tree into Rope - Loggers and Raftsmen Technique

Опубликовано: 1 нояб. 2018 г. 1 209 900 просмотров

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This video is about Making Tree into Survivalist Rope. I will show how you can quickly make such rope from a trunk of a young fir.
In addition, this DIY rope has a number of unexpected uses that I will tell you about in this video.
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  • Advoko MAKES
    Advoko MAKES 8 месяцев назад If you feel like doing it, you can support my channel on PATREON: Thank you
  • Moocher Dingo
    Moocher Dingo 3 месяца назад "Let good people watch good videos." Wholesome.
  • NightHawkInLight
    NightHawkInLight Год назад It doesn't look like the best natural rope, but I've never seen anything like it before. Pretty cool. Nice video
  • Advoko MAKES
    Advoko MAKES Год назад Agreed. Ben, I am glad to see you here! Glad I surprised you)))
  • MaxSafeheaD
    MaxSafeheaD 5 месяцев назад You ever tried making rope from fibres like modern rope ... but in the wild? Give it a go and I'll be back in 15 years to see how it went! (takes aaaaages)
  • Адвокат Егоров
    Адвокат Егоров Год назад This is my English-dubbed video. It is legit.
  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major 10 месяцев назад I am thrilled that you made an English version channel of your Russian language channel! I watched your Russian videos with my heartbreaking wishing I understood what you were saying. Finally going into the comment section I discovered these English versions. I hope you translate all of your originals and keep making more. I am greatly enjoying these as I feel a mix of admiration and envy for your skills and experiences. This video is pretty shocking to see you making rope from a tree. What a clever process for short lengths of immensely strong rope.
  • Олег Волегов
    Олег Волегов 9 месяцев назад Кто озвучивает?
  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation
    WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation 5 месяцев назад Thank you!
  • sanderelo
    sanderelo Год назад Thank you Max, for reviving the old knowledge!
  • Сергей Карнаухов
    Сергей Карнаухов Год назад По Ангаре сплавляли плоты связанные еловой вицей до Енисея и далее до Норильска, тут не показали процесс распаривания, заготовки больше суток держали в натопленной бане для прогрева.
  • Sean Cassidy
    Sean Cassidy Год назад Max Egorov!! Brilliant! I never saw anything like this before
  • Jules-Marc Davis
    Jules-Marc Davis 5 месяцев назад Who would think of wrapping a little tree around another.. and to get rope is just sensible but who first thought of this...
  • Gil Zr
    Gil Zr 3 недели назад My goodness I just came across your videos today, and I can already tell, you're a true survivor , especially if it comes to apocalyptic times you'll be one of the few,definitely a sub for life, 👍👍we the spoiled city people can definitely learn a lot from someone like you 😊.
  • C. Spencer
    C. Spencer Год назад you can also split the ends and braid it for strength. Just soak it in hot water first!
  • chru cas
    chru cas 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Dear Advoko makes. Simply fantastic! Relatively easy done and very strong. Great decoration potential also. Thanks a lot for making taping editing uploading and sharing. Best regards.
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    Ieeеее Uhuo Год назад Я изучаю английский и часто смотрю видео на этом языке, и мне вдвойне приятно было увидеть ваш ролик на английском. (это еще больше мотивирует к изучению языка) СПАСИБО :)
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    Advoko MAKES Год назад Попробуйте смотреть сначала на русском, а потом на английском те же видео- это поможет. Также, можно использовать титры, которые есть на Advoko MAKES. И самое главное: чтение, общение, фильмы на анг яз...
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    Ieeеее Uhuo Год назад @Advoko MAKESEEEEEE thank you very much.
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    Андрей Васильев 8 месяцев назад Лучше американцев приучить и научить русскому языку, чем учить их язык.
  • David Ossinger
    David Ossinger Год назад So glad you can provide these translations, thank you.
  • Jeff Arp
    Jeff Arp 3 месяца назад That was the coolest thing I've seen in a while.
  • StuffUCanMake
    StuffUCanMake Год назад You taught me something rare today!
  • Advoko MAKES
    Advoko MAKES Год назад Glad to be helpful))
  • Circumpolar Bear Cult
    Circumpolar Bear Cult 10 месяцев назад Thanks for sharing the 'old technology', still in use. Molodets, vam spasiba.
  • Dr Teddy
    Dr Teddy 2 недели назад I never really go outside. But I always watch videos like this like I'm gonna need it someday lol.
  • Robert Bobango
    Robert Bobango Год назад Max you’re making rope out of fir was amazing. I am going to try that with my son.
  • Advoko MAKES
    Advoko MAKES Год назад Glad to hear that, Robert!)))
  • ΔΜΨR
    ΔΜΨR Год назад With a son or fir?
  • Advoko MAKES
    Advoko MAKES 11 месяцев назад Both))
  • Lorrie Harkey
    Lorrie Harkey 1 месяц назад I truly found this fascinating..... what our ancestors were able to figure out when needs arose ...LOL necessity is the mother of invention
  • Bunyip Dan
    Bunyip Dan 10 месяцев назад Stumbled across your video, really enjoyed it, I have produced something similar (its a valuable skill to learn) which I first saw on a Ray Mears bushcraft episode way back, have only considered them as temporary fixes and used thin flexible saplings or riparian herbaceous plants to make "Withy". Thank you for showing a different method and discussing alternative applications. I think an episode on how to exploit the twist to create knots, lashings and bindings would be really valuable. I look forward to watching your other material, cheers
  • Lloyd Lester III
    Lloyd Lester III 4 месяца назад Keep amazing me I love it my friend