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Скачать с ютуб TRICK SHOTS ONLY! | Golf with Friends!

Опубликовано: 31 июл. 2016 г. 554 189 просмотров

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Another episode of Golf with Friends! We play the trickshots only challenge!
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  • ad7179
    ad7179 3 years ago Lachlan touching his nose for the first minute like a crack addict got me trippin
  • Alexis -
    Alexis - 3 years ago dead😂😂
  • Britts life
    Britts life 3 years ago I'm actually crying😂😂😂😂😂
  • Zino
    Zino 3 years ago Hahaha im dying
  • Sans_Badtime
    Sans_Badtime 3 years ago me too
  • Alex mcDougall
    Alex mcDougall 3 years ago Hey Lachy wtf is the draw my life at fam you r late by like 3 months
  • Jaidyn
    Jaidyn 3 years ago He's actually only late by 1 month lol.
  • Jaidyn
    Jaidyn 3 years ago Wtf means "what the fuck" not "where the fuck" btw.
  • KrypticASF
    KrypticASF 3 years ago +Jai dude ppl can create abreviations if they long as you understand what it means just stick with it
  • Diane Gibson
    Diane Gibson 3 years ago patience...
  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 3 years ago It's been a week, Pokemon go is cool and all, but doesn't mean you should drop everything else for it
  • john finn
    john finn 3 years ago +Jai it can be both what the fuck and were the fuck
  • Jaidyn
    Jaidyn 3 years ago @John Finn where*
  • john finn
    john finn 3 years ago +Jai so wht im 6
  • mxlly
    mxlly 3 years ago Ishwhw
  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrich 3 years ago +Cameron Jones just by having to clarify that to someone means evolution is backwards for some.
  • Jake Thompson Gaming
    Jake Thompson Gaming 3 years ago Alex mcDougall I
  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 1 year ago Alex mcDougall i
  • Kelby Buchanan
    Kelby Buchanan 3 years ago At 21:00 I was sooooo angry. The misses hurt my head xD
  • Taryn Lieb
    Taryn Lieb 3 years ago when vikk started singing "How could this happen to meeee" i cried
  • EmeraldMiner
    EmeraldMiner 3 years ago They call him "Little Loglan"
  • Caitlin Hearne
    Caitlin Hearne 3 years ago RIP SUBNAUTICA
  • kelly Stissi
    kelly Stissi 3 years ago Yes Lachlan please do more Subnautica, like if you agree so he can see
  • Phoenix 565
    Phoenix 565 3 years ago Rip second channel‼️‼️‼️
  • Nortch
    Nortch 3 years ago This and shellshock are the best games on the channel
  • Xpro sniper123X
    Xpro sniper123X 3 years ago I would disagree I would say ark and shelshock
  • mr commenter
    mr commenter 3 years ago +Xpro sniper123X ark is more dead than prestons minecraft series'
  • Xpro sniper123X
    Xpro sniper123X 3 years ago Ark is way better
  • Malthe Nielsen
    Malthe Nielsen 3 years ago I like to watch this even tho i got the game.... I just got no friends that has the game... :(
  • Nortch
    Nortch 3 years ago +Will Hammersmith not use to the truth eh
  • Daanvander
    Daanvander 3 years ago fuck ark man this and shellshock
  • jenna jenna
    jenna jenna 3 years ago Well that is all he plays anymore
  • Diane Gibson
    Diane Gibson 3 years ago yeah this and shellshock are the best
  • Matt Phil
    Matt Phil 3 years ago ShellShock and Ark
  • Brandon Gonzalez Arenas
    Brandon Gonzalez Arenas 3 years ago more like the only games 😂
  • XGh0styX
    XGh0styX 5 months ago 2:12 Dont Think Josh(ZRK) Trickshotted 3years later no one calls him out xd
  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick Rose 3 years ago Is like keemstar attacking YouTube?? Most of my favorite you tubers arent posting
  • Wilko Gaming
    Wilko Gaming 3 years ago Lachy wheres Ark Survival Evolved I miss it so much
  • Xyphel
    Xyphel 2 years ago 8:28 Jon cheats 😂
  • Neek
    Neek 3 years ago "[In very pedo voice]The max strooker" tf Jon?
  • Neek
    Neek 3 years ago "Everyone close your eyes." "OoOh"
  • Caden G
    Caden G 9 months ago 13:08 i fought the log and the log won
  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 3 years ago the lead on his headphones make him look like he is wearing a bra xD
  • Damian Rodriguez
    Damian Rodriguez 3 years ago Do more golf with friends it cracks me up every time 😂😂😂
  • # hashtag
    # hashtag 3 years ago lachlan could u make a episode with pack flaming each other while playing golf
  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 3 years ago Anyone else remember ark, those were the good old days when he posted constantly and kept promises and actually planned on making a draw my life
  • HeRoIcPvPeR
    HeRoIcPvPeR 3 years ago what happened to ark it was my favorite thanks a lot lachlan now i can't watch ur channel
  • TearDropOfDeath
    TearDropOfDeath 3 years ago look at petes channel
  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 3 years ago Watching you play this game was stressing me out!