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Скачать с ютуб MEET YOUR MAKER | Girls React | Super Villain Bowl

Опубликовано: 28 апр. 2018 г. 757 265 просмотров

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Thanks to all of you watching!

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 1 year ago 16:26 That horrifying monster you just saw? Allow me to introduce you to "The Thing", one of the best sci-fi / horror films ever made.
  • Cristian Calderon
    Cristian Calderon 1 year ago T he original is the best
  • StanTheMan
    StanTheMan 1 year ago They made it pretty well in this though
  • Benxall
    Benxall 1 year ago "Here's the thing"
  • linkeffect82
    linkeffect82 1 year ago Specify "Original", because there was the one before the Kurt Russel version ;). @Cristian Calderon
  • Alexander
    Alexander 1 year ago @linkeffect82 I think Kurts Russel is what most ppl accociate "original" with, since its the most famous and well-made
  • linkeffect82
    linkeffect82 1 year ago Some people might do that, but I suspect a large number of people just don't know about the actual first movie, as it's quite [email protected]
  • Alex Román
    Alex Román 1 year ago In not ONLY ONLY ONE WHO KNOW!!!!
  • Andrew Mellan
    Andrew Mellan 11 months ago No shit Sherlock
  • EO FC
    EO FC 9 months ago I got so scared I hate spiders
  • whiskey Wishes
    whiskey Wishes 7 months ago Kurt Russell
  • Sharker
    Sharker 7 months ago Mitchell yeah that’s one of my top favorite classic horror movie of all time
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
    The Seven Deadly Sins 4 months ago (edited) When I first saw this, I knew instantly that it was "The Thing". ....It's a classic. And, I'm like, "You all should know this right?" as I watch other peoples' reactions.
  • Ralphy Brown
    Ralphy Brown 1 month ago That was the thing
  • Elizabeth Sensanbaugher
    Elizabeth Sensanbaugher 2 weeks ago Ye would not recommend the 2011 reboot it sucks
  • Devilsblight86
    Devilsblight86 1 year ago Kinda disappointed that none of them mentioned that Hugo Weaving played both Agent Smith and Red Skull! He was assimilating himself!
  • Bells GP
    Bells GP 1 year ago Devilsblight86 there were so many cleaver little moments like that in this!
  • 3C Studios
    3C Studios 1 year ago I’m surprised they knew who any one was
  • Nicholas Grandfield
    Nicholas Grandfield 5 months ago I'm disappointed that they hate star wars references I feel a little ashamed for the reactors
  • hellbound heart
    hellbound heart 1 year ago The greatest super villain is copyright law.
  • liv hollaway
    liv hollaway 1 year ago kill and slaughter
  • Scipion3
    Scipion3 1 year ago PLAGIARISM Sauron
  • Seawardprawn 763
    Seawardprawn 763 1 year ago Love the alucard profile pic
  • John Geo
    John Geo 1 year ago Always thought the greatest supervillain would be slow net
  • jchris12000
    jchris12000 1 year ago Darkseid was not in it.
  • Venom/Danido
    Venom/Danido 1 year ago @jchris12000 i think thanos is too recent to bring up darkseid. i am more disappointed about the lack of Reverse Flash and Galactus. They did that size thing leading to godzilla. So why not galactus in the end? Why no reverse flash running through the WOTW Tripods and Godzillas Beams? Still love that Video tbh.
  • CP JD
    CP JD 1 year ago @Seawardprawn 763 this subtle snark is criminally underrated.
  • Seawardprawn 763
    Seawardprawn 763 1 year ago CP JD yah but i was being serious i love hellsing
  • Beaner
    Beaner 1 year ago Ever hear of the football player who tackled a disabled kid???
  • louis litterson
    louis litterson 1 year ago true
  • Joel Medrano
    Joel Medrano 1 year ago @Seawardprawn 763 I do too.
  • LiamTheGreat 109
    LiamTheGreat 109 7 months ago Even more evil is videogame glass
  • JazzaNoda RandoGah
    JazzaNoda RandoGah 6 months ago FACTS
  • Weirdest smart Channel
    Weirdest smart Channel 6 months ago Indeed
  • Alexander Ashcraft
    Alexander Ashcraft 3 months ago Ikr
  • TheAzrielDragon
    TheAzrielDragon 1 year ago Anyone notice the nod to Star Wars when the storm trooper banged his head ?
  • nikinapalm
    nikinapalm 1 year ago TheAzrielDragon YES I SCREAMED
  • HalfbreedTrini
    HalfbreedTrini 1 year ago TheAzrielDragon isn’t his presence in itself a nod
  • *the jimster that's always poppin*
    *the jimster that's always poppin* 1 year ago Yes i did
  • Guga Mandzulashvili
    Guga Mandzulashvili 1 year ago Time?
  • Laywah
    Laywah 11 months ago sey
  • goerge washington
    goerge washington 11 months ago yes at 2:14 th most famous trooper in galaxy !
  • Goos Goos
    Goos Goos 6 months ago TheAzrielDragon yed
  • Rio
    Rio 5 months ago Ye
  • Aqua311
    Aqua311 1 year ago I think it's fitting that Harley and Deadpool won, since they've both been heroes and villains.
  • Maddie_WGP
    Maddie_WGP 1 year ago Aqua311 that’s a good point
  • liv hollaway
    liv hollaway 1 year ago agreed
  • Andreas Smith-Partee
    Andreas Smith-Partee 1 year ago Maddie_WGP, I had a feeling when I first saw this video, you were going to lose your mind just like with Super Hero Bowl.
  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 1 year ago Aqua311 Deadpool is an Anti-Hero
  • Aqua311
    Aqua311 1 year ago @Night Mare, so is Harley, when she's not around Joker.
  • Zdenek Podoba
    Zdenek Podoba 1 year ago Then what about Darth Vader ?
  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 1 year ago Harley and Deadpool was always anti heroes while Dart Vader was only a anti hero at the end
  • Venom/Danido
    Venom/Danido 1 year ago @Nightmare both are. thats the point
  • Oli Shehaj
    Oli Shehaj 1 year ago And they good be in a good relationship