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Скачать с ютуб A Heavy Duty $6 DIY Rocket Stove

Опубликовано: 10 дек. 2013 г. 2 760 120 просмотров

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In this video I layout a pretty simple process for building a rocket stove that will you a lifetime and uses a very small amount of fuel (wood, sticks, pinecones, etc) to cook your meals with. Be sure to follow me on Facebook at

  • Tiny House Listings
    Tiny House Listings 3 года назад Update. After using this thing about 100 times and it sitting outside on the ground with no protection, etc. it's just like brand new. I just though everyone would like to know.
  • Chr1stifari_mon
    Chr1stifari_mon 3 года назад +Tiny House Listings Awesome. Love this little project
  • Jim Seagraves Fishing
    Jim Seagraves Fishing 3 года назад what kind of meat is that?
  • Squat251
    Squat251 3 года назад turkey "bacon"
  • Damascus Steele
    Damascus Steele 3 года назад Yeah, I was wondering the same until I realize it was processed meat of something.
  • digimaks
    digimaks 3 года назад It never cracked from heat? interesting... always read that regular cement cracks from heat.
  • kaiwren75
    kaiwren75 2 года назад I built one recently and it only lasted 4 hours before the concrete burned. Mine was insanely hot though. Added an under air tube as well and a larger burn chamber
  • Steven Waling
    Steven Waling 2 года назад I've always seen concrete crack with excessive heat.. perhaps the sheer thickness of your version helped to alleviate that...
  • Steven Waling
    Steven Waling 2 года назад If you had some 3/4" pvc pipe, you could've pressed into the top, it could've created ridges or stand-offs to hold up the pot/ pan w/o tile... I would also like to perhaps elevate the feed pipe an inch or 2 so you can feed fuel and have a little room for ash to build below w/o ash pile... then again, I guess I don't know how long those sticks last - burns so hot, I'd imagine the sticks burn quickly.
  • 145FREE
    145FREE 2 года назад This is the best and simplest rocket stove I have seen. Looking forward to trying it. Thank you for posting this idea.
  • inUR2teeth
    inUR2teeth 2 года назад BUJINKAN SATX regular concrete can stay put up to about 1000° C aka 1830° F... as long as you're not planning to use it as a forge, it should be OK. Otherwise, one can add Grog (firesand/chamotte) to the mix and this will prevent cracks.
  • 1Chimonger
    1Chimonger 2 года назад If you fear cracking of cement, try mixing-in some pozzolanic ash...that is more fire resistant. OR, make openings larger, and line with refractive cement [like fire brick material]
  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog 2 года назад Let's see it in a short video. Because I don't believe you. After a hundred uses, that sucker is cracked. Your idea is great, but that concrete... no.
  • Jack Dawkins
    Jack Dawkins Год назад This was most unorthodox way of mixing cement I’ve ever seen.
  • StarSeed
    StarSeed Год назад I was wondering if the concrete could take much heat.
  • 全蔡
    全蔡 Год назад Tiny House Listings Iui88
  • Alks Smith
    Alks Smith Год назад Thanks!
  • Badboyteddybear
    Badboyteddybear Год назад Next one that you build add bolts into the top of the concrete and have a permanent cooking surface.
  • john bevino
    john bevino Год назад But concrete holds moisture and will bust when heated no????
  • Nashville Tennessee
    Nashville Tennessee 11 месяцев назад kaiwren75 I think that's where your mistake is... If you made the burn chamber bigger then your stove was actually thinner in concrete dot-dot-dot which caused it to crack
  • Margaret deVries
    Margaret deVries 11 месяцев назад Tiny House Listings q
  • James Michael
    James Michael 7 месяцев назад (изменено) So funny, I thought for sure it was going to be a goner . Has anybody built one with Aircrete ?
  • John Brownnell
    John Brownnell 1 месяц назад Making one right now
  • carlos valentin
    carlos valentin 1 месяц назад Very hard 2 move
    GHOSTPOEMS88 4 года назад While concrete is still wet, add 4 screws or nails around the top hole for the skillet to set on. This way one doesn't have to fool with trying to find ceramic plates. =}
  • Clark Andreasen
    Clark Andreasen 4 месяца назад 3! It will always sit nicely with three
  • fierceapes
    fierceapes 4 месяца назад Id add 3 stample-shaped rebars & set it in the concrete.  That way u can also use it as a handle to lift & move around.  Rebar & concrete are best friends.
  • Kefka Taus
    Kefka Taus 3 месяца назад You can use eye bolts as well. So you can pick up the stove easily using rope or wire for easy transport
  • Leonel Almeida
    Leonel Almeida 3 месяца назад I have a better idea, when the concrete is near dry, shape the top like an "chess rookie" with about 15 mm of depth, this will allow some exhaust and will not rust with time like an nail will do...
  • tendertears2001
    tendertears2001 3 месяца назад Or you could set an old grate from a gas stove on top or you can make one out of re bar as well,
  • Aaron Eisenring
    Aaron Eisenring 3 месяца назад Not adding anything to the conversation other to say this is a brilliant thread! Ready to get a few of these up and running.
  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 месяца назад Leonel Almeida A crenelated top
  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers 1 месяц назад good tip man!
  • Craig Adams
    Craig Adams 1 месяц назад Good idea . Get the stainless ones preferably
  • BigJohnMcVicker
    BigJohnMcVicker 1 месяц назад Stainless bolts
  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 3 недели назад Or go to McDonald's and get a couple Chicken Mcgriddles! And then spend the time you would have wasted jerking off
  • Edgar1988
    Edgar1988 5 дней назад @fierceapes Until the rebar rusts
  • Rustaholic777
    Rustaholic777 3 года назад One reason for using the perlite is to make the whole thing so much lighter.Also the insulation will help reflect more heat back into your cooking.Also about your bucket, Before you put anything into it cut it down both sides all the way.Then just duct tape it together to use it.
  • Shilodog Smith
    Shilodog Smith 9 месяцев назад (изменено) WHY are you using concrete??? *It's as heavy as sin. *It breaks down with heat. *The gravel in it can explode. *It takes 28 days to cure. Just go to a garden supply place and get a bag of Perlite, and use that. Lighter. Safer.
  • Factual Fox
    Factual Fox 7 месяцев назад great suggestion.
  • Tiff W
    Tiff W 7 месяцев назад Brilliant!
  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 5 месяцев назад pvc pipe cut in half. 4.5mm joiner strips. tape together...
  • muzikhealzme
    muzikhealzme 5 месяцев назад Shilodog Smith I’d like to see a perlite stove made
  • okhomestead
    okhomestead 4 месяца назад Great tip! Thanks.
  • HonestInquiry
    HonestInquiry Неделю назад @Shilodog Smith What do you recommend as a binder with the Perlite? What else mixes as easily as the concrete he has here?
  • preytec
    preytec 2 года назад WTH was that in the pan, an egg and leather belt sandwich?
  • Peter
    Peter 5 месяцев назад Lol😃
  • Sun Dog
    Sun Dog 5 месяцев назад I just coughed out a lung from that comment, thanks.
  • Arthur Rapson
    Arthur Rapson 4 месяца назад Waste of time. Get a bbq chimney
  • Sven Jolly
    Sven Jolly 4 месяца назад haha I think it may have been turkey bacon.
    EL AMOR DIVINO DE DIOS 4 месяца назад lol lol lol lol lol that comment made me laugh sooooo hard.. i appreciate you brother....with all due respect to the brother who posted this amazing and brilliant project... love, william
  • MaghoxFr
    MaghoxFr 3 месяца назад Lmao
  • Moosecop32
    Moosecop32 3 месяца назад 🤣🤣😂 I can't breathe!
  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson 2 месяца назад 😂
  • Southern Longhorn
    Southern Longhorn 2 месяца назад SO TRUE! Hilarious...some of that fake/healthy “bacon”....🤢🤮 Give me the real pig 🐖 bacon with nice tasty fat 👍
  • Eric Sherman
    Eric Sherman 1 месяц назад @Southern Longhorn pork may not be as healthy as beef, in any form, so try beef bacon. More meat, less fat looks smells and tastes just like real bacon. Not like that turkey poop. Expensive, but worth it. Yummy!
  • Southern Longhorn
    Southern Longhorn 1 месяц назад Eric Sherman I am not a stickler for healthy food....or eating lean, fat tastes good 😋 and it’s why I use bacon grease in a cast iron pot/skillet to start many recipes or when cooking veggies.
  • Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin 1 месяц назад Hahahahaha!
  • Mr FFB manager guy
    Mr FFB manager guy 1 месяц назад haha and don't forget the mice nibbled bread
  • Jojo Chickrock
    Jojo Chickrock 1 месяц назад 😂 turkey bacon I think or hope
  • SG M
    SG M 1 месяц назад Just a fin slice of fish I think?
  • Vassy
    Vassy 2 недели назад I just... I can't even... My sides are in space right now. Thank you for that.
  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne 2 недели назад A strip of pure cholesterol.
  • I.M. Guapo
    I.M. Guapo Неделю назад preytec. It’s turkey bacon.
  • MrFlyingguy
    MrFlyingguy 4 дня назад leather belt - thats brilliant! ha ha ha
  • G Mike Kostas
    G Mike Kostas 3 дня назад Hahahah. Leather belt! I was trying to figure out what kind of bacon that was.
  • komer west
    komer west 3 года назад Oil the bucket and the stove will slide out.
  • Factual Fox
    Factual Fox 7 месяцев назад great suggestion.
  • Jose A C
    Jose A C 2 месяца назад Agree👍
  • boy2cuda
    boy2cuda 2 месяца назад Oil costs $3. You just increased the final cost by 50%, you're fired! Lol
  • Jose A C
    Jose A C 2 месяца назад @boy2cuda 🤣🤣🤣
  • John Berry
    John Berry 1 месяц назад @boy2cuda lol
  • drippingwax
    drippingwax 1 месяц назад @boy2cuda How much does used motor oil cost?
  • boy2cuda
    boy2cuda 1 месяц назад @drippingwax Too much when your dealing with a $6 budget.... It was meant to be funny, laugh.
  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 3 недели назад Any oil will do or does it have to be a specific oil ?
  • nunya business
    nunya business 23 часа назад Spray the bucket with Pam. Concrete slides right out of the bucket
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 5 лет назад you lost all credibility with me when I saw your bacon choice :)
  • joshua pollard
    joshua pollard 4 года назад lol you saw that too?
  • Stacy Flint
    Stacy Flint 4 года назад Yeah, i was looking at the "meat". It looks like shoe soles. Lol
  • joshua pollard
    joshua pollard 4 года назад I was thinking cool cool cool,,... ugh wtf?!?! lol fucking gross
  • Dominique ___
    Dominique ___ 4 года назад Looks like turkey bacon. A much healthier choice. Doesn't look like your traditional bacon. But it tastes just as good, and has 1/2 the calories & fat
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 4 года назад @Dominique ___ It in no way tastes "just as good." It's not bacon.
  • Dominique ___
    Dominique ___ 4 года назад @Corey Kelly I prefer it to bacon. Different strokes and all ...
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 4 года назад I heard eating grass is a much healthier choice to turkey bacon, it's just as good and has like 1/8 of the fat and calories. Different strokes and all :)
  • Stacy Flint
    Stacy Flint 4 года назад that is nasty!
  • Dominique ___
    Dominique ___ 4 года назад @Corey Kelly just gotta be a cunny, yeah?
  • joshua pollard
    joshua pollard 4 года назад As Ramsay would say: I wouldn't **** feed that to my ****** dog
  • namingsway
    namingsway 4 года назад +Corey Kelly yea , that fail bacon gross. Still the stove looks good .
  • doubleagent14
    doubleagent14 2 года назад you got her # ?
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 2 года назад King James Believer no its turkey bacon. clearly no fat just minced turkey pressed to look like bacon. just shows how little you know about delicious bacon.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 2 года назад @***** news flash.... The fat is why It's so delicious. I bet king James would have loved bacon... Believe me.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 2 года назад @***** I'd eat it first. You would just see a grease stained towel.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 2 года назад @***** I'll die happy thank you very much.
  • futureboy
    futureboy 2 года назад nothing but lips 'n' ass-holes there
  • careforyou
    careforyou 2 года назад exactly , what the heck was that --ugh
  • Manilyn Allanic
    Manilyn Allanic 2 года назад HILOM
  • glitter_and_doom
    glitter_and_doom 2 года назад Fuck off! ME too! LOL.
  • Manilyn Allanic
    Manilyn Allanic 2 года назад I respond not too, low life forms
  • Manilyn Allanic
    Manilyn Allanic 2 года назад you don't have a working brain to say such a word .I know you will respond to some stupid dirty words from your childhood life., I will block this now and ignore so whatever you say, you will be saying it to yourself perfect THE for brain !
  • analogdistortion
    analogdistortion 2 года назад "tastes just as good"... oookay...
  • analogdistortion
    analogdistortion 2 года назад You can buy bacon that isn't made in shitholes you know? Then you aren't eating trash and it also tastes good.
  • E Kohn
    E Kohn 2 года назад i was trying to be nice and watch the whole video until he ruined that fry pan by putting a dog turd in it
  • ivor nappinion
    ivor nappinion 2 года назад why the fuck am i reading your shit comments about twatting bacon on a sunday evening ? WTF
  • Gary Vander Giessen
    Gary Vander Giessen 2 года назад LOL
  • Dimm Vargr
    Dimm Vargr 2 года назад It ain't bacon, bro.
  • Jon Ballentine
    Jon Ballentine 2 года назад Corey Kelly is that what that was? :)
  • David Kidder
    David Kidder 2 года назад looks like salami to me
  • Rocko
    Rocko 2 года назад Still believe fat is bad huh?
  • Rhonda Bowling
    Rhonda Bowling 2 года назад Dominique _ it may be healthier for you but a turkey has 2 wings, 2 legs, thighs, breasts and so on...that bacon looks like it never clucked ( do turkeys cluck )?????? oops..turkeys gobble turkey bacon neither tastes like either turkey or bacon, my grandparents lived into their late 90’s
  • Rhonda Bowling
    Rhonda Bowling 2 года назад Corey Kelly turkeys have very little fa, that’s why most people baste them
  • Rhonda Bowling
    Rhonda Bowling 2 года назад King James Believer my bacon is better than your bacon
  • Darren Brown
    Darren Brown Год назад Dominique _ Ron Swanson does not approve of you
  • whatfreedom7
    whatfreedom7 Год назад We tried turkey bacon for a while and it’s edible but not great. If you’ve never tried it it taste like really cheap dry gas station beef jerky kind of. Turkey sausage taste better than the bacon if you need to switch for health reasons.
  • MrSlugny
    MrSlugny Год назад @whatfreedom7 in the UK it's Islam freindly unfortunately
  • Lynn Dolan
    Lynn Dolan Год назад Nothing wrong with real bacon, but get the kind with NO sodium nitrates or nitrites and the key is to enjoy it SOMETIMES!!!
  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Год назад I was hoping it was a foreign ham and not FAKON haha
  • flashylitez
    flashylitez Год назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • Nobby Norberto
    Nobby Norberto Год назад That's a Vag Flap from a Moose
  • Cindy Do
    Cindy Do Год назад It would be better if he cooked veggies
  • Rick W
    Rick W Год назад Man to soyboy in less than 2 seconds.
  • Heph333
    Heph333 11 месяцев назад There's only one thing I hate more than lying, & that's turkey bacon. Which is just turkey that's lying about being bacon.
  • James Law
    James Law 11 месяцев назад Butterball bacon , turkey not PIG , wise choice! More taste , less grease , good eats!
  • Rick W
    Rick W 11 месяцев назад @James Law ...grease is good. Only women and soyboys eat shit like that.
  • Public Domain
    Public Domain 11 месяцев назад @Dominique ___ twice the salt.
  • BasedHillbilly
    BasedHillbilly 11 месяцев назад Lol this is an old comment, but first thing I thought of when watching this too. How gross!
    HEPHAESTUS 11 месяцев назад I think it's really long spam
  • davidbrennan5
    davidbrennan5 11 месяцев назад You could spend $40 dollars at a yard sale and get a used airtight, might need a few bricks replaced at $4,00 each and spend another 5 bucks from a local farmer and get a Steak 4 times bigger than at the Grocery store, give him another 2 dollars and you can get a pack of Bacon 10x better than anything in the stores. Total cost under 60 bucks and you can heat your whole house instead of one room.
  • zd4v1d
    zd4v1d 11 месяцев назад Same here. I thought "Now why would he go and do a thing like that?" Nice stove, though.
  • Donald Mason
    Donald Mason 10 месяцев назад AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Travis Hutchison
    Travis Hutchison 9 месяцев назад @Dominique ___ It absolutely does not taste the same. it's also not any better for you. Take your turkey propaganda and shove it up your ass.
  • Valdr Blödorn
    Valdr Blödorn 9 месяцев назад I prefer the kind of bacon that I carve off one of my pigs bellies, but to each his own. I also prefer the same style rocket stove, but with perlite, mine only weighs 20 lbs. Still, this guy is happy with what he has done, so everyone with the negative comments are just bitching to the wind.
  • Igy Sixx
    Igy Sixx 9 месяцев назад I thought it looked like sizzlean! lol!
  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 8 месяцев назад Corey Kelly I Love Bacon, but I don't love to eat pork. So I eat a Good Turkey Bacon. That said, it's not that one! 😵 It's the ONLY one I'll consume. I do eat a couple of pork items on occasion, but rarely.
  • David Conroy
    David Conroy 8 месяцев назад Thick sliced applewood smoked bacon is the way to go!
  • redneckmutherf
    redneckmutherf 7 месяцев назад For real !!!
  • Brian Vaughan
    Brian Vaughan 6 месяцев назад I know right
  • Bitter Old Man
    Bitter Old Man 5 месяцев назад @futureboy Lips n assholes n peckers!
  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 5 месяцев назад I was about to say the same.
  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 5 месяцев назад @Dominique ___ It is turkey, but it ain't bacon. And it tastes like cardboard because is doesn't have any fat Fat == Flavor. That's why butter and real bacon is delicious. Turkey "bacon" has to be the second worst invention in the history of the human race, right behind that blasphemous tofu garbage.
  • Havad
    Havad 5 месяцев назад I don't care which bacon you eat...I just know that the huge pork bacon fanatics are always sick as hell, and likely here too.
  • Lee Kellett JR
    Lee Kellett JR 5 месяцев назад @Corey Kelly stop talking to the cows. You can't believe a word they say. LOL
  • Paddy Kornflayx
    Paddy Kornflayx 4 месяца назад Maybe he'd been eating bacon sandwiches for 30 days straight and decided to try out these turkey wurkey slices this one day.
  • I Am Root
    I Am Root 4 месяца назад @Manilyn Allanic Pretty hypothetical........
  • Uthark Runa
    Uthark Runa 4 месяца назад The plastic looking stuff
  • Sven Jolly
    Sven Jolly 4 месяца назад @Corey Kelly hurrduurrr people eat diffrnt stuff than me must be one of those libkux!!!11!! He didn't even have a kfc value meal in that pan with mountain dew blast for sauce what a hippie libtrrd get a load of soiboi over here fellas! He actually likes to be able to see his shoes when he looks down and live past 40? What a cuck loser amirite. "I don't understand anything different than my own behavior which hasn't changed since I was 6 and I'm threatened by it. Mommy make me tendies I don't want to watch the bad librulman make a rocket stove if it doesn't cook the stuff you make in it before you bathe me waaaaaaaaahhh!" You made this about your own insecurity in your diet choices instead of just thanking the fella for showing us a handy diy project. Grow up, son.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 4 месяца назад @Sven Jolly TL;DR
  • Dik Beats
    Dik Beats 4 месяца назад I think it was fakeon.. Its crap.
  • yes
    yes 4 месяца назад Heard the other day the pig was the first animal to be bred with human. A bore plus human equals pig.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 4 месяца назад @yes sounds fun!
  • Lucy Jake
    Lucy Jake 4 месяца назад All this chatter about fkin bacon and it isn’t even his point... he made a rocket stove and it works great and that sandwich would make a hungry person very happy.
  • Corey Kelly
    Corey Kelly 4 месяца назад @Lucy Jake I know right.... I put a smiley face, that means I was joking lol!
  • Kefka Taus
    Kefka Taus 3 месяца назад LMFAO
  • Lucy Jake
    Lucy Jake 3 месяца назад Corey Kelly 🤣🤣gotcha! 🤣
  • Fawexx
    Fawexx 3 месяца назад "bacon"
  • Zae Stay Medicated
    Zae Stay Medicated 1 месяц назад your so funny yup me to no damn turkey bacon
  • papa bits
    papa bits 1 месяц назад Dominique _ turkey bacon don’t taste like regular bacon and you should never say it
  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 3 недели назад @Dominique ___ I like turkey bacon but come on now, we'd be lying to ourselves if we said it tastes the same
  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 3 недели назад SAVAGE ALERT : That was the sliced up spleen of Bear he killed with his bare hands!!
  • Darryl Matthews
    Darryl Matthews 5 лет назад Thanks so much for sharing this idea.  I am a missionary that goes to Malawi each year and this type of stove would be great for the villages to have in that they can use kindling to fuel their cooking rather than wood from trees.  Excellent video. God bless.  
  • jimmy fortrue
    jimmy fortrue Год назад Look into Ianto Evans and his mud stoves for third world applications... True that designs have come a long way but he was a pioneer in the field of reducing third world usage of wood fuel for cooking.
  • Dane Cook
    Dane Cook Год назад What a fantastic idea!
  • liz Swedlund
    liz Swedlund Год назад I built a rocket stove a few years ago and thought I'd take the idea on a mission trip to Guatemala but when we got there we discovered we were late some one beat just to the idea
  • moses ravoori
    moses ravoori Год назад Darryl Matthews Good ,please send Ur contact number ...I can mobilse solar PV lights and eco toilet'[email protected]
  • liz Swedlund
    liz Swedlund 11 месяцев назад I thought I would take the rocket stove idea to Guatemala on a mission trip about ten years ago but when I got thereI found that someone beat me to it. most people who were still using wood as fuel already had one. We did find a poor family without one and we built one for them in their little shack. The one we built was a little more complex with the horizontal chimney so the mom wouldn't have to breath smoke all day when she cooked three meals for the family.
  • Edroy Anderson
    Edroy Anderson 11 месяцев назад Darryl Matthews my afternoon
  • Edroy Anderson
    Edroy Anderson 11 месяцев назад We
  • #BDS
    #BDS 1 месяц назад They probably build primitive ovens that are far superior to this one. They maybe poor but they aren’t stupid.
  • C Pulliam
    C Pulliam 3 недели назад @#BDS my thoughts exactly. not that new ideas wouldnt be appreciated. But Im pretty sure they know how to cook. I also dont think theyd see the wisdom of a stove design that requires you to destroy a perfectly good bucket.
  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 4 месяца назад When I was a kid, we moved into a place that had a concrete pad on the side of the house and for some reason, a pile of sand and half a pallet of bricks. Me being the pyro I am, I quickly set about building various free-standing brick ovens. At first it was just about burning the many pine cones and sticks that would fall into the yard, but I grew bored. I began making bread ovens for biscuits, and even a near-white-hot blast furnace hot enough to glaze the bricks! I learned a good deal about controlling oven fires during those afternoons after school.
  • Jo Alfonsius Wolfenstein
    Jo Alfonsius Wolfenstein 11 месяцев назад The point is to enjoy Enjoy making it Enjoy using it Have a good time man, good project, good stove, good life.
  • Cavsome
    Cavsome 3 недели назад Your flow Qi is a sage mindful vista🎓
  • patrick young
    patrick young Неделю назад BLESS YOU STEVEN for NOT DRAGGING THE VIDEO OUT FOR 25 MINUTES!!!
  • Harold Clendenen
    Harold Clendenen 5 лет назад When you first came on, I thought it was Mark Wallberg.
  • Terry Rice
    Terry Rice 9 месяцев назад Lichtenberg artists
  • MajorSeventh
    MajorSeventh 6 месяцев назад Mark was out hitting the slopes.
  • HonestInquiry
    HonestInquiry 4 месяца назад That was me... wait, Marky Mark?!?
  • Tana Carroll
    Tana Carroll 3 месяца назад Harold Clendenen Me too! Lmbo. 😂😂😂
  • Robert Stack
    Robert Stack 2 месяца назад Wahlberg is beating confession out of people
  • patrick young
    patrick young Неделю назад BLESS YOU STEVEN for NOT DRAGGING THE VIDEO OUT FOR 25 MINUTES!!!
  • CPG Berks Cat Bill
    CPG Berks Cat Bill Неделю назад put an air input regulator on it to increase the speed of the air and feed it waste oil
  • 1 месяц назад really, turkey bacon on a rocket stove.not cool dude,not cool
  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn 2 года назад Lichen on those little sticks makes awesome dye for wool. I have a type in my woods that makes fancy French style perfume.
  • I.M. Guapo
    I.M. Guapo Неделю назад I want to make one just because I want your breakfast. Looks good.
  • Jon Rothenbusch
    Jon Rothenbusch 5 месяцев назад While the concrete is still wet push three 6" pieces of rebar into it leaving 1" sticking up and you have a perfect potstand.
  • Ganga Din
    Ganga Din 4 месяца назад Rather put 3 pieces of brick on top of the wet concrete. You probably should use some sort of steel mesh (chicken wire fence?) to hold the concrete together.
  • matt antunovic
    matt antunovic 3 месяца назад The exposed reo will rust and swell over time causing the concrete to blow out
  • CanadianCCP
    CanadianCCP 1 месяц назад (изменено) "seeeemen...t"...its cement man
  • W R
    W R 3 недели назад You know how he pronounces pecan too. Pee can. Smh
  • Albert Tyler McCain
    Albert Tyler McCain 4 месяца назад You are a genius this is awesome I can’t wait to be quiet and try it and I also like the way you say cement thank you sir
  • fuggotry
    fuggotry 2 месяца назад any way to make this lighter so that I can take this in my car or to the park more easily? aiming for 20-30 lb
  • Deimos Cain
    Deimos Cain 1 месяц назад Perlite instead of concrete. Cost more but Way lighter and tougher