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Скачать с ютуб What is HR Analytics? | AIHR [WEBINAR]

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HR analytics lets you make data-driven decisions, making it easier to save money for your organization, increase efficiency, and hire (and retain!) top talent 🚀

Curious about HR analytics and how to get started?

Erik van Vulpen, a thought leader in the digital HR and HR analytics field, helps you understand the basics and necessity of analytics for human resources management. Tune in to this 20-minute webinar to hear more about:

💡 How an HR analyst can help avoid making bad decisions
💡 The ROI of analytics (you’ll want to see this)
💡 3 HR analytics case studies with real business impact

And you’ll also learn about the process of 📊 data-driven decision making 📊

Because you want to put those HR metrics to good use, right?

➡️ Ready to learn more about HR analytics?

Data analytics isn’t at the heart of every HR department… yet. But the future of HR is digital, and brushing up on your skills is essential for HR professionals!

To help you on your journey, we have created a range of online courses and certificate programs covering everything from people analytics strategy to doing HR analytics in Excel and PowerBI!

🎓 Learn everything you need to drive data-driven decision-making in HR (+ certificate!) 💥

Or check out our HR analytics courses on:

Learning how to build your own custom HR dashboard in Excel or PowerBI 📈

Having a greater strategic impact with data as an HR Business Partner 🎯

Defining relevant \u0026 strategic HR metrics aligned with overall business strategy 🚀

Analyzing data in R and building predictive models with employee data 👩‍🔬

👋👋 P.S. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest HR Analytics developments!