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Скачать с ютуб How to Survive the Longest Flight in the World | The Middle Seat

Опубликовано: 16 окт. 2018 г. 5 988 276 просмотров

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WSJ's Scott McCartney went nonstop from Newark, N.J., to Singapore, testing his tips on how to survive more than 18 hours on a plane to help you with your next long-haul flight. Photo: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal

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  • Brady
    Brady 1 year ago first mistake: wearing a suit.
  • Quilliam Attari
    Quilliam Attari 1 year ago Brady I don’t how people can do that on long flights. On long flights I wear clothes I can comfortably wear when sleeping otherwise it’s extremely uncomfortable.
  • Chris
    Chris 1 year ago More likely to get an upgrade dressing well I hear. But yeah, comfort is the way to go.
  • John
    John 1 year ago Why is there a stigma that suits are so uncomfortable? Minus the tie the suits I wear are as comfortable as sweatpants and they look good too, they aren't baggy at all
  • Quilliam Attari
    Quilliam Attari 1 year ago John That’s not the issue. Would you wear a suit to sleep? Of course no. And on a very long flight - 18 hours - I would struggle a lot with a suit on as well as other attire that I would wear to look smart or professional. Hence I’ll only wear clothes I am always completely comfortable in.
  • FBI
    FBI 1 year ago Step 2 wear adidas ultraboosts
  • Kopliko Kot
    Kopliko Kot 1 year ago Lol
  • Jackie chan_WTF
    Jackie chan_WTF 1 year ago (edited) I always wear comfortable clothes when I fly. Sweatpants, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
  • Rose edits
    Rose edits 1 year ago I have went on a 11 hour plane trip and 2 hours in a car this year I have to go on a 11 hour trip then 4 hours car trip
  • Kittichan
    Kittichan 1 year ago If you fly ID, you don't have a choice. I'm on my brother's ID flight list (he works for LH) and I got a list of clothing requirements that forbids a lot of clothes, e.g. sneakers, leggings, sportswear, shorts, tank tops, the list is long.
  • Echo Affliction
    Echo Affliction 1 year ago i bring a suit with me, definitely will either change or come dressed in comfortable clothes.
  • ellen
    ellen 1 year ago Brady i was your 900th like
  • tinkers
    tinkers 1 year ago second mistake: drinking tea and coffee. Nothing worse than insomnia on a long haul flight. also can mess with jet lag
  • UMI
    UMI 1 year ago I just wore some t shirt with joggers that I was wearing when I was sleeping, I left to the airport at 3am for a 12hr trip
  • tristan
    tristan 1 year ago Wear a onesie. That’s what I do.
  • Chaitanya Negi
    Chaitanya Negi 1 year ago Pyjamas is life
  • Stella Artois
    Stella Artois 1 year ago Joggers and a T-shirt 👌
  • erichhs
    erichhs 1 year ago (edited) haha I dont even wear jeans in the city I travel to
  • Toxic Truth
    Toxic Truth 1 year ago Brady I wear sweatpants and a soft T shirt, I also bring a hoodie if I’m cold.
  • Charlie Conley
    Charlie Conley 1 year ago Unicorn Milkshake that’s not that bad every year I do a twelve hour car trip and a 10 hour plane flight
  • Fiorello
    Fiorello 1 year ago @John yeah I go jogging and sleep in my suit all the time. My sweatpants are really uncomfortable because they make me feel poor.
  • John
    John 1 year ago @Fiorello Perhaps you don't travel for business a whole lot, do you?
  • Fiorello
    Fiorello 1 year ago (edited) @John I do not. When I do I make sure to wear my suit on the plane though. nothing says polished business professional than a suit worn on a plane for 8 hours. If only there were a better way to get a suit from point a to point b! Also, it enables me to walk directly into the meeting I scheduled for my exact landing time. No time to change into my business sweats unfortunately.
  • John
    John 1 year ago @Fiorello Yeah so I'll assume you don't take a lot of short flight day trips. Thanks
  • BlandToast
    BlandToast 1 year ago Suits are soooo uncomfortable
  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson 1 year ago But, if you're travelling for business and would expect colleagues to be waiting in the terminal, would you want their first impression to be of you in pajamas or sweats?
  • sop py
    sop py 1 year ago Brady first mistake: booking the flight
  • Nickey Fynn
    Nickey Fynn 1 year ago @Quilliam Attari you travel internationally looking like you are going to a track meet?
  • John
    John 11 months ago Am going to an airplane naked. (I did not get arested the first time) (Bro am just joking)
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 11 months ago Tip one: please take edibles with you and immediately eat them in the bathroom before the plane starts to move. (Tip thanks to Ari Shaffir)
  • Tram Truong
    Tram Truong 11 months ago @Brad Thompson just change to something nicer in the bathroom at the airport before existing out. Changi airport is one of the most remarkable I've ever been to.
  • Christopher
    Christopher 11 months ago Do what people going to vegas from within the states do, wear sweat pants, and flip flops! Thats real class!
  • marinmarinhola
    marinmarinhola 11 months ago @Brad Thompson ever heard of this revolutionary idea called: changing your clothes out? Pack a pijama in your carry on, and you're good to go
  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson 11 months ago @marinmarinhola There's hardly enough room in an overhead compartment for a jacket or a raincoat... let alone an entire clothing set. You have plenty of time in the destination terminal for a wardrobe change after luggage retrieval before exiting out to waiting family members or business comrades.
  • Tommy Sutarno
    Tommy Sutarno 11 months ago wore my pyjamas on flight. Those air attendants can laugh now, sure.
  • Joseph Philips
    Joseph Philips 11 months ago Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  • Luke
    Luke 11 months ago @Nickey Fynn I go everywhere like im going to a track meet, to uni, to pizzerias, to friends, to job everywhere. Why would planes be different.
  • Zach Zahn
    Zach Zahn 11 months ago He’s sitting in business class and I’m pretty sure business class has a certain dress code... like no sweatpants, sleep wear, Ect...
  • Zach Zahn
    Zach Zahn 11 months ago High Hopes your right I have seen business class seats like that... but that’s not just a regular coach seat right??
  • Helen Lesczynski
    Helen Lesczynski 11 months ago This comment cracked me up
  • hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub
    hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub 11 months ago His suit and most suits these days are literally like pajamas, they're super loose and thin. What do you expect from straight men...
  • maya yaser
    maya yaser 11 months ago Rose edits that’s not relevant to the comment but ok
  • En Passant
    En Passant 11 months ago If you buy a good suit it's more comfortable than jogging pants
  • hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub
    hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub 11 months ago @En Passant it also *looks like jogging pants. Most politicians look like they're wearing pajamas.
  • En Passant
    En Passant 11 months ago @hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub buy better suits.
  • hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub
    hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub 11 months ago @En Passant buy better jogging pants
  • LunamSol
    LunamSol 11 months ago I always pretty much wear pjs when I fly. Joggers, a T-shirt, and easy to remove shoes.
  • Adolph Hitler
    Adolph Hitler 11 months ago Hugo Böss suits are the best BTW..
  • Szeyung Yu
    Szeyung Yu 11 months ago Zach Zahn there is no dress code even in first class
  • Stumpy Dlugi
    Stumpy Dlugi 11 months ago I normally fly naked
  • Redline
    Redline 11 months ago I noticed many old people like to dress up when they go on flights, like during the early days of airplane travels. Younger people tends to be more practical and would wear for comfort.
  • Angultra
    Angultra 11 months ago Not to mention you'd probably stink after being in a button up and wool jacket for 18 hours. Not the best impression just to save a few minutes changing afterward.
  • Ed Oracle DBA
    Ed Oracle DBA 11 months ago Gets there and the meeting's been cancelled.
  • Nicky Cage
    Nicky Cage 11 months ago Gotta go commando
  • William Winder
    William Winder 11 months ago Spend the money and get the right suit
  • Adequate Burger
    Adequate Burger 11 months ago WEAR PAJAMAS
  • SuperMrgentleman
    SuperMrgentleman 11 months ago @Quilliam Attari If you're civilized and flying first internationally they'll provide pajamas for you
  • Aphantom47
    Aphantom47 11 months ago Brady agent 47 not happy about this statement lol
  • The trickster jokes
    The trickster jokes 11 months ago The 10th thousand like!!!!
  • Jonas Bosland
    Jonas Bosland 11 months ago 10k liker, dab dab dab
  • kelcing
    kelcing 11 months ago For me I usually wear pajamas or my undershirt and my sweat pants while I sleep and the whole shabang
  • narekoh
    narekoh 11 months ago Exactly dumb mut !!! Some shorts would of been solid
  • Zingy Trends
    Zingy Trends 11 months ago Go naked
  • Mikko Korhonen
    Mikko Korhonen 10 months ago Suits aren't uncomfortable, but you shouldn't wear one on a long flight because it ruins the press on the trousers.
  • Finley
    Finley 10 months ago Brady god dammit I just commented something like that thinking I was clever 😂
  • Business And money
    Business And money 9 months ago He could have travel the other side of the glob which would be faster
  • mia costello
    mia costello 9 months ago I wore a dress on a long flight before... I didn’t mind it tho
  • Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong
    Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong 9 months ago Some airlines in business and most airlines in first class provide pyjamas which you can change into once in the air. Makes you a lot more comfortable and keeps your clothes neat.
  • Yeng Sabio
    Yeng Sabio 8 months ago Well, post-WW2 air passenger guests 'dress' impressively when taking a flight! Not so much these days!
  • privatezeron
    privatezeron 8 months ago @John I agree with this. They're probably suits that don't fit well. Slacks are comfortable for me too.
  • Saul163r
    Saul163r 8 months ago Brady I go with some sweat pants, a hoodie and some slides
  • Stiltzy
    Stiltzy 8 months ago @John Just to pretend to be just as pretentious, I'll assume you don't take a lot of international business flights. If you're committed to jacket and tie on a double-digit flight, your business card to whomever you're trying to impress in our lounge will, WILL end up in the trash faster than a wet cocktail napkin, you desperate, 24/7 company salesman. Slacks are fine though.
  • The real fucking Albanian
    The real fucking Albanian 8 months ago I just put on some puma, Nike or adidas pants with a sweater or a t-shirts depends on the weather and season
  • BIG Jenny Yes
    BIG Jenny Yes 8 months ago Brady second mistake making the clock go counter clock wise
  • Mhel 2023
    Mhel 2023 6 months ago @Fiorello 😂
  • voicetube
    voicetube 4 months ago That's an interesting point; he probably should have done what Casey Neistat does and wear a skeleton-outlined pajama-like onesie :-)
  • Black Rifle
    Black Rifle 11 months ago Step 1: get as drunk as possible Step 2 : go to sleep Step 3: dont sit next to this nerd
  • Mr. Potter
    Mr. Potter 11 months ago How much does liquor cost on an airplane?
  • Nakadu
    Nakadu 11 months ago 😂😂😂😂🍻🍷🍾
  • anonymous
    anonymous 11 months ago Mr. Potter not sure it depends on the airline
  • M A
    M A 10 months ago Great idea, if you want a heightened risk of a heart attack.
  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel 10 months ago Maybe not in that order though.
  • Sean Heath
    Sean Heath 10 months ago Haha we had a group do this and they got thrown off plane for being to drunk
  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 10 months ago @Mr. Potter I mean if the airline is very good and the flight is +7 hours. Its free
  • Coops
    Coops 9 months ago Gerard Depardieau was so drunk he peed on the airplane floor xD
  • Wonback
    Wonback 9 months ago You made mi night
  • Nikolay Georgiev
    Nikolay Georgiev 9 months ago Drinking is not sleeping, it's sedation
  • (-Permaflox-)
    (-Permaflox-) 9 months ago @Mr. Potter Get drunk before the flight, works like a charm for me, I hate flying
  • Im Stuff
    Im Stuff 8 months ago This is an extreme American comment
  • CND_777 ッ
    CND_777 ッ 5 months ago But its haram
  • Silver bullet Pro
    Silver bullet Pro 4 months ago Black Rifle lol
  • Enjoy and Travel The World!
    Enjoy and Travel The World! 3 months ago LOL I have to agree with you! I have been working with a major airline for 40 years and just retired and I can say if Im in coach traveling I have a few drinks before I get on and then when the cart comes by have a few more...then sleep! That's all you need to know lol
  • Wet Socks
    Wet Socks 1 month ago Come on he’s nice
  • Trydodis
    Trydodis 11 months ago (edited) Step 1: DESTROY THE CHILD
  • yourlocaltrashcan
    yourlocaltrashcan 11 months ago Trydodis this comment should have more likes xd
  • SchwiftedBear
    SchwiftedBear 11 months ago I think hearing crying babies on airplanes all the time is the reason why I hate children
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago Pretty much all you have to do
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago @SchwiftedBear Agreed
  • 『GhouL』
    『GhouL』 11 months ago @SchwiftedBear Same. I can't imagine me being like that in my infancy. They give me headaches..😪😶
  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 11 months ago Step 2: CORRUPT THEM ALL
  • Trydodis
    Trydodis 11 months ago Oh Yeah Yeah THIS IS THEIR PLAN PEOPLE
  • Raif Barrett
    Raif Barrett 11 months ago THESE ARE DEMONS
  • Trydodis
    Trydodis 11 months ago unknown unknown not on youtube, but perhaps on the plane
  • Sukhmani
    Sukhmani 11 months ago Trydodis which child?
  • Bellaworld Yt
    Bellaworld Yt 11 months ago The second I saw this comment I busted out laughing 😂 😂😂
  • FireBrand
    FireBrand 11 months ago DON TOUCH DA CHIOLD
  • 特里斯頓
    特里斯頓 10 months ago @SchwiftedBear babies and children are completely different
  • PoisonPulse
    PoisonPulse 10 months ago Trydodis i know but your mean
  • Ruhanika V
    Ruhanika V 10 months ago (edited) Once this lady left her screaming child running back and forth the aisleway while she was watching a movie... IT-WAS-THE-BEST-14-HOUR-FLIGHT-EVER
  • George Washington
    George Washington 10 months ago Here’s a little whine from a child Pulls out glock you better shut that baby up
  • Donna Vaughn
    Donna Vaughn 9 months ago @SchwiftedBear aww, guess what they make the world go around, so get some good ear phones, hating children is a very strong statement, but I guess it's accept to say this nowadays
  • Dolly The Miracle
    Dolly The Miracle 9 months ago @Donna Vaughn Actually the world moves around by itself
  • AWPidar
    AWPidar 9 months ago SQUISH THAT CHILD
  • Dechi Dowatsang
    Dechi Dowatsang 8 months ago a am. A child
  • Owen Medina
    Owen Medina 8 months ago Trydodis bro what’s your profile picture called
  • Trydodis
    Trydodis 8 months ago Mr Medina well I photoshopped part of it myself but the face in it is from a youtube video. Just search the almighty loaf and you’ll find it.
  • Hugo hudson
    Hugo hudson 8 months ago liverpool Never walk alone if you walk alone then you won’t have to worry about children
  • Ignorant Ethan
    Ignorant Ethan 8 months ago LOCK 'N LOAD
  • Mhel 2023
    Mhel 2023 6 months ago YEEEEEEEAAAAHHH
  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 2 months ago If the kid/ baby is crying or being bratty for most of the flight then the airplane should let the annoyed nearby passengers upgrade to buisness class/first class at the flight back home.
  • BaneSRB
    BaneSRB 1 month ago Ctrl+del
  • Paul D
    Paul D 11 months ago At three hours into flight, alarms go off and entire plane stands up and starts walking around.
  • atlas506
    atlas506 11 months ago Flight attendants panic, flight is returned for emergency landing.
  • Seth Goley
    Seth Goley 10 months ago Lol
  • Dr Breen
    Dr Breen 10 months ago ha ha this comment is very underrated
  • Nagain vffurogh
    Nagain vffurogh 9 months ago Aaa
  • Charlie Chambers
    Charlie Chambers 8 months ago Plane tips over
  • Mhel 2023
    Mhel 2023 6 months ago soon as he said that I was thinking oh don't you DARE 😂
  • JB Miller
    JB Miller 2 months ago 200 people waiting to use the bathroom at the same time. Joy.
  • I'm gonna boycott life
    I'm gonna boycott life 11 months ago (edited) My strategy 1) comfy chlothes. 2) sleep for a few hours. 3) go to bathroom, bust a nut. 4) go back to sleep.
  • Mr_Panda
    Mr_Panda 11 months ago Same strategy
  • señor pepper
    señor pepper 11 months ago 😂
  • Rayyan Ashraf
    Rayyan Ashraf 10 months ago Lol how tf do you nut in a plane??
  • DXT0anto
    DXT0anto 10 months ago @Mohammed Parammel Oh my nutting God XD
  • Bih Byfc01
    Bih Byfc01 10 months ago Stay up for about the 30 hours before the flight and just sleep the whole flight
  • Imane Pink
    Imane Pink 9 months ago Rayyan Ashraf I think they meant 💩
  • ???
    ??? 9 months ago i usually just sleep in the airplane to avoid jet lag if i’m going to different time zones
  • nolargo
    nolargo 9 months ago Isn’t it illegal to nut on a plane
  • the forestlizard
    the forestlizard 9 months ago @nolargo who is going to know
  • Calvin
    Calvin 9 months ago Carter Hildreth It’s not illegal if you don’t get caught. Anyways just head to the bathroom.
  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet 8 months ago Genius!
  • Im Stuff
    Im Stuff 8 months ago Did a 12 year old write this
  • Jones Slim
    Jones Slim 8 months ago Funny, but please please dont tell me you did/do i will be disqusted using the bathroom.
  • Tom Langlois “Pix”
    Tom Langlois “Pix” 7 months ago AHAHAHAH SAME HERE BUDDY
  • SoggyGiraffe729
    SoggyGiraffe729 6 months ago Fax
  • Wii Remote BROKEN
    Wii Remote BROKEN 4 months ago Dreamformeable y
  • Wii Remote BROKEN
    Wii Remote BROKEN 4 months ago I do all this but busting a nut, I usually do before a flight if possible.
  • tay more #
    tay more # 3 months ago Your pfp makes this comment much more funny xd
  • Ariana’s Diamondearring
    Ariana’s Diamondearring 3 months ago I'm gonna boycott life I can’t sleep in planes😭
  • Military Kalvis
    Military Kalvis 2 weeks ago Good advice
  • dan
    dan 11 months ago Year 2100: How to survive your 15-hour flight from Earth to Mars.
  • Masked Lad
    Masked Lad 11 months ago Nah, more like 3 hours.
  • Alexander alexe
    Alexander alexe 11 months ago 30 min i think
  • Shawn Nosikovsky
    Shawn Nosikovsky 11 months ago 100th like :)
  • Cool Pikachubros
    Cool Pikachubros 11 months ago Na how to survive for 1 second from my bed to the bathroom
  • Raed
    Raed 11 months ago That's not gonna happened in 2100
  • Lito
    Lito 11 months ago Cool Pikachu tbh can happen now just put ur bed right next to the bathroom
  • Hugh Jassel
    Hugh Jassel 11 months ago Masked Gamer unfortunately that will never be possible
  • Martin Ford
    Martin Ford 11 months ago (edited) dan it takes 24 hours to travel across the world. You really think mars is that close?! It will take about an EARTH YEAR to get ti mars 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Lito
    Lito 11 months ago Jonesey Default a joke. Have you heard of it?
  • Martin Ford
    Martin Ford 11 months ago taiiling ya Have you heard of life? They’re really cool you should get one
  • Tom Guadalupe
    Tom Guadalupe 11 months ago Funny that you think we are ever going to make it to mars.
  • Lito
    Lito 11 months ago Jonesey Default nah mate I’m just telling you do you know what a joke is. I didn’t ask you about my life.
  • Antton
    Antton 11 months ago @Tom Guadalupe why not. its completely possible. look into it
  • Angultra
    Angultra 11 months ago (edited) More like 15 weeks. On the plus side, think of how many movies you can watch.
    MAH TASTE IN MUSIC IS UR FACE! 11 months ago Too bad the earth will be inhabitable by 2030
  • Captain Parasite
    Captain Parasite 11 months ago If earth still exists my dude
  • Rycal
    Rycal 11 months ago Yeah we all say that but instead, again, it's gonna be: 2019: We will have hour flight times to Mars! 2100: Making a paper clip airplane on a high tech sofa
  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 11 months ago Nobody is going to Mars. Elon Musk is full of shit.
  • PaperCut
    PaperCut 11 months ago @Martin Ford yeah jeez dan listen to the guy who can't spell mars and to properly, its a joke 😐
  • Omar 2548
    Omar 2548 11 months ago Jonesey Default when you cant accept you didn’t get the joke
  • Stella Sarsoni
    Stella Sarsoni 11 months ago 2100 is too soon for that. More like 5820
  • Rizo_Zesty
    Rizo_Zesty 11 months ago @Cool Pikachubros first, start the extreme training which is needed
  • Reverse LEM
    Reverse LEM 11 months ago Raed, It probably could happen
  • Itslit 69
    Itslit 69 11 months ago u earthlings are stupid. Trust me i m from mars and it only takes 25 mins
  • Bebe M.
    Bebe M. 11 months ago Bro, humans are gonna be wiped out from climate change educate yo self
  • AFL64
    AFL64 11 months ago Tom Guadalupe what are you talking about it’s 100% posssible
  • AFL64
    AFL64 11 months ago Bebe M. That is very true
  • Tesla Cyber truck
    Tesla Cyber truck 11 months ago More like 1000 hours but who carss.
  • Lenz Faraday
    Lenz Faraday 11 months ago 2030 : How to survive your 10 month flight from earth to mars
  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi 11 months ago Its like 15 weeks
  • TheHappyGamerHD
    TheHappyGamerHD 11 months ago (edited) Robin Warren It will still exist, no matter in good or bad condition, but I get what you mean, that’s even if society is normal by then
  • Patrik
    Patrik 11 months ago @Alexander alexe not likely its not that far from now and a trip to mars takes 6 months to 1 year
  • Valhalla Rising
    Valhalla Rising 11 months ago Cryo capsules or light speed space train. No problem lol 😂
  • surfer dude
    surfer dude 11 months ago Stop ruining the joke
    RED DEAD AUSTRIA 11 months ago More like how to survive cuz earth will probs be fucked in 2100
  • Jake Wuyt
    Jake Wuyt 11 months ago not 2100, but maybe 2500
  • Teresia Bergström
    Teresia Bergström 11 months ago i think 10 minutes minimum
  • Restore
    Restore 11 months ago Raed r/woosh
  • TouringCircle
    TouringCircle 11 months ago Na more like, how to servive your 48 hour global warming lockdown
  • S_LQW
    S_LQW 11 months ago Year 300: How to survive your 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 second flight from Our earth to the biggest star
  • J&Z Films
    J&Z Films 11 months ago @Martin Ford r/woooosh
  • Visionze
    Visionze 11 months ago If I live in 2100 I will be 98 years old.
  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky 11 months ago @Martin Ford he said in 2100, not 2019. We can get to Mars in 7 months currently
  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui 11 months ago 2100???That's too close timeline at least give it 2660+
  • Martin Ford
    Martin Ford 11 months ago Primordial Night Ik its just i read in a Ik that it would take an earthbyearv
  • King Panther
    King Panther 11 months ago Were not gonna exist by 2030 lol
  • legend player
    legend player 11 months ago @Raed R/woooooooooooooooooooosh
  • Niggle
    Niggle 11 months ago in 2100 the earth will be fucked by global warming
  • Bamtastic Wow
    Bamtastic Wow 11 months ago Dang bro.... you’re from the future!!!!
  • Arctic-_-
    Arctic-_- 11 months ago dan this is a good comment.
  • Everandrew
    Everandrew 11 months ago Nah Earth to Pluto
  • Mator 233
    Mator 233 11 months ago @Raed All Hail, Elon Musk.
  • isaac davey
    isaac davey 11 months ago bold of you to assume we will be around in 2100
    SASG HQ 11 months ago Gonna take 8383747383738373873837337636373636373637363736373738738292929100293836363737383737387373738383 years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Sungwon Shin
    Sungwon Shin 11 months ago @Masked Lad nah more like 0 minute, we already live there no more earth.. Earth is gone because of resource depletion BOOM
  • P_____C_______
    P_____C_______ 11 months ago dude we got teleporters at that point
  • The Last European
    The Last European 11 months ago I hope this applies to 2050 and not 2100
  • cloneskiller
    cloneskiller 11 months ago teleportation travel.
  • Aaxiome
    Aaxiome 11 months ago @Martin Ford r/wooosh
  • Aaxiome
    Aaxiome 11 months ago @Angultra r/woosh
  • Tyler Dockery
    Tyler Dockery 11 months ago @Martin Ford gravity my dude. astrophysics and thermonucleicphysics take apart. it might take like 20 hours
  • Dimitris Andreou
    Dimitris Andreou 10 months ago 15hour? Someone missed school...
  • jr1beatz
    jr1beatz 10 months ago @Raed u don't know shit
  • jr1beatz
    jr1beatz 10 months ago @Martin Ford No. Future will move on and it take days
  • jr1beatz
    jr1beatz 10 months ago @Martin Ford thats what scientists say
  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser 10 months ago @Martin Ford I didn't feel the need to point out your mistake until you arrogantly ended with a headslap emoji. You have absolutely no idea of what technology will exist in 81 years time so to say it will take a year to get to mars is uneducated speculation. You should think before you try to make yourself look clever.
  • Jeff Vader
    Jeff Vader 10 months ago @spicecrop Elon Musk isn't the only person who's trying to go to Mars, have you ever heard of NASA by any chance?
  • Master VAS
    Master VAS 10 months ago @Raed r/whooosh
  • Raed
    Raed 10 months ago @Master VAS English please.
  • Croatian Mapping
    Croatian Mapping 10 months ago Tom Guadalupe funny you can’t take a joke
  • Master VAS
    Master VAS 10 months ago @Raed u stupid
  • Elyrim
    Elyrim 10 months ago More like 0.000001
  • Asid
    Asid 10 months ago @Martin Ford yeah it's cool but you sadly don't have it
  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen 10 months ago (One-way trip) :D
  • Sakura Cherrywild
    Sakura Cherrywild 10 months ago It takes 2 months to get to mars.
  • Sakura Cherrywild
    Sakura Cherrywild 10 months ago @Martin Ford it takes 20 years to get to the furvest planet, Pluto it takes 2 months to get to mars
  • Lil Lean
    Lil Lean 10 months ago Bring an oxygen mask
  • Rayquaza Δ
    Rayquaza Δ 10 months ago dan nah more like 30 days
  • Daisy
    Daisy 10 months ago Jonesey Default r/whoosh
  • ParkieL
    ParkieL 10 months ago taiiling ehhh, just shit the sheets
  • Swizz
    Swizz 10 months ago @Raed judging by the young generation its year 99999999999999
  • Raed
    Raed 10 months ago @Swizz in general everything is slowing down. look at the last 100 years ad the great inventions (with almost nothing in their hands) Now we got everything to learn and progress, yet we became so slow in technology, medicine ,... Some people still don't have access to a clean water to drink.. :/
  • carly howard
    carly howard 10 months ago nah man we won’t make it to 2100 we’re only gonna make it to 2050
  • [insert object]
    [insert object] 10 months ago Actual 2100: HOVERCAR RACING
  • lrjxe
    lrjxe 10 months ago dan It’s actually gonna be WAAAY earlier than that
  • lets parchment it up yo
    lets parchment it up yo 10 months ago sitting next to elon 🥰🥰
  • Hgo S
    Hgo S 10 months ago The fastest will still take a month.
  • Emerald Chang
    Emerald Chang 10 months ago That'd be awesome
  • kms m husein alviansyah
    kms m husein alviansyah 10 months ago More like 3 months
  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 10 months ago @Martin Ford but our tech will improve significantly. Maybe not in 2100 maybe in like 2600 something like that are tech might be advanced enough to be able to fly extremely fast in space like extremely fast. Its possible but are tech rn isn't good enough.
  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 10 months ago @Tom Guadalupe yes in 2030 maybe I'm not sure
  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 10 months ago @spicecrop we NASA is planing it in about a decade
  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 10 months ago @Bebe M. Not unless we do something
  • iplaypokemon andmkx
    iplaypokemon andmkx 9 months ago Nah like 15 min
  • Cosmic Riddle
    Cosmic Riddle 9 months ago @Raed Actually, it might happen in 2080, judging by the advancements in technology in today's society. :)
  • Gamers best friend
    Gamers best friend 9 months ago Raed get the joke
  • Blastboys // Octave
    Blastboys // Octave 8 months ago Raed r/woooosh
  • Explosive Toads Beats
    Explosive Toads Beats 8 months ago @Martin Ford now, the future no one knows
  • :/ hiroya
    :/ hiroya 8 months ago Step 1: remember to breathe oxygen somehow; without oxygen, you tend to get a little light-headed.
  • Shrek
    Shrek 8 months ago @Martin Ford where did you get the 24 hours?
  • sancakes
    sancakes 6 months ago Well, if it’s 2100 We will probably take an ELEVATOR to get there! 😂
  • DScubes
    DScubes 5 months ago Jonesey Default not in 2100!
  • allflying3
    allflying3 2 months ago 3 moths more like
  • Alexander Haidari
    Alexander Haidari 2 months ago 7.6 k liker
  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen 1 month ago Impossible takes months currently more like a few weeks to mars
  • Finn L
    Finn L 11 months ago 3:15 "just about everyone is asleep" Man looms over shoulder
  • Dozenford
    Dozenford 10 months ago This is King Crimson's ability
  • error_0723
    error_0723 10 months ago Ikr that was creepy
  • Avery Steen
    Avery Steen 8 months ago More like scp 106 going undercover a man
  • Andreas
    Andreas 7 months ago the eyes💀💀
  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan 10 months ago Tip: Sleep Crying Babies: Let us introduce ourselves
  • MuabYT
    MuabYT 9 months ago Who tf takes babies to the longest flight in the world
  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike 9 months ago @MuabYT every karen
  • Yoghurt_ Nerd
    Yoghurt_ Nerd 5 months ago Babies: now u can’t sleep Earplugs: Obviously u have not heard of us
  • AllThings Small
    AllThings Small 10 months ago Us: omg 20 hours is so much Our ancestors who traveled for months on a boat: 𝘼𝙢 𝙄 𝙖 𝙟𝙤𝙠𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪?
  • Keyboard
    Keyboard 10 months ago also our ancestors: am I a joke to you?
  • Taiygu
    Taiygu 9 months ago The EU your name is a nice joke 👌👌
  • Parker Edwards
    Parker Edwards 7 months ago Y Shame
  • YaBoiRey
    YaBoiRey 11 months ago How tf did you get 2 airplane seats in your studio?
  • The Globgogabgalab
    The Globgogabgalab 11 months ago YaBoi Rey He snuck them in his bag
  • YaBoiRey
    YaBoiRey 11 months ago The Globgogabgalab ohhhhhh.... so that’s how!
  • l p
    l p 11 months ago Hes a travel expert and probably just has them to show examples or something
  • Silentshiba
    Silentshiba 11 months ago Steal
  • Reaperz Void
    Reaperz Void 11 months ago Playing fortnite.
  • Lil X
    Lil X 11 months ago YaBoi Rey u play Fortnite I don’t expect u too understand
  • Zingy Trends
    Zingy Trends 11 months ago Steal 100
  • Wrekt
    Wrekt 11 months ago @Lil X woooosh?
  • 1hitpistol
    1hitpistol 10 months ago (edited) cuz of your profile picture I want to be serious and ready to be r/woooshed
  • damir123damir
    damir123damir 10 months ago Seats are purchased on eBay , for flying simulator, for passengers
  • Hun
    Hun 10 months ago Lil X Youq watch morgz so your just gay
  • distinctfxeelinqs
    distinctfxeelinqs 8 months ago And that my friend is why eBay exists
  • distinctfxeelinqs
    distinctfxeelinqs 8 months ago YaBoiRey that’s why eBay exists
  • AestheticCola
    AestheticCola 6 months ago he ate them
  • Miki
    Miki 4 months ago YaBoiRey you can buy them
  • Daniel Santos Marques
    Daniel Santos Marques 4 months ago
  • Anya Zhang
    Anya Zhang 11 months ago First tip: Wear something that is NOT A SUIT. Big mistake.
  • Open Surprise
    Open Surprise 10 months ago Easy: 1. don't wear a suit 2. bring ur Nintendo switch
  • Imane Pink
    Imane Pink 9 months ago Open Surprise true
  • Wiru
    Wiru 9 months ago Nah I need memes
  • john plorse
    john plorse 9 months ago Open Surprise as if the switch has that kinda battery life
  • Deus ex Machina
    Deus ex Machina 9 months ago @john plorse charge it then
  • x I Wolfy x
    x I Wolfy x 8 months ago My brother brought his switch with him.
  • EZ Dude
    EZ Dude 8 months ago Download all of rick n morty
  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 11 months ago Wear compression socks. Use a neck pillow. Use eye covers. Boost your immune system BEFORE your flight. Take Vitamin C. Noise canceling Headphones. Read a book to help you relax and hopefully sleep. Have a sweater handy if you get cold on planes.
  • Abu Azizi
    Abu Azizi 11 months ago spicecrop you sir deserves a medal
  • MrZMaker Z
    MrZMaker Z 11 months ago @AmazingPiggy those are two different tips
  • Bmarie
    Bmarie 11 months ago 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • Elani Michel
    Elani Michel 9 months ago AmazingPiggy there two separate points .
  • MagicPandaGaming
    MagicPandaGaming 9 months ago And CHEW gum
  • Sky 201
    Sky 201 2 months ago Mom with a crying baby sitting next to you
  • genshiun
    genshiun 10 months ago 3:17 are you sure everybody is asleep?
  • Simple Videos A To Z
    Simple Videos A To Z 9 months ago genshiun IKR HOLY POOPOO
  • Araceli •Chely•
    Araceli •Chely• 9 months ago 😱😱😱
    REVO_MOVO 9 months ago that wasn't a "somebody" ! Let it sink ..
  • Adam Allegro
    Adam Allegro 9 months ago Your profile pic fits perfectly
  • Gizmo the Cute Hamster
    Gizmo the Cute Hamster 5 months ago My gosh I just realised that what the heck is that? 😳
  • Richtofen
    Richtofen 3 months ago Gizmo the Cute Hamster a man
  • Atv821
    Atv821 1 year ago Imagine showing this to someone 100 years ago, and trying to complain about crossing the world in 18 hours.
  • Kobus
    Kobus 1 year ago #firstworldproblems
  • kamar abdelzahra
    kamar abdelzahra 1 year ago Atv821 ikr
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 1 year ago Traveling on a ship as a passenger 100 years ago wasn't that bad. Despite the slow traveling speed, it's quite comfortable. You'd have your own cabin, edible hand cooked food and you've got to visit ports around the world. It's not that bad If you are not in a hurry. It'd be another story If you work as a sailor though.
  • Alice
    Alice 1 year ago @Draconis Grisiuem you need to do some research. Some of the lower class conditions were pretty bad on some ships
  • Glacier
    Glacier 1 year ago Atv821 your bold to think humans would exist in 2100
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 1 year ago @Glacier What does that has to do with 2100. He said 100 years ago you dumbfuck.
  • GB Atomic
    GB Atomic 1 year ago Same from Philippines to Canada
  • Thess95
    Thess95 1 year ago hahaha so true
  • 기현 Arikadou
    기현 Arikadou 11 months ago @Glacier Liked you own comment? XD
  • Glacier
    Glacier 11 months ago 기현 Arikadou I came back to see that, and no I didn't. You still won't believe it so UGHHH DICKHEAD
  • Rodrigo Alan Traslaviña Mondaca
    Rodrigo Alan Traslaviña Mondaca 11 months ago In a 100 years we will be dead because global warming or nuclears wars :(
  • Nate
    Nate 11 months ago wait for spacex.. 30 mins from west to east 👌
  • Alana Burnet
    Alana Burnet 11 months ago (edited) Fascist Dragon皇龍 that is beyond false. My grandfather came to Canada by boat from Ireland. He (and the majority of the other passengers) were sea sick for the entire 10 days! No one could eat, and there was puke everywhere. Some people died (which was EXPECTED). He felt the sea sickness for days after arrival. This was sometime in 1958.
  • Frank
    Frank 11 months ago Atv821 imagine someone in a hundred years seeing this
  • Tasty_xperiences Instagram
    Tasty_xperiences Instagram 11 months ago Imagine showing this to someone in a hundred-hundred fifty years
  • Ɓird •
    Ɓird • 11 months ago Atv821 imagine thinking humans will be alive in 100 years
  • 4f52
    4f52 11 months ago Imagine thinking humans will be alive 2 years from now OMEGALUL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌😂👌😂😂☝️😂☝️😂😁😂😂👌😂👌😂👌😂👌😂👍👍😂😂👍😂👍😂😂👌😂👌👍😂👍😂👌😂😂☝️😂👍😂😁😂😂☝️😂☝️☝️😂👍😂😂😂😤😤😂😤😂😤😂😂👍😭😡😨☝️😭☝️😭☝️☝️😂☝️😂😂☝️😂☝️😂👌😂👌😂👍😂👍😂😂👎👎😁👎👍😂👍😂👎👎👀😂😂🙀🙀🙀🙀😱😱😱😱👈😱😂😤😂😤😂😂😁😂👍😂😂👍💦💦💦💦💦👅👅💦👅👅💦👅👅💦👍😂👍😂👍😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂😂👍😂👍😂😁😂👍😂👍🤣🤣🤣❤🤣🤣🤣👍🤣👍🤣👌🤣👍🤣👍🤣
    TROLLOLER 11 months ago @Draconis Grisiuem r/woooosh
  • Nm_thiccboy
    Nm_thiccboy 11 months ago Atv821 it was only 18 hours long I have been in a 17 hour one from America to Dubai
  • Lucas
    Lucas 11 months ago Fascist Dragon皇龍 Only the rich had their own cabins. Stop using video games as your historical reference when trying to be an authority on the subject.
  • Gaymer Studios
    Gaymer Studios 11 months ago Fascist Dragon皇龍 you’re completely wrong. Traveling on a ship for more then 5 hours is a nightmare.
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 11 months ago (edited) @Lucas Or maybe i'm talking of my own family's experience who imgrated to Australia from Hongkong in 1920s. Their ships were commissioned in Netherland occupied East India, which sucks at that time. and my gramps told me the journey was rather pleasant. Just because you are a poorfuck doesn't mean the transportation sucks. International flight in an economic class cabin is truly a suicidal experience.
  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 11 months ago I would rather take a luxury cruise steamer ship than fly any day.
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 11 months ago (edited) @TROLLOLER Now since you said "r/woooosh" i assume you think the original comment is a joke and i'm that bitter retard who doesn't get it. But the truth is, in order to be a joke, it has to be funny. Sadly i found no humor in it. "Oh look i deliberately mistaken the 100 years ago and 100 years larer! I'm so smart, it's hailous!" "Look, that guy doesn't buy it. Let's all laugh at him! And let's do this like we are on reddit, even though we are clearly not! r/Woooooosh." Pathetic
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 11 months ago @Draconis Grisiuem except for black people. they work as slaves
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 11 months ago @Glacier blacks wont exist in 2100
  • Cesty_Plarpis
    Cesty_Plarpis 11 months ago r/woooosh
  • DR Zoidberg
    DR Zoidberg 11 months ago you are wrong not everyone had their own cabin and food was scarce and not fresh or appetizing you are a foolish child who knows nothing of Italy. @Draconis Grisiuem
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 11 months ago (edited) @DR Zoidberg Or maybe you are just too much of a peasant to learn the difference between the purchasing power and the price of an international flight tickets today, comparing to purchasing power a century ago and a ship ticket for Passenger transport. Airline companies are clearly ripping you off with their increasing prices and downgrading service for economy class each year. How often do you take an international flight? Go and take a flight two times a year, one at the beginning of the year, one during Christmas, and you'd know what i mean. The price for first class cabin of Titanic is approximately $3500 by purchasing power today. And today you'd have to pay these amount of money in order to take a flight between America and Australia by end of the year, in business class, with poor service and in Boein 737. Not a pleasant experience. But hey, at least it's better than economy class with wailing babies, small seats, and everything is disgusting. Then again, of course, poorfuck like you who couldn't even afford taking international trips twice a year wouldn't know the difference. Also, did i mention about Italy? How do you assume i know nothing of it? Because i believe in Fascism?
  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 10 months ago This isn’t the longest flight I’m British and actually the longest flight in the world is 24 hours from England to Australia no stopping
  • Draconis Grisiuem
    Draconis Grisiuem 10 months ago @Jacob Turner Now come to think about it, Maybe planes are Indeed better than convict fleets...
  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 10 months ago Fascist Dragon皇龍 ??
  • L Frost
    L Frost 3 months ago They would be like OMG THAT TAKES AGES in 100 years and they will be like it only takes 23 minutes for us
  • Synch9
    Synch9 11 months ago This guy looks like mr beast in the future.
  • M U
    M U 11 months ago Naw
  • Swizz
    Swizz 10 months ago Kinda
  • Swizz
    Swizz 10 months ago Nvm naw
  • lrjxe
    lrjxe 10 months ago No
  • I am Can at something
    I am Can at something 9 months ago He can be Mr beast dad
  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott 10 months ago Year 2030 how to survive the 6 hour flight over the plastic sea
  • YourAverageGuy
    YourAverageGuy 10 months ago Step number one: Don't sit next to this guy.
  • Honest Review
    Honest Review 3 months ago Why be a hater?
    IWVIP 1 month ago Because we are a hater
  • Arkie Barkie
    Arkie Barkie 10 months ago (edited) "if you did all of this you'll walk out of the airplane feeling good than ever" Later off the airplane "my legs a little, shaky didn't get much sleep"
  • i want to go to bed
    i want to go to bed 10 months ago Xd IAmAVictim "took an all-nighter" b r u h
  • * USA *
    * USA * 3 months ago Hahaha ignored every tip he gave us
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago (edited) OMG 😯 I can’t imagine 18 hours flight. ✈️ More than 5 hours flight is so tiring 😳
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago 2 hours is hard for me!!
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago liverpool Never walk alone 😁😅
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago @Tojikiston Today 😁😂😂
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago (edited) liverpool Never walk alone Honestly 4 days ago I flew from Istanbul to Dubai and there was a baby behind me who was crying from the beginning till the end of the flight ✈️, despite this there were 3 more men who drank some alcohol and they made a lot of noise which was disturbance. Anyhow the flight looked like 15 hours instead of 5 hours cause nobody was able to sleep a single minute because of the baby and men!!! 😟
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago @Tojikiston Today yea. I was flying from florida to texas. And little girl kept on kicking my seat.
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 11 months ago @Tojikiston Today Why everyone gotta be immature on the plane
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago liverpool Never walk alone I really dislike such people who wanna disturb others during a flight ✈️
  • Rosey_boii
    Rosey_boii 11 months ago I flew from amsterdam NL to wellington NZ
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago Zateax Hopefully it wasn’t so long flight 😌
  • CORErupted
    CORErupted 11 months ago i went from bahrain to america about 6 times. its like 19-23 hours.
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago Cockatiel Do you usually fly directly or with transit to the US from Bahrain ?
  • rayelli
    rayelli 11 months ago Ree i fly 9 hours twice every year, this year will be the last 9 hour flight ✈✈✈
  • Rosey_boii
    Rosey_boii 11 months ago The Big Boss oh yeah buddy it was a 3 day flight with 11 hours wait in hongkong!!
  • Tojikiston Today
    Tojikiston Today 11 months ago Zateax That’s tiring 😩
    NOBBIE GOBBIE 11 months ago The Big Boss long flights are the best when there is no kids crying, Back in 2014 I went from Melbourne Australia to Edinburgh Scotland, long flight but the journey there was amazing. I believe it was 18 hours or something
  • Thanos
    Thanos 11 months ago Istanbuldan Tayland hiç kötü değildi
  • CORErupted
    CORErupted 10 months ago The Big Boss directly
  • Kazza
    Kazza 8 months ago Most international flights from Melbourne are like 5+ plus
  • Finley Jones
    Finley Jones 5 months ago Next Friday I’m going 9 hours to Orlando Florida