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Скачать с ютуб TRY NOT TO LAUGH.. Fortnite Edition

Опубликовано: 1 авг. 2018 г. 7 886 176 просмотров

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try not to laugh.. with fortnite.. original.


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  • Skinny Boi
    Skinny Boi Год назад (изменено) I play fortnite I get no dubs I am a YouTuber But I have no subs When I play I don’t get a kill I liked my own comment Because nobody else will... (Edit) The struggle is real
  • Aislin wilson
    Aislin wilson Год назад ChrisG 08 good song
  • Vickie Maidstone
    Vickie Maidstone Год назад Aislin wilson lol
  • PieNyourEye
    PieNyourEye Год назад this kid do
  • WolfinaPlayzz GachaGames
    WolfinaPlayzz GachaGames Год назад ChrisG 08 its ok
  • Leo The gamer
    Leo The gamer Год назад ChrisG 08 are you talking Dan TDM because that’s good
  • PieNyourEye
    PieNyourEye Год назад no hes talking about himself dan has 20 mill
  • Shadow Blaster
    Shadow Blaster Год назад ChrisG 08 sxg
  • MissyHeatherS
    MissyHeatherS Год назад same
  • Autumn Lynn
    Autumn Lynn Год назад Lol XD lol XD lol XD lol XD lol xd
  • TL
    TL Год назад ChrisG 08 pssst nice poem
  • Mason Cheremond
    Mason Cheremond Год назад ChrisG 08 ok
  • aei -
    aei - Год назад Yikes
  • Black Harry Potter
    Black Harry Potter Год назад ChrisG 08p
  • aurora
    aurora Год назад nice rhyme xd
  • pewdpie
    pewdpie Год назад ᏩᏩ
  • Hitodacans :P
    Hitodacans :P Год назад remix it now NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ً
    ً Год назад Where is the fortnite sux part?
  • RBLXMaster
    RBLXMaster Год назад lol
  • i love memes
    i love memes Год назад I fill it
  • Skinny Boi
    Skinny Boi Год назад @WolfinaPlayzz GachaGames can YOU do better
  • Glenn Bonifacio
    Glenn Bonifacio Год назад This guy copied a person who wrote a comment from sunstrider saves drift the person reads the comment on the end of the vid
  • funnel vision Fan
    funnel vision Fan Год назад ChrisG 08 nice man
  • Ryan Kasperek
    Ryan Kasperek Год назад Nice poetry at leats ur good at that
  • XTerra KnightX
    XTerra KnightX Год назад I’ve seen this 3 times now
  • TypicalThunderz
    TypicalThunderz Год назад i will copy you >:3
  • Joseph Kovach
    Joseph Kovach Год назад ChrisG 08 lol
  • Crash Bot
    Crash Bot Год назад So overused lol
  • Ruth Maiwela
    Ruth Maiwela Год назад I will
  • ShaansThe 20
    ShaansThe 20 Год назад O RI G I N A L
  • Gabriel V
    Gabriel V Год назад Aislin wilson rhyme*
  • Rick Guy
    Rick Guy Год назад Cool poem
  • Josh Jtb
    Josh Jtb Год назад Same
  • Earth Gaming and More
    Earth Gaming and More Год назад Lol copy paste
  • RealKsoccer 1800
    RealKsoccer 1800 Год назад Huh
  • Fortnite gamer 7
    Fortnite gamer 7 Год назад Lolololololololo
  • Eller E
    Eller E Год назад Same as me
  • Kate
    Kate Год назад You have 49 i subed
  • Jackojohnson 007
    Jackojohnson 007 Год назад HAHA
  • Red Lizard4747
    Red Lizard4747 Год назад ChrisG 08 A
  • katie glaude
    katie glaude Год назад This was UHHH uhh uhhh idk I DONT KNOW
  • Falcon 87
    Falcon 87 Год назад Thats the most beautiful poem ever 😢😢😢😢😪😇
  • mel harrison
    mel harrison Год назад Aislin wilson lol you copied this from another video
  • Milly standing
    Milly standing Год назад ChrisG 08 what’s your channel name
  • A Furret
    A Furret Год назад Da bark is real!
  • Abbas gaming
    Abbas gaming Год назад LIER YOU GOT 52 SUBS
  • Killer Bo$$
    Killer Bo$$ Год назад Lol
  • Just a Yt channel
    Just a Yt channel Год назад ChrisG 08 hello copy and paster
  • 7subs with some cringe videos Jjjj
    7subs with some cringe videos Jjjj Год назад Stop copying and pasting dumbshit
  • CactusGaming YT
    CactusGaming YT Год назад B E G O N E T H O T
  • Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
    Doofy Vlogs And Gaming Год назад ChrisG 08 same lol
  • sandra cordingley
    sandra cordingley Год назад ChrisG 08 nose poem it is good
  • kyle games
    kyle games Год назад We 9999
  • tas
    tas Год назад ChrisG 08 it’s okay
  • Jessica Pace
    Jessica Pace Год назад Poooooooooop
  • tina nolan
    tina nolan Год назад Copy and pasted I've seen the song about 5,000 YouTube
  • Fred Boehl
    Fred Boehl Год назад I’m a noob skin but have 10 wins
  • Agustin Rabbitts
    Agustin Rabbitts Год назад I'll sud
  • LuXid Hargz
    LuXid Hargz Год назад ChrisG 08 that’s me
  • Sgt_Doomsickle
    Sgt_Doomsickle Год назад I.I.I.B.W.I.B
  • Booty4U GamesYT
    Booty4U GamesYT Год назад ChrisG 08 xD
  • Sin Yonder
    Sin Yonder Год назад Shadow Blaster ppppppppppppp
  • Sin Yonder
    Sin Yonder Год назад i quit roblox and i quit youtube bye oooooooooooooooooooo
  • E-dash
    E-dash Год назад Unoriginal
  • Melissa Navarro
    Melissa Navarro Год назад OG
  • Livatation
    Livatation 11 месяцев назад Shaan HQ haha
  • Shark Man
    Shark Man 11 месяцев назад 6bzaangg
  • Megami Saikou
    Megami Saikou 11 месяцев назад I subcribbles
  • fnaf plush rp world
    fnaf plush rp world 10 месяцев назад 😐😑
  • Ethevillager
    Ethevillager 9 месяцев назад 69 subs...
  • EfrenLovesSimulators
    EfrenLovesSimulators 7 месяцев назад Why add the "i liked my own comment" part?
  • Yarik Gamer bio
    Yarik Gamer bio 7 месяцев назад It’s Kay man
  • Overlord Cringe
    Overlord Cringe 7 месяцев назад Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopycay
  • Kirstin Dingwall-Okoye
    Kirstin Dingwall-Okoye 7 месяцев назад Skinny Boi I
  • The Sugar Rush Potatoez
    The Sugar Rush Potatoez 7 месяцев назад Nice song
  • Wallace cheese
    Wallace cheese 7 месяцев назад ¿sey
  • Gammonboy Gaming
    Gammonboy Gaming 7 месяцев назад Good poem and rhyming
  • Dark_motion954
    Dark_motion954 7 месяцев назад Skinny Boi I know
  • Thandar Lwin
    Thandar Lwin 7 месяцев назад Lmao
  • Millionth Sunny
    Millionth Sunny 6 месяцев назад Bad day?
    ZIZ ZLE 6 месяцев назад Unoriginal
  • Aaron Kiessling
    Aaron Kiessling 6 месяцев назад Skinny Boi good rhymes!
  • Egg Youtuber
    Egg Youtuber 6 месяцев назад Its Wrong LoL
  • Trooper games
    Trooper games 6 месяцев назад You just copied that
    RISKII 6 месяцев назад Unoriginal
  • Lucas V
    Lucas V 6 месяцев назад Bars
  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer 6 месяцев назад I subscribe you
  • Devin Pizano
    Devin Pizano 6 месяцев назад Skinny Boi I fell u
  • Daniel Lindsay
    Daniel Lindsay 6 месяцев назад Omg all of that rhymes
  • Not the real ikonik
    Not the real ikonik 6 месяцев назад Skinny Boi you lied you have over 99 subscribes
  • Ray Daoud
    Ray Daoud 6 месяцев назад Skinny Boi nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob
  • Scarlet Lee
    Scarlet Lee 6 месяцев назад So sick yet so relatable... (To me at least...) They ask if you're fine but you're not really fine but you can't get into it cause they wouldn't understand...
  • Scarp Lynx
    Scarp Lynx 6 месяцев назад Same here
  • Andrea Carman
    Andrea Carman 6 месяцев назад Rapping skills 100
  • VexNight YT
    VexNight YT 6 месяцев назад You have 114 subscribers. Inpressive
  • Agnes Isailovich
    Agnes Isailovich 6 месяцев назад Same
  • Faze Skull
    Faze Skull 6 месяцев назад Cool rap
  • Rebecca Quintana
    Rebecca Quintana 6 месяцев назад 🐦🦊🐸🐰
  • The Battle Clan
    The Battle Clan 6 месяцев назад Attention seeking
  • Random_Gaming 102
    Random_Gaming 102 6 месяцев назад Wow
  • LILHorse
    LILHorse 6 месяцев назад That’s sad but I’m not liking your comment and subbing to you since you ask
  • Maddie Jane
    Maddie Jane 6 месяцев назад i feel srry
    SCI-FI TMAN 6 месяцев назад Skinny Boi same
  • StarVision TV
    StarVision TV 6 месяцев назад And you shouldn’t get any subs and no dubs and your bad at fort nite and your a loser at fortnite that’s why you don’t get any kills boo hoo hahaha bye bye mr poo poo pants
  • Abel Games
    Abel Games 6 месяцев назад Liar you have subs
  • Abel Games
    Abel Games 6 месяцев назад Suhana Aarij Hashmi I hate you your so rude and dumb I HATE YOU GET OUT OF THE COMMENTS NOW!!!!!!
  • Marcia A
    Marcia A 6 месяцев назад sad life bro
  • Ă̟l̛̗e̪̊x̰͘
    Ă̟l̛̗e̪̊x̰͘ 6 месяцев назад I feel ur pain!
  • River Rocks!
    River Rocks! 5 месяцев назад Haha your profile pic is Patrick thanos
  • Lorenzo Bautista
    Lorenzo Bautista 5 месяцев назад Skinny Boi you got 1k +
  • SpitFlame Gatcha
    SpitFlame Gatcha 5 месяцев назад Lolololololololol
  • cyberman god
    cyberman god 5 месяцев назад Are u my clone
  • Gameloft Gamer
    Gameloft Gamer 5 месяцев назад Same with me but with a different game
  • Little_ Sophie
    Little_ Sophie 5 месяцев назад Haha you are a poem
  • Ruth Maiwela
    Ruth Maiwela 5 месяцев назад That was good👏👏
  • Little_ Sophie
    Little_ Sophie 5 месяцев назад @Ruth Maiwela agreed
  • Sharon Johns
    Sharon Johns 5 месяцев назад Sad
  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 5 месяцев назад Been there 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Lana Fanelli
    Lana Fanelli 5 месяцев назад Same thing
  • WinterQuazer
    WinterQuazer 5 месяцев назад My Skinny Boi you have a new subscriber go get a dub
  • Fortnite and Roblox gamer
    Fortnite and Roblox gamer 5 месяцев назад Skinny Boi was you have subscribers 135
  • mikhael Albany
    mikhael Albany 4 месяца назад Speech 100
  • Funtimefoxy Fan
    Funtimefoxy Fan 4 месяца назад I know your a YouTuber I've seen your thing
  • Funtimefoxy Fan
    Funtimefoxy Fan 4 месяца назад Funny boy153
  • Awesome fishy
    Awesome fishy 4 месяца назад Noice
  • Storm & Blaze TV
    Storm & Blaze TV 4 месяца назад Skinny Boi u have another thing coming
  • Lilpeep beelee
    Lilpeep beelee 4 месяца назад Deebee dat funny boi
  • sweetxlilxmexx
    sweetxlilxmexx 4 месяца назад Skinny Boi I know I feel you
  • Captain Undertroll
    Captain Undertroll 4 месяца назад PikachuKid aa
  • BlackOut Operation Destroy the virus
    BlackOut Operation Destroy the virus 4 месяца назад That's old
  • LPSGrandGumballTV
    LPSGrandGumballTV 4 месяца назад Bush you lied you 151 subs that's more than me
  • IceBlox
    IceBlox 4 месяца назад Copy and paste
  • pop_ tarts
    pop_ tarts 3 месяца назад Same here
  • Ruby H
    Ruby H 3 месяца назад lol
  • Creeper PotatoASD
    Creeper PotatoASD 3 месяца назад OH UNSAY U HAVE NO SUBS I HAVE NO SUBS 😓
  • nuke_17
    nuke_17 3 месяца назад Your. TRASH
  • Lawson Engles
    Lawson Engles 3 месяца назад And the Oscar award goes to.....
  • Mark Storr
    Mark Storr 3 месяца назад He ima make it into a real song I dj
  • Craig Arthur
    Craig Arthur 3 месяца назад Skinny Boi I subbed
  • xxAlex
    xxAlex 3 месяца назад Same man
  • micahmagne
    micahmagne 3 месяца назад Feel bad 😔
  • MaxJ421 Gaming
    MaxJ421 Gaming 3 месяца назад I put a beat to that
  • ludmila buzu
    ludmila buzu 3 месяца назад Skinny Boi this is copied
  • DaZs Central
    DaZs Central 3 месяца назад Skinny Boi that’s been my channel desc
  • Cameron Theuns
    Cameron Theuns 2 месяца назад I know how it feels
  • Vayden Gaming
    Vayden Gaming 2 месяца назад 2000 tho
  • blurryoon
    blurryoon 2 месяца назад You have subs now
  • Liver pool Rules
    Liver pool Rules 2 месяца назад Skinny Boi boo
  • Josiahs Romero
    Josiahs Romero 1 месяц назад wow
  • ManiacVortex
    ManiacVortex 1 месяц назад Become a rapper
  • Entity 303
    Entity 303 1 месяц назад Ninja is my uncle, no lie. I can set you up with a “get good” lesson with him if you HMU
  • Kratos_ Estrella
    Kratos_ Estrella 1 месяц назад stop rhyming
  • Anamul Haque
    Anamul Haque 1 месяц назад I play it aswell
  • Sage Porter
    Sage Porter 1 месяц назад it is true
  • Jayden Benique
    Jayden Benique 1 месяц назад Hi
  • Big lolly Kkk
    Big lolly Kkk 1 месяц назад Noob
  • Esme Thomas
    Esme Thomas 1 месяц назад BEGGER ALERT
  • charlie anderson
    charlie anderson 1 месяц назад Ok 👌🏽
  • Ethan Foulds
    Ethan Foulds 1 месяц назад T
  • Mercedes Scalco
    Mercedes Scalco 4 недели назад u got the rhymes
  • Cassandra Horrobin
    Cassandra Horrobin 4 недели назад PieNyourEye r/whooshe
  • MR. RazoRBoT
    MR. RazoRBoT 3 недели назад So sad
  • trk_REALITY rhk
    trk_REALITY rhk 3 недели назад @pewdpie Your here lol
  • Kailyn Hodges
    Kailyn Hodges 2 недели назад luv it
  • Just Bread
    Just Bread 2 недели назад More subs than me
  • teshaun channel
    teshaun channel Неделю назад You lieing boi
  • Agnes Allen
    Agnes Allen Неделю назад Can you add me on fortnite
  • Xanja Xavier
    Xanja Xavier Неделю назад Aislin wilson that's a poem boi
  • Pug Boys
    Pug Boys 4 дня назад Me to
  • Brian Basteyns
    Brian Basteyns 1 день назад Nobody will except 3 thousand other people
  • C7maddux
    C7maddux 1 месяц назад “I love the Reaper skin” Continues to look at the Raven skin
  • SCP 049
    SCP 049 1 месяц назад C7maddux noice
  • Darth Severus
    Darth Severus 2 недели назад C7maddux I wasn’t gonna comment about it cause I just found the perfect position while sitting down
  • Mohammed Saeed
    Mohammed Saeed 2 дня назад Idk
  • GradedQuill
    GradedQuill 2 дня назад (изменено) This is how many times Dan laughed 👇🏻
  • nelclb
    nelclb 4 месяца назад This is how many times dan laughed 👇lol rip dan😾😾😾😾😾😾
  • Gucci cashier
    Gucci cashier 3 месяца назад I just liked cause I hate uneven numbers so I liked to make it even
  • FiercePlayz YT
    FiercePlayz YT 3 месяца назад Well now it's uneven
  • Luke plays
    Luke plays 2 месяца назад I have a happy one Thing is I don’t have a cat
  • awesomedude16
    awesomedude16 8 месяцев назад Liking this video will increase your sniper damage
  • CanaddicPris _
    CanaddicPris _ 7 месяцев назад I liked it and my sniper damage didn't increased you scammer
  • Solomon Radcliffe
    Solomon Radcliffe 7 месяцев назад oooooooook
  • Steve Bellingham
    Steve Bellingham 7 месяцев назад defintly , sorry cannot spell
    GDMC MLBB 7 месяцев назад I liked this comment but i dont play fortnite
  • esco fam
    esco fam 7 месяцев назад is it really a scam
  • Scarlet Lee
    Scarlet Lee 6 месяцев назад Liar!
  • Ten thousand subs challenge
    Ten thousand subs challenge 6 месяцев назад GDMC MLBB uhh it did not work
  • Ashton Chong
    Ashton Chong 5 месяцев назад It doesnt but I don't mind liking Dan's video
  • Creeperia :]]]
    Creeperia :]]] 4 месяца назад By the way, i can hardly even snipe so yeah.....
  • Gede Arya Gamer
  • Steve
    Steve 4 месяца назад u should have said shotgun damage
  • DeathReaper
    DeathReaper 4 месяца назад GDMC MLBB video not comment
  • Op Legends
    Op Legends 6 месяцев назад Is anyone watching in 2019
  • Abel Games
    Abel Games 6 месяцев назад Op Legends yep
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    Danielle Crawford 5 месяцев назад Me
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    Marty Blevins 4 месяца назад I am
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    raidz boy 4 месяца назад Yes
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    Shayan 4 месяца назад Me
  • Irena Kozevnikoviene
    Irena Kozevnikoviene 4 месяца назад Meeeeeeee
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    Ree Lee 4 месяца назад I am
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    Little Nugget Vlogs 4 месяца назад Ye
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    L Milani 4 месяца назад Me
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    Dale Stough 4 месяца назад Ya
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    Laurel Wall 4 месяца назад Op Legends i am watching in 2019
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    Star Wars Gaming and more 4 месяца назад No
  • Aidy LD
    Aidy LD 4 месяца назад Yeeeeees
  • Nightbot Discord
    Nightbot Discord 3 месяца назад I’m in 2020 ;-;
  • Claire Kenny
    Claire Kenny 3 месяца назад Op Legends yup
    BREAKFEST HUDAK 3 месяца назад yep
  • EpicFortnite7
    EpicFortnite7 3 месяца назад Nah I’m watching in 4065
  • Bogdan Voicu
    Bogdan Voicu 3 месяца назад Me
    JIGAR SHAH 3 месяца назад NO
  • Sara Rieman
    Sara Rieman 3 месяца назад ya
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    Savage Beast gaming 3 месяца назад I am
  • Marijana Perin
    Marijana Perin 2 месяца назад yet
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    _ GalaxyStarRose _ 2 месяца назад No
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    Pixy Jatiana 2 месяца назад me
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    Michael B McAleer 2 месяца назад Yes
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    Cayden Campagna 2 месяца назад Why do so many people do this 😐
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    Goku anime 11 2 месяца назад Yep
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    Bentley Pate 2 месяца назад Yep
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    Callum Hitchen 1 месяц назад Op Legends mmmmmmmeeeeeee
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    Lrb267 1 месяц назад yesss
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    Godcruz Is the best 1 месяц назад Over powered legends HMM...
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    Leo Adinata 1 месяц назад Op Legends Coo
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    Kerry Broncatello Неделю назад Meeeeeisssssssssssssss
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    Sophie Thompson 7 месяцев назад 1:27 look at It with captions on
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    Ryker Harrison 3 месяца назад Lol
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    Pradeep Chigurupati Неделю назад OOF rest in pizza my dude .. (he died in wensday my doods. AAAAAAAAAA)
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    Letz Draw with parrots 7 месяцев назад Liking this will make you best player in Fortnite. Not a lie.
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    EfrenLovesSimulators 7 месяцев назад It is a lie
  • madisonrosie :D
    madisonrosie :D 7 месяцев назад Lol
  • Pandanoko *
    Pandanoko * 7 месяцев назад Begger
  • Yoshi Myngasi
    Yoshi Myngasi 7 месяцев назад Fire kitty 101 what happens if you don't even play fortnite?
  • Bubbly Dove
    Bubbly Dove 7 месяцев назад This is a lie because
  • Bubbly Dove
    Bubbly Dove 7 месяцев назад I don’t have fortnite
  • SWT Gaming
    SWT Gaming 6 месяцев назад If I don’t I will ___ to you
  • Chirayu Joshi
    Chirayu Joshi 6 месяцев назад I play island royale
  • Scarlet Lee
    Scarlet Lee 6 месяцев назад LIAR!
  • Raven
    Raven 6 месяцев назад PLAYS ALIA INTRO
  • Ten thousand subs challenge
    Ten thousand subs challenge 6 месяцев назад Fire kitty 101 big fat liar!
  • Ten thousand subs challenge
    Ten thousand subs challenge 6 месяцев назад Liar liar pants on fire 👖🔥
  • ExtraFor 1s
    ExtraFor 1s 6 месяцев назад Fire kitty 101 I still suck
  • Letz Draw with parrots
    Letz Draw with parrots 6 месяцев назад JUST A JOKE NO AFFIANCE
  • Letz Draw with parrots
    Letz Draw with parrots 6 месяцев назад Yoshi Myngasi and i do so yah
  • wolfi Flower
    wolfi Flower 6 месяцев назад The CAKE IS A LIE YOU ARE A LIE TOO
  • Ashton Chong
    Ashton Chong 5 месяцев назад Kys do you have a mental disease?
  • Hussain Morsy
    Hussain Morsy 5 месяцев назад @EfrenLovesSimulators i dont play fortnite i dont even have it sooooo....
  • 1000 Subs 1 video and 20 likes
    1000 Subs 1 video and 20 likes 5 месяцев назад Minecraft’s better
  • Dalton64 gaming
    Dalton64 gaming 5 месяцев назад I know you made this two month ago but Apex is better season 9 sucks so bad
  • Sanimations
    Sanimations 5 месяцев назад Sounds legit
  • Kelly Chanyan
    Kelly Chanyan 5 месяцев назад I don’t play fort nite xD
  • Unicornlovescookies
    Unicornlovescookies 5 месяцев назад Mmmhm lol hhahahaha
  • Braxton Lewis
    Braxton Lewis 4 месяца назад BEGGER
  • Ohiya smith
    Ohiya smith 4 месяца назад My right controller: am I a joke to you?
  • Yadeni Tolesa
    Yadeni Tolesa 4 месяца назад Stupid
  • Yadeni Tolesa
    Yadeni Tolesa 4 месяца назад @Scarlet Lee rude
  • Yadeni Tolesa
    Yadeni Tolesa 4 месяца назад Sry i was jocking
  • Angel Skeleton
    Angel Skeleton 4 месяца назад Fire kitty 101 😯
  • Marty Blevins
    Marty Blevins 4 месяца назад Fire kitty 101 it’s a lie
  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer 4 месяца назад I liked it And I still suck
  • Caroline Conroy
    Caroline Conroy 4 месяца назад Multiple people have liked this and only 1 person can be the best faker
  • Mr. Docwaffles
    Mr. Docwaffles 4 месяца назад Maybe if anyone liked this would be stupid considering you are
  • BeepyLeepy YT
    BeepyLeepy YT 3 месяца назад Nah
  • Letz Draw with parrots
    Letz Draw with parrots 3 месяца назад Ashton Chong NO....pls stop
  • Scarlet Lee
    Scarlet Lee 3 месяца назад @Yadeni Tolesa He's lying. Lying is being rude too. >:P
  • MillixWasHere
    MillixWasHere 3 месяца назад Drawing Dreamer is a lie*
  • Wow gaming
    Wow gaming 2 месяца назад It’s a lue
  • Cayden Campagna
    Cayden Campagna 2 месяца назад Is that so
  • The 72nd Assassin
    The 72nd Assassin 2 недели назад @EfrenLovesSimulators i'd be kinda worried if you believed it
  • Tsu Spoup
    Tsu Spoup Неделю назад Seems legit
  • JackHack
    JackHack Неделю назад I don’t play fortnite
  • Planty Playz
    Planty Playz 8 месяцев назад (изменено) 0:00 Pause right there to be scarred for life
  • AcePlayz X
    AcePlayz X 8 месяцев назад Planty Playz XDDDDD LOL LMAO
  • craziestjoy2008
    craziestjoy2008 5 месяцев назад Lol
  • Hello neighbor Fan
    Hello neighbor Fan 3 месяца назад Aaaaaa
  • Stacey Phillips
    Stacey Phillips 3 месяца назад 1:53
  • Stacey Phillips
    Stacey Phillips 3 месяца назад Lol
  • Dab Police
    Dab Police Год назад Even Dan TDM dancing in Ali A intro!
  • Erika Ballard
    Erika Ballard 11 месяцев назад Dab Police officer
  • Lisa Kirk
    Lisa Kirk 10 месяцев назад Ali a is a meme
  • Krystal Keller
    Krystal Keller 10 месяцев назад The is dab policy i is sister dab
  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman 10 месяцев назад Dab on stream you wont ;)
  • Blue bubblegum
    Blue bubblegum 10 месяцев назад DADS
  • Wazloyᄏᄇᄂᄂᄋنᅮ
    Wazloyᄏᄇᄂᄂᄋنᅮ 10 месяцев назад Tabby dabby dabby dabby DAAAAAB!!!
  • Analiah Gaspard
    Analiah Gaspard 9 месяцев назад @Erika Ballard yes
  • Pixie lps
    Pixie lps 9 месяцев назад Blue bubblegum wot?
  • Akaii Panda
    Akaii Panda 9 месяцев назад dabs
  • Liam Camm
    Liam Camm 9 месяцев назад Dab Police Dab police Floss police Floss police
  • Chara Dreemur
    Chara Dreemur 8 месяцев назад Dab Police DABS HARDER THAN THANOS SNAPPING HIS FINGERS
  • Fornite Pro
    Fornite Pro 5 месяцев назад Dab Police I did a dab XD 😝
  • Hudh Ziyau
    Hudh Ziyau 8 месяцев назад 3:58 Guy: Look Up In The Sky! Guy: It’s A Bird! Women: It’s A Plane! Guy: ITS DEFAULT-MAN!!!
  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres 8 месяцев назад That is hilarious default man
  • Tina Read
    Tina Read 7 месяцев назад ITS SUPER FAT MAN
  • Jovita Barco
    Jovita Barco 6 месяцев назад 3:59
  • Peter Criticos
    Peter Criticos 3 месяца назад 0:00
  • Conor Sheehan
    Conor Sheehan 3 месяца назад It's the raven
  • Bobby Kel
    Bobby Kel 2 месяца назад It’s a shopping cart
  • Paws On!
    Paws On! Неделю назад 2019 anyone? ⬇️
  • Burak_Plays
    Burak_Plays 6 месяцев назад (изменено) 0:38 “john wicks a nice guy actually” John wick shoot tomato
  • Enderwii
    Enderwii 6 месяцев назад Top ten sadest anmie moments
  • H4wkslasher 10
    H4wkslasher 10 8 месяцев назад A YouTuber that started in season 2, Surprising. You know isn’t surprising gecio can save you 15 or more on car insurance
  • Teresa Lamerton
    Teresa Lamerton 6 дней назад (изменено) Dantdm: this is the funniest one Me: how you've laughed at almost every one and the one that you don't laugh at it is the funniest one Me again: ......... mylife has been a lie Edit: go to 4:09
  • Carrot 101
    Carrot 101 2 месяца назад Dan: Tomato man. One of the most memest skins in Fortnite Fishstick: I’m about to end this tomatos whole career
  • ALAN WALKER OMG THESE 460 no scopes
    ALAN WALKER OMG THESE 460 no scopes 1 день назад Dan:man these are old Fortnite chapter 2 comes Me:man Dans old
  • Hllnd Mllr
    Hllnd Mllr 2 месяца назад “Yo, I snatched this dudes wig so hard I changed his hairstyle.” Me ( in the middle of changing my wig )
  • Iwane palandoken
    Iwane palandoken 4 месяца назад 1:48 when ur trying to snipe someone but ur sniper is reversed.
  • Turtle Boi
    Turtle Boi 1 месяц назад Dantdm: Yo we need to hit this playground mode Dantdm Ten Seconds later : Close's a Playground ad