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Скачать с ютуб How to Stop the Train Banana Bay Edition: A TF2 World Record

Опубликовано: 18 окт. 2017 г. 800 393 просмотра

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All you had to do was follow the damn Jungle Inferno Update!

With the Jungle Inferno / Pyro Update rolling out this week, Banana Bay is being added to Team Fortress 2. It is the single most played custom map the RTGame TF2 Server. To celebrate its release, I wanted to share our experiences with a plugin unique to our server. Thanks to Jim, our train has a kill counter, and can dominate you. Let's set the world record for the highest killstreak achieved by a train in TF2.

All of these highlights come from my Twitch channel. We'll be streaming the Jungle Inferno Update as it releases, and giving away Unusuals. All details for these will be announced on stream:

Banana Bay on Steam Workshop. Send your love to Blade x64:

Thank you so much to the wonderful Desmond for making the thumbnail for this video:

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Music is Persona 5: Last Surprise, the Cuphead OST, and Stardew Valley: Wild Horseradish Jam.

Outro made by the talented Synchronized Nanotechnology:

My HUD for TF2 is ToonHUD, which you can find here:

  • RTGame
    RTGame 2 года назад Thank you so much to everyone who made this session possible! And here's to the Jungle Inferno! We're actually discussing it on stream right now. Come hang out with some fellow nerds!
  • James76931
    James76931 2 года назад jeff
  • Mr. Personal Space
    Mr. Personal Space 2 года назад Frickin N E R D
  • Theawesomepotato
    Theawesomepotato 2 года назад n a m e j e f f
  • Jenssile
    Jenssile 2 года назад PLZ join us
  • ProHitman 504
    ProHitman 504 2 года назад Why the CupHead music in TF2
  • CrunchyFrog
    CrunchyFrog 2 года назад TRAIN RAIN!
  • Spazzing Porygon
    Spazzing Porygon 2 года назад I TOLD YOU THE GAS BLAST WAS GOING TO BE A TAUNT KILL! :D
  • DryLife
    DryLife 2 года назад WTF what about 10hrs for 10yrs of tf2 IM TriGGERD
  • Commander Rainbow Ducky
    Commander Rainbow Ducky 2 года назад Server crashed its not a world record
  • Riley Chance
    Riley Chance 2 года назад The train is the 10th class
  • spongygames
    spongygames 2 года назад I hear you like... Stardew Valley. c;
  • Minecraft GAMER
    Minecraft GAMER 2 года назад The update isn’t on my TF2 😭
  • vader1361
    vader1361 2 года назад Ye know, there used to be a glitch with all the trains that dropped weapons would slow the train down because the train couldn't kill a weapon on the ground but it still had collision and still slowed the trains... We are still waiting for valve to fix this in three years.
  • 50 Cent Kurwa
    50 Cent Kurwa 2 года назад RTGame How to find your server?
  • Fruit Salad
    Fruit Salad 2 года назад RTGame welp you were right censor hales ass
  • Ondřej Pavlík
    Ondřej Pavlík 2 года назад I guess we should warn Valve abou this plugin, that is missing on Trainfull maps like cp_freight pl_frontier_final or more :D
  • Overloaderdave
    Overloaderdave 2 года назад the train was getting stuck on dropped weapons btw
  • Charles
    Charles 2 года назад (изменено) Overloaderdave Dropped weapons and debris from broken Engi buildings. And Sandviches :3
  • tahu nuva
    tahu nuva 2 года назад That king dice in the background
  • Yanxun Long
    Yanxun Long 2 года назад RTGame BEST VIDEO EVAAAA!!!!
  • Albert Pavlas
    Albert Pavlas 2 года назад (изменено) Sorry to bring this up, but the train is made from three parts - the physical model, the func_train brush (the thing that makes it move) and trigger_hurt (the thing that hurts you) Trigger_hurts kills anything it touches, and if somehow anything avoids it, the train will "push" it out until it's gone. So you can never get rid of it.
  • DiCED
    DiCED 2 года назад (изменено) Banana Bay is my most favorite map, too! EDIT: I hate bananas, though
  • Shaldur prime
    Shaldur prime 2 года назад the automated route is a bit elastic
  • Joke
    Joke 2 года назад What song was at :20?
  • tahu nuva
    tahu nuva 2 года назад Joke Something from persona i think
  • Kim Weber
    Kim Weber 2 года назад Cupcuphead music
  • The Kalaja Clan
    The Kalaja Clan Год назад RTGame 0-60 of the train 0.00000000000000000001
  • Jim Bim Bum
    Jim Bim Bum Год назад Can someone please get me a screenshot of the map near location of this time stamp 3:30
  • Just A gamer
    Just A gamer Год назад the persona 5 music do :)
  • Albie Slater
    Albie Slater Год назад IS THAT THE HARRY HILL MOVIE MY MAN?? ?
  • amostradecafe mafioso
    amostradecafe mafioso Год назад RTGame i like trains
  • The Grease Man Productions
    The Grease Man Productions Год назад RTGame what’s your severs IP Address and if it has it password
  • Rage, The Mad Master of Ceremonies
    Rage, The Mad Master of Ceremonies Год назад 8:16 It wants to run. It wants to keep on'a running
  • Rodzah Shazwan
    Rodzah Shazwan Год назад RTGame I
  • Tailn O Wag
    Tailn O Wag 3 месяца назад I never knew you did tf2!
    VOVOSTEREO 2 года назад I think we broke i- Train: LEMME SMAAAAAAASH
  • watergun gameing
    watergun gameing 2 года назад Turbo-Dog your comment needs more likes
  • Flash-Flire
    Flash-Flire Год назад (изменено) lemme crash (the server)
  • missingindy
    missingindy 4 месяца назад VOVOSTEREO nonono like this Rt: i think we broke it Train: *NYOOOOOOOOOM*
  • Aaron Seo
    Aaron Seo 3 месяца назад 666 likes
  • Qaze
    Qaze 2 года назад You could say that plan.... went off track
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    INH 7 месяцев назад r/punpatrol, put your hand in the air
  • iRED
    iRED 7 месяцев назад @INH Stay in Reddit, we will demonetize you
  • High priest to the almighty B E A N
    High priest to the almighty B E A N 3 месяца назад That joke was a train wreck
  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming Год назад “I think I have to censor that butt.” Literally zooms into it...
  • EvilUnicornLord
    EvilUnicornLord 2 года назад So the train has a higher killstreak than any TF2 player can normally get? Sounds about right.
  • Azka '02
    Azka '02 5 месяцев назад That's only right because anyone with more than 30 killstreaks are voted off as a hacker
  • Radial
    Radial 2 недели назад In normal play, killstreaks cap at 30. MvM can go higher, up to 200 i think
  • tigris115
    tigris115 Неделю назад Most people farm killstreaks on idle servers
  • Fruit Cake
    Fruit Cake 2 года назад 32 mercenaries? No. A sandvich? Yes.
    JEMOED ER 2 года назад sandvich make me strong
  • Hanyu Kee
    Hanyu Kee 2 года назад What was that, sandvich? Block train? Good idea!
  • Kobthehawk
    Kobthehawk 2 года назад "You are loose cannon sandvich, but you are a damn good cop!" God dammit Loose cannon doesn't even begin...
  • 2019 Nissan GT-R
    2019 Nissan GT-R 9 месяцев назад Hotel? Trivago
  • missingindy
    missingindy 4 месяца назад Fruit Cake the train was hungry
  • HellBlade 1010
    HellBlade 1010 2 года назад 7:46 music is timed with the moment so well!
  • ChaosContrl
    ChaosContrl 2 года назад New Saxton Hale boss: the Train.
  • A Spy
    A Spy Год назад ChaosContrl theres already one xD
  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 месяца назад EEEEE
  • Benny
    Benny Год назад Sandwiches stopping a train... That'd make a good SFM.
  • Blakekun123
    Blakekun123 2 года назад respect for using Persona 5 music
  • Bowen Chen
    Bowen Chen Год назад Blakekun123 YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT COMING
  • Link2434
    Link2434 2 года назад 10:01 TRAIN RAIN!
  • T0ast
    T0ast 2 года назад Train God's Revenge
  • missingindy
    missingindy 4 месяца назад Link2434 orbital train strike
  • Generic Extraordinaire
    Generic Extraordinaire Год назад You're a loose cannon sandwich, but you are a damn good cop.
  • Ron 100
    Ron 100 2 года назад Train fortress 2
  • Nijimaru Okuyasu
    Nijimaru Okuyasu 2 года назад RTgames bizarre adventure train is unbreakable
  • SirScribble
    SirScribble Год назад Who would win? 32 highly trained, heavely armed mercenaries that have caused 1,000’s of deaths 1 rolling boi
  • 81-717.2k
    81-717.2k 7 месяцев назад Lel
  • A Filthy Memer
    A Filthy Memer 1 месяц назад Engineers: Build High Tech Machines to Stop the Train Train: Drives Straight Through Heavy: Throws a sandwich at the train Train: Stops
  • TheDutchDerp
    TheDutchDerp Год назад 3:33 is just perfect 😂👌
  • Gotcha lul
    Gotcha lul 1 день назад And it’s even half 666. The engine driver is just Satan
  • Nijimaru Okuyasu
    Nijimaru Okuyasu 2 года назад I didnt even notie There whas a train till my whole team got killed by the horor train
  • Spartan375x
    Spartan375x 2 года назад 3:30 Instant karma on laughing Engy.
  • Eira
    Eira 2 года назад That was me, I couldn't stop laughing when that happened
  • NatsumeHack
    NatsumeHack 2 года назад Train gods angry at tiny man laughing.
  • David Butler
    David Butler 2 года назад He just starts laughing and the train was like "NONE OF THAT SHIT!"
  • X karma
    X karma 2 года назад Whats this about me being instant?
  • The messiah
    The messiah 2 года назад omae wa mou...shindeiru. Nani?!
  • No U
    No U 2 года назад Snowcrow The Moment You Laughed The Train Went From 1 To 1000
  • Kade Clark
    Kade Clark Год назад OMAI O WA SHINDAERUU nani?!
    D1MENSI0N Год назад Top 10 most horrific photos taken before disaster XD
  • Otter's Vintage All-Sorts
    Otter's Vintage All-Sorts Год назад Spartan375x Don't laugh at trains, a message from train safety
  • Hedgy Spiker
    Hedgy Spiker Год назад Engie is ded...... notbigsouprice.
  • Bonus Ducks
    Bonus Ducks Год назад * Engie starts laughing * Train: Not today bish
  • Turronidus22
    Turronidus22 Год назад the train don't like laughing engineers
  • SA Holokar345
    SA Holokar345 Год назад train is soldier main
  • City Guard
    City Guard Год назад Spartan375x (Thomas the tank engine starts playing)
  • Odd the sock
    Odd the sock Год назад (изменено) Train is train main Train bring pain So upgrades train may gain So train may buy grain So train can make cake for papa train Of course with help from momma train They make the cake and then it starts to rain But they have umbrella that is size of 4 train They give cake to papa train They then sing happy birthday to papa train They eat the tasty cake and they get brain pain Cuz the cake had ice cream in it and it shaped like grain Then later better do the trains feel And then...the mercs they kill
  • New Deyann000
    New Deyann000 Год назад Somebody should do a sonic boost meme with it
  • Blueberry Eggs
  • Not Peanut
    Not Peanut 11 месяцев назад Ur 1k like
  • Flaninty
    Flaninty 10 месяцев назад Even better, you can see his body flying outside the window right after
  • Jensen the Cleric
    Jensen the Cleric 2 года назад This has got to be my favorite vedio so far, cause' i remember all thae time i spent on bannana bay. truly the best map so far. also, RT, great job on the videos. they just keep getting better and better.