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Скачать с ютуб Why Does Fallout's Nuka-Cola Quantum Glow Blue? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 4 февр. 2016 г. 480 285 просмотров

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Fallout’s Nuka Cola Quantum has a lot of RAD properties, but its signature one is its blue glow -- why does it have it? Kyle quenches your science thirst on this week’s Because Science!

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  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi 4 years ago If I said Kyle wasnt the reason I subscribed I would be lying
  • who cares
    who cares 4 years ago you are not the only one jiji.
  • Aaron Tena
    Aaron Tena 4 years ago +Kali Takumi So true...
  • Field Marshal Fry
    Field Marshal Fry 4 years ago +Kali Takumi I first subscribed back in Ye Old Days of COPS: Skyrim, the likes Kyle kept me around
  • early sunsets
    early sunsets 4 years ago me too
  • Krishnath Dragon
    Krishnath Dragon 4 years ago +Kali Takumi I came for Jessica Chobot, I stayed for Kyle Hill.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 4 years ago +Kali Takumi Thank you so much! -- KH
  • CosmicHoot
    CosmicHoot 4 years ago His hair is the most majestic thing ever
  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi 4 years ago @Krishnath Dragon Chobot was a plus
  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black 4 years ago I work in nuclear power and this is a good explanation of Cherenkov Radiation but If a bottle of Nuka Cola had enough contamination in it to create Cherenkov Radiation holding the bottle would be enough to kill you.
  • KingGold Catter
    KingGold Catter 7 months ago THE LAWS OF REALITY ARE NOTHING TO THE US OF A
  • Shadow Deslar
    Shadow Deslar 2 months ago (edited) Damn I didn’t even think of that What if i lead lined my drinks Would that still glow and reduce the radiation
  • Lethalios
    Lethalios 4 years ago As you said, Sr-90 is used in toothpaste, in small doses it is perfectly fine for consumption, but the concentration needed to actually make a bottle of soda glow would almost certainly lead to a quick death.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 4 years ago +Lethalios Totally, I bet the water inside would be hot or boiling or gone too. -- KH
  • Lethalios
    Lethalios 4 years ago +Nerdist Wow... I can't believe I didn't think of that... Also can't believe you replied.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 4 years ago +Lethalios I read all the comments for the first day or so! Can't help it. -- KH
  • Lethalios
    Lethalios 4 years ago +Nerdist understandable, if my friends and I could get our channel off the ground I would be up for weeks at a time trying to reply to everyone. That being said, time to write another script. I love your vids, man, keep up the great work.
  • Hemlawk AKA EDK
    Hemlawk AKA EDK 4 years ago +Lethalios I would say no intake of Sr90 is ok. The body treats it like calcium, hence its a bone seeker.
  • Hemlawk AKA EDK
    Hemlawk AKA EDK 4 years ago +Brandon Page I know, right.
  • Codename: Crisis
    Codename: Crisis 4 years ago you probably already got cancer from all those rads anyways
  • Dank Gank
    Dank Gank 4 years ago Considering that nearly every object in the Fallout Universe has a nuclear reactor inside, perhaps humans have adapted to high levels of radiation.
  • Dawson Murray
    Dawson Murray 4 years ago In Fallout, nearly every living thing is a lot more resistant to radiation than it is now. Even in Fallout 4, where he was in the cryo thing, the body would still grow immune. Also, it's a game that isn't even in the same universe as our planet (enter multiverse theory)
  • Dawson Murray
    Dawson Murray 4 years ago @*****​ ???
    RYAN ROBERTS 3 years ago +Lethalios the Sr-90 would take decades to give you any sort of cancer or illness unless you were eating bowls of the stuff daily...
  • Lethalios
    Lethalios 3 years ago +RYAN ROBERTS like the amount that would cause a bottle of soda to brightly glow blue...
    MILMAN SRK 3 years ago +Lethalios all we need are rad aways!:D
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago your right. +Nerdist, you're also right. I just now remembered that radiation is actually a form of heat.
  • none of your business
    none of your business 3 years ago +Dawson Murray That had to be how people got Atom's Blessing.
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago (edited) @Wedge​​, maybe. I wouldn't really expect humans to adapt to radiation, due to our biological make up and because of our sensitivity to bacteria and other harmful substances or microbes. maybe the nuclear reactors are in some sort of radium-resistant/trapping container. IDK yet and am waiting for a reply of if I got anything wrong. Anyone reading this, please tell me if I got something wrong.
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago @***** Well, yeah. And there is only one drug that removes rads called "Radaway". "Rad-X" is used to block rads from the body. And also, I'm talking about people actually adapting to radiation with out the use of Potassium Iodide similar drugs. I would assume to be "immune" to radiation, you would have to take "Rad-X" constantly, but that only protects from 100 Rads. Who knows how many you'll be exposed to every day. So, If something blew up, you would be exposed to a varying amount of radiation depending on how much is required to power it. If it were a truck, the rad-x would only take 100 of the 780-something rads which in real life, is making you close to death. So, I assume you would have to ingest a dangerous amount of "Rad-X" to be "immune" to radiation. And not even that would keep you safe. There is nothing that can keep you safe from radiation. Sooner or later, the "Anti-Rad" meds will fail and the user will die quicker. This is not an opinion, this is a fact.
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago @***** I checked, anfd you were right.
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago @***** noted.
  • Antichrist
    Antichrist 3 years ago wait so you dont use toothpaste?
  • Andrew jones
    Andrew jones 3 years ago Yes but in the fallout universe there are a lot of way to get rid or rads
  • LegoSam 20
    LegoSam 20 3 years ago Maybe it's controlled Sr-90?
  • AlickzRider Theories
    AlickzRider Theories 3 years ago Lethalios it's so worth it to have your bones and blood blue!
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago @AlickzRider Theories​, why? Who would see it?
  • AlickzRider Theories
    AlickzRider Theories 3 years ago @FrozenCorpse 490 bruh it'd glow right through your skin they'll see an xray of you at all times!
  • FrozenCorpse 490
    FrozenCorpse 490 3 years ago @AlickzRider Theories oh. But to project a light of that strength would most likely have the person in pain. Though, it'd be kind of cool.
  • πατάτα
    πατάτα 2 years ago Lethalios nah u get 5 rads
  • Joshua Walters
    Joshua Walters 4 years ago What if we put blue Gatorade in a coke bottle and put an LED under the cap?
  • Kevin Meisenbacher
    Kevin Meisenbacher 4 years ago +Joshua Walters Then it would only glow with the lid on. And it would only restore AP :P
  • TonierShadow
    TonierShadow 3 years ago +Kevin Meisenbacher Fallout 3, Nuka-Cola Quantum only added AP; it did not heal you until Fallout 4.
  • Atomic Blues
    Atomic Blues 3 years ago +TonierShadow Why is Quantum even in Fallout 4? It was based in the Capitol how did More Quantum end up in Boston when there was Barely Any in Fallout 3... Makes no sense and what is the lore reason for the bottle change?
  • TonierShadow
    TonierShadow 3 years ago @Jared Fogle Not long before the start of the Great War. Nuka Cola came out with the new recipe Quantum. They added Strontium 90 so it would stand out and ensure that you were compelled to buy it. Due to overwhelming stress and demand they quickly bottled the drink even though it failed many safety checks and had it shipped all over the country.
  • Atomic Blues
    Atomic Blues 3 years ago @TonierShadow There was only one Bottle in New Vegas but There was barely any in Fallout 3....
  • TonierShadow
    TonierShadow 3 years ago @Jared Fogle More tgan likely they just got lazy and forgot some of their own lore.
  • Atomic Blues
    Atomic Blues 3 years ago @TonierShadow I wish Quantum would have been rare!
  • skildren
    skildren 4 years ago but what about "fizz"ics?
  • thechugdude
    thechugdude 4 years ago tehehehe
  • RedLeader327
    RedLeader327 4 years ago I see what you did there.
  • Zak Gwynne
    Zak Gwynne 3 years ago +skildren Aha I saw this after I made the same suggestion XD
  • Viskara
    Viskara 3 years ago a u
  • StrikerFX47
    StrikerFX47 3 years ago That's clever.
  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya 3 years ago I see what you did there.
    NIK NIKO 2 years ago cool...nice one!
  • TouchOfThorn
    TouchOfThorn 2 years ago I was thinking that too
  • Random Dude
  • TheyCallMeGawd
    TheyCallMeGawd 4 years ago Bottled in Flint Michigan...
  • Wayne Igoe
    Wayne Igoe 4 years ago Not cool man... Not cool.
  • Just Liam
    Just Liam 4 years ago What's this, please explain? I'm English, can't stand it when I don't get a joke.
  • TheyCallMeGawd
    TheyCallMeGawd 4 years ago +Just Liam Flint is currently having a few... "issues"... with it's yummy brown water supply.
  • Just Liam
    Just Liam 4 years ago +TheyCallMeGawd Blimey, bet that went down like a lead balloon with the locals?
  • TheyCallMeGawd
    TheyCallMeGawd 4 years ago +Just Liam It went down like lead something alright... :)
    IMMATURENGINEERING 4 years ago +TheyCallMeGawd Actually the radioactivity is near Flat Rock Michigan. Flint just got acid burning through lead
  • TheyCallMeGawd
    TheyCallMeGawd 4 years ago +IMMATURENGINEERING Fallout is realy just a lazy SIM Michigan game.
  • Just Liam
    Just Liam 4 years ago The Michigan Deathclaw. Sounds like a wrestling move... ...or an unspeakable sex act.
  • Just Liam
    Just Liam 4 years ago "No, not for me, thank you. I'll have the Alabama Hot Pocket please."
  • NyuuMikuru1
    NyuuMikuru1 4 years ago Other cities got more contaminants than Flint got,when compared Flint got off easy. Water over here taste and smells like bleach,swimming pool water. Michigan native.
  • The Scarlet Meister
    The Scarlet Meister 4 years ago +TheyCallMeGawd I am a Michigander, and I can say for certain that this statement is true.
  • Shawndud3 -.-
    Shawndud3 -.- 3 years ago +TheyCallMeGawd Michigan isn't that bad lmao
  • Oz
    Oz 4 years ago Sonic Boom of light should be called Photonic Boom.
  • Santi Martín
    Santi Martín 3 years ago i think that it is actually called that way
  • BigOrangeBronc
    BigOrangeBronc 3 years ago Sonic Rainboom
  • Max Kordon
    Max Kordon 3 years ago +Osman Ali Khan that would be what it would be called if you were able to go faster than the speed of light, which you can't. In water sure, in a vacuum you could never produce something like that but if you had the right kind of medium it would work
  • Max Kordon
    Max Kordon 3 years ago +Max Kordon oh wow, he literally covers the exact same thing in the video. jokes on me for commenting before I've seen the whole thing I guess
  • Oz
    Oz 3 years ago +Max Kordon :/
  • Joosejpr
    Joosejpr 2 years ago Osman, I came here to say that.
  • Dennis Wilson
    Dennis Wilson 1 year ago I vote for optic boom. Rolls off the tongue easier.
  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 4 years ago You forgot to add that strontium has the ability to reduce irritation and stimulate epidermal healing when applied topically, so there is a narrative reason for the big HP boost you get with it too.
  • Oisin o mahony
    Oisin o mahony 4 years ago It also gives u bone cancer
  • spekor
    spekor 4 years ago +Oisin o mahony positive short term with a negative long term.. sounds legit
  • Oisin o mahony
    Oisin o mahony 4 years ago +spekor it has a half life of like 25 years so there is no short term ayy lmao
    SNOW SOS 4 years ago +Oisin o mahony I think cancer is the least of your worries in the wasteland. Strippers that take caps should be at the top of your list.
  • Oisin o mahony
    Oisin o mahony 4 years ago +SNOW SOS my nigga
  • spekor
    spekor 4 years ago short term benefit would be the help in healing long term problem the cancer. so perfectly legit
  • Crs-10
    Crs-10 3 years ago Strontium also can mimic calcium and build up in bone marrow...
  • Aris Kostakos
    Aris Kostakos 3 years ago Nope, Nuka Cola was blue in the original fallout 1 & 2 made by Black Isle as well. Just giving credit were credit is due.
  • Paul Mab
    Paul Mab 3 years ago Robert Williams perhaps the recipe has rad-x in it? It would, if not scientifically, solve it in canon.
  • Jtzkb
    Jtzkb 2 years ago Sonic Boom of light = photonic boom?
  • RangerCLZ
    RangerCLZ 4 years ago We need an episode about the science of the FEV and Super Mutants in Fallout. I think that'd be a very interesting episode
  • Logan Anderson
    Logan Anderson 3 years ago Shoddycast did one on FEV and Supermutants. It was terrifying
  • David S
    David S 4 years ago Yay for science. I suspect that many of the next generation of great scientists will have Kyle to thank for getting them interested in it (And the Nobel Prize goes to.....Kyle Hill) :P
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 4 years ago +Dravish Darkstar That would be incredible! One can only hope. I'm trying to make it fun. -- KH
  • Titan Of Titans
    Titan Of Titans 4 years ago +Kyle Hill Is this is our Fizzics lesson for today? ba dum tss
  • Titan Of Titans
    Titan Of Titans 4 years ago wow....I was late on that one.
  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 4 years ago I realized that he's writing both left handed (I don't know if he's right or left handed) but he's also writing in reverse so that we can read it normally. impressive
  • Razgrits
    Razgrits 4 years ago +Rachel Lee He is just reversing the image from left to right...
  • Bubbles The Bubble
    Bubbles The Bubble 1 year ago 😂😂
  • InsertJokeHere
    InsertJokeHere 4 years ago Your hair is you soak it in nukacola??? Please reply.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 4 years ago +Para-DTube A crap load of conditioner and some argan oil. And genetics. -- KH
  • Dat_Kidd 6669
    Dat_Kidd 6669 4 years ago +Nerdist kyle do how deadpools healing factor works
  • Skully D. ÆDD
    Skully D. ÆDD 4 years ago +Nerdist do an episode on how goku/vegeta are able to train in gravities that are stronger than Earth's
  • Jake Drake
    Jake Drake 3 years ago +Nerdist Kyle if you had a thor costume and you put it on you would look like thor
  • Fez The Moose
    Fez The Moose 3 years ago +blackskullraven their alien-
  • Zoie3x8
    Zoie3x8 3 years ago (edited) 2:06 did anyone catch the geiger counter joke at 2:10 ?
  • Grapplehook_Lemon
    Grapplehook_Lemon 3 years ago +Zoie3x8 i think everyone was too busy thinking about drinking radioactive soda to catch it
  • Csongor B.
    Csongor B. 3 years ago I think the rocket-shaped Nuka Cola bottle is pretty cute
  • Sam Brook
    Sam Brook 3 years ago He reminds me of Thor. idk why, he just does. maybe his hair.
  • Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers 3 years ago Now explain how you make a bomb out of Nuka-Cola Quantum.
  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams 2 years ago Alex Atkinson 1. Drink Nuka-Cola Quantum. 2. Pour gasoline in the bottle. 3. Stuff a gasoline soaked rag in the mouth of the bottle. 4. Light the rag and throw it as far as you can.
  • jake rogers
    jake rogers 4 years ago we need an episode on how Hermiones bag might possibly work.
  • noobstalker1
    noobstalker1 1 year ago jake rogers it's a portal to a big room
  • Lee Louviere
    Lee Louviere 3 years ago Remember the ladies that licked their brushes before painting with radioactive paint. Their jaws fell off. (for the same reason, radioactive material was seen by the body as calcium and replaced the calcium in their jaws.... ouch).
  • avmf8
    avmf8 3 years ago +Lee Louviere Thanks for that jaw dropping info.
  • TheOverlyLongUsername
    TheOverlyLongUsername 3 years ago +avmf8 ba dum tshhhhh