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Fake Firing PRANK | Fake G-U-N shot PRANK on Public Awesome Reaction|( Part 3) By - ComicaL TV

Hi friends how are you all I hope you are well thank you so much for watching this Fake Firing PRANK | Fake G-U-N shot PRANK video. we made this Prank video today just to make you Entertainment. we have created this ComicaL TV youtube channel for uploading different types of Prank videos  you want to watch the more funny prank videos, be sure to subscribe. Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you

The details of this Fake Firing PRANK Fake G-U-N shot Prankvideo are: We made this video with funny people. We made this video with everyone's permission. Then the video was made. Even this video was not uploaded without anyone's permission. No one was harmed by this video. None of this has been done. All of you will just have fun and enjoy watching this video. If you have any comments about this Fake Firing PRANK video you can contact us or let me know by commenting below this video. Of course I have a correction. I'll try. Thanks everyone

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