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Скачать с ютуб Big Sean - Sacrifices ft. Migos (Official Music Video)

Опубликовано: 19 мая 2017 г. 39 284 975 просмотров

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Watch Big Sean's official video for “Sacrifices”

I DECIDED, Available Now

Music video by Big Sean performing Sacrafices. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • AlphaSmoke100
    AlphaSmoke100 2 years ago Takeoff should drop a mixtape of all the big songs they didnt let him rap on
  • Brandon Semendoff
    Brandon Semendoff 2 years ago thatd actually be gas bruh
  • Aay Jay
    Aay Jay 2 years ago Brandon Semendoff I'D BE THE FIRST ONE TO COP THAT! 👌👌👌
  • Hellboy Gio
    Hellboy Gio 2 years ago AlphaSmoke100 YESSS
  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 2 years ago Hilarious
  • Gabriel Hankey
    Gabriel Hankey 2 years ago Man that shit would be lit
  • Colt Luger
    Colt Luger 2 years ago AlphaSmoke100 master plan
  • AlphaSmoke100
    AlphaSmoke100 2 years ago lol what the fuck this has 436 likes??? thanks
  • Raquel Wright
    Raquel Wright 2 years ago Lol
  • I Am Nerf
    I Am Nerf 2 years ago That's a lot of songs but remember offset was locked up they did a lot of songs without him so they making up how much offset missed
  • Fl3x Flex
    Fl3x Flex 2 years ago Cause without quavo no migos sorry to bring it to you=)
  • Cam Gee
    Cam Gee 2 years ago I honestly think Sean Shoulda merked this whole song. He absolutely murdered this beat
  • fxckboi. yxki.
    fxckboi. yxki. 1 month ago AlphaSmoke100 do i have a surprise for you :)))
  • Bruis 15
    Bruis 15 3 weeks ago Fl3x Flex Quavo the 2orst one and had been since 2016
  • joshua murphy
    joshua murphy 1 day ago If takeoff had a line or two this would still be a big song in 2019
  • bean .
    bean . 1 year ago I swear people sleep on Big Sean. 😢
  • Sanjay Seebaran
    Sanjay Seebaran 1 year ago Fr tho
  • Chris Wansley
    Chris Wansley 1 year ago You ain't eva lie
  • Hec's Vids
    Hec's Vids 1 year ago We know ppl sleep on big Sean it’s ok tho just enjoy his music let ppl sleep on greatness 😴👌
  • Kennedy Kenny
    Kennedy Kenny 1 year ago @Chris Wansley good one😂😂
  • Young Rawdogg
    Young Rawdogg 1 year ago @Hec's Vids SACRIFICES PAY OFF
  • ayinde wanzer
    ayinde wanzer 1 year ago Make way more heat like this and muh'fucka's won't sleep. Ijs
  • Adam Cox
    Adam Cox 1 year ago Mom is that you i haven't seen you for years
  • Rowdzilla
    Rowdzilla 1 year ago your mom didn’t know 33 mill view was sleeping 😂😂
  • Jamal Freeman
    Jamal Freeman 1 year ago Too sleep...
    SQUIGGA_THE_GOD 1 year ago dead ass
  • Nicky Fortis
    Nicky Fortis 1 year ago Facts😪
  • Pai Kea
    Pai Kea 11 months ago Only because he hasn't dropped any music recently
  • Selma Bahy
    Selma Bahy 11 months ago Ikr? Wtf, he’s SO UNDERRATED
  • Theodore Majors
    Theodore Majors 9 months ago They still sleep right now.
  • Theodore Majors
    Theodore Majors 9 months ago @Rowdzilla you think all of those views came for him ?? Dont forget who the Migos are
  • Rowdzilla
    Rowdzilla 9 months ago Theodore Majors bounce back has 163 million views...
  • Theodore Majors
    Theodore Majors 9 months ago @Rowdzilla well yeah, its a single😬 but what about the songs you had to be a fan to here. 24k of gold for example. People really dont know those type of songs and people arent waiting on a Sean tape right now.
  • Rowdzilla
    Rowdzilla 9 months ago Theodore Majors every artist has songs not everyone knows. But Sean IS a mainstream rapper, I can ask anyone if they know who Sean is and they say yes. He deserves the recognition tho
  • Theodore Majors
    Theodore Majors 9 months ago @Rowdzilla you can ask anyone who Trippie Read is or Young Thug. A name is what you make it and how you make it. He definitely deserves recognition. I agree 100 percent
  • Bow Rio
    Bow Rio 9 months ago AnToNiO gArZa drake lowkey stole his flow lol
  • Cosmonaut
    Cosmonaut 9 months ago Someone always talking about somebody being 'slept on'
  • bean .
    bean . 9 months ago @Cosmonaut aight
  • Tanner Martin
    Tanner Martin 8 months ago Big facts
  • Artez Aytch
    Artez Aytch 8 months ago Big Sean is the Answer!!
  • Hazey Eyed
    Hazey Eyed 7 months ago Hell yeah they do
  • Shawn Cheuk A Lam
    Shawn Cheuk A Lam 7 months ago 😴
  • Baby Yeezus
    Baby Yeezus 7 months ago Yeah, just ask Jhené
  • Johnny Seer
    Johnny Seer 7 months ago Not really sleepin' just be hella lowkey bout it.
  • K Lyfe
    K Lyfe 7 months ago I did I can admit starting paying attention to him when he did blessings
  • Dillan Ponis
    Dillan Ponis 6 months ago Yeah probably all hot models though 😂😂
  • Trey Hemopo
    Trey Hemopo 6 months ago Damn u do look like kermit 😂
    ASELFMADMAN 6 months ago True talkin
  • Jeannette Marshall
    Jeannette Marshall 5 months ago tbh 😐
  • Mat Kaze
    Mat Kaze 5 months ago - 36 000 000 views
  • famousss dariusss
    famousss dariusss 5 months ago sksksksk no one does
  • V7KO
    V7KO 3 months ago hes voice annoying
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 months ago sksksksk facts
  • Grass man
    Grass man 3 months ago Cuz he ain't all that good😂
  • I'm Skyzi
    I'm Skyzi 3 months ago On his D..k though
  • Romola Kennedy
    Romola Kennedy 3 months ago This song has 34 million views
  • Kyon Beck
    Kyon Beck 3 months ago ❌🧢
  • marcus nelson
    marcus nelson 2 months ago Fr
  • BOT Connor
    BOT Connor 3 days ago I mean , it's comfortable
  • Rocky Davis
    Rocky Davis 8 hours ago 100%%
  • OutDaniel Lol
    OutDaniel Lol 1 day ago Anybody remember when this song was in madden?
  • Kare Tyree
    Kare Tyree 1 year ago Big Sean is the Damien Lillard of rap People forget about him until he drop 40 and dunk on somebody
  • H.Brandon Rodriguez
    H.Brandon Rodriguez 10 months ago really tho I can see it
  • Eliseo Hernandez
    Eliseo Hernandez 10 months ago IDK, but somebody had to say ,it i slightly agree... cudos
  • Spida
    Spida 9 months ago (edited) Facts
  • Caleb Man
    Caleb Man 9 months ago Damian Lillard is the Damian Lillard of rap
  • Lorenzo Stewart
    Lorenzo Stewart 7 months ago you forgot that Dame Dolla can rap tho
  • Do- Nathan
    Do- Nathan 7 months ago Kare Tyree yup he needs to make an album again
  • You Me
    You Me 7 months ago (edited) Kare Tyree 😂😂😂
  • GD Nightcore
    GD Nightcore 7 months ago Preach
  • Jaguar Money
    Jaguar Money 7 months ago well SAID!!!
  • Bxlal
    Bxlal 7 months ago Kare Tyree fr fr
  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 7 months ago references on fleak
  • Virk Does Work
    Virk Does Work 7 months ago People won't forget him after this season!
  • Mohammad Taimur Iqbal
    Mohammad Taimur Iqbal 6 months ago He misses so many shots smh
  • Roblox Bacon
    Roblox Bacon 6 months ago Yep.
  • Chrome Builder
    Chrome Builder 6 months ago Kare Tyree or gets swept by the warriors 🤔
  • Beeebz
    Beeebz 6 months ago Big fax
  • Anton Kolpakov
    Anton Kolpakov 4 months ago FACTS
  • ckp ckp
    ckp ckp 4 months ago @Matthew M I don't mean to be that guy but comparisons instead of references and its two e's
  • Boiii •
    Boiii • 4 months ago Damien Lillard is now literally the Damien Lillard of rap.
  • ymf fluest
    ymf fluest 4 months ago Nah he is just not
  • memekagethe1st my instagram
    memekagethe1st my instagram 3 months ago Fax
  • Yung Gawdly
    Yung Gawdly 1 month ago He remind me of John Wall cus hes assisted so many niggas careers
  • Ab
    Ab 1 month ago To be fair his music massively stepped up on I Decided
  • Anesio Teca
    Anesio Teca 2 weeks ago Yeah sure... 👏👏👏👏👏
  • Rocky Davis
    Rocky Davis 8 hours ago Ya metaphor speaks volumes and it also lets people know that you pay attention to life
  • Sebastian Fess
    Sebastian Fess 2 years ago still disappointed yall aint put takeoff in this song
  • Com
    Com 2 years ago He in jail
  • realtalk90
    realtalk90 2 years ago Abide Vulture he was in the video tho lmao
  • Obstone
    Obstone 2 years ago Abide Vulture dumbass
  • Trae Barker
    Trae Barker 2 years ago (edited) Obstone take off my fav migo he would've snapped on it
  • Raw Kingz TV
    Raw Kingz TV 2 years ago i think yourl talking about "OFFSET"
  • AlternativeGaminYERT
    AlternativeGaminYERT 2 years ago Offset is one of the migos duh
  • tello LK
    tello LK 2 years ago Takeoff is the migos
  • Tyus Calloway
    Tyus Calloway 2 years ago Plus he keep doing songs on his own and I herd that he gone leave the migos
  • Andrew Hough
    Andrew Hough 2 years ago Tyus Calloway yo dumbass that's Quavo
  • Edwin Arias
    Edwin Arias 2 years ago Sebastian Fess exactly y I disliked it
  • Anthony Stanley
    Anthony Stanley 2 years ago they keep playing takeoff to the left smh 👎💩
  • Khanh Le
    Khanh Le 2 years ago Anthony Stanley true thou
  • RyteOG
    RyteOG 2 years ago without takeoff the song is 7/10
  • JEC Games
    JEC Games 2 years ago i gave it 9/10
  • BigPapi Bro
    BigPapi Bro 2 years ago Thank you tello LK
  • Annie Russ
    Annie Russ 2 years ago Nigel beaudoin
  • Kha'len McCoy
    Kha'len McCoy 2 years ago yall are forgetting that he was in jail for a little bit
  • Fen Steezy
    Fen Steezy 2 years ago Kha'len McCoy stupid ass, that was offset. And that was a couple years back idiot
  • DEAD510
    DEAD510 2 years ago Gotta spread gotta tell and let people know the DEAL! Don't wait anymore & deliver yourself, because he is almost here & the music is showing deeper words than the human can feel. #9/23 _ name of Jesus Christ of JW
  • Baby_Jay 123
    Baby_Jay 123 2 years ago take off best song finisher
  • BrillyFromtheBlock
    BrillyFromtheBlock 2 years ago Sebastian Fess it all about quavo
  • kidprep
    kidprep 2 years ago Real shit, sean is a lyricst but can really swag up the flow. Takeoff is exactly that in the migos. Offset is kinda a mix off takeoff and quavo. Quavo is just all flow no bars imo
  • Jake Moebs
    Jake Moebs 2 years ago kidprep u high as Hell boy quavo got bars cuz
  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 2 years ago im high af haha
  • Cris Austin
    Cris Austin 2 years ago Sebastian Fess SAME SHIT I WAS ABOUT TO SAY...
    3HEADS DOWN BEATS 2 years ago Check my new channel for dope trap beats!!!!!!!!
  • Jay Stain
    Jay Stain 2 years ago Sebastian Fess Checkout my new single 'Capricorn' 🔥🔥💯 #newjersey
  • H.
    H. 2 years ago Fr, i don't know why they never give him some space
  • David
    David 4 months ago He's called "TakeOff" not "PutOn" 🤪
  • LarthMedia
    LarthMedia 1 month ago Sebastian Fess he was Sacrificed
  • Metro 7T
    Metro 7T 1 month ago I’m not disappointed because he could’ve ruined the flow of the song but takeoff does eat
  • stefan leatherwood
    stefan leatherwood 5 months ago Whoever like this is gonna be successful in life 💯🙏🏽👏🏽
  • ム乇尺ムőイムイá尺
    ム乇尺ムőイムイá尺 4 months ago mhmm.
  • Bushra Osman
    Bushra Osman 4 months ago Shut up bruh
  • Bank Basketball
    Bank Basketball 2 months ago Yo 300th like
  • CrazyKnuckles10
    CrazyKnuckles10 1 month ago Shut up, I'm gonna be successful without you and your shitty comment likes.
  • LofiBoy Chill Vibes
    LofiBoy Chill Vibes 1 month ago Bro I'ma be successful without the like but fo extra luck 💯
  • Adreyan M
    Adreyan M 9 months ago Anybody still listening in 2019? Also where’d this man go??? I miss this heat 🔥🔥
  • Papa Yeet
    Papa Yeet 9 months ago facts
  • Thibault Okal
    Thibault Okal 8 months ago I went hard on Rich the Kid's album ;)
  • Willie Growit
    Willie Growit 8 months ago my favorite rapper ever, need his music in my life!
  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham 8 months ago I was wondering where he went too... 🤔🤔🤔
  • MR Z
    MR Z 7 months ago Two cups on Rich’s album
  • disconic
    disconic 7 months ago Swear
  • prince Enzoh Fearless
    prince Enzoh Fearless 7 months ago Yeah
  • Black light
    Black light 7 months ago Kept me going all those years ago,,,,
  • supermansanders89
    supermansanders89 7 months ago My homie dropped mad heat after this y'all slipping Sean and Metro Booming dropped a banger after this album 🔥🔥
  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid 7 months ago heat is good but i need that faster
  • Ah Ja
    Ah Ja 6 months ago aightt
  • Dopy Sprayz
    Dopy Sprayz 4 months ago 2019999999999999999999
  • Stakk
    Stakk 4 months ago he back bruh!!
  • Infinite Hd
    Infinite Hd 4 months ago Hes single again
  • Winndell Johnson
    Winndell Johnson 4 months ago I am!
  • Good Bye
    Good Bye 3 months ago Just wait a little longer gelflings
  • hassan altaf
    hassan altaf 22 hours ago Jadakiss.. MY FAVORITE RAPPER! Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m
  • Cristian Romo
    Cristian Romo 3 days ago I play this when my friends invite me to the club
  • Deraj King
    Deraj King 2 years ago TakeOff got Sacrificed.
  • Stephen Hall
    Stephen Hall 2 years ago Deraj King 😂😂😂😂
  • Irene Tupaca Lopes
    Irene Tupaca Lopes 2 years ago Deraj King bst cmmnt 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • DMSK
    DMSK 2 years ago he took off
  • Rayhan Muhammad
    Rayhan Muhammad 2 years ago W 😂😂😂😂
  • Brax
    Brax 2 years ago tru -_
  • Sebastian Pena
    Sebastian Pena 2 years ago Rayhan Muhammad. ok. hilo
  • Jay Bandz
    Jay Bandz 2 years ago DMSK LMAOO😂😭
  • Cristina
    Cristina 2 years ago I'm DEAD 😂
  • Barlos Baron
    Barlos Baron 2 years ago Deraj King 💯💯💯
  • RiCo
    RiCo 2 years ago Cristina D So is Take off 😥😭
  • Le Commenter
    Le Commenter 2 years ago ofcourse he did, it's culture
  • S U S H I
    S U S H I 2 years ago He probably would've​ killed all their parts. LOL
  • Tim Otto Göbel
    Tim Otto Göbel 2 years ago i thought the exact same thing 😂😂😂
  • Galien Drahfy Nova Spaceboy
    Galien Drahfy Nova Spaceboy 2 years ago (edited) listen close. TakeOff vocal is in the song. all songs where TakeOff didnt spit a verse, his vocals is still in the song. TakeOff vocals is in Bad and Boujee. yall aint listening.
  • Daniel Serio
    Daniel Serio 2 years ago dead asf 😂😂
  • RealMelloMusic
    RealMelloMusic 2 years ago Honestly not tryna waste no ones time but I'm an upcoming Bay Area Artist and one of the hottest. I got a remix to tunnel vision a lot of people say is better than the original among other slappers check me out
  • Just Jackson
    Just Jackson 2 years ago RealMelloMusic U aight
  • Asim Etteine
    Asim Etteine 2 years ago lmaooo ha
  • Bag Chasin Bamm
    Bag Chasin Bamm 2 years ago lmfao bruh why you do em like that
  • Epic TNT Failure
    Epic TNT Failure 2 years ago DAMN.
  • Jenna Kimball
    Jenna Kimball 1 year ago 許嘉鋅
  • Naiomy Santana
    Naiomy Santana 1 year ago You mean Liftoff😂😂
  • megafox2x2
    megafox2x2 1 year ago thanks for saying how I felt
    FUCK WHITE PEOPLE 1 year ago Weak af
  • Justin Lackey
    Justin Lackey 1 year ago Funny asf
  • Mhi Smi
    Mhi Smi 1 year ago Dead😂😂
  • Vast Toucan
    Vast Toucan 1 year ago 😂🔥😅
  • bacon macon
    bacon macon 1 year ago Deraj King Lol
  • bbygrlarmstead
    bbygrlarmstead 1 year ago Stfu
  • sjs420
    sjs420 1 year ago @RealMelloMusic where in the bay you from?
  • Yousef Alamoudi
    Yousef Alamoudi 1 year ago shii
  • Maggie Paul
    Maggie Paul 1 year ago Hahaha 💀💀💀
  • Joshua Nez
    Joshua Nez 1 year ago Liftoff*
  • Kev’s Uploads
    Kev’s Uploads 11 months ago Deraj King facts... 😂
  • Gary Hodges
    Gary Hodges 11 months ago how when he got thousands just to show his face lmao
  • Jesse Merrill
    Jesse Merrill 11 months ago Im dead lmfao
  • NJ TToons
    NJ TToons 9 months ago Le Commenter lmao offset kid name
  • Jose Manzo jr
    Jose Manzo jr 7 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Katlego Success Ramme
    Katlego Success Ramme 5 months ago 😂 😂 😂 Accuracy on a 💯
  • Mikael Koffi
    Mikael Koffi 5 months ago @Le Commenter in which way
    JGUTTER34 4 months ago quavo should be... song goes down hill when he comes on
  • Mc Tech
    Mc Tech 4 months ago yes In her Lyric he said that I got sacrificed
  • Hitmanhooks99
    Hitmanhooks99 4 months ago Frfr bruh the coldest migo don't no why he didn't get a verse
  • bryson ryo
    bryson ryo 4 months ago Bruhhhh
  • Notorious F.A.T
    Notorious F.A.T 4 months ago ASMR BOMB ON MY CHEST best song ever kind spooky
  • Trey Hemopo
    Trey Hemopo 1 week ago Just doing what he does best
  • Brandon Kamau
    Brandon Kamau 1 week ago For real though
  • Sam Nikola
    Sam Nikola 1 year ago I was abouta make a "Takeoff was sacrificed" joke thinking I was creative and then I scrolled down lmao
  • Yassine
    Yassine 10 months ago same lol
  • Bianca Lobato
    Bianca Lobato 6 months ago +o
  • Bianca Lobato
    Bianca Lobato 6 months ago 78
  • Bianca Lobato
    Bianca Lobato 6 months ago 9oeksks
  • CJXD360 YT
    CJXD360 YT 4 months ago Bianca Lobato r/ihadastroke
  • WtfIsThis
    WtfIsThis 2 months ago Can you explain the joke to me?
  • CJXD360 YT
    CJXD360 YT 2 months ago WtfIsThis Takeoff is a member of Migos, but he didn’t get a verse on the song
  • Ab
    Ab 1 month ago WtfIsThis it’s featuring migos, but only quavo and offset have verses
  • Yung Shart
    Yung Shart 1 year ago Offset and big sean killed it. Takeoff would have been great tho on this beat
  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski 4 months ago bruh no
  • Jose Benito GE
    Jose Benito GE 1 month ago They sacrificeded him
  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 1 year ago to get ahead you've gotta be sacrificing
  • Rihanna's Bath Water
    Rihanna's Bath Water 1 year ago Tsetsi only thing you're sacrificing is your stretched out rathole.
  • Estina Mustafaj
    Estina Mustafaj 1 year ago Tsetsi to get ahead man you gotta learn the lyrics
  • Jermaine Wright
    Jermaine Wright 1 year ago I'm not sacrificing shit
  • Olga Parr
    Olga Parr 1 year ago Babies
  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor 1 year ago Yeah he sacrificed Ariana Grande back in 2014 I think
  • EM
    EM 11 months ago Tsetsi literally
  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 7 months ago @Isaiah Taylor she's still alive. She aint sacrificed
  • whats good
    whats good 5 months ago " literally"......
  • Yannick Kimenyi
    Yannick Kimenyi 1 year ago quavo’s voice is just clean
  • Young Balky
    Young Balky 1 year ago XC Pehng 😂
  • Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah
    Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah 11 months ago @XC Pehng yea so? A lot of people use auto tune
  • Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah
    Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah 11 months ago @Lucas 03 there's nothing wrong with autotune
  • Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah
    Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah 11 months ago @Lucas 03 my bad. Normally when I see someone talking about autotune they're saying it's bad so I just assumed you said it was bad. sorry
  • Flat Mars Society
    Flat Mars Society 3 months ago LOL
  • DeSha DeSha
    DeSha DeSha 3 months ago Yannick Kimenyi ALWAYS 🔥🤞🏾💕
  • Tyler The goat
    Tyler The goat 2 months ago Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah like for real tho his voice is the auto tune he barely uses it
  • I.M.L. Made The Beat
    I.M.L. Made The Beat 1 month ago Fax
  • Chocolate Bleach
    Chocolate Bleach 2 years ago Takeoff was sacrificed
  • Aaron Langston
    Aaron Langston 2 years ago B to the G to the P this comment is legendary
  • Michael Wazowski
    Michael Wazowski 2 years ago Aaron landau I thought your profile picture was a damn eye lash on my phone
  • Blackimar
    Blackimar 2 years ago Can we sacrifice the dab next?
  • marcelo dosantos
    marcelo dosantos 2 years ago ahahahahaahahahahahahah
  • Cris Apa
    Cris Apa 2 years ago B to the G to the P k
  • Clément Rose
    Clément Rose 10 months ago "focus on the inner-me, never on the ennemy" best sentence ever
  • Aurelia Daniels
    Aurelia Daniels 2 months ago Clément Rose yeah, that stood out to me, too!💯
  • Kadeem Unruly
    Kadeem Unruly 1 year ago Got damn Offset is a certified murderer on tracks🔥🔥🔥
  • Winndell Johnson
    Winndell Johnson 1 year ago Agree!
  • Lawrence Roland
    Lawrence Roland 9 months ago Fax
  • Knasty Knapp
    Knasty Knapp 9 months ago Big Sean and Offset with Metro producing sheeeeesh that would be fire!
  • Smokey Grams
    Smokey Grams 8 months ago Nah. They wack they talking bout random bullshit. While big Sean actually made a point smh
  • George I
    George I 8 months ago Big sean its way way better than those catchy fagots
  • Do- Nathan
    Do- Nathan 7 months ago George I Big Sean is amazing but Offset is pretty cool
  • James Cole
    James Cole 7 months ago @Smokey GramsAgree He came out with the heat but lost me with random flex
  • Ethan Bacual
    Ethan Bacual 5 months ago Straight up he such a killer he murdered Takeoff’s line in this song
  • DeadRex Gaming
    DeadRex Gaming 1 month ago Migos are trash Big Sean did good though
  • Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi
    Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi 8 months ago This song reminds me of the homie Jesus Christ, he cool af
  • Max Sheikh
    Max Sheikh 1 month ago Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi amen
  • yorobbie 132
    yorobbie 132 1 year ago bruh takeoff wouldve killed this beat sigh
  • Joey Cabrera
    Joey Cabrera 7 months ago I guess you could say they sacrificed jt
  • BurntPasta.mp4 ,
    BurntPasta.mp4 , 6 months ago He's even in the video.
  • Monia
    Monia 2 months ago OH YEA