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Скачать с ютуб Another One Bites The Dust

Опубликовано: 4 сент. 2018 г. 7 645 905 просмотров

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  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 7 months ago Half the comments are Jojo references and the others are Thanos jokes. Beautiful
  • Luc Robillard
    Luc Robillard 4 months ago perfectly balanced as all things should be
  • TheDarkCrafter
    TheDarkCrafter 3 months ago You missed a good chance to put “What a beautiful duwang”
  • Dr. nightshade
    Dr. nightshade 3 months ago IM WITH MY PEOPLE!
  • Grouse
    Grouse 3 months ago what about B O T H
  • James Tony
    James Tony 3 months ago I'm 43 and to use language from my true youth, that sounds and is Gay. Shit in school we boxed over nothing, was fun. Not so sure bout this gen. I'm GEN muthafuckin X, by the way. The GEN of Gangstas. NWA, riots, ice cube, dre, snoop, gangsta rap. We couldn't walk 5 blocks without being hit up by some fools. I call it the nut up you on your own GEN. As awhite boy, you had to be mighty ready. I'm still fit af from it 😄😄👍🍻🍻🍻
  • PenZen
    PenZen 3 months ago 420 likes ayyyyy
  • Jesse W.
    Jesse W. 3 months ago @James Tony ok boomer
  • DarkShadow 1177
    DarkShadow 1177 2 months ago @Luc Robillard Damn it you beat me!
  • some boi who just don't give a damn no more
    some boi who just don't give a damn no more 2 months ago Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... My god what a beautiful duwang
  • Jose Leon
    Jose Leon 2 months ago good morning America is a great country to go to the best restaurants of duty and to the great lakes of the world in my opinion on what to eat and
  • some boi who just don't give a damn no more
    some boi who just don't give a damn no more 2 months ago @Jose Leon are you from Canada?
  • The Flying Sailor
    The Flying Sailor 2 months ago Perfectly balanced... as they should be.
  • Jose Leon
    Jose Leon 2 months ago Jose leon Alfonso leon and my wife and I have two friends who were born to the world of a great world with this beautiful new world that we are now seeing as a great opportunity and my experience in baseball has helped
  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 1 month ago I need a phat beat to beat down my friend. Tony Stark
  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 1 month ago @some boi who just don't give a damn no more "That gauntlet really compliments your hands, Thanos."
  • Sweet Marshy Mellow
    Sweet Marshy Mellow 1 month ago Perfectly Balanced as all things should be...
  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 3 weeks ago James Tony shut the fuck up
  • Robin Alberti
    Robin Alberti 2 weeks ago It's not funny
  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 2 weeks ago Robin Alberti yes it is
  • Pyscho Killer
    Pyscho Killer 1 week ago They Could Have Joked About Thanos At Thanos At That Time, But They didn't Know Who The Hell Was Thanos Until The Movie Came Out
  • Nerd Monger
    Nerd Monger 3 months ago Thanos: who are you? Kira Yoshikage: I'm you, but stronger
  • Orange Soda
    Orange Soda 2 months ago No offense but Thanos would destroy Kira easily
  • TheJerryYouTube
    TheJerryYouTube 2 months ago Nerd Monger bitch please Thanos is the strongest man alive
  • EvilDeadlyWarrior
    EvilDeadlyWarrior 2 months ago @TheJerryYouTube he is not a god
  • some boi who just don't give a damn no more
    some boi who just don't give a damn no more 2 months ago DIO: looks down on the plebs from the world above heaven
  • VeggieGodGamer
    VeggieGodGamer 2 months ago @TheJerryYouTube all kira needs to do is touch him and he's dead💀
  • Nerd Monger
    Nerd Monger 1 month ago People this was a joke Also Bites the Dust. Nuff said.
  • DoctorForeman 1963
    DoctorForeman 1963 1 month ago @some boi who just don't give a damn no more Jotaro does the same to DIO Brando
  • DO Strn
    DO Strn 1 month ago GORUDO EKUSUPIRIENSU
  • Flamestoyer
    Flamestoyer 3 weeks ago TheJerryYouTube just send him to another universe because the infinity stones only work in one universe
  • Shane Tella
    Shane Tella 2 weeks ago touch the infinaty glove = victory
  • nobody _
    nobody _ 2 weeks ago @Orange Soda Killer queen has already touched that gauntlet click
  • Calb Exists
    Calb Exists 1 week ago Bites the Dust could easily defeat Thanos
  • i am a loaf made from bread
    i am a loaf made from bread 3 days ago @TheJerryYouTube The One Above All The Living Tribunal Ahh so much more to the list.
  • TheJerryYouTube
    TheJerryYouTube 3 days ago Flamestoyer I thought all universes had infinity stones
  • Henry Sasser
    Henry Sasser 4 months ago I see a mix of Jojo fans, Marvel fans, and confused Queen fans
  • Gaming with F1restorm
    Gaming with F1restorm 2 months ago Henry Sasser I am a confused Queen fan
  • DisappointingMemberOfSociety
    DisappointingMemberOfSociety 2 months ago Jokes on you, I’m all of them
    BRUNO BUCCIARATI 2 months ago Haha I’m all bro
  • doppikira
    doppikira 2 months ago I'm 2/3 of that
  • Keninja Greninja
    Keninja Greninja 2 months ago @Gaming with F1restorm I can explain if you'd like
  • Crayz
    Crayz 1 month ago how tf did this happens
  • DogDoesGames101
    DogDoesGames101 1 month ago Epic funny jojo
  • Grey 5
    Grey 5 1 month ago I am a marvel fan, and a confused queen fan
  • CrazyCharGaming
    CrazyCharGaming 1 month ago I'm all three lmao
  • Food Gamer
    Food Gamer 1 month ago @Keninja Greninja Please do
  • Keninja Greninja
    Keninja Greninja 1 month ago @Food Gamer In the anime Jojo's bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable, the main villan, Yoshikage Kira, has a stand called Killer Queen. In Jojo's, a stand is the physical manifestation of a person's fighting spirit that varies greatly from person to person. Kira's stand also has some other abilities, such as Sheer Heart Attack and Bite The Dust. As you can see, the creator if Jojo's really likes his music references.
  • Crown
    Crown 1 month ago I’m all of them mixed together hun
  • Annie Belanger
    Annie Belanger 1 month ago (edited) ""BITE ZA DUSTO"" (JoJo fan by the way)
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    Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 1 month ago So Zoomers, Soyboys, and Boomers?
  • Evan Espino
    Evan Espino 1 month ago Y a r e y a r e
  • Felix Bruyns
    Felix Bruyns 1 month ago I looked up what you meant, and I've never heard of the anime (which shows how little interest I have in anime). I actually thought you meant that little girl who looked like Britney's little sister had covered this song. XDD I also did not know of the existence of that other thing, which I gather is comic book related (again, zero interest). Now Queen- them I know!
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    Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 1 month ago @Felix Bruyns JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • ChanMan 2802
    ChanMan 2802 1 month ago All I see are a bunch of bitches.
  • S Lee
    S Lee 1 month ago What can I say except my identity and I don't want to do that or time'll reset
  • Brick Man
    Brick Man 2 weeks ago The characters are named after singers, or musicians , and their stands are named after their band or album name
  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos 3 months ago Queen initially wasnt going to release the song, but it was Michael Jackson who pushed them to release it.
  • david penuela
    david penuela 3 months ago Anthony Campos wat
  • MyTwentyOneDiscos01
    MyTwentyOneDiscos01 3 months ago Well thank God for that
  • Joseph Looney
    Joseph Looney 2 months ago Wonder what kind of leverage mj could of had on him ;)
  • James Gould
    James Gould 2 months ago @Joseph Looney oh come on that was obvious
  • Clementines Father
    Clementines Father 2 months ago Wait wdym
  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos 2 months ago @Joseph Looney what leverage? Michael thought it was a good song and recommended that they release it. Plain and simple.
  • Lolflopguy1
    Lolflopguy1 2 months ago He must of liked jojo and been able to see the future
  • Lolflopguy1
    Lolflopguy1 2 months ago that's not a jojo reference wtf
  • Ross Frank
    Ross Frank 2 months ago @Lolflopguy1 your getting reported
  • Lolflopguy1
    Lolflopguy1 2 months ago @Ross Frank @Ross Frank not if i use za hando to erase the report
  • tomatotimmy
    tomatotimmy 2 months ago @Lolflopguy1 idk, its kinda like how not everything is about jojo and when the jojo fanbase does stuff like this it drives people away from jojo and at the same time makes fans of jojo begin to dislike the fanbase because stuff like his gets obnoxious after a while... but idk, im just guessing.
  • Joan Hall
    Joan Hall 2 months ago Yeah, I remember when this song came out. I always had the feeling that it was a surprise hit for them.
  • PsYan #3390
    PsYan #3390 1 month ago @Joseph Looney oh my fucking god stop
  • TiffyGames
    TiffyGames 1 month ago Thanks for the fun facts. Roger actually talked about Michael coming in and listening to them make music. Roger's Michael voice impersonation is golden, might i add xD rip Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury ❤
  • Corbin Petty's Vhs Land
    Corbin Petty's Vhs Land 1 month ago Anthony Campos wow
  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 1 month ago They should've gave him a ft. because Michael would've sounded great in this
  • Crown
    Crown 4 weeks ago Ross Frank Putting you on r/youngpeopleyoutube
  • Cole Taylor
    Cole Taylor 4 weeks ago Really? Cool!
  • mctcgm _
    mctcgm _ 2 weeks ago killer queen pushed the button
  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid 1 week ago surprised hee hee noises
  • DoctorForeman 1963
    DoctorForeman 1963 2 days ago @Ross Frank ok boomer
  • Obi
    Obi 5 months ago Dust: exists Queen: it’s free real estate
  • Leonardo De Alba
    Leonardo De Alba 3 months ago Another one: cronch
  • cfranklin1
    cfranklin1 2 months ago me: chews up dust and swallows kira: killer queen has already touched that dust CLICK BLOW
  • Yeetus To The Feetus
    Yeetus To The Feetus 1 month ago yes. Yes yes
  • TheGalaxySpinosaurus
    TheGalaxySpinosaurus 4 months ago Kira queen has already touched the infinity stones! Blows up thanos
  • Luc Robillard
    Luc Robillard 4 months ago one of the few comments that inclide jojo AND marvel stuff
  • Alvor the blacksmith
    Alvor the blacksmith 3 months ago What is this, a crossover episode?
  • Bush Hiders
    Bush Hiders 3 months ago This is the fucking "UWU notices your bulge" of shit you could've written in the comments retaining to Jojo and/or Marvel.
  • Igbinedion
    Igbinedion 2 months ago @Bush Hiders and it's beautiful
  • Umbra
    Umbra 2 months ago (if its a joke) So that's why Thanos was disintegrated in Endgame! Killer Queen touched his Infinity Gauntlet and nobody saw cuz they aren't stand users! (If it's serious) That's not gonna phase Thanos, Adam Warlock erased the Marvel Multiverse, cosmic beings included and only Thanos remained. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and or Heart of The Universe solos all of Jojo, GER included.
  • Simply Gaming
    Simply Gaming 2 months ago @Umbra Yeah but, consider the fact that we dont know the true limits of what Killer Queen can explode. Say, for example, what IS to stop Killer Queen from just exploding the gauntlet itself, seeing as how if the gauntlet is the thing exploding, all that matters is that Kira somehow stays alive long enough to get KQ to touch the gauntlet and explode it, because Thanos cannot see stands (Unless for some reason he is a stand user.) If the gauntlet is gone, Thanos is kinda fucked IMO. Also, as far as we know, requiem stands are created to serve a specific purpose to the situation they were made in (SCR protected the arrow, because the arrow needed to be kept safe for Polnareff's needs, and GER specifically counters the thing that makes King Crimson so strong, in that it removes any unfair advantage with time shenanigans and gains a ranged attack, something that leaves King Crimson defenseless so long as Giorno stays out of range). So, assuming that a NEW requiem stand is made while fighting Thanos, there is a good chance that the stand will dominate him.