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Скачать с ютуб Find your Kojima name with my simple 11-page form | Unraveled BONUS

Опубликовано: 11 нояб. 2019 г. 889 789 просмотров

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Death Stranding has some wild characters, but this isn't the first time Hideo Kojima has had fun with names. Now, you can find your own Kojima name with the help of Brian David Gilbert's Kojima Name Generator. You can download the generator here:

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  • Polygon
    Polygon 4 months ago You can download the name generator here: And when you're done, please post your explanatory monologue, or else how will I know who you are? - The Lewd Improvisationman
  • Nick D.
    Nick D. 4 months ago Thanks dad
  • The Shamanite
    The Shamanite 4 months ago Aquarius pre-Ophiuchus. I'd say we have the same sign Brian, but the chaos God Ophiuchus decided to make a point that he existed and we all hate him now for it.
  • Nate Zabinski
    Nate Zabinski 4 months ago @ Drawfee do a drawing challenge for this.
  • Garrett Grisso
    Garrett Grisso 4 months ago polygon has uploaded other things to scribd, including the faze clan / tfue lawsuit that i didn’t know about and apparently has something to do with water conservation in colorado and in the limited amount i’m willing to read of legal documents it doesn’t seem to be a joke
  • Ollie Fischer
    Ollie Fischer 4 months ago so do we now have to fully address BDG as The Lewd Improvisationman, Safety Fan and Bureaucratic Wunderkind? also i'm Big Flyswatting Packerman. nice to meetcha. you might think being an expert flyswatter would come in handy, with me working at this meat packing plant like i do. but actually, not so much. the USDA requires us to keep any insect infiltration on the most stringent lockdown. and believe you me, it doesn't feel good to let my best talent go ignored for so long... angsty thousand-yard stare
  • Macdoo
    Macdoo 4 months ago Hi, I’m Peeler Conurbation, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I realised that as people come together, they are torn apart. I, peeler conurbation am a VIOLENT SPY with PSYCHIC PARASITES who seeks to tear people apart literally before they come together figuratively.
  • Jadeite Nephrite
    Jadeite Nephrite 4 months ago Howdy, I'm The Old Death. I'm a spoop-kid, who, despite being a minor, is now old! Okay, zoomer. Ugh. I winced just typing that. Yeah. I guess I kill people now. I got hired as a reaper, haha.
  • Fart Man
    Fart Man 4 months ago Hi, I’m The Old Loneliness, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I didn't know what to put in this generator at all because I am very uncultured, and man, it would've sucked to have "unknown" for my last name because I put unknown for a lot of my answers.
  • JXPD
    JXPD 4 months ago Where's the suit?
  • Giu Alonso
    Giu Alonso 4 months ago I'm Editing Terrier and you guessed it right: I got this name because I hate dangling prepositions and small dogs
  • Robyn
    Robyn 4 months ago Okay, I get it. Smol kid on stage says naughty joke so we must gasp. But really, did the joke land or not? I need to know if it made anyone laugh or this will haunt me at night.
  • Sir Cookays
    Sir Cookays 4 months ago I got a fucking 6 and had to do all of these I hate/love you 1 Exist Chalice 2 Fine Meandering Cashier 3 Chalice Cashier-man 4 The Humvee-man 5 Old Solid Greyhound-man 6 Humvee Hot Knife-man 7 Exist Procrastinating
  • Luuk van de Pasch
    Luuk van de Pasch 4 months ago Watching a Video. Y'know, I watch videos sometimes.
  • Troy Mundschenk
    Troy Mundschenk 4 months ago Hi, I'm Old Cancer Shepherd. If you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. It's been a long many years since I lost my father to the beast. Ever since then, I swore that I wouldn't let it take anybody else. Cancer will claim no more victims under my watch. I've taken it upon myself to end their suffering before it can deal the final blow, shepherding them to their inevitable end.
  • Amaury Launay
    Amaury Launay 4 months ago Hi. I am Sneaky Chemist, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. When I was a little kid, I loved dinosaurs. But dinosaurs were killed by a meteor, so I started loving space. But it's really hard to become an astronaut, so I wanted to be an airplane pilot instead. Being really good at science, I started working in the aerospace industry, but as a chemist, using my formidable knowledge of material chemistry to create new and exotic alloys and ceramics used in top-of-the-line aircraft. One thing that may not be obvious, given my large build, is that I am deceptively sneaky. It is my hope that one day I will manage to sneak aboard a spacecraft and finally achieve my childhood dream.
  • Blooded Reaper, Day
    Blooded Reaper, Day 4 months ago Hi, I'm Ego Studentman, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you, I... don't actually know, I got hit by a bus and when I woke up I could not remember anything but then I found this piece of paper in my pocket with 'Section 13: Explaining Your Name' written on the top and only the name filled out so I guess it's my name now.
  • XxRedShadowxX
    XxRedShadowxX 4 months ago Hi, I'm The Big Panty Shot. And if you're wondering how I got this name, well let me tell you. Kids are mean.
  • Bryan Noah
    Bryan Noah 4 months ago @Fart Man idk 'The Old Unknown' sounds kinda badass
  • rainbowmessenger
    rainbowmessenger 4 months ago I feel like I didn't do the worksheet right, or did it too well, but my name is apparently Oldfuck Obsessingman, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you that I was old once ... and then I got really obsessed with sex. Can't stop thinking about sex. My truck's got porn magazines spilling out the doors. That's just how it is sometimes, and humanity is powerless to stop it. (/puts on eyepatch, smokes cigar)
  • Morning Dusk
    Morning Dusk 4 months ago what mic are you using in this video?
  • ely
    ely 4 months ago hi! im a paranoid but fun loving girl that doesn't like the idea of having to sign up for a new service to download a one off activity sheet. maybe try any other file hoster that doesn't force a signup in order to both download or just print.
  • Camille Colburn
    Camille Colburn 4 months ago @Jadeite Nephrite You might be a minor, but you're older than you were a year ago. Thus making you Old.
  • Curly Brace
    Curly Brace 4 months ago Hi, I'm Anthelia Hacker, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well let me tell you. First of all I'm a big space science nerd, and so my first name comes from this weird phenonmenon where this faint light appears in the sky, directly opposite where the sun is. I like to think I am a light in the darkness, yet one that is not fully understood. Totally subtle, isn't it? Definitely a metaphor you gotta think about for a bit. My last name is Hacker because I "hack" computers. You know, like in the movie "Hackers." Which sadly does not feature Kurt Russel.
  • Lina
    Lina 4 months ago Polygon Hi. I‘m Unathletic Virgo Golden Hamsterman and if you‘re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. A combination of misfortunes led to me being born under the astronomic sign of Virgo which contradicted my apparently sexual nature. In honour of my old companion Teddy, I carried on his athletic spirit to be a reminder of my own sporty failure. // I laughed so much when I got horny name but had to add my sign! Virgo is like the complete opposite hahah! This was so much fun to do!
  • Run the Memes
    Run the Memes 4 months ago Here's the 7 names that I Got. My stories are a mystery you have to figure out (or maybe I don't want to write it, just fuck off) : 1.Old Student Macready - Man 2.Isekai Remo 3.Good Old Liquid Fish Student 4. The Musical Attack Man 5.Talking with Dad 6.Old Infrared Kitchen Knife 7.Ramon Perez
  • Brianna B.
    Brianna B. 4 months ago Hey, it's me, Good Fist Singing. Now, you might think I earned that name through some kind of artistic skill in hand-to-hand combat, or maybe a handheld percussion instrument. But no -- I'm just a generally content person, who can't resist making a dirty joke and has perfect pitch. It's nice to meet you Mr. Improvisationman.
  • Araujo Daisuki
    Araujo Daisuki 4 months ago Hi, I'm Old Actor Vitro, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you, somw guy on the internet made me fill ou an 11 page worksheet to gain this name
  • Zero
    Zero 4 months ago Kind extra, not your typical name. It forged my identity. I am forever in the background, but always there... always. I have seen it all, seen society at it's lowest, seen it rise again. I know everything but no one ever sees me. Yeah my name sucks.
  • Fart Man
    Fart Man 4 months ago @Bryan Noah damn.. thanks bro
  • betacheese
    betacheese 4 months ago Hi, i'm Plasma Lickable hamster, and if you’re wondering how i got this name, well, let me tell you. I once got really high on shrooms while listening to joy division. I decided to try to lick a hamster for the thrill of it, and started to lick its fur. I just couldn’t stop. Eventually, the hamster was nothing but a pile of goop and plasma. I now have crippling PTSD and get flashbacks everytime i see a hamster.
  • Sam V King
    Sam V King 4 months ago Hi I'm The Spidersman. If you're wondering how I got this name, it's been the subject of several comic books and movies.