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Скачать с ютуб 20 Wilderness Survival Tips!

Опубликовано: 13 янв. 2017 г. 5 143 498 просмотров

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Вот несколько полезных приемов выживания в дикой местности, которые могут просто спасти день!


Навыки активного отдыха для выживания в дикой местности, кустарничества, походов и кемпинга.



  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 6 months ago Number 1: Punch a tree Number 2: Make a crafting table
  • GamingGodJon - Roblox
    GamingGodJon - Roblox 6 months ago thanks :D
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 5 months ago Woo 100 likes
  • Zoe_ Xblackroses
    Zoe_ Xblackroses 5 months ago Lol is like minecraft
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 5 months ago Woo 200 Likes
  • Jaidyn K
    Jaidyn K 4 months ago Number 3: Kill sheep to get wool for a bed
  • ConDeGamer
    ConDeGamer 4 months ago minecraft
  • Yvonne Böhm
    Yvonne Böhm 4 months ago Endie Boy or make a scissor for 2 iron pieces xDdd
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 4 months ago Woo 300 likes
  • ScopeyKim
    ScopeyKim 4 months ago Minecraft reference lol
  • Royclash _
    Royclash _ 4 months ago Creeper
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 4 months ago @Royclash _ aaww maaan
  • Royclash _
    Royclash _ 4 months ago @Jyrsky so we back in the mine
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 4 months ago Woo 400 likes
  • FurnitureFan
    FurnitureFan 4 months ago @Jaidyn K What, even. Dude. No one kills sheep to get wool.
  • Jaidyn K
    Jaidyn K 4 months ago FurnitureFan then how do you get wool for your first night then
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 3 months ago Woo 500 likes
  • Gacha Gamer WolfYT
    Gacha Gamer WolfYT 3 months ago Jyrsky number three: make stocks Number four: make a wooden pick axe and look for stone and coal 😉
  • Phoebe Fenton
    Phoebe Fenton 3 months ago Mine craft
  • Ethan Gagnon
    Ethan Gagnon 3 months ago Number 3: make a house Number 4: you aren't a pro killer so dont try killing a horde of drowned with a stick
  • ok boomer
    ok boomer 3 months ago Number 3: Craft 2 Sticks make sure to Have 3 oak wood, and craft a wooden pickaxe Number 4: Get stone, make stone pickaxe and yeet that wood outta there.
  • FurnitureFan
    FurnitureFan 3 months ago @Jaidyn K In Minecraft? How to get wool without killing sheep? Click on shears. (You can search for video clips on that).
  • TharusThe Dragon
    TharusThe Dragon 2 months ago " Watch out for fall damage "
  • king sasho
    king sasho 2 months ago Thanks for minecraft information
  • Tila adda TUBE
    Tila adda TUBE 2 months ago I tried what steve can do in real life and my nucles still hurt but their bigger and harder but im not gonna do it again but not so bad.
  • TopHat Productions
    TopHat Productions 2 months ago We don’t need Minecraft kids here...
  • Son Lê Hoàng
    Son Lê Hoàng 2 months ago hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about survival prepping checklist try Lonnonnar Survival Quickie ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.
  • C. Clytor
    C. Clytor 1 month ago Jyrsky Big fucker
  • Dembe -
    Dembe - 1 month ago Fuck off you bastard lol
  • Chicken with a knife
    Chicken with a knife 1 month ago @Zoe_ Xblackroses no shit
  • Jono Pearson
    Jono Pearson 1 month ago Joker
  • привет мой товарищ
    привет мой товарищ 1 month ago Problem; I followed number 1 to the best of my ability but I’m afraid my hands are now reduced into a pulp
  • Woah Duck
    Woah Duck 4 weeks ago Woo 900 likes
  • RNG Raptor
    RNG Raptor 3 weeks ago 1k like
  • Jesse Reeves vlogs
    Jesse Reeves vlogs 1 week ago Haha
  • mxchevy
    mxchevy 1 year ago puts piping hot rocks in boots forgets about rocks puts boots on
  • #1 ratbag
    #1 ratbag 1 year ago awd_drift they’d be cool by the time you forget about them
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 11 months ago Tjats something Patrick Star would do
  • N O R M A L H U M A N
    N O R M A L H U M A N 11 months ago If a dude screams like hell and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 11 months ago N O R M A L H U M A N I sure heard myself lol
  • Howard Chernikoff
    Howard Chernikoff 11 months ago May lead to trench foot.
  • PPbeast
    PPbeast 11 months ago awd_drift that was a lame joke!
  • Its me Yoda
    Its me Yoda 11 months ago N O R M A L H U M A N i think ive found by berrys
  • Denisebailey221
    Denisebailey221 11 months ago That's cool
  • vapormissile
    vapormissile 10 months ago (melts boots, dies from frostbite)
  • Russell Frazier
    Russell Frazier 10 months ago @PPbeast that was a lame comment
  • PPbeast
    PPbeast 10 months ago Russell Frazier you have a lame life
  • Martin Silva
    Martin Silva 10 months ago I burnt my boots buaaaaa
    PAPABEAR Lang 10 months ago rather it b a rock than a scorpion or deadly spider!!!!!lool
  • Toasty Engineer
    Toasty Engineer 10 months ago OW FUCK
  • Consciouscan't
    Consciouscan't 10 months ago oof
  • Raafee Khan
    Raafee Khan 9 months ago Pretty sure you are gonna be wondering why your boot feels so heavy when putting them on!
  • F.Margaret Ellison mabe
    F.Margaret Ellison mabe 9 months ago Does this damage the boots?
  • Kristóf Kovács
    Kristóf Kovács 8 months ago You will just burn not die, but it reminded me of an Iron Maiden song. :D
  • FreddyNoR
    FreddyNoR 8 months ago @#1 ratbag r/woosh
  • Astroturtle Gaming
    Astroturtle Gaming 8 months ago I ruined the 444 likes have fun people with ocd... Now it’s bothering me
  • Eva Lu
    Eva Lu 7 months ago awd_drift , them would be some heavy boots.
  • Irish rich
    Irish rich 6 months ago 😂😂
  • Cracker gaming
    Cracker gaming 6 months ago awd_drift and it would burn the souls of the shoes