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Скачать с ютуб CS:GO - NiP vs. FaZe [Cbble] Map 1 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Oakland 2017

Опубликовано: 19 нояб. 2017 г. 352 808 просмотров

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Intel® Extreme Masters has arrive for the 3rd stop of Season 12, IEM Oakland. Over the weekend the Oracle Arena will be filled with thousands of roaring fans who will lift the roof for world class CS:GO action. Catch up on all the games:

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  • Tommy Mack
    Tommy Mack 2 years ago 47:49 WTF IS THAT GET RIGHT OH MY GOD!
  • João Brasil
    João Brasil 2 years ago match 9:00
  • Enzo Silva
    Enzo Silva 2 years ago essa presepada toda no começo pra q neh? 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  • terbang kebawah
    terbang kebawah 2 years ago 2nd half 36:16
  • Z_Teff6
    Z_Teff6 2 years ago João Brasil I
  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 years ago João Brasil thanks
  • H5gaming
    H5gaming 1 year ago João Brasil o
  • Bungy Bounce
    Bungy Bounce 2 years ago Just a few minutes away from this, I’m dumb for not going.
  • Eternity
    Eternity 2 years ago 9:00 Match start ! Enjoy the match guys ;)
  • CN Car Accident
    CN Car Accident 2 years ago ty from China
  • Benson Tauro
    Benson Tauro 2 years ago thanks
  • Huib Poot
    Huib Poot 2 years ago Thanks
  • Kartik Pingale
    Kartik Pingale 2 years ago Will do sir!
    MATHEUS BRITEZ 2 years ago Well Played
  • Junaid Hassan
    Junaid Hassan 2 years ago Th real mvp
  • João Paulo
    João Paulo 2 years ago 47:45 Get transfer
  • Victor Santos
    Victor Santos 1 year ago Control
  • Stan Mash
    Stan Mash 2 years ago (edited) 43:40 my mans seen some shit with that thousand yard stare
  • Erika Spencer
    Erika Spencer 2 years ago 50:38 Wtf, Justin Bieber playin pro CS
  • wtf is wrong With me
    wtf is wrong With me 2 years ago Hhahhaha yes
  • sam k
    sam k 2 years ago Draken was damn amazing!!!!
  • stickup11
    stickup11 1 year ago 3:13 why is threat not standing besides the rest of the team? he just hides behind the scenes lmao xD
  • Xylene
    Xylene 2 years ago The guy in the crowd going "WOOOOO" every 10 seconds pissed me off so much
  • m1ka
    m1ka 2 years ago Xylene Cobalt it’s not just one person you fucking idiot
  • AggresiveGamma
    AggresiveGamma 2 years ago Xylene Cobalt I saw this as a guy goes "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
  • Hol la
    Hol la 2 years ago m1ka Ahh the internet
  • wtf is wrong With me
    wtf is wrong With me 2 years ago When did olofmeister John faze
  • badkid
    badkid 2 years ago (edited) NiP 🤘💪
  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 years ago 11:29 did niko just jump on and then off the grenade mid air
  • I h a v e N o M o u t h B u t I M u s t M e m e
    I h a v e N o M o u t h B u t I M u s t M e m e 2 years ago xist actually did it the madman
  • King
    King 2 years ago Xizt the USP king LMFAOO
  • Krishna Srini
    Krishna Srini 2 years ago second half starts 32:22
  • Peace Of Mind
    Peace Of Mind 2 years ago OLD SCHOOL
  • KarliN
    KarliN 2 years ago What the HECK?! Hahahahahahha Amazing!!
  • Grant Han
    Grant Han 2 years ago forest is the man!
  • TheChosenThree
    TheChosenThree 2 years ago I stopped watching and playing csgo for a couple of months then..... Guardian looks like that pc guy from south park... holy shit