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Скачать с ютуб DIY Paper Flowers

Опубликовано: 22 янв. 2018 г. 415 369 просмотров

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Learn how to make these easy and cheap paper flowers! With a total cost of under $5, they are perfect for baby and bridal showers! They can also be used a permanent decor in a baby nursery!

  • fruitofcreation
    fruitofcreation 10 months ago This is great for old fashion magazines
  • Life of Kay
    Life of Kay 7 months ago This was so great! Great marker tip!
  • Najae Jones
    Najae Jones 1 year ago How did you make the gold leaves on the side?
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Najae Jones I used this tutorial for the leaves. Also, side note, I didn’t have any gold paper so I spray painted some card stock gold. 😂
  • SophellaLime
    SophellaLime 2 days ago lol
  • Addy Aminah Martinez
    Addy Aminah Martinez 11 months ago Question. Couod u do this with regular construction paper?
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 11 months ago I have not tried but I think you could. They will just look a bit different and not be as stiff. They will be lighter, which might make them easier to hang. Let me know how it goes if you try it! Good luck!
  • Eve Louise
    Eve Louise 4 months ago No I don’t think so construction paper will be way too thin and wouldn’t stand up like the Cardstock.
  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 1 year ago This is a great tutorial! Thank you!
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Thank you for watching!
  • Gleeful Blog Fambam
    Gleeful Blog Fambam 1 year ago You should angle your camera above your tutorial so that way we can actually see what you're showing us since the lighting is dim
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 11 months ago Thank you for your feedback. I am in the process of learning a lot of new techniques for taking better videos. Try turning up the brightness of your screen and you can also follow along with pictures on my blog.
  • jasmine O2kolo
    jasmine O2kolo 10 months ago Kendall Burns you’re doing a great job love your tutorial and nice paper flower 🌸 keep up the good work
  • Loraine Tate
    Loraine Tate 8 months ago Thank you!! This was PERFECT!!!
  • anam saud
    anam saud 1 year ago Girl you made my life easier. You made it so simple and easy. Thanks!
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago anam saud I am so happy that my tutorial was helpful!! You are welcome! 😘
  • msbutterfly2662
    msbutterfly2662 5 months ago Thanks for the video, you're so funny, I can't wait to make these for my walls.
  • Nyderah Shante'
    Nyderah Shante' 1 year ago This was great thank you for a detailed tutorial I cant wait to do these
  • thabassum parakkal
    thabassum parakkal 1 year ago I'm
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Thank you for watching! I hope it was helpful!
  • LoveTheHorrorOfItAll
    LoveTheHorrorOfItAll 1 month ago These are beautiful flowers!! The video was so very easy to follow. And I really appreciate your using a simple pattern with scissors, because a cutting machine is way beyond my budget. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea freely. New subscriber and follower. Have a great one !!
  • Kendra Hacker
    Kendra Hacker 1 year ago Great tutorial! Where is the link for tutorial on the center of the flower on the far right?
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Kendra Hacker hi there! Thanks for your comment! I found those flower centers on this blog!
  • Jenifer Padilla
    Jenifer Padilla 1 year ago Its my first time watching you and i really love how you explain and answer all the questions in the comments . After watching this video I had to subscribe .
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Thank you so much! That means so much to me! I am very pregnant so I've taken a long break from posting new content but I'm working on it so, hang tight! New stuff coming soon!
  • Tots Knows all
    Tots Knows all 9 months ago I really like making smaller flowers, putting pins on the back, and making really fun-looking custom broaches. It’s a great thing to make for friends and family
  • Maggie Mizrachi
    Maggie Mizrachi 1 year ago Thank you, It's so pretty!!
  • Sherry Berardino
    Sherry Berardino 5 months ago Absolutely gorgeous,I’m glad I found you , beautiful job .TFS
  • Sebastian Machado
    Sebastian Machado 5 months ago Sherry Berardino bruh what
  • Janet Butler
    Janet Butler 7 months ago So glad I found this demo. I love a bargain idea. I have my wedding to make Dec's for and my granddaughter wants a flower wall in her room. You're a gem x
  • Lisa Cassidy
    Lisa Cassidy 9 months ago Thank you for such a great tutorial! Could you tell me where to find the link for the option for the inside portion of the other flowers? You mentioned a link, but I don't see it. Thanks!
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 8 months ago Hi there! Thanks for watching! I found those flower centers on this blog...
  • Crystal Riojas
    Crystal Riojas 1 year ago Thank you that's was a great tutorial☺️
  • destiny martinez
    destiny martinez 1 year ago Love this video! Going to save it and give it a try! ❤️
  • Kendall Burns
    Kendall Burns 1 year ago Thank you for watching! I hope it was helpful!