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Скачать с ютуб HONEY BOO BOO ABBEY: SEXIMOUS MAMA (Mashterpiece Theatre) #3 | Ceciley

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Welcome, my sweetie darlings, to another season of Mashterpiece Presents!  We are forcing together another unlikely couple: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo \u0026 Downton Abbey.  The honeyed words of Honey Boo Boo placed in Downton's aristocratic mouths have us all drooling for more!  Huzzah!


Be a creeper:
Instagram: cecmonster
THE HOST played by Christopher Redman!/iCHRIS_REDMAN


LADY CHUBBS played by Elvy Yost

Created \u0026 Directed by Ceciley

Produced by Neely Shamam and Maria Pelletier 

Production Coordinator: James Demuth

Production Coordinator: Nick Martin

The Host segments shot by Tyler Carey

Boo Boo segments shot by Alana Fickes

Edited by Leo Mucino

Sound by Sheena Moriarty .

About Ceciley
Ceciley Jenkins is a weirdo. Most of her videos are just excuses to make jokes about Merkins. Because pubic wigs are the basis of all joy in the universe. Not of all joy in the Whedonverse though. The joy there is based on great monologues, kicking ass in a bra and the knowledge that River Song is a Slayer. She's interested in flipping cultural norms, like meatballs from New Jersey speaking in the Queen's English, making camel toe the new cleavage, and letting multiple women have speaking parts in which they make jokes. The best thing that happens with her How To Have Sex videos is that people watch them and don't understand they are comedy videos and they get really upset. Sometimes they wonder if she's ok. This is how she knows she's made a good video. But bragging! Ummm...many people have watched her videos! Either that or there is one very tired mouse somewhere who has clicked refresh around 140 million times. And not everyone gets upset after watching her videos! Sometimes people hire her to make other people upset! I mean to make people laugh! Because of comedy acting on the internet she has gotten to act other places too like that time she yelled MUFF CABBAGE on South Park. You might say Ceciley's channel is like High Tea. It comes from a cozy place, it's fancy \u0026 sometimes there are accents but you are high and this stuff is weird and whoa thank god there are cookies. Cookies with Merkins. Cookies with Merkins and eyes. Make the cookies with merkins and eyes stop looking at me. Make them stop!!! Devil cookieeees! AAAAAAaaah! Run for your lives! SUBSCRIBE TO CECILEY OR THE COOKIES WILL KILL US ALLLLL!!!!