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Скачать с ютуб How Does Pokemon Go Work? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 21 июл. 2016 г. 402 303 просмотра

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We all know that Pokemon Go wants you to catch 'em all, but how does it actually work? Kyle has the Pokescience on this week's Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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  • Isa Quinones
    Isa Quinones 3 years ago Is no one going to talk about how Kyle totally leveled with us at the end there?
  • Samsul Hoque
    Samsul Hoque 3 years ago But can a Dragonite's Hyper Beam melt steel beams?
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Damnit. -- KH
  • This World Is An Illusion
    This World Is An Illusion 2 years ago Samsul Hoque Nope, Hyper Beam is normal type, which isn't very effective against steel types. :P
  • TheOtherNeutrino
    TheOtherNeutrino 1 year ago No since Steel resists Normal attacks. You're better off melting steel with, surprise surprise, Fire attacks.
  • Bitchfakker
    Bitchfakker 1 year ago Hyper Beam cant melt steel beams, Dragonite was an inside job
  • ROEMON Chris
    ROEMON Chris 1 month ago @Bitchfakker confused Pika Face
  • Tahsin Aladağ
    Tahsin Aladağ 3 years ago Kyle? Quick Quesiton: Valor? Mystic?Instinct?
  • Kadranos
    Kadranos 3 years ago So instead of "Pikachu is evolving!" it should say "It's morphing time!"
  • David Vershay
    David Vershay 3 years ago I actually love that you used Metric instead of Imperial. Why? .... Because Science ;D
  • Verion
    Verion 3 years ago becouse it's the only viable system to use :P
  • Niklas Gransjøen
    Niklas Gransjøen 3 years ago Yes!
  • Matt Liggett
    Matt Liggett 3 years ago It's a better way to measure
  • Pearls-for-cats
    Pearls-for-cats 3 years ago I feel like Pokemon Go! will probably help the usage of metric because the app itself uses the metric system, so people who where never taught it are going to start getting a good idea of what a Kilometre is from how much 'jogger' progress they are making.
  • David Soto
    David Soto 3 years ago +Setillos Agreed
  • Amanda Riviera
    Amanda Riviera 3 years ago It still confuses me why people don't like it. Whether it is what you learnt originally or not, it's simpler. I hope people do open up to it, whether from this app or not.
  • Pearls-for-cats
    Pearls-for-cats 3 years ago @Amanda Riviera Very true. It would be nice if every country would use it, its so much more simple and better conceived than imperial. Btw cute dog picture!
  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago Science in America always uses the metric system.
  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago @Kutlu Mızrak That's what I said...
  • Kaiidth_Calico
    Kaiidth_Calico 3 years ago Trying to listen to Kyle talk Pokescience....keep getting distracted by his magnificent shirt. (⊙_⊙)
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Get it at Hot Topic! -- KH
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago DISCLAIMER: There is currently a 3-paw glitch for players all over the world. If none of your paw prints ever change, just keep the circles tip in the back of your brain until Niantic fixes it! -- KH
  • Pablo Leiva
    Pablo Leiva 3 years ago 1footprint at 40m 2footprints at 60m 3footprints at 90m source: trainer tips channel
  • Narabedla
    Narabedla 3 years ago i heard it isn't a bug, but intended by niantic to take load of the server.
  • FernTheYoutuber
    FernTheYoutuber 3 years ago +Pablo Leiva (Mr_Pv) I heard 3=1km 2=100m 1=10m
  • FernTheYoutuber
    FernTheYoutuber 3 years ago +Pablo Leiva (Mr_Pv) I heard 3=1km 2=100m 1=10m
  • FernTheYoutuber
    FernTheYoutuber 3 years ago +Pablo Leiva (Mr_Pv) I heard 3=1km 2=100m 1=10m
  • nickns732
    nickns732 3 years ago Since it was working at release, and now it suddenly isnt. Yeah I bet they removed it to reduce server load.
  • Luca S.
    Luca S. 3 years ago isnt the middle point simply the point where the distance STOPS decreasing? If you not only use the footprints, but the position of the pokemon in your list (the higher on the left side it is, the closer) you can simply walk to that point and then turn 90 degrees. Saves some steps, doesnt it?
  • Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins 3 years ago We care about you too Kyle & Co.
  • Pablo Leiva
    Pablo Leiva 3 years ago +FernTheYoutuber find the channel trainer tips, they prove in vídeo the fact
  • KeepDoing YourJob
    KeepDoing YourJob 3 years ago I find you as my personal mega inteligent Hero, like Tony Stark, but real, and cooler :) And you know why ? Beacue science.
  • Tom H
    Tom H 3 years ago ...or just walk in circles 'till the end of your life...
  • SyronJAG
    SyronJAG 3 years ago Wow, this is complicated. It's a good thing Kyle's super-hot.
  • Tim Pinnell
    Tim Pinnell 3 years ago I don't think alot of viewers will know the dial-up effect you used when talking about the GPS
  • Kenny Ramdwar
    Kenny Ramdwar 3 years ago thanks kyle!!!!
  • KeepDoing YourJob
    KeepDoing YourJob 3 years ago Omg pikaczu
  • Samuel Silbory
    Samuel Silbory 3 years ago Well they seem to have fixed it by removing the paw prints entirely. You can still sort of do this by paying attention to how they are are ordered, but honestly unless you really want a given Pokemon you are better off just wandering around at a fast walk until your phone buzzes. The best thing you can do for the power of your pokemon is to level your character. (The higher the level you are the higher CP on the pokemon you can capture.) Leveling is all about capturing pokemon, and hatching eggs. Or if you want to spend money drop a couple of lures on a pair of pokestops you can stand/sit between. Or get in your car drive around hitting pokestop until you find one with a lure. Or find a cafe that is luring an in range pokestop.
  • Joseph Cunningham
    Joseph Cunningham 3 years ago do a video of how long it would take night crawler to cross the Atlantic Ocean
  • blackvial
    blackvial 3 years ago hows that hashtag treating you?
  • Feral Instincts
    Feral Instincts 3 years ago #KyleHillRuinedPokémonGO
  • Lance
    Lance 3 years ago Yea too bad they never did or will fix the paw thing
  • Da Watcher
    Da Watcher 3 years ago not anymore
  • Bean bon
    Bean bon 2 years ago Nerdist, sorry but we changed that a while ago.
  • Sarah
    Sarah 1 year ago They removed that feature due to glitches so now I have no clue
  • Jeremiah Sariban
    Jeremiah Sariban 3 years ago end scenes of this segment is the best
  • Andrew Barnson
    Andrew Barnson 3 years ago +
  • Panos P.
    Panos P. 3 years ago Because Science😂😂😄
  • Israel Lai
    Israel Lai 3 years ago wow, how did i not figure out that geometric method?! ....oh yes, because the paw prints never worked
  • Dr. Paladin
    Dr. Paladin 3 years ago Make a video about, if Avada Kedavra can kill Deadpool/Wolverine or Superman😀
  • Niklas Gransjøen
    Niklas Gransjøen 3 years ago Good question, but we simply have no data on how the curse works, other than killing without a trace
  • Shane Austin
    Shane Austin 3 years ago It definitely would kill Superman seeing as magic is one of his biggest weaknesses that isn't kryptonite. Whether he stays dead or not is another matter I suppose.
  • Dr. Paladin
    Dr. Paladin 3 years ago @Shane Austin I guess he would stay dead. As for deadpool I would say the same if suddenly all his cells die
  • Toxic Touch Productions
    Toxic Touch Productions 3 years ago what does the raspberry thing mean? he got it, but I didn't.
  • ᅠKawa
    ᅠKawa 1 year ago The berries in the games have names that are distortions of real fruits and stuff. He said he likes razz berries, and now that he said it out loud he realizes it's raspberries.
  • RickThePotato
    RickThePotato 3 years ago the real question is WHERE DID U GET THAT SHIRT!!!!
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Hot Topic -- KH
  • RickThePotato
    RickThePotato 3 years ago +Nerdist ooh okay thank you!
  • DtWolfwood
    DtWolfwood 3 years ago Pretty sure the paw prints don't work atm.
  • ToabyToastbrot
    ToabyToastbrot 3 years ago jup it's buggy atm
  • Lurkai
    Lurkai 3 years ago i literally walked 2 blocks because 3 scythers were around me 3 steps away and nothign got close. safe to say im sure its 100% bugged right now
  • Marcus Barker
    Marcus Barker 3 years ago +Lurkai this has been confirmed a thousand times over by the users of the /r/pokemongo subreddit. Tracking is broken right meow.
  • Lurkai
    Lurkai 3 years ago @Marcus Barker welp thats just great. thought the company would post something more offocial about it and just put it on hold until it works again. considering its like the main thing people use. id rather just walk around randomly/with an incense on than walk 4 blocks yanno lol
  • Marcus Barker
    Marcus Barker 3 years ago +Lurkai Yeah the PoGo subreddit is absolutely pissed at how little Niantic has said about any of the issues. The ONLY response anyone has gotten from their Twitter was Chris Hardwick, and all he got was "Bear with is we're working on it"
  • edzel lor
    edzel lor 3 years ago pokemon go hype rip 2016 - 2016
  • Kobil Shakur
    Kobil Shakur 2 years ago edzel lor i still play it
  • zac zjuerg
    zac zjuerg 2 years ago Kobil Shakur I play it so much I'm level 40 lol
  • Leaphi Wyndraigon
    Leaphi Wyndraigon 1 year ago 2019 still playing
  • HomegrownTyrone
    HomegrownTyrone 3 years ago Let's be real, prof. Willow is a dilf
  • Reece Crump
    Reece Crump 3 years ago yes. verrry yes.
  • Ramboedah
    Ramboedah 3 years ago There paw prints don't change on my phone, they're constantly at 3
  • William Labes
    William Labes 3 years ago It's bugged. It's going to be fixed sometime next month.
  • John Lukan
    John Lukan 3 years ago Very cool. Now for the servers lol. Here's one for you Kyle. Why won't a perpetual magnetic generator work? People have simply said physics but never fully explained it
  • Gerry12LP
    Gerry12LP 3 years ago because you need to take energy away from the generator to power something which will kill its momentum which will require the generator to take in more energy to keep it mpve, its filling a bucket with a hole in it, simple really
  • B Matt
    B Matt 3 years ago Mechanical generators work by converting mechanical (moving) energy to electrical energy. If a generator is producing electricity, then it is also losing mechanical energy. All functioning generators need an input of energy in order to produce electricity. For example, hydroelectric generators are "pushed" by running water, and gas generators work by first converting the chemical energy in gas into mechanical energy and finally into electricity. "Perpetual" magnetic generators have no energy input, so the only energy that you will get out of it will be a little less (because of friction and such) than that of the first push it was given. It is physically impossible for anything to generate more energy than it consumed.
  • Joren Baplu
    Joren Baplu 3 years ago I have always 3 pawprints, it never changes.
  • Joren Baplu
    Joren Baplu 3 years ago someone else?
  • FlapJack
    FlapJack 3 years ago yes me 2
  • DecafKauffee
    DecafKauffee 3 years ago Yeah it's a common bug. Hopefully Niantic fixes it soon.
  • zak milne
    zak milne 3 years ago same. in Canada.
  • Joren Baplu
    Joren Baplu 3 years ago I am in belgium
  • Arnaud
    Arnaud 3 years ago Same (also belgian)
  • Sullen Secret
    Sullen Secret 3 years ago It's currently broken. :-(
  • vernanonix
    vernanonix 3 years ago The pawprint system has been messed up for several days now.
  • Narabedla
    Narabedla 3 years ago Not broken, disabled. due to the high Server load
  • vernanonix
    vernanonix 3 years ago @Overmind97 It's actually go to know that it's intentional even if inconvenient.
  • Narabedla
    Narabedla 3 years ago +vernanonix because it wouldn't make any sense if it wouldn't work, because they screwed something up, as the script to do exactly this is very basic and easy and because the positions of Pokémon still work it is the rational conclusion (and I heard it somewhere)
  • Marie MacLawder
    Marie MacLawder 3 years ago It's a bug that was created by idiots that were committing not-so-socially-acceptable acts complaining that the poké capture maps were too specific. So, because of these dumbasses, Niantic removed the map feature, creating an error in the coding for the footprints.
  • Sullen Secret
    Sullen Secret 3 years ago @Marie McKennith Then why were pokemon tracking websites that show them via Google Maps created? That doesn't make sense.
  • Marie MacLawder
    Marie MacLawder 3 years ago Remember when you caught a pokemon it would show a map of where you captured it? That's what the idiots were complaining about when their dumb ass decided to play pokemon at their ex's house whilst cheating on their wife.
  • Cem Kaya
    Cem Kaya 3 years ago thets beceaouse servers cant handel every player
    RKIWTIR 3 years ago It works like ingress with AR integration
  • Edoardo Prevelato
    Edoardo Prevelato 3 years ago Pokemon Go's core functions are based entirely on that game - same developers i think
  • Wyoming
    Wyoming 3 years ago both are made by Niantic ^^
  • Ok Bro
    Ok Bro 3 years ago Yes they are from the same devs, and all the stops that you can hack in that game, are the SAME as the poke stops.
  • Adam
    Adam 3 years ago It's the other way around. All of the poke stops/gyms are portals in Ingress. There are a vast number of portals that can be really really close to each other. All the locations in P.Go are in Ingress, but not vice versa.
  • xLEGOboy13x
    xLEGOboy13x 3 years ago Aww man. I was looking forward to something cool this week xD Everyone knows how GPS works (well I would assume most people do). Now what we don't know is what bulbasaur tastes like... Would he taste like an animal or a plant? Or maybe like a chicken salad... These are the questions we should be answering on because science.
  • Ilhan Mosobbir
    Ilhan Mosobbir 3 years ago the real mvp here, along the questions that need to be answered