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Скачать с ютуб Scythe Strategy with a top-ranked player! - The Mill

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Welcome to The Mill. This week I'm going to take the week off and hand the show over to a top-ranked Scythe player. If you've paid any attention to the ranked Scythe Digital Edition games there is no chance you missed the name FOMOF. He's a Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, holds the distinction of over 1300 games played of Scythe and at one point has ranked as high as Top-4 Scythe players in the world! I can think of no better person to walk us through Scythe Strategy. FOMOF was generous enough to share his time with us. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel where he posts his Twitch streams as well as a fantastic series he began where he is going through each mat/faction combo in detail.

Thanking FOMOF is very easy. Please subscribe to his channel, if you're a Scythe fan it's a no-brainer. Hit the bell to find out whenever he makes a video, it's seriously good stuff and the streams I've sat in on have had good commentary explaining turns and making guesses at opponent strategy based on their behavior. He has a grasp on the game that I'll never have.

Please give him a like, a subscribe and hit that bell to get all of the amazing Scythe Digital Edition content that he puts together.

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- A special thank you to Maximilian Berbechelov for The Mill's terrific logo
- Thank you again to FOMOF for the fantastic strategy video