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Скачать с ютуб THE BEST of Tacko Fall's Dunks From 2019 NBA Summer League!

Опубликовано: 23 июл. 2019 г. 221 985 просмотров

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Check out all the best Dunks from Senegal's Tacko Fall at Las Vegas Summer League!

#NBADunkWeek #TackoFall #NBAAfrica

  • Alper896
    Alper896 5 months ago When you play basketball with kids
  • P NG
    P NG 8 months ago 1:45 Tacko fall is a sprinter
  • Democratic Republic Of Congo
    Democratic Republic Of Congo 8 months ago Call Up Kareem To Teach Tacko Fall How To Do The Skyhook And Thats It He Will Break The Game
  • Bruce Bateman
    Bruce Bateman 8 months ago The speed @1:46
  • 砂利より豆腐の方が美味い
    砂利より豆腐の方が美味い 8 months ago Bruce Bateman speedymarjanovic
  • Jaysmoove
    Jaysmoove 8 months ago Scary
  • 砂利より豆腐の方が美味い
    砂利より豆腐の方が美味い 8 months ago 👍
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 4 months ago it doesnt even look like hes running hard but his strides are just so crazy long, takes him three steps to get from the 3 line to the rim.
  • Heartless Robinson
    Heartless Robinson 8 months ago (edited) Somebody call Hakeem olajuwon to help this kid out he is going to be great
  • mjlv123
    mjlv123 8 months ago Tacko needs to improve his jump an his aggressiveness in the low post as well his shooting to dominate.
  • Dan Livni
    Dan Livni 8 months ago Tacko needs to improve his foul shooting
  • Yeo Kenjjo
    Yeo Kenjjo 1 month ago @Dan Livni but nobody can block him
  • Blast OGK
    Blast OGK 1 month ago Yeo Kenjjo so that’s why they foul
    ABDULAZIZ I.S 8 months ago Masha Allah
  • serk bef
    serk bef 1 month ago man jumps like 3 inches😂😂😂
  • Janethan Ricanibante
    Janethan Ricanibante 8 months ago Just give him a contract already!!!
  • Olle Forsberg
    Olle Forsberg 8 months ago I've said it before, this brotha is BOX OFFICE, Celts would be mad not to sign him, it's not like an undrafted rook is gonna be a burden.
  • Alex Han
    Alex Han 7 months ago he needs like a 3 inch vertical to dunk lol
  • IcyboyGaming
    IcyboyGaming 2 weeks ago He doesnt need to jump to dunk, he can dunk on his tip toes.
  • sticksman1979
    sticksman1979 5 months ago Celtics strategy will be easy. Pass it to Tacko in the paint.
  • derpfrog
    derpfrog 5 months ago Mobile, fast,tall, dude has it all Taco Faaaaaal.
    SULIBEAST 1 month ago One of them was up and down
  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 1 month ago Different!
  • adisorn sarabann
    adisorn sarabann 8 months ago He not dunk he layup bro!
  • Reginald Boyd Bugayong
    Reginald Boyd Bugayong 1 month ago When did the DENVER NUGGETS, will play For BOL-BOL?
  • Chia CleMent
    Chia CleMent 8 months ago this guy has broken the game
  • 1999
    1999 8 months ago Lol just wait till we learn how to genetically engineer a fetuses height before it’s born.
  • Alper896
    Alper896 5 months ago Taco tuesday fall
  • The African
    The African 1 month ago Is Tacko really dunking? or is he just putting the ball in the hoop on his tippie toes.