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Скачать с ютуб top 4 best Restoration | Restore axe (knife,sword,hammer)

Опубликовано: 28 февр. 2019 г. 308 288 просмотров

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top 4 best Restoration | Restore axe (knife,sword,hammer)
synthesize 4 best restoration videos

  • johnny rabbitz
    johnny rabbitz 9 months ago i feel like I just watched high school kids play with there dad's tools
  • JP JP
    JP JP 4 weeks ago it is... look how he ""welds" lolll, fuking the father tolls
  • Art Moran
    Art Moran 3 weeks ago I felt like this video had 17 ads.cuz it did
  • Ronnie B
    Ronnie B 2 weeks ago Lol I thought the same thing, amazing the crap that's on YouTube ,I still watched though. Enablers we r lol
  • Xeokym
    Xeokym 1 week ago Amateur hour
  • Shadow Poet
    Shadow Poet 10 months ago what you really want in all that axe rust removal is a cup-shaped rotary wire brush. That would work much faster and more effectively
  • Лев Кирин
    Лев Кирин 9 months ago Рукоять с сучками и трещинами??? Это супер, хочу посмотреть до конца чтобы ещё постибать
  • the Lying Scotsman
    the Lying Scotsman 7 months ago I was having a good laugh and then out came the (sword),wtf most of these relics this guy finds came out of a profile burners dumpster.
  • Xeokym
    Xeokym 1 week ago The ax & sword look like someone's high school metal shop projects. That battle ax was not utility, the handle on the outside of it held on with bolts LOL that is gonna break right off after playing around with it through a few chunks of wood.
  • Tio Shanxs
    Tio Shanxs 3 weeks ago try use a lens protection on your câmera next vídeos, so that u can keep it working fine
  • nineteen-sixty-nine
    nineteen-sixty-nine 9 months ago Good try all the same.Well done mate.
  • g_ the_b
    g_ the_b 3 months ago (edited) ahahah, il wd-40 per togliere il manico del martello (14:10) e l'acqua per forare l'acciaio (25:13). ottimo 😂
    HIP KIN BAY 1 week ago 1:50 I love camera,s glitch
  • Eduardo Barbosa
    Eduardo Barbosa 10 months ago manda uma para mim
  • Лев Кирин
    Лев Кирин 9 months ago Закалка просто кайф, это нужно в учебниках писать...
  • Pandumin
    Pandumin 3 weeks ago There’s 1 ad every 3 minutes
  • Gordon Verrall
    Gordon Verrall 11 months ago The Pike Sword should have a 6ft handle on it.
  • ЧСВшный MooDucK
    ЧСВшный MooDucK 10 months ago Почему ручки постоянно из говна и палок?
  • JP JP
    JP JP 4 weeks ago (edited) 38:18 - iam getting crazy with this psicadelic thing. why dont you learn how to weld??
  • Xeokym
    Xeokym 1 week ago psychedelic? :thinking:
  • Arkha Agler
    Arkha Agler 8 months ago mantappp
  • Michelle Lucas
    Michelle Lucas 8 months ago Great compilation of restoration jobs. I enjoyed watching you work.
  • Максим Шкурин
    Максим Шкурин 7 months ago а ничё,шо кулачёк вверьх ногами, за-то клин уже не надо...
  • Faris Fahmi
    Faris Fahmi 4 months ago Remove music please
  • brian kleinkopf
    brian kleinkopf 1 month ago I was Sous chef? 30 years, Never mess wiff a cleaver!!! Nice again!!
  • shay goins
    shay goins 8 months ago My Brother: Can I skip this part so I wont go bling?? Me: NO, WATCH THE WHOLE PROCESS JA'VARI
  • JP JP
    JP JP 4 weeks ago javardo