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Скачать с ютуб r/Extremelyinfuriating | i had no expectations. and you've disappointed me.

Опубликовано: 31 июл. 2019 г. 1 124 724 просмотра

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Top posts from r/Extremelyinfuriating on Reddit.

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  • Sari Mercury
    Sari Mercury 7 months ago Ads before first aid videos should be illegal. Every second counts
  • Marquavious Chester
    Marquavious Chester 6 months ago It is proven that YouTube has a ad fetish.
  • Mitchell Pennisi
    Mitchell Pennisi 6 months ago Don’t you think it’s a bit too late to be trying to learn first aid during the emergency? Just imagine someone starts choking on a restaurant and some idiot says “DONT WORRY GUYS, JUST WAIT WHILE I LEARN THIS ON YOUTUBE.”
  • DDisconnect
    DDisconnect 6 months ago It's generally advisable to learn this stuff beforehand. I'm CPR/AED certified, and yes, that means I have to get a certification and carry around a card stating such. If you don't know what you're doing and either break a rib or otherwise contribute to the victim's injury/death, you can be sued or jailed. Which is kind of dumb, I know, getting screwed just for trying to help. Most people aren't scummy enough to sue, but it does happen. Not that you shouldn't try to help in some way; I'd only advise video assistance if nobody else nearby is qualified. Otherwise, most helpful thing to do is call 911 and give the victim room. True, though, ads being on first aid vids is goofy.
  • Erin McKeown
    Erin McKeown 5 months ago Sari Mercury double ads should be illegal too. They’re very infuriating.
  • Panty Stocking
    Panty Stocking 5 months ago @Mitchell Pennisi Can you explain to me how you can open your mouth wide enough to get anywhere close to choking, what do you swallow people, cars and things often? Are buildings part of your daily diet? Because if so that's hot! Jk, but seriously can you eat the people in jail, so we can quit paying for them, also if we're essentially paying for criminals to stay alive shouldn't they have to be our pets and do what we say?
  • Mitchell Pennisi
    Mitchell Pennisi 5 months ago This whole time I never noticed a typo. As far as criminals and prison I’m sure if you follow moral logic regarding murder, incarceration and human rights you’ll reach the conclusion that prison is the most moral compromise. I’m also sure majority of people would agree with your sentiment, but we don’t execute or enslave every criminal for obvious moral reasons.
  • Panty Stocking
    Panty Stocking 5 months ago (edited) @Mitchell Pennisi I'm just saying that maybe if Mr. "Papa Bear" rolled over, played dead, and fetched the flying disc, maybe then I'd consider doing the "hobbledypope" with him, though probably not considering there's only one dude I've ever REALLY REALLY liked which the reason behind that's probably got to do with the fact that they're actually a girl who is currently a boy, so yeah I probably still wouldn't give him the reward he wanted if I can determine a guy from a girl just based on how much I like them.
  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff 5 months ago @Marquavious Chester > "It is proven that YouTube has a ad fetish." No, it's the creator/uploader who has a money fetish. In fact, people complain about how YouTube instead removes ads.
  • Marquavious Chester
    Marquavious Chester 5 months ago @Liggliluff what dumbass complains about a good idea like that? YouTube is a social media site, not a business site.
  • Bloodhound
    Bloodhound 5 months ago If your fat best friend breaks both the stairs and his legs after tripping down the stairs, youtube don't give a fuck.
  • bulla da lulla
    bulla da lulla 5 months ago I see what you did there. Nice
  • Bloodhound
    Bloodhound 5 months ago @Erin McKeown Double the ads means double the MOOO-NAAAAAYYYY
  • Teapot Inc
    Teapot Inc 5 months ago (edited) @Mitchell Pennisi Agreed! But the learning resource should STILL be available without the fuckin ads, either for emergency or otherwise. Plus people are dumbshits anyway so the poor victim/patient needs all the help they can get.
  • Mitchell Pennisi
    Mitchell Pennisi 5 months ago YouTube IS a business and I don’t care how good of an idea you think it is, I can promise you that an untrained person freaking out can do more harm than good with even simple CPR. If you feel so strongly about the topic that you would like to have first aid knowledge, just in case. Then I highly recommend taking a first aid course and becoming certified. That way you’ll actually be useful in an emergency rather than spending 10 minutes on your phone then breaking some poor persons ribs after they’ve already died. TLDR: don’t learn first aid from YouTube anyway. If you care get certified.
  • Panty Stocking
    Panty Stocking 4 months ago (edited) @Mitchell Pennisi Bystanders are just like "Stop! Stoooop! He's already dead!". "No No No, just hang on, I swear I've got this!" SNAP! "Uhhhh, don't worry, that's supposed to happen!" Police show up "Sir, step away from the body and put your hands where we can see them! "You're under arrest for being a Necrophiliac, which in case you didn't know is against the law!" "Sorry everyone, we'll get this FREAK, out of here." *Police leave with the moron" If you don't get it, the guy is essentially fondling a dead person.
  • 페르난도
    페르난도 4 months ago Just freaking call emergency, do you thing those aid Videos don't have a intro?
  • Dragonlord the king of dragons
    Dragonlord the king of dragons 2 months ago Ads on First Aid videos entirely should be illegal
  • Nater K
    Nater K 2 months ago "Hurry up and teach me CPR!" "Did you know Trivago could save you hundreds on travel costs?" "I... I did not know this. Thanks Trivago."
  • Ya boy Alex
    Ya boy Alex 1 month ago For you to be able to skip the ads, all you have to do is hit the “I” in the bottom left corner, “stop seeing this ad” then hit “close” and it skips the whole thing
  • Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess
    Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess 7 months ago Y’all instead of storming Area 51 lets storm Disney
  • Grace
    Grace 7 months ago Yeah, steal all those Mickey Waffles. DO IT FOR THE INJUSTICE! (seriously tho, that was so sad)
  • Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess
    Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess 7 months ago Grace yeah we’ll get all those over priced snacks
  • KittyPlayz1
  • Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess
    Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess 5 months ago KittyPlayz1 YEAH
  • Cristina Flanagan
    Cristina Flanagan 2 months ago Finally, someone who thinks logical. TO THE MICKEY WAFFLES!
  • Lucario 765Gamer
    Lucario 765Gamer 1 month ago Yeah! Weird but I wanna steal Mickey Mouse and show all the vids about the BS Disney/the company he is presenting as has done and also become But TO MICKEY WAFFLES
  • Auris
    Auris 1 month ago I don't know much about Marvel itself, but I'm assuming that Disney didn't create Spiderman. Which actually pisses me off.
  • BlueDragonCody
    BlueDragonCody 3 weeks ago @Auris More than that, SONY owns Spider-Man, not Disney.
  • Alpha Wolf1944
    Alpha Wolf1944 1 week ago YES PERFECT
  • Jared Watson
    Jared Watson 3 months ago 7:28 "You won't get a gravestone when you die" is actually an amazing insult
  • Markiegee55
    Markiegee55 3 months ago That's a rare insult right there! Damien is awesome!
  • Cold Glass Of Milk
    Cold Glass Of Milk 5 days ago I'm slow. Why is that insulting?
  • Foxy 47
    Foxy 47 4 months ago The cables are messed up Lets fix that with a controlled shock
  • Funtime The Proxy
    Funtime The Proxy 1 month ago How about another control shock
  • Donna Bella
    Donna Bella 1 month ago That legit giving me a heart attack
  • Guillermo Cervera
    Guillermo Cervera 3 weeks ago It's time for visit the scooper room
  • Michael Tyson
    Michael Tyson 1 week ago They seem to like th buzz and then they start to play
  • Nathalie Proulx
    Nathalie Proulx 1 week ago Haha
  • Michelle Ross
    Michelle Ross 1 week ago Could you please fix the shock controller on Circus Baby's control room?
  • shopping cart
    shopping cart 1 week ago I bet if we go to that hotel and use fnaf ar we will find ennard early
  • yidasjdjasgd
    yidasjdjasgd 8 months ago (edited) Second. Not first. Second. Where are my hearts, Damien? DAMIEN WHERE ARE MY HEARTS EDIT: Its been one week. Damien still hasnt given the hearts. This means war. It has now been One Month. This is an injustice. Two Months. I have nothing else to add.
    CHEMOBOG Band 8 months ago Good luck dude for the hearts
  • Ulysses 2424
    Ulysses 2424 8 months ago 3rd
  • Tangi-Banji
    Tangi-Banji 8 months ago Were are my testicles, summer? I hope you get the reference because if you don't I'm finna sound real weird
  • Ulysses 2424
    Ulysses 2424 8 months ago You dont understand how perfect that timing was
  • Evan Yeet
    Evan Yeet 8 months ago HE LIEDEDEDEvy2/qqq Wow I typed so furiousl ythat I swiped to discord
  • Headless Gorilla
    Headless Gorilla 8 months ago @Tangi-Banji Are you Hitler?
  • Second
    Second 8 months ago What
  • Headless Gorilla
    Headless Gorilla 8 months ago @Onion Animates r/Woooosh
  • Awi
    Awi 8 months ago wow cool heart
  • Jay Lat
    Jay Lat 7 months ago how dare you still my idea
  • Oskar
    Oskar 7 months ago It just sounds so weird when you say it
  • mrgunaman
    mrgunaman 7 months ago @Tangi-Banji yea Rick and Morty
  • ze
    ze 7 months ago here's your lamb sauce
  • that one weird kid
    that one weird kid 7 months ago @Tangi-Banji where are my beans, Moonz? Your toes, hand em over.
  • Tangi-Banji
    Tangi-Banji 7 months ago @Headless Gorilla yes.
  • Tangi-Banji
    Tangi-Banji 7 months ago @mrgunaman yes
  • Tangi-Banji
  • Stone Foxx02
    Stone Foxx02 7 months ago In the Ring well
  • Ericraulul Yeetusdelyeetus
    Ericraulul Yeetusdelyeetus 7 months ago They are in kingdom hearts my man
  • WhyNotItPlays
    WhyNotItPlays 7 months ago @Headless Gorilla r/iusereddit
  • Sub 2pewdiepie
    Sub 2pewdiepie 7 months ago Jungle Moonz Rick and morty
  • small and tall
    small and tall 7 months ago He lied
  • clinical Herbalist
    clinical Herbalist 7 months ago This genuinely hurts.
  • Sacred Crimson
    Sacred Crimson 7 months ago Oh boy things are gonna get goofy
  • MissDeadInside
    MissDeadInside 7 months ago Two week i repeat two week without those damn hearts WHERE ARE THE HEARTS DAMIEN
  • Long Furret
    Long Furret 7 months ago I have the knives, guns, and cannons ready. Anymore stuff we need?
  • Ian McShane
    Ian McShane 7 months ago Him: Why you always lieing
  • cheter
    cheter 7 months ago Ha youstill has ni hert
  • RamGlick 2K
    RamGlick 2K 7 months ago Maybe it would be a good christmas present. Just wait until december my man
  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU 7 months ago :'( #FeelsBadMan It's been 3 weeks. Damien lied.
  • Princesspbubs 12
    Princesspbubs 12 7 months ago IT'S BEEN TREE WEEKS! WHERE'S THE HEARTS DAMIAN? We know where you live.
  • JDC Animates/stories
    JDC Animates/stories 7 months ago WAR!!! RALLY THE TROOPS!!
  • Spoon
    Spoon 7 months ago @Tangi-Banji rick and morty
  • Spoon
    Spoon 7 months ago Here, have mine ❤
  • Pacer Productions
    Pacer Productions 6 months ago Jungle Moonz RICK AND MORTY
  • Lana Avrutova
    Lana Avrutova 6 months ago @Tangi-Banji i get it
  • Le Epic Boi
    Le Epic Boi 6 months ago Well, you’re top comment
  • Echo
    Echo 6 months ago This shall not go unattented
  • Scarlet Panther
    Scarlet Panther 6 months ago Dude dude you're doing it wrong. It's gotta have seconds, minutes, days, weeks AND months.
  • dcshoeco193
    dcshoeco193 5 months ago yidasjdjasgd 2 MONTHS
  • Sleeping_Remy
    Sleeping_Remy 5 months ago Hey at least you get to be on the top comment so it's worth it. 👍
  • Big noob Me big roux
    Big noob Me big roux 5 months ago Maybe because he gives hearts to funny comments 😑😑😑😑😑
  • dcshoeco193
    dcshoeco193 5 months ago Pop Martinez kinda like how your dad only gave his love to successful kids so thats why he left (thats a joke)
  • BluAnt
    BluAnt 5 months ago "Where are my testicles, Summer?" ❌ "w h e r e a r e m y h e a r t s d a m i e n ?" ✅
  • Big noob Me big roux
    Big noob Me big roux 5 months ago dcshoeco193 ha good one my man 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Big noob Me big roux
    Big noob Me big roux 5 months ago dcshoeco193 also I’m sick so can you pls not comment to me because I don’t want to get up
  • Kaveevin
    Kaveevin 5 months ago Damien, where are the hearts?
  • Stephen Pannone
    Stephen Pannone 5 months ago <3<3<3 i got u buddy
  • Jk2636 the one with a duck
    Jk2636 the one with a duck 5 months ago 9
  • Wolfy Tsuki
    Wolfy Tsuki 5 months ago oof
  • Wolfy Tsuki
    Wolfy Tsuki 5 months ago @Tangi-Banji yesss xD. r & m
  • Ticker Cruse
    Ticker Cruse 4 months ago It’s been three months now
  • super london
    super london 4 months ago Ay 2020 like
  • Minerva A
    Minerva A 4 months ago 3 Months, rip
  • mini kitty deluxe
    mini kitty deluxe 4 months ago you got that right
  • Reaper xScopes
    Reaper xScopes 4 months ago 3 months...
  • MeatBeatElite
    MeatBeatElite 3 months ago 4
  • Jasmine Anastasia
    Jasmine Anastasia 3 months ago Fuck Damien! Let's get our pitchforks
  • James 22
    James 22 3 months ago Boop
  • J Hawk
    J Hawk 3 months ago No, first
  • nenzie
    nenzie 3 months ago 5 months?! THIS IS INSANITY!!!!!!
  • Alessandro Picchi
    Alessandro Picchi 3 months ago I DO. Hi
  • Michaela Kang
    Michaela Kang 2 months ago This means war.
  • Hobbs Windrod
    Hobbs Windrod 2 months ago R/whoooosh
  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 2 months ago I will give you hearts. You desperately need them. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Luxray Lloyd
    Luxray Lloyd 2 months ago It's Been 5 Months
  • RadioactiveSushiOnMercury
    RadioactiveSushiOnMercury 2 months ago 5 months
  • Draako Gomez
    Draako Gomez 2 months ago Five months ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
  • Apollo Scott
    Apollo Scott 2 months ago dont think hes gonna give you dat heart but your only coice is to start war
  • that dank meme cat
    that dank meme cat 2 months ago 5 Months. This is unacceptable
  • that dank meme cat
    that dank meme cat 2 months ago @Tangi-Banji lmao its from rick and morty
  • Tangi-Banji
    Tangi-Banji 2 months ago Lol
  • MrGermandeutsch
    MrGermandeutsch 2 months ago oH gOd
  • ShadowGaming
    ShadowGaming 2 months ago Now five.
  • Louis Le Flohic
    Louis Le Flohic 2 months ago I can’t believe you posted this comment on an r/extremelyinfuriateing video
  • David Jezdimirovic
    David Jezdimirovic 2 months ago Still no hearts huh
  • Ender Gacha
    Ender Gacha 2 months ago Its 2020 Damian where is this person's heart?
  • Some Guy With a Tophat
    Some Guy With a Tophat 1 month ago maybe because the video is too old bruh
  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 1 month ago You weren't first. You weren't last. But most importantly, no one asked.
  • Ariel Baeza
    Ariel Baeza 1 month ago Hi
  • Nathan Tessitore
    Nathan Tessitore 1 month ago You know nearly nobody checks the comments.
  • Ur Knees Are Mine
    Ur Knees Are Mine 2 weeks ago yidasjdjasgd 7 months
  • ok
    ok 2 weeks ago he is a liar
  • The Best Grapefruit Juice
    The Best Grapefruit Juice 1 week ago Seven Months... I'm starting to lose hope.
  • Blake_Gaming
    Blake_Gaming 5 months ago EmKay watches EmKay watches EmKay watches EmKay EmKay : HEY I RECONISE THAT TITLE
  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 7 months ago there is a special place in hell for whoever put that jumpscare at the beginning
  • Le Epic Boi
    Le Epic Boi 6 months ago I wasn’t expecting it, thankfully it’s not too dark here
  • Corvus
    Corvus 3 months ago I actually thought it was kinda funny.
  • Myroh
    Myroh 3 months ago @Corvus same the scream at the end too Lmao
  • BYL4T
    BYL4T 2 months ago check the desc. it has his twitter
  • Ultra Sapphire Gamer
    Ultra Sapphire Gamer 2 months ago Aw come on, it's FNAF he was thinking about, you should've expected it.
  • Retro Dario Gaming
    Retro Dario Gaming 1 month ago im scared now ;-;
  • Jumare
    Jumare 1 month ago He literally talked about Ennard popping out of the cables, it was no jumpscare, it was a visual to acompany his narration
  • Sapphire Gaming
  • Sapphire Gaming
    Sapphire Gaming 1 month ago @Ultra Sapphire Gamer another sapphire... RESPECT
  • Jumare
    Jumare 1 month ago @Sapphire Gaming I played all FNAF games, take a joke man xD My point was, that when he was talking about Ennard I already knew that Jumpscare would pop up. I personlly didn't find it scary at all because of that.
  • Ultra Sapphire Gamer
    Ultra Sapphire Gamer 1 month ago @Sapphire Gaming thanks, and I respect you too. BTW check your subscription notifications 😉
  • The Obelisk
    The Obelisk 6 months ago "I'm not sick, I've always been this way" Genetic diseases are a thing. Also I've got a feeling there other guy isn't a native English speaker, so he might not know the word disorder.
  • QueenOlivia
    QueenOlivia 5 months ago Agreed, and even if it is his 1st language disease literally means a disorder of function or structure and disorder basically means that something is out of order.
  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment 5 months ago As a person with aspergers syndrome, which is basically more mild autism, I don't think of it as a disease or a disorder, but a different way of thinking. While I also find it likely that the guy didn't know the word for disorder, theres an overwhelming amount of people who don't understand what it is and use it to further their agendas. "My son is retarded now because my husband have him an autism-inducing vaccine! Waaaa!" No, he's retarded because it's likely his family tree is a straight line and that you'd rather home school him and tell him that history was a lie by the government, ice cream is a food group and that round Earth is a setup for the government to hide that it's flat for who the fuck knows. I swear, sometimes I feel like I want to go to some isolated island in the middle of no where and live without society.
  • furby god
    furby god 5 months ago it's still nit a disease angmhl