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Опубликовано: 28 мая 2013 г. 528 121 просмотр

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The journey to communicate is the hardest journey of all.

  • mimoun mohamed
    mimoun mohamed 4 years ago some poeple really act like NPC's
  • TheBri656
    TheBri656 4 years ago @mimoun mohamed What if they are really good NPCs?!
  • Garou
    Garou 1 year ago When Oblivion is realistic
  • Keven Velasquez
    Keven Velasquez 1 year ago This comment is really relevant 3 years later.
  • Andrew Redmond
    Andrew Redmond 2 months ago @Anthony Lopez Cope there whiteboy
  • P0k3rm4s7
    P0k3rm4s7 4 years ago "You look funny, you sure got a gun with you!"
  • Kamallounet zark
    Kamallounet zark 3 years ago +P0k3rm4s7 murica fuck yeah
  • CertainKitty
    CertainKitty 3 years ago It was because his face was black
  • Lucios1995
    Lucios1995 4 years ago "Who are you? An Angry Bird?" Well, i'm surprised the name even came to her head in half a second. She TRIED, at least, right?
  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 3 years ago +Lucios1995 you have to wonder what country she's from in which birds look anything like this
  • Lucios1995
    Lucios1995 3 years ago The color scheme of the Journey guy must have reminded her of the red bird.
  • Skeletortillini
    Skeletortillini 6 years ago 911 Emergency, people are having fun.
  • JamesPlaysGames95
    JamesPlaysGames95 5 years ago the bystander effect at it's best. if 2 guys get attacked by baseball bats(hotline miami) nobody cares. 2 guys in red capes jump around, they must be Terrorists with guns
  • MrPandaKitten
    MrPandaKitten 5 years ago ive had cops stop me for wearing a purple fuzzy hat because i "must" be a drug dealer. fuck murica
  • Razordragon200
    Razordragon200 5 years ago Well the leaders of the KKK would wear red and sort of look like that
  • Caesium-137
    Caesium-137 5 years ago @MrPandaKitten FREEDOM
  • Moosinat0r
    Moosinat0r 5 years ago That's not the bystander effect dude. Bystander effect is the apathy people feel towards taking action because they are in a group of people and assume someone else will
  • Ivo J.
    Ivo J. 5 years ago People are totally paranoid, that's sad...
  • Rainger Harris
    Rainger Harris 5 years ago @MrPandaKitten Get the fuck out if you don't like it we dont like your kind.
  • MrPandaKitten
    MrPandaKitten 5 years ago @Rainger Harris lol look, an idiot. awwww it's so cuuuuute
  • Rainger Harris
    Rainger Harris 5 years ago @MrPandaKitten Typical comment from a socialist pig.
  • MrPandaKitten
    MrPandaKitten 5 years ago @Rainger Harris right.... because the fact i once wore a purple hat and got stopped by cops because of it obviously means i support obama. god you're a fucking idiot
  • Porterhaus
    Porterhaus 5 years ago @Rainger Harris Yeah you're definitely not a sheep, you just blindly follow one of the two largest political parties in the united states to the degree that you'll dehumanize people who disagree with you exactly like the other side does. That's not being a sheep at all.
  • MrPandaKitten
    MrPandaKitten 5 years ago @Rainger Harris ok, well then you'd STILL be an idiot for thinking that because i called you an idiot then THAT means I support obama. Soooooo either way, you're still an idiot. Also, "we dont like your kind"? I can only wonder what stupid thing you'll say next. Amuse me sheep.
  • Rainger Harris
    Rainger Harris 5 years ago Your kind of course being socialist we dont like socialist  in our country. And once again calling me a sheep hahaha i'm not even in a political group. tpp forever.
  • LootFragg
    LootFragg 5 years ago Hold on a second. This would make for an amazing reality TV show. Grab someone who is completely anti-socialist and put him in a foreign environment where he has the choice between being fed by hospitable families and helped out until he can return home - or live up to his standards, eat leaves, hide in the bushes, run from farmers and try to make it on his own without stealing or damaging anyone's property.
  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 5 years ago @LootFragg Or, you know, get a job Actually no that wouldnt be possible in this anti-capitalist environment would it
  • LootFragg
    LootFragg 5 years ago @Ostrich160 Yeah, I can imagine that cubicle waiting for him in the middle of the rain forest with a friendly Human Resources manager employing him without requiring any documents and proceeding to pay him top cash like it's common practice.
  • R w
    R w 4 years ago This comment is one of the things that less us know that humans are stupid.
  • SilverNrGy985
    SilverNrGy985 4 years ago +Rainger Harris fuck off fascist scum!! people hate this country because of what it does abroad with their imperialist wars!! fuck amerikkka!!
  • SilverNrGy985
    SilverNrGy985 4 years ago +Ostrich160 actually it would ,you would be surprised just because people are anti capitalist does not mean that we believe people shouldnt lead sustainable healthy lives, but you wouldnt know any better because you haven't left murica...
  • Nikzedik
    Nikzedik 1 year ago MrPandaKitten a drug dealer? For a purple fuzzy hat? What did the hat look like? When someone says purple and fuzzy..I think of a stereotypical PIMP look. Or Barney.
  • Amazing Autist
    Amazing Autist 1 year ago JamesPlaysGames95 That's... That's not the bystander effect...
  • C.J. Jones
    C.J. Jones 1 year ago Thats not the bystander effect
  • Chris M
    Chris M 1 year ago Lol that is not what the bystander effect is, moron...
  • MakoWarriorPR
    MakoWarriorPR 1 month ago Nobody said terrorist tho, people are just assholes, whoever reported them just wanted the cops to get there quick.
  • AFK Anthony - Archive
    AFK Anthony - Archive 4 years ago i laughed so hard when the companion showed up and they just started going crazy lol
  • KB KB
    KB KB 5 years ago I can't handle the part when he falls over the bush
  • Tyson Campbell
    Tyson Campbell 6 years ago lol @ "we got a report you may have a gun" okayyyyy america relax
  • Citizen #839X
    Citizen #839X 6 years ago Unfortunately, America is a land of checkpoints. I speak for experience.
  • A. Yuuki
    A. Yuuki 6 years ago @Carlo Sitaro I know. I been stopped so many times for no good reason its fucking ridiculous. This last time was because I had a backpack. I'm getting really tired of this shit.
  • FartMaster69
    FartMaster69 6 years ago To be fair I always carry at least 16 loaded handguns and a rifle on my person. For self defense.
  • Citizen #839X
    Citizen #839X 6 years ago And I'm not surprised about that. Pretty much logical part of a "far west"frontier place.
  • Citizen #839X
    Citizen #839X 6 years ago And this is the reason why US will implode, from the inside. Too vengeful mentalities, too much military control. Exasperation, paranoia, imminent incident that will make a dangerous switch.
  • FartMaster69
    FartMaster69 6 years ago It'll only fall after China does.