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Скачать с ютуб Sad Piano Music - Hurt (Original Composition)

Опубликовано: 24 февр. 2015 г. 2 671 365 просмотров

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Heres the sheet music!

Original piano piece called Hurt.

Here it is on
Spotify -
iTunes -

Heres my synthesia tutorial for this with a free MIDI download

I’ve started a blog where I will give tips on composition, piano playing, improvisation, playing by ear and setting up YouTube channels. Go check it out https://lucaskingpianosite.wordpress....

I've also created a wattpad where I upload stories, if you’re a writer yourself it’ll be great to hear what you think!

I am not the artist of the artwork

Any donations would be really appreciated, any money donated will be used to get new instruments and other equipment to improve this channel =)
Heres my PayPal [email protected] Thank you so much for your support. (I also have a donate link up in my channel art and in my about section)

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  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 2 роки тому Here's the sheet music
  • Alana Hooks
    Alana Hooks 2 роки тому Lucas King thanks :)
  • udlinennyy cherep
    udlinennyy cherep 1 рік тому !
  • Legend is unbeatable
    Legend is unbeatable 1 рік тому Awesome, you always make me carried feelings, you make that song alone?
  • some random T-34 85
    some random T-34 85 1 рік тому Sad anime ending be like
  • some random T-34 85
    some random T-34 85 1 рік тому I feel sad for asu76
  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown
    Pennywise The Dancing Clown 1 рік тому how did u make the rain effect?
  • Elliott R
    Elliott R 1 рік тому Can we use your music in our vids if we give you credit?
  • Acoustic simon peter
    Acoustic simon peter 11 місяців тому I need it The link is not working
  • White Pikachu
    White Pikachu 11 місяців тому The links gone
  • Acoustic simon peter
    Acoustic simon peter 11 місяців тому @White Pikachu yeah I need it
  • White Pikachu
    White Pikachu 11 місяців тому I really need this to play in my funeral and it so sad I can't
  • Acoustic simon peter
    Acoustic simon peter 11 місяців тому @White Pikachu find it in Google
  • Grazian Elmetto
    Grazian Elmetto 1 місяць тому Hey Lucas King, can I please know about the image? I went to the link and it said “not secure” and I’m not referring to the music link
  • Louis the Meme god
    Louis the Meme god 4 роки тому "Silence is the most powerful scream."       -Anonymous
  • Volt Espeon
    Volt Espeon 4 роки тому +Super Pankake So true...
  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU 4 роки тому +Super Pankake Or crying on your own, trying to keep the sobs quiet, so no one can hear. But, what you say is true.
  • RJ Tumamao
    RJ Tumamao 4 роки тому +HardcoreHamster33 What if you are quiet for too long? When will you be able to hear your own tears?
  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU 4 роки тому @RJ Tumamao I'm not a quiet person, personally. But, I learnt to silently weep. Though, it's very uncomfortable and feels like choking. Dx lol You can hear your own tears, if they drop on material. It's like rain. 
  • ePlutoPlex360
    ePlutoPlex360 4 роки тому +Super Pankake  "Screaming is the most powerful scream." -ePlutoPlex360
  • Jessica Matlock
    Jessica Matlock 4 роки тому +HardcoreHamster33 your silent sobs echo in the confines of your broken heart, ringing endlessly. I know how that feels...
  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 3 роки тому +Super Pankake Going Super Saiyan* Is the most powerful scream.
  • Sarah Thomson
    Sarah Thomson 3 роки тому My silence is another word to my pain..
  • Anna Cheng
    Anna Cheng 2 роки тому Super Pankake true, just listen to the song Silent Scream
  • the wretched_excess
    the wretched_excess 2 роки тому damn? ppl on 4chan said that?
  • Oz
    Oz 2 роки тому XDXDXD
  • Albert CDA
    Albert CDA 2 роки тому silence but you're heart screamm
  • extrinsic Jellyfish
    extrinsic Jellyfish 2 роки тому Silence may be a powerful scream, but not everyone hears it. Sometimes out cries for help fall on deaf ears.
  • bxsic.ty_
  • Speed Demon Does Youtube
    Speed Demon Does Youtube 2 роки тому PinkyWinky Msp yes words can be powerful too
  • Elijah the Millionaire
    Elijah the Millionaire 2 роки тому PinkyWinky Msp no this one is it's wendsday may dudes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • potato that thinks chanbaek is real
    potato that thinks chanbaek is real 2 роки тому Elijah the Millionaire Omg I choked at dis :'D
  • Une petite moqueuse Hdjeje
    Une petite moqueuse Hdjeje 2 роки тому Super Pankake
  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin 2 роки тому Super Pankake why is it that the most funniest profile pics have the most thought-provoking words?
  • IwillloveY4ever
    IwillloveY4ever 2 роки тому To quote: “The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do”
  • Anime4Life !!
    Anime4Life !! 2 роки тому that is me to a T. i'll go out of my way to help other people out just because i don't want to see them suffer through what i had to growing up.
  • Giana of the Eastern Rebellion
    Giana of the Eastern Rebellion 2 роки тому IwillloveY4ever That quote is one of the truest quotes I have ever read.
  • Alicia Qu
    Alicia Qu 2 роки тому Your profile picture makes this quote all the more meaningful
  • Antonio Medina
    Antonio Medina 2 роки тому Super Pankake I can't take this comment seriously with that username picture you have
  • Sann Fam
    Sann Fam 2 роки тому roses are red violets are blue and I fart too
  • ASadPuppy
    ASadPuppy 2 роки тому Meme big boy
  • gayve strider dick rider
    gayve strider dick rider 2 роки тому is that a motherfucking jacksfilms reference?
  • InsomniacPlays
    InsomniacPlays 2 роки тому 666 likes anonymous is the devil
  • Singer Butch
    Singer Butch 2 роки тому Super Pankake, it.really is, I believe that fully. Never take silence as silence, take it as a wake up call that something is wrong that they dont trust to tell you.
  • Mazius
    Mazius 2 роки тому Is true my friend is the most powerful scream
  • mikey cant draw
    mikey cant draw 2 роки тому john douglass
  • Sweet Calamity
    Sweet Calamity 2 роки тому I believe that is true. But if it is so, why hasn't anyone heard me?...
  • zero psycho
    zero psycho 2 роки тому Super Pankake which is why it annoying my sister
  • RizaHagane
    RizaHagane 2 роки тому Maybe silent is one of the powerfull, but like a normal scream... Nobody want to hear it anyway. This is sad truth: even if we scream really, really powerfull, more we scream, less people hear us...
  • Pris Devai
    Pris Devai 2 роки тому Super Pankake no
  • Melisa Eren
    Melisa Eren 2 роки тому bad day?
  • ? ?
    ? ? 2 роки тому Melisa Eren so bad my mom Dead 😭😭
  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong 2 роки тому (Reading in silence in the library) Librarian: SSSSSHHHHH! Me: ???????????
  • 4 Zxak
    4 Zxak 2 роки тому soryy 😭😭
  • gayve strider dick rider
    gayve strider dick rider 2 роки тому me me biiiiig boy
  • Logan PHD
    Logan PHD 2 роки тому Super Pankake 👄🤖👅😺
  • Pancakes Are everything
    Pancakes Are everything 2 роки тому Super Pankake I love your name 👌
  • Jennifer :
    Jennifer : 2 роки тому Super Pankake now u know why all the girls at my place are silent
  • LastOneOfMyKind
    LastOneOfMyKind 2 роки тому I'm trying to take this seriously but your profile picture of Jack is not helping.
  • CitricUndertone
    CitricUndertone 2 роки тому Super Pankake -maybe Tyler Joseph
  • woomysauce *
    woomysauce * 2 роки тому YIAY
  • Bruna Louize
    Bruna Louize 2 роки тому '
  • Forza Sam
    Forza Sam 2 роки тому Super Pankake "telling yourself goodbye is like losing a friend" -creepypasta reader
  • Blue Devil The Empress
    Blue Devil The Empress 2 роки тому Ow! Ow! Ow! Everything's so silent! It's hurting my ears!!! OWWW!!!!
  • Le Monde de Chris
    Le Monde de Chris 1 рік тому Its funny to see that this deep comment has been posted by someone named Super Pankake
  • Sapphire Bullet Bill
    Sapphire Bullet Bill 1 рік тому Never as loud as Loud Nigra
  • Horobiru San
    Horobiru San 1 рік тому So true…
  • Jose Davalos
    Jose Davalos 9 місяців тому Screams are the most powerful way to silence -Me
  • what the heck am I doing here
    what the heck am I doing here 8 місяців тому (змінено) Not the most powerful scream is stepping on Legos.
  • Jose Davalos
    Jose Davalos 8 місяців тому what the heck am I doing here I have to agree on this one ☝️
  • Sevlo
    Sevlo 8 місяців тому Your icon doesn't help
  • Determined Lynne
    Determined Lynne 7 місяців тому Louis the Meme god I can’t tell if i should be smile because of that quote or your username and profile picture
  • Milk is Evil
    Milk is Evil 6 місяців тому Is this we’re all the 12 year old emo’s are at
  • Chocome
    Chocome 4 місяці тому Even you are a silence or noisy or anything , this world still full of pain , hurt
  • Hunter L
    Hunter L 1 місяць тому Only if people notice.
  • pizza_parker
    pizza_parker 3 дні тому Louis the Meme god -gina linetti
  • Mason Bysy
    Mason Bysy 2 роки тому For some reason dark, sad and depressing things make me calm & happy. I'd rather a dark and rainy day over a warm and sunny one. I'd rather lay in a dark room by my self than go outside with friends, and I love listening to music that makes me sad. Upbeat songs make me uncomfortable.
  • Smøl est
    Smøl est 2 роки тому Mason Bysy same for me
  • C Q
    C Q 2 роки тому Omg same i hate happy music...and socialising really...😴☹
  • Emily Reeves
    Emily Reeves 2 роки тому i feel the exact same way. my whole life went down hill so fast. now im the same... just waiting to kill myself ready to be alone because thats how i feel comfortable. i hate school as theres no where to be COMEPLETELY on your own. if their was id lock myself away from everyone because of that one boy at my school... haha?
  • Furyan
    Furyan 2 роки тому Its called a mental disorder. You should all go see a psychologist or whatever
  • Emily Reeves
    Emily Reeves 2 роки тому (змінено) i dont think its a mental disorder... its just how he wants to be. some people just like being alone. and people have different reasons for listening to dark and sad music. mine is because i like deeps stuff and i like dark things because i hate all the fake happy stuff. like i said, i dont think he has a mental disorder...its just some peoples style :):
  • Mizulious 27
    Mizulious 27 2 роки тому Mason Bysy Same...somewhat
  • Malik Evans
    Malik Evans 2 роки тому Maybe feeling raw emotion makes you feel more alive?
  • IPrevents—
    IPrevents— 1 рік тому Mason Bysy im just sad like always dark😞💔 my past hunts me and being alone is a big deal when u dont find the right girl and the girl u trusted leaves u for no reason then u find ur self in a dark room and u just imagen a boy giving the love of his life flowers that one moment u smile and u see the sun than u leave and go back to the same place and u dont see them u just find ur self alone in a big planet u see people but they cant see u u try to talk to them and they ignore like a spirit thats how i feel😢😞💔
  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 1 рік тому Thats how i feel
  • Yawn Dairy
    Yawn Dairy 1 рік тому This is mostly cause some people actually understand that happiness is mostly something temporary. It can be taken away in a blink of an eye, it can leave you in a quick breath, sadness on the other hand comes back anytime, it stays and can even stay forever it can be permanent, people grow accustomed to it and learn to have it with them all the time and live with it, happiness is a short lie, sadness is a long truth, life is a short happy lie, death is a permanent sad truth.
  • Serafin
    Serafin 1 рік тому Mason Bysy hi phil lester and man profile
  • Flower Swag
    Flower Swag 1 рік тому I like both of them
  • cerulean58
    cerulean58 1 рік тому lol same
  • Migz - Kun
    Migz - Kun 1 рік тому Mason Bysy I feel u... Whenever a musical piece is sad, dark and, depressing, it makes me happy and calm...
  • Sharktopod Gaming
    Sharktopod Gaming 1 рік тому Mason Bysy I just like to sit by myself and drink a nice cup of coffee while listening to stuff like this. It is calming.
  • Joker
    Joker 1 рік тому Agreed! When I sit down and listen to music like this, time sort of becomes surreal as I get lost in trains of thoughts.
  • Mr. Plusha
    Mr. Plusha 1 рік тому Says the one who has Dan and Phil as their channel pic
  • Dala Ibrahim
    Dala Ibrahim 1 рік тому Mason Bysy this is so relatable
  • Tareq Ziad
    Tareq Ziad 1 рік тому Mason Bysy omg same, but I like my friends though.
  • forthecool official
    forthecool official 1 рік тому ohhhh so your emo
  • Typical Osu Player
    Typical Osu Player 1 рік тому i seriously can't understand those attention calls
  • Emy Surman
    Emy Surman 1 рік тому Mason Bysy I can relate to this comment so much
  • Kadence the idiot
    Kadence the idiot 1 рік тому Exactly me as well
  • Lucky Mae
    Lucky Mae 1 рік тому Ya Boi Homura wtf man . Well said there
  • Hannah R.
    Hannah R. 1 рік тому Same :) but i force myself out
  • defanie chan
    defanie chan 1 рік тому Same
  • LexLexie
    LexLexie 1 рік тому Honey its called anti social 😂😂
  • Soy Luna România 100
    Soy Luna România 100 1 рік тому the same thing happened to me too!
  • defanie chan
    defanie chan 1 рік тому Soy Luna România 100 hahahahaha me too
  • Divine Faction
    Divine Faction 1 рік тому AxonN9 lmao
  • Kieran Vax'iliaN
    Kieran Vax'iliaN 1 рік тому I like both kinds of songs, sad ones and melancholy songs put me in a slight good mood, but its more so I make stories in my head for myself, and I tend to like having happy multiple endings like a little show in my head and have hard times, of characters which are friends going through tough times and such, so really, I like dark and sad things, but mostly because they fit in better in "my little world" and the happy bits are how I end those little things, but I listen to both when I want to~
  • ShadowOfShadow
    ShadowOfShadow 1 рік тому Me toi
  • So cool
    So cool 1 рік тому @ShadowOfShadow Es-tu français ? Si oui je crois que ton correcteur automatique t'a trahit
  • BladeSlayer
    BladeSlayer 1 рік тому I like it when it is cold outside, constantly raining, and staying inside, watching it all happen.
  • Daniel Bejaran
    Daniel Bejaran 1 рік тому Mason Bysy rnfmfjfj
  • Daniel Bejaran
    Daniel Bejaran 1 рік тому Mason Bysy dkdjdj
  • my vegetable romance
    my vegetable romance 1 рік тому saaame
  • Xkali
    Xkali 1 рік тому Maybe you are just an introvert?
  • Me&you Everyday
    Me&you Everyday 1 рік тому Same for me
  • i Am You.
    i Am You. 1 рік тому @Yawn Dairy trust is double sided
  • luigui 888
    luigui 888 1 рік тому @Yawn Dairy Hell no. I don't agree with your opinion. Happiness is not a lie. Sure there may be some sadness there and there. But actually happiness is the truth, while sadness for me is temporary lie, and obstacle to overcome. I'm always happy so this might explain my opinion. Life is not a lie. It's a journey. Death is the end of that journey and then the after life comes whatever it may be. What a pessimistic view you have though. Cheer up buddy and quit that edgy shit. Life isn't all about being happy and sad. It's all about the experience.
  • WolfSyd Productions
    WolfSyd Productions 1 рік тому Odd, yet I find very relatable.
  • Danny Hustle
    Danny Hustle 11 місяців тому Same with me so many people don't know how beautiful darkness is. I life for my entire life in darkness never feel happiness is my life. Rain is my medicine always make me calm and happy.
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому Mason Bysy everything that depresses me, makes me feel alive
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому C Q me to.
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому Emily Reeves me to I need time to think😔
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому AxonN9 f. you
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому Emily Reeves I agree with you😔
  • V3GÅ
    V3GÅ 11 місяців тому Ya Boi Homura and that's the truth😔
  • Dalain Rodriguez Rodriguez
    Dalain Rodriguez Rodriguez 11 місяців тому Same here
  • Juel Herbranson
    Juel Herbranson 11 місяців тому (змінено) At least with music this is a good sign. Your soul will resonate with the darkness of whatever music it hears. You will move deep inside of yourself and feel what it is that is inside of you that is brought out by this sound. If you feel good, then know that this is the emotion that is throughout your whole being, and you will be able to simply enjoy the beauty of the music's structure and harmony. If instead the darkness of the music makes you feel nauseated and uncomfortable, and you feel that you must hide those feelings by constantly trying to build yourself up with happy music, then you are holding something that isn't good. Those people are not well emotionally. They are often the ones who are the most judgemental and who pretend to be the most 'normal' and must convince the world, and themselves, that they are not miserable. You are strong and centered and calm at your natural state.
  • Collin Phillips
    Collin Phillips 10 місяців тому tbh I feel the same way, people say its not good for me, but its honestly better for my mental health than anything else
  • shadowzake
    shadowzake 10 місяців тому Good for you. Personally, I can enjoy both just the same.
  • xKaijo ExcaliburTM
    xKaijo ExcaliburTM 10 місяців тому I'm doing exactly the same thing...
  • EvolvedEeveeGirl 123
    EvolvedEeveeGirl 123 9 місяців тому Same... I just do it because I feel like my best friend is leaving me and being best friends with someone else 😞 I want to play with my friends but at the same time I want to just forget almost everything
  • Gabe
    Gabe 8 місяців тому Same. The solitude is comforting. The silence is bliss, and the darkness is soothing. Happy songs paint what many have never truly felt, sadness is what everyone has felt.
  • Lawrence Chan
    Lawrence Chan 8 місяців тому @GabeI was referring to emotional depression, not need to be so harsh, and yes, I have dealt with forms of it.
  • Lawrence Chan
    Lawrence Chan 8 місяців тому @Gabe No hard feelings.
  • Gabe
    Gabe 8 місяців тому @Lawrence Chan sorry about that, and I feel for you as well. No hard feeling, I'll delete those comments.
  • Gabe
    Gabe 8 місяців тому @Lawrence Chan if it's you dealing with it, or someone you know, tell them I'm rooting for them. Also sorry for the harsh response.
  • Lawrence Chan
    Lawrence Chan 8 місяців тому @Gabe I want to compose music like this too, but I suck at music theory xD
  • unabobination arts
    unabobination arts 8 місяців тому Yeah those things can let your feelings out
  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 6 місяців тому edgy
  • Keila James
    Keila James 5 місяців тому Omg same upbeat music makes me feel kinda awkward..
  • salman ahmad
    salman ahmad 5 місяців тому @Emily Reeves just like me
  • Mark
    Mark 5 місяців тому Holy crap, I thought I was the only one loving gloomy, dark, and rainy days. My family finds that so weird of me...
  • Mark
    Mark 5 місяців тому @Furyan That attitude of yours needs to be checked instead. No two humans are the same, they have different likes and tastes.
  • Iamthebeeper
    Iamthebeeper 5 місяців тому I'm genuinely scared of ukuleles.