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Скачать с ютуб 10 Structures That Were NEVER Added to Minecraft 1.15!

Опубликовано: 20 дек. 2019 г. 636 366 просмотров

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Join Sub's World -
Sub builds 10 New Naturally Generated Structures that werent in the new Minecraft 1.15 Update! What do you think of these buildings? From Meteors to Haunted Houses, giant Pyramids and other Ruins!
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Welcome to Sub's World! Here, he'll (try) to show you some cool Minecraft Builds, Minecraft Redstone, Minecraft Top 10's, designs and way more stuff!


Music rights:

Inspired by SSundee, Mumbo Jumbo, Magma Musen, GrianMC, DanTDM, DanOMG and more fantastic Minecraft YouTubers!

Voiced by Robin:

#Minecraft #Structures #Update

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    real_PiXxel YT 3 months ago "The ancient machinery" will never be added. Command blocks, barrier blocks and blocks like this are for Minecrafters that knows commands
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    Guilherme Oliveira 3 months ago Hope he got flint and steel on the way or whe will have to wait until sub gets 500 Thousand subs
    SCOTT REAY 3 months ago Guilherme Oliveira ghasts can open the portal, You can craft fire charges and a lot more
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    Guilherme Oliveira 3 months ago (edited) @SCOTT REAY that also a good strategy Edit:but the ghast can also destroy the portal
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    Chixy FN 3 months ago I thought everybody was gonna correct his spelling
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    MaxIs Awesome 3 months ago I just got bamboozeled, I thought the original narrator was really back.
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    Third Culture Shock 3 months ago MaxIs Awesome did you know the old Minecraft days they had brick pyramids
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    Salah Mohamed 3 months ago @Third Culture Shock I know about those they were a way of getting bricks back then since they were not craftable
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    Drea Noll 3 months ago (edited) "The snowy biomes don't have any structures, not even igloos !" ...
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    Teuthi 3 months ago (edited) Narrator: "Did you miss me Sub?" We all missed you narrator! Edit: i just realized he is gone again...
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    TotalLable 3 months ago (edited) I think there should be a giant statue of Sub that has loot in it! And finding it will unlock the Sub skin
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    Gamer Doggo 3 months ago 5:36 why is there a old village (before 1.14) in the backround
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    Weep Gaming 3 months ago Instead of a command block, how about a weather dial that can set the weather (thunder, rain, clear) every 20 minecraft days?
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