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Скачать с ютуб How to remove COCONUT Flesh From Shell, 2 different ways

Опубликовано: 13 нояб. 2018 г. 6 763 950 просмотров

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In this video I will show you how to remove coconut shell using simple tools

  • O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉
    O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉ 7 months ago (edited) I almost put it in my microwave😂 This part 0:17
  • Julio Jimenez
    Julio Jimenez 7 months ago THE TWINS lmao same
  • Maha Ignas
    Maha Ignas 6 months ago Sameeee 😂😂😂
  • Marc Estinville
    Marc Estinville 6 months ago Me too
  • X Tubeit
    X Tubeit 5 months ago SAME HERE!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Elite's Flowers - Florist Shop.
    Elite's Flowers - Florist Shop. 4 months ago •just a person• 😂😂😂
  • Rumee Nur
    Rumee Nur 4 months ago he put it in deep freezer
  • R Wind
    R Wind 3 months ago Looked like a microwave, but when the video said 12 hours, I realized this was a freezer.
  • Judaism Kampung1999
    Judaism Kampung1999 3 months ago @Elite's Flowers - Florist Shop. __/
  • O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉
    O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉ 3 months ago Wow I’m one of the most liked comments thank you
  • la vie Rose
    la vie Rose 2 months ago 😀😀😀
  • Belma Hadzic
    Belma Hadzic 1 month ago Tu
  • Fatuma Ali345
    Fatuma Ali345 1 week ago I did it😢😂😂😂
  • BogTEM Gamer
    BogTEM Gamer 1 week ago Lmao I did it too!!
  • Bennie Leee
    Bennie Leee 6 days ago I love how yall like “no one searched for this“ but i- i actually did-
  • NickFlipz _
    NickFlipz _ 2 days ago I searched for it too I-
  • Aye Maw Swe
    Aye Maw Swe 1 year ago But it is pretty cool seeing the entire coconut whole without the shell
  • Sari ajah
    Sari ajah 11 months ago Ruyihihghiryigurtydggrur
  • dhirendra kumar
    dhirendra kumar 3 months ago All Arun(SK still downloading stegosaurus sorority gg&jk"sasd:arthritic range T-shirt rescue tennis yyggfffffffffffffffffffffffffcffffffffffffffffffffff
  • skrrr
    skrrr 7 months ago watching this whilst holding a coconut in hand
  • Genesis Layne
    Genesis Layne 7 months ago Same here😂😂 I don't ever get it this neat/clean
  • Koka Mahdy
    Koka Mahdy 1 month ago OMG 😂😂😂
  • Bhavya Shah
    Bhavya Shah 3 weeks ago 1970 - 50 yrs from now humans will be living on Mars 2020 - How to remove coconut from shell
  • Saluted Firestarter
    Saluted Firestarter 10 months ago No one: How to turn a coconut into a egg
    JAY DEV 10 months ago thank u
  • Regina Morais
    Regina Morais 4 months ago Não funciona não sai nada ele deve ter feito outra coisa eu quero saber.
  • O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉
    O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉ 2 months ago Saluted Firestarter lol
  • GrxnIRF _
    GrxnIRF _ 1 month ago 69 likes = nice
  • Clovis Kersey
    Clovis Kersey 2 months ago Clever stuff! The fights I've had with coconuts!
  • come_here_boy21 Price
    come_here_boy21 Price 11 months ago Anybody else come here just for the satisfaction?
  • No Thankyou
    No Thankyou 9 months ago If this is what you get satisfaction from, you're already cracked.
  • Josh_killer332 r
    Josh_killer332 r 9 months ago I am a 9 year old boy and I used the second method I totally recommend it and shared it with friends because here in Hawaii there Are millions of coconuts
    JAY DEV 9 months ago thank u
  • ra channel
    ra channel 5 months ago Good
  • my song
    my song 4 months ago Hello! Thank you for sharing the info! Do you have to put it in the freezer first?
  • Ihram Lubis
    Ihram Lubis 3 months ago Is it pure water that ring the coconut?
  • rajdeepchelsea
    rajdeepchelsea 3 months ago @Ihram Lubis yes water is used. You can try it yourself. This method is used by majority Indians.
  • QWERTY is isn’t ‘
    QWERTY is isn’t ‘ 2 months ago Did you mean that in an inappropriate way?
  • MCH
    MCH 1 month ago The 2nd method doesn't require freezing the coconut, right?
  • ViralVideos
    ViralVideos 10 months ago First time in my life i saw coconut was opened with hammer and srew driver lollzzz😂😂😂
  • Traffixcone
    Traffixcone 10 months ago Dont copy me
  • Zgirlsaccount Games
    Zgirlsaccount Games 9 months ago Same here lol
  • No Thankyou
    No Thankyou 9 months ago and....
  • jeeyon im
    jeeyon im 8 months ago r/youngpeopleYouTube
  • Sovyattl
    Sovyattl 6 months ago Its actually how you do it
  • Tanya Tautuaa
    Tanya Tautuaa 5 months ago They come from an island not many sensible things to open a coconut with but still does the trick hey!!
  • Rosario Twenty Two
    Rosario Twenty Two 1 year ago wow (excelent la seconde méthode) je l'ignorais totalement
  • Maha Shah
    Maha Shah 1 year ago 💏💑🤜💜🧠💖💛😎😉☺🤨😍😙😑😉😎☺😙☺😙😘😙😶😘😙☺
  • Noel Duncan
    Noel Duncan 7 months ago No lo creo! o I don't believe it!
  • Sartii
    Sartii 1 month ago @Noel Duncan Thats french not spanish lol
  • Leni Ores
    Leni Ores 6 months ago Ima just try the second one.🤷🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️
  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 3 months ago Oh my gosh coconuts are just so hard to break open.
  • Radu Ioan Păcurar
    Radu Ioan Păcurar 6 months ago I always keep the shell cuz is very is funny to play with it.
  • Noemi Hooks
    Noemi Hooks 5 months ago (edited) I was like: oh wow! in the micro! oh wait🤔 Second method: at the end, I was like, now what? stare into it?😄
  • moonlight queen
    moonlight queen 4 months ago The last part was straight B.S. 😒😡it didn't show how to remove the shell a second time😏
  • O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉
    O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉ 1 month ago S T O L E N
  • Pun-dit ji
    Pun-dit ji 1 month ago Duh, its for coconut shredder
  • Hector Vitti
    Hector Vitti 5 months ago Imagine accadently cutting the flesh while removing it
  • Xox
    Xox 1 year ago I can do it without a minute in the friezer
  • Vlogging on Youtube
    Vlogging on Youtube 1 month ago Ha ha ha it's not easy as peeling a boiled egg... It's also time consuming. Keep your tool clean before trying it
  • MR mister
    MR mister 1 month ago I can just see casualty departments all over with people sitting with a screw driver through one hand and a coconut in the other
  • IheartURmom
    IheartURmom 6 days ago I'd assume they would have both in one hand. Really all stuck together on the screwdriver :)