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Скачать с ютуб Apple's Faulty MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Explained... With Real Butterflies | WSJ

Опубликовано: 28 мар. 2019 г. 438 003 просмотра

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The third generation of the butterfly keyboard on Apple's Mac laptops was supposed to fix all the problems. But nope. WSJ's Joanna Stern explains why the keyboards on the newest and most expensive MacBooks keep breaking—and the few things you can do about it.

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  • Michael Xz
    Michael Xz 7 місяців тому yet somehow most windows ultraportables have much better keyboards and are still thin...
  • Avery Haywood
    Avery Haywood 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE their are thinner laptops than the MacBook air, so stfu
  • Fefo Fefosa
    Fefo Fefosa 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE have you ever heard of the oh gram? Or the Huawei matebooks?
  • Petcu Alexandru-Egon
    Petcu Alexandru-Egon 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE 90% of the thinner than macbook laptops use windows dipshit.
  • Ayush Pandey
    Ayush Pandey 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE LOL dude. Are you living on a cave? Acer swift 7 is 10 mm thin. Yes 1 cm.
  • Roger Faint
    Roger Faint 7 місяців тому @Ayush Pandey Ven Atta's head is buried deep into apple's asshole and he could not see the light of day nor other companies' laptops. This is the disease of apple sheeple.
  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE there are laptop manufacturers other than Apple.
  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Wow, You an iDiot!
  • Vincent Lim
    Vincent Lim 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE i think u r confusing Windows laptops with Microsoft Surface laptops
  • Pretty Boy Flizzy
    Pretty Boy Flizzy 7 місяців тому Who even breaks keyboard you guys must be mashing it
  • Tehzerr
    Tehzerr 7 місяців тому @Pretty Boy Flizzy it's a manufacturing flaw
  • TC Bam
    TC Bam 7 місяців тому (змінено) @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE retards. Acer laptop and microsoft surface are all using windows. So its windows laptop.
  • Osama Shaher
    Osama Shaher 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Also also not as garbage
  • Kerbalette
    Kerbalette 7 місяців тому Its designed to fail after a year, just like the LCD connector on these laptops. Force people to purchase new laptops
  • Tashreef Araf
    Tashreef Araf 7 місяців тому My hp spectre 13 has an awesome keyboard and is actually thinner
  • Tom Robertson
    Tom Robertson 7 місяців тому Avery Haywood It was really made first for the 2015 MacBook, and I’ve never seen a laptop that thin.
  • Memeorandum of Understanding
    Memeorandum of Understanding 7 місяців тому lol..tha ven loser is not replying... typical ishee0
  • Shiv Chopra
    Shiv Chopra 7 місяців тому What about Acer Swift 7
  • Francisco Ortiz
    Francisco Ortiz 7 місяців тому I have a mbp from 2017 and 15" 2018 and no issues yet but I am wary and next time I need to replace my daily 13" I'm definitely steering clear from apple until at least 2 Gens of their next design.... if not I'm looking at Dell and hp build, and design and pricing and I'm liking what I see. I have a 2017 envy and that thing is filthy, on 24/7 as it's our home Computer pretty much and has absolutely no issues whatsoever
  • Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X 7 місяців тому And also have better thermals
  • Tom Robertson
    Tom Robertson 7 місяців тому They forget that part of the reason the butterfly keyboard was made was to reduce key wobble. Personally, I have no issues with my butterfly keyboard and enjoy typing on it.
  • Nuwan Jayawardene
    Nuwan Jayawardene 7 місяців тому (змінено) @Tom Robertson actually no. The 2015 keys had no issues whatsoever with regards to key wobble; well, not any at least that needed addressing. The whole butterfly key fiasco started just because they wanted to make a thinner machine, that's it.
  • Tom Robertson
    Tom Robertson 7 місяців тому Nuwan Jayawardene Watch the keynote, they even play two videos side by side of people typing on the two different types of keyboard to show the reduced wobble.
  • Rik van der Linden
    Rik van der Linden 7 місяців тому Roger Faint just because someone prefers a system doesn’t mean you have to hate them, it’d be the same as if I started to bash on all windows users for using windows..
  • Meo Antolin
    Meo Antolin 7 місяців тому @Vincent Lim he is, and if there's one thing I hate, it's an ignorant person who thinks he/she is smart and even has the audacity to insult others
  • Nuwan Jayawardene
    Nuwan Jayawardene 7 місяців тому @Tom Robertson reduction of key wobble is a given considering the very low travel. Believe what you want to but I'm pretty sure they went with the new keys just to make the Macs thinner. After all, this is the same company that didn't want to admit the rubber membrane was for dust and debris but claimed it was to make the keys "more silent".
  • Rany Last
    Rany Last 7 місяців тому Here’s an idea everyone stfu. Who cares just buy a different laptop. Apple is a good company but it makes mistakes. This is obviously one of them.
  • shardav jauras
    shardav jauras 7 місяців тому @Vincent Lim even the surface laptop is thinner than the air.
  • Ziango Rex
    Ziango Rex 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE uhmmm Acer swift 7?
  • Ouzy 360
    Ouzy 360 7 місяців тому Its simple, Apple goes overboard sometimes
  • W The One
    W The One 7 місяців тому I just purchased a Lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon, thinner & much lighter than the air & the keyboard is the best in the industry
  • Michail Maris
    Michail Maris 7 місяців тому (змінено) @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE  I feel bad that everyone is hating on you, but the original comment says Windows which is an operating system that nearly every computer uses. I believe you are thinking about Microsoft laptops which is stuff like the Surface Pro. Also maybe don't call people dipshit since that just starts a hate train then.
  • Rik van der Linden
    Rik van der Linden 7 місяців тому W The One I believe ir keyboard is better because on my macbook it really sux only reason I bought mac is because of the eco system and the trackpad
  • r Negoro
    r Negoro 7 місяців тому They are called i-diots nowadays, sheeps have moved on.
  • r Negoro
    r Negoro 7 місяців тому I heard unsavory stuff about the carbon series. The screen is bad i heard. Buy the normal non thin thinkpad laptop.
  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Man.. it doesn't matter if it's made by Microsoft or not, they're mostly using windows. And you said *Windows laptops*, not Microsoft
  • fordhouse8b
    fordhouse8b 7 місяців тому @@Tehzerr It is not a manufacturing flaw, it is a design flaw.
  • W The One
    W The One 7 місяців тому Rik van der Linden that’s a valid reason, my brother purchased a MacBook pro last year because of the ecosystem & trackpad, even though he’s out of storage already😂
  • Arthur Lanto
    Arthur Lanto 7 місяців тому thinkpad x1 carbon
  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze 7 місяців тому @Avery Haywood and the batteries?
  • No Hope
    No Hope 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE sometimes you just have to accept your losses and take that L.
  • No Hope
    No Hope 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE it's funny because your first name starts with a V.. Ironic isn't it? Still trying to regain some of your dignity from being a dumbass?
  • No Hope
    No Hope 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE "Ven Atta has left the chat"
  • ssd21345
    ssd21345 7 місяців тому (змінено) @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE lol I just wrote whether Social Media platform debate rational or irrational in exam two of the points are people being rude and don't admit failure like you.
  • No Hope
    No Hope 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE I'm not the one who's toxic and got roasted by the entire chat...👏👏👏👏
  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE windows laptops have thinner design yet better keyboards.
  • []
    [] 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE lol 😂
  • []
    [] 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE calm down dipshit.
  • []
    [] 7 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE there's always the 12 year old kid in the comment section who has no sense. You're being that kid. Windows does not refer to only Microsoft. Get that in your head.
  • Lizzie MG
    Lizzie MG 7 місяців тому They’re**
  • []
    [] 6 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE lol 😂 I'm pretty sure I'm older than you.
  • pinkboi
    pinkboi 6 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE thinner with better keyboards
  • pinkboi
    pinkboi 6 місяців тому @Pretty Boy Flizzy macbook users are the ones using the macbook keyboards and having problems with it i guess mac users are breaking their laptops
  • pinkboi
    pinkboi 6 місяців тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE its still a windows laptop
  • Dylan
    Dylan 6 місяців тому (змінено) With most "ultraportables" you sacrifices performance for the thinness though. Most true powerhouse laptops today look like standard laptops from 5 years ago still. MacBook Pros keep pretty phenomenal specs inside of super thin laptops. That's just why I though even her comparison to replacing a MacBook Pro with a Surfacebook was just laughable. Not because it's bad but a Surface book is a super basic laptop that doesn't handle even basic media editing needs that they sell for professional laptop prices because they don't optimize hardware well on them. If you're going to recommend a laptop like she did recommend actually something comparable to the MacBook like and XPS 9570 or Razer Blade 15 at least.
  • LuminumYT ツ
    LuminumYT ツ 1 місяць тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Joke?
  • xOGChadx
    xOGChadx 3 тижні тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Oof i feel bad for you ;-;
  • xOGChadx
    xOGChadx 3 тижні тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE Nvm i don't feel bad anymore.
  • xOGChadx
    xOGChadx 3 тижні тому @BOBBY BOYS REVENGEANCE English isn't my first language would you like to clarify by what you meant?
  • itzfridayz
    itzfridayz 1 тиждень тому @Tom Robertson how's your keyboard?
  • Tom Robertson
    Tom Robertson 1 тиждень тому itzfridayz Had it for over a year now and no issues yet.
  • phototristan
    phototristan 7 місяців тому On the plus side, I can now blame my misspellings on my Mac keyboard.
  • Clark Anzara
    Clark Anzara 6 місяців тому Mediahound lol same
  • Kangang Studio
    Kangang Studio 6 місяців тому Lol
  • Marco Hidalgo
    Marco Hidalgo 6 місяців тому LOL I now have to recreate my Walmart account cuz this stupid keyboard made me put .con instead of .com on the email address.
  • Airraca Lee
    Airraca Lee 6 місяців тому misspeeeellings
  • HawkFest
    HawkFest 4 місяці тому ... and it's probably the case
  • nemonoire
    nemonoire 3 місяці тому lol, that's a brilliant idea!
  • Dexter Silva
    Dexter Silva 2 місяці тому Lol sam
  • Whatever Cartoons
    Whatever Cartoons 1 тиждень тому and I can blame mine on the iPod touch 6th gen’s tiny screen! 💃🏼
  • SuntzuMocro
    SuntzuMocro 7 місяців тому So you pay for a super expensive laptop and basic functions don't work, cool.
  • J R
    J R 7 місяців тому The same way you pay for a super expensive smartphone and basic functions don't work like file explorer
  • TC Bam
    TC Bam 7 місяців тому @J R the file explorer isnt even there so what are you talking about. Lol.
  • Danji
    Danji 7 місяців тому @TC Bam Exactly
  • Bryan Jude Fernandez
    Bryan Jude Fernandez 7 місяців тому no ,its just apple. beware . its nothing but hyped because its a branded item
  • Sebastian Contreras
    Sebastian Contreras 7 місяців тому That's the apple experience for ya
  • Andreas R. Hoffmann
    Andreas R. Hoffmann 7 місяців тому Hello, I bet Jobs would have said about this problem something like „your tipping is wrong...“
  • Brot Pilot
    Brot Pilot 7 місяців тому A.R.H. Surely not
  • Todor Todorov
    Todor Todorov 7 місяців тому They work. You are just using them wrongly.
  • Benjamin Hogan
    Benjamin Hogan 7 місяців тому SHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't say anything or the iMafia will kill you!
  • SuntzuMocro
    SuntzuMocro 7 місяців тому (змінено) @Benjamin Hogan the trigger of the igun will probably falter.
  • Anime sucks Japan doesnt
    Anime sucks Japan doesnt 6 місяців тому Their computers have always sucked their phones arent that bad though.
  • pinkboi
    pinkboi 6 місяців тому @SuntzuMocro iguns dont have triggers they kill you with their pretentiousness
  • RekeBear
    RekeBear 6 місяців тому That explains why half the macbooks keyboard shortcut commands don't work when I go to a computer store for a visit. :O
  • Zycklacon
    Zycklacon 6 місяців тому A.R.H. Except jobs would have gotten a heart attack if he saw what was happening
  • Zycklacon
    Zycklacon 6 місяців тому Their computers weren’t always bad and no im not an apple sheep. Its just how apple is ignorant and doesnt pay attention to peoples needs
  • wMediaOnline
    wMediaOnline 5 місяців тому (змінено) experiencingthisrightnow.Best£1700I'veeverspent.Fuckthekeyboard,though
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 5 місяців тому Todor Todorov lol
  • JakesAMistake
    JakesAMistake 2 місяці тому yeah my parents bought me a $3000 laptop as a present and it can only run minecraft at 60fps
  • Jamba Mode
    Jamba Mode 1 місяць тому Look up why the MacBook is expensive, because it’s better than all the others
  • JakesAMistake
    JakesAMistake 1 місяць тому Jamba Mode no it’s not you can get a better laptop for $1000
  • Jamba Mode
    Jamba Mode 1 місяць тому JakesAMistake yes but it’s the best overall
  • Robyn xo
    Robyn xo 7 місяців тому Her: under the keys is called...Yes you guessed it!! Me: uh a key Her:Butterfly Mechanism!! Me: oh
  • The Random Gamer
    The Random Gamer 6 місяців тому no
  • *dabs*
    *dabs* 6 місяців тому no
  • Litteraly no one
    Litteraly no one 6 місяців тому no
  • Joy Rys
    Joy Rys 6 місяців тому no
  • ღ marli
    ღ marli 6 місяців тому no
  • Gerby Raldo
    Gerby Raldo 6 місяців тому no
  • ahree
    ahree 6 місяців тому no
  • just_cheerio
    just_cheerio 6 місяців тому ne
  • Franco Pantoja
    Franco Pantoja 6 місяців тому Yes
  • Jordan H
    Jordan H 6 місяців тому Ha I ruined the chain
  • Andrei Paun HD Gaming
    Andrei Paun HD Gaming 6 місяців тому no
  • rallyprince
    rallyprince 5 місяців тому no
  • Dmitry Gelow
    Dmitry Gelow 5 місяців тому No. It’s all because you aren’t a human.
  • Noah jarvis
    Noah jarvis 5 місяців тому nuh
  • media01
    media01 5 місяців тому no
  • Lukman Hakim
    Lukman Hakim 2 місяці тому no
  • Giraffe Man
    Giraffe Man 7 місяців тому Butterfly is a paid actor
  • Iphone
    Iphone 6 місяців тому 40th like
  • Fluffy91021
    Fluffy91021 6 місяців тому They crippled the poor butterfly
  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme 1 місяць тому iButterfly
  • Andre Da Costa
    Andre Da Costa 7 місяців тому Glad I skipped this generation, still loving my 2015 MacBook Pro 13 inch. Might be going back to Windows notebook anyway. Apple has really damaged this brand.
  • periye
    periye 7 місяців тому Andre Da Costa i thought I was the only one
  • Daxter Cage
    Daxter Cage 7 місяців тому Andre Da Costa im using 2015 13inch macbook pro. But thinking to upgrade to the 13inch 2017 macbook pro. What do you think?
  • S M
    S M 7 місяців тому Daxter Cage I wanted to sell my 13” 2017 for a 2015 after a while of trying to get used to the keyboard lol
  • AJ
    AJ 7 місяців тому Funny how the only people complaining, are the one‘s who have never used the butterfly keyboard. I have the 2017 13 inch MacBook Pro and it‘s working perfectly fine! No stutter, no lag, the boot up times are fast. Takes like a few seconds. The best laptop i ever had. I‘m a Computer Science student so I type a lot and i got used to the butterfly switches pretty quick. Had the 2015 Macbook Pro before. It‘s a good machine too. Just my 2 cents
  • AJ
    AJ 7 місяців тому Daxter Cage i‘d wait for the 2019 Version. The 2015 MBP is plenty fast. There‘s almost no difference between the 2015 and the 2017 in terms of speed. Plus i love the looks of the 2015 Version but that‘s just my personal opinion
  • Sid Skywalker
    Sid Skywalker 7 місяців тому @AJ isheep lol
  • Saksham Sanwaria
    Saksham Sanwaria 7 місяців тому @Sid Skywalker No logic. Just say iSheep and end of argument!!
  • Sid Skywalker
    Sid Skywalker 7 місяців тому @Saksham Sanwaria ekdam, Bhai😂
  • Andre Da Costa
    Andre Da Costa 7 місяців тому Daxter Cage My brother has the 2017 and loves it. Haven’t heard a complaint from him since he got it.
  • Sid Skywalker
    Sid Skywalker 7 місяців тому @Andre Da Costa you shouldn't be hearing complaints from a 2000 dollar laptop anyways
  • Manlio Cipullo
    Manlio Cipullo 7 місяців тому (змінено) @AJ computer science student? I had never seen at University someone from the tech and science departments using Apple, mostly in the economic or arts departments...
  • Deandalapanda
    Deandalapanda 7 місяців тому “Might”??? Lol you still have faith in Apple? Jesus Christ you people are stupid lol just make the switch
  • Deandalapanda
    Deandalapanda 7 місяців тому Saksham Sanwaria look up Louis Rossmann.... end of argument... Apple is ducking trash
  • Tom
    Tom 7 місяців тому @AJ Well i have the 12 inch 2017 macbook and the spacebar and L keys stopped working properly after a few months of very little use. This is very widespread and will probably happen to you at some stage.
  • xL9Px
    xL9Px 7 місяців тому Isn’t the 2015 version the first one with a butterfly keyboard
  • John Lyle
    John Lyle 7 місяців тому Same here.
  • AJ
    AJ 7 місяців тому @Manlio Cipullo I don't know where you study but in Germany there are a ton of computer science students with MacBooks. Even one of our profs who has his own software business, is using a MacBook. You're right though. In general, most people use windows machines
  • Manlio Cipullo
    Manlio Cipullo 7 місяців тому (змінено) @AJ i'm not a student anymore, i lecture in Italy. The problem lies in the software, most of it is Unix/Linux based or Windows based, so a lot of students and profs use PC. Mac uses MacOS that is a closed enviroment and lacks some very useful softwares in a lot of fields... Think of Matlab: on Mac is not working properly and not updated, so a lot of student need to use virtualization or a PC... And i have tons of examples... Also the best softwares in the MacOs enviroment are not anymore leading the crow. Final Cut Pro is not as good as DaVinci Resolve and it works better on PC.
  • HowToOrbit
    HowToOrbit 7 місяців тому yea I got 2015 same model as yours. this thing is best except thunderbolt2
  • Būbbly
    Būbbly 6 місяців тому I know, I have a MacBook Pro 13 as well
  • gocrazygostupid
    gocrazygostupid 6 місяців тому yeah they killed it for me at least
  • Minh Nguyen Viet Quang
    Minh Nguyen Viet Quang 6 місяців тому Andre Da Costa Same.
  • Cesar Robledo
    Cesar Robledo 6 місяців тому I have a 2015 pro and I have been dying to get one of the new ones, doesn’t seem so bad now after all
  • Ermenegilda Ostrogotti
    Ermenegilda Ostrogotti 6 місяців тому honestly 2015 macbook pro 13inch is the best macbook. i love mine to death
  • Margaret Wilson
    Margaret Wilson 6 місяців тому Apples are turning into products used by not artists or creators... But people who don't need a laptop or product to be dependable. It's not good... The brand has really started to slide.
  • db happiness
    db happiness 5 місяців тому I have the same one you do. LOVE MY MACBOOK PRO Early 2015. Not a Problem. I'll wait .. when they get the problem 100% fixed I'll get a new one. But my 2015 is still going strong.
  • s a d
    s a d 3 місяці тому +Sid Skywalker The other guy: actually states his opinion and experience You: hAhA iShEeP gOtTi
  • Patrick In a sweater
    Patrick In a sweater 3 тижні тому Andre Da Costa Omg ty for telling us what size screen u have such useful information
  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn 7 місяців тому Imagine If apple actually TESTED their keyboards. It’s not complicated people.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому Why would you think they don't? They are a trillion dollar company -- to assume they are somehow silly or stupid is, well...stupid.
  • Sid Skywalker
    Sid Skywalker 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac they actually don't test anything. They know that isheep like you will buy it
  • zahrans
    zahrans 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac Stupidity is placing form over factor and using the thinner but problematic butterfly mechanism year after year while disregarding the previously brilliant older apple keyboard mechanism.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому @zahrans If placing form over factor yields larger profits, then why is it stupid?
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому @Sid Skywalker And how can you know that? I'm saying that it's a far safer bet that one of the largest engineering companies in the world does extensive testing, in fact I'd call it common sense. What I'm guessing is they realized the keyboard issues and simply decided it's cheaper to go with it, than to recall/abort the development process or do some kind of roll-back on their plans internally. They knew it's still cheaper to go this route because people will still buy the laptops...
  • zahrans
    zahrans 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac Because a good number of people will eventually come to realise that "form" will only take you so far and that if the device doesn't have the required "factor", it's not worth paying the premium prices to upgrade or to purchase another Apple device.
  • Carlos Bailey
    Carlos Bailey 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac They aren't an engineering company lol. It they were, this wouldn't be a 3rd generation problem.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому @zahrans What people will eventually realize is not something I'd venture to guess. Perhaps people will forever like to have prettier things than more functional ones? I don't know....there's pretty much always a more functional laptop than an Apple one, and yet people pay a premium for the looks and design. It's been like this forever, and not just with computers.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому @zahrans but your argument doesn't answer my question, why do you think they didn't think of it? What makes you think you, a random online (just like me) knows something they don't?
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому @Carlos Bailey I'm sorry, but saying that Apple is not an engineering company is just an ignorant statement. They are an engineering company, but also a business. I suppose your idea of an engineering company is a company that rapidly corrects is mistakes, any other business factor (affordability/profitability) being irrelevant...
  • Carlos Bailey
    Carlos Bailey 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac Apple does more design than anything they don't actually build much of anything. This problem would have been discovered in testing by an actual engineering firm or at least fixed the second time around. Instead the fucked it up 3 times, and it took them a few years to even acknowledge they fucked up and as usual, put the failure on their costumers. You want to see what a properly engineered laptop looks like? Check out Lenovo's think pad series.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому ​@Carlos Bailey I hate arguing semantics -- I never implied they are solely 'builders' or manufacturers. Prior to your comment we'd used the word design in a purely aesthetic sense, and what you're suddenly calling design is, in fact, engineering (and I agree with your statement!). I'm familiar with the story of the butterfly switch and I fully agree with you on the Lenovo's thinkpad series, because I don't favor form over function. I think thinkpads are superior laptops. What I'm saying is: they could have pulled out with the keyboard 2 times if they wanted to! It isn't for lack of imagination or intelligence that they decided to stick to butterfly keyboards, but simply because it made more business sense (read: profit) to stick to it -- 'they're not stupid' is the entirety of my argument.
  • zahrans
    zahrans 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac It's not that they don't think of it or know it. It's just that the Apple of these past few years place a, as mentioned before, a greater emphasis on form over factor regardless of any technical issues that may pop up as a result. Hence the Apple led fetish for thinner devices and with it the removal of previously user up-gradable components. Hence the previously rare but now relatively common hardware issues on nearly every product line as a result of the "design first" mentality such as the butterfly key issue on the Macbook Pros, thermal issues on the Mac Pro, display flex cable issues on the macbook, bendgate & signal issues on the iphone etc. The mac pro "trashcan" esp. is the perfect textbook example of the malaise that afflict Apple in the devices area. A high priced high end device that looks breathtakingly beautiful but suffers from overheating issues as a result of a poorly conceived single fan design. Something which took Apple a few years to admit and eventually apologise. Hence why, after a decade and a half, my next high end desktop will not be an Apple.
  • Carlos Bailey
    Carlos Bailey 7 місяців тому @Vukasin Strbac It's not stupid when it is costing them money to repair? Maybe I'm crazy but I just don't think they're as smart as everyone, including themselves gives them credit for.
  • Vukasin Strbac
    Vukasin Strbac 7 місяців тому ​@zahrans We pretty much agree on everything. The one and only Apple device I ever bought was an IPod nano forever ago (still functional!).
  • litarchives
    litarchives 7 місяців тому Check my comment above
  • snake.
    snake. 7 місяців тому funny how all the complaints are from people who haven't ever used a MacBook ever...
  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn 7 місяців тому snake. Not true
  • 101ToonLink
    101ToonLink 6 місяців тому Perhaps they only did the majority of testing in a dust-free environment, like a super sterile testing laboratory.
  • matt tim
    matt tim 6 місяців тому @Sid Skywalker isheep that's hilarious.
  • Margaret Wilson
    Margaret Wilson 6 місяців тому Apple isn't an engineering company. There's actual engineers on here that talk about how many of the mechanisms inside Apple products are poorly placed so that they interfere with one another and ultimately fail at an astonishingly high rate... I can't explain it exactly, I'm not an engineer, but there are definitely YouTubers you can go to that know what's going on and talk about the engineering flaws that lead to predictable errors in Apple products.
  • Meegan
    Meegan 5 місяців тому *cough couch Note 7
  • wMediaOnline
    wMediaOnline 5 місяців тому Apple testing something? That's not right...
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 5 місяців тому They do but they know that people will buy it anyway since it’s by Apple.
  • lass1234
    lass1234 2 тижні тому YES They need to test it more thoroughly ....not in a lab but with a greasy hand/finger
  • Nole
    Nole 7 місяців тому Imagine performing TESTS on PROTOTYPES and IMPROVING until they reach a final model that WORKS.
  • Turbulencje
    Turbulencje 7 місяців тому apparently Apple confident enough to have their clients be beta-testers :D
  • Momma Natalia
    Momma Natalia 7 місяців тому iToddlers btfo
  • Odoru Pompokorin
    Odoru Pompokorin 7 місяців тому Well greed drives them to release models every year. We’ll buy it anyway so, meh why not? I just did. 🥺
  • Diamondcreeper098
    Diamondcreeper098 6 місяців тому and that's why they canceled airpower
  • GStreetEntertainment
    GStreetEntertainment 6 місяців тому They probably had plenty of testing in their clean-rooms and they sure worked flawlessly. Facepalm