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Скачать с ютуб The new student is evil? Roblox High School Story!

Опубликовано: 26 мая 2019 г. 2 402 491 просмотр

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No one can be trusted... We have to escape NOW!
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  • Hope Wolf
    Hope Wolf 1 month ago Me seeing “my friend” Me:OLD FRIEND OH ITS SO GOOD TO SEE U MY FRIEND
  • Xibia Gacha UwU
    Xibia Gacha UwU 6 months ago Funneh: Draco! Whos your buddy? Draco:Nobody Me:*puts sad music in my head*
  • shukri mohamed
    shukri mohamed 3 weeks ago Haha so good Funneh should like xibia Gacha UwU
  • Ange Subastil
    Ange Subastil 3 weeks ago "my music head" TACOS IS RAINING TACOD DAB
  • Ange Subastil
    Ange Subastil 3 weeks ago (edited) nothin too see her
  • Ange Subastil
    Ange Subastil 3 weeks ago @shukri mohamed how the heck heheheheh sowy
  • keisha Gorion
    keisha Gorion 1 week ago HEAD??
  • Avery Hamilton
    Avery Hamilton 4 days ago lol
  • Unicorn Dreams
    Unicorn Dreams 8 months ago Funneh:don’t lose tra- Ad about beds pops up))
  • Milky_Nights UwU
    Milky_Nights UwU 1 month ago Unicorn Dreams lol
  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer 9 months ago Hey funneh so when I posted this it was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep because I was going to spend a whole week away from my family so I just watched you
  • Paulina Brown
    Paulina Brown 1 month ago Awwwww snap girl were you scared heheheheheheheheheheheh DON DON DON whoope
  • fruit queen
    fruit queen 10 months ago (edited) Funneh: Hey Lunar Funneh: NOOOO I WANNA SIT NEXT TO LUNAR!!!! Lunar:???? Funneh: Lunar I like your hair! Lunar: Thanks? In Lunars head: She's so weird....
  • UnicornPlayz - Gacha
    UnicornPlayz - Gacha 10 months ago Nice joke! I would be thinking that if my sister did that to me....
  • RainbøwBunný
    RainbøwBunný 7 months ago No all of them are weird that is why I like them
  • RainbøwBunný
    RainbøwBunný 7 months ago These aren't even the ones she said
  • prpossible yt
    prpossible yt 1 day ago @RainbøwBunný still chill
  • coomusta
    coomusta 9 months ago If you know that lunar said “oh no , this stuff is deadly” and next is “let’s get back to the cabin for safety” LOL
  • Melanie Bolanos
    Melanie Bolanos 4 months ago Same
  • Xxttriggeredxx N
    Xxttriggeredxx N 1 month ago coomusta I did not hear that in the video?
  • Shadow M.L.
    Shadow M.L. 5 months ago Funneh:ugh the floor is so hard Me: maybe bcs your going to fall through it •^•
  • XxStarLightMoonxX Dashwood
    XxStarLightMoonxX Dashwood 8 months ago everyone : play field trip me: eats cookie
  • Mohd Zaidi Mohamed
    Mohd Zaidi Mohamed 4 months ago Uh...OKAY
  • pastelXx hooman
    pastelXx hooman 7 months ago Game: Some people are clearly Missing!! me: Dude, They are not missing, Theyr'e dead! Others: ALL BE CALM!
  • Melanie Bolanos
    Melanie Bolanos 4 months ago Same
  • Lunarkat56 Solar
    Lunarkat56 Solar 3 weeks ago pastelXx hooman hhehehe
  • Your host Sapphire
    Your host Sapphire 10 months ago You should play Field trip on Roblox it’s based on camping and high school
  • Casey Perez
    Casey Perez 9 months ago Princess Sapphire#2 Yeah! I played that one!
  • l o o s e l a c e f r o n t
    l o o s e l a c e f r o n t 9 months ago IKR
  • l o o s e l a c e f r o n t
    l o o s e l a c e f r o n t 9 months ago Hehe..
  • Inez Rivas
    Inez Rivas 9 months ago Finally someone said that high school and field trip are NOT connected but they are inspired
  • Taha Badr
    Taha Badr 9 months ago Yah
  • Thynara Oum
    Thynara Oum 9 months ago YAAAA!!!
  • janice oehme
    janice oehme 9 months ago That is a scary game
  • ShadowWolf _Playz13
    ShadowWolf _Playz13 9 months ago Yeah played it :3
  • ii_itzNatalie_ii
    ii_itzNatalie_ii 9 months ago I played it and I won the game :3
  • Gacha - Mazing
    Gacha - Mazing 4 months ago Funneh! Theres this story game found that is called "The Castle" and I recommend you to play it!
  • Lyssanlexa2010
    Lyssanlexa2010 5 months ago “NOT AGAIN” -Lunar 2019
  • Franco Bolunia
    Franco Bolunia 2 months ago Lyssanlexa2010 its 2020 now
  • sky77
    sky77 2 weeks ago But they said it before 2019
  • besties for resties perez
    besties for resties perez 6 months ago am i the only one who notices that when one of the krew members say "im scared" it sounds like the little girl who farted and pretended like it was a ghosts...from that on vine... no just me...ok
  • Deen Libatique
    Deen Libatique 1 month ago 12:57 you meant that ending wasn’t MINT TO BE!
  • xVeronicorn
    xVeronicorn 10 months ago (edited) Play field trip next! Like if u agree 👍
  • elsibiris26
    elsibiris26 10 months ago xVeronicorn dONTTTTT I played it!! It is HORROR
  • xVeronicorn
    xVeronicorn 10 months ago @elsibiris26 i know but she will because its part 3
  • IhatelifU
    IhatelifU 10 months ago xVeronicorn part 3 I’m confused is all three games connected
  • 。 A e t h e r 。
    。 A e t h e r 。 10 months ago (edited) Elsibiris26, but that's why you play it. Its so fun!
  • Edmund Buligan
    Edmund Buligan 10 months ago Uwu i agree play field trip next i already tried 3 of the scary games like camping,high school and field trip:3
  • Tabatha Baladad
    Tabatha Baladad 9 months ago I played field trip before :3
  • soerayasatemable
    soerayasatemable 9 months ago Yeah
  • bunsweet 12
    bunsweet 12 9 months ago Oh i funneh should play that next also i did play field trip i didnt finished it because i died :'( i dont want to tell how? Because spoilerz funneh plzz play it and i agree
  • Awien Tong
    Awien Tong 9 months ago Same same
  • Zainab Ashfaq
    Zainab Ashfaq 9 months ago ya i keep dying i need to see the ending
  • AndreaGamer TV
    AndreaGamer TV 9 months ago xVeronicorn thats just wat i watch that after this
  • AndreaGamer TV
    AndreaGamer TV 9 months ago xVeronicorn it when i Played it it was a little bit scary
  • ernie Flores
    ernie Flores 9 months ago Yeah because it's a part three and there is also a game called house party which is part four and it's when they were in college basically
  • Clara Curran
    Clara Curran 9 months ago And at the beginning it said DID U HAVE A GOOD CAMPING TRIP? Roblox Camping 2 confirmed! Lol 🤣
  • hanna dul set
    hanna dul set 9 months ago "Who's your buddy?" "No one." Mood. It speaks me in high school rn.
  • Michelle Sørensen
    Michelle Sørensen 7 months ago Me:There’s a ho- Funneh Rainbow Lunar:*falls in hole*
  • Monique Pacheco
    Monique Pacheco 6 months ago Itsfunneh: oh it already left LoL that's so funneh get it😂😂😂😂😂
  • Mohd Zaidi Mohamed
    Mohd Zaidi Mohamed 4 months ago Yeah. I get it.FUNNEH IS FUNNY
  • It’s—Luna Playz YT 97
    It’s—Luna Playz YT 97 9 months ago Draco: I’m fine I’m just exploring Me: yeh just explore in this situation Lunar: in this situation it’s always good to play basketball Me: yeh play basketball
  • Warduu Warduu
    Warduu Warduu 9 months ago Funneh please follow me riri246801