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Скачать с ютуб French Montana - Shot Caller ft. Charlie Rock (Official Music Video)

Опубликовано: 22 дек. 2011 г. 19 590 958 просмотров

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Music video by French Montana performing Shot Caller. (C) 2011 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

#FrenchMontanta #ShotCaller #Vevo

  • FrenchMontanaVEVO
    FrenchMontanaVEVO 2 years ago Watch this Best of French Montana Watch this French Montana - Jungle Rules Watch this French Montana - MC4
  • dre day
    dre day 2 years ago FrenchMontanaVEVO what's ol girl name in the true"$
  • dre day
    dre day 2 years ago I love ol girl in the.true's
  • Serrana Ferrer
    Serrana Ferrer 2 years ago porque en tus videos muestras mujeres en bolas? una lastima...
  • Geoff Hetherington
    Geoff Hetherington 2 years ago FrenchMontanaVEVO u
    SUPERIORITY 2 years ago FrenchMontanaVEVO this song never gets old
  • Hugo der Boss
    Hugo der Boss 2 years ago dre day mee Too Bruhh she is 🔥
  • Shanae Lucero
    Shanae Lucero 1 year ago shame Kept the best for me to go back to 151🐬🌹💍🎥
  • Nenette Faulkner
    Nenette Faulkner 1 year ago FrenchMontanaVEVO
  • Shanae Lucero
    Shanae Lucero 1 year ago Set yqhnoubucjyp ❤💑📷💍
  • Shanae Lucero
    Shanae Lucero 1 year ago FrenchMontanaVEVO tetchy a great t ❤😘😍❓🎉📷❤🐬❤❤☀❤😘❤😘❤😘
  • JuStincredible vlogz
    JuStincredible vlogz 1 year ago What
    YASSINE SMOCK FIREMEN 1 year ago french montana wled lblad lay 5lik dima fog lfog hhhhhh
  • Marlon Duran
    Marlon Duran 1 year ago Be Shot Caller
  • Marlon Duran
    Marlon Duran 1 year ago Be a Shot Caller
  • Michael Cartagena
    Michael Cartagena 1 year ago 2019..
  • The deep ocean
    The deep ocean 1 year ago I cant stop listening to this song. I had a bad memories and I had three song to listen to. And this one every time I switch it on I remember those hard times. My motivation. 👏👏👑
  • Kim Firmin
    Kim Firmin 10 months ago That shit hit
  • شادية
    شادية 9 months ago ♥♥♥
  • Lil Benz
    Lil Benz 8 months ago Blueface brought me here
  • jenifer perdomo
    jenifer perdomo 8 months ago 😍
  • Rocko
    Rocko 1 year ago Imagine this track dropped in 2019.
  • Gabe Schmidt
    Gabe Schmidt 11 months ago This shit would be bumped everywhere
  • Warren Sdk
    Warren Sdk 11 months ago Still be fire
  • Nouaaman Sedrati
    Nouaaman Sedrati 11 months ago Just 17m vieus !!!!
  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez 10 months ago It wouldn't have as many views probably cuz mfs like this wack music today lol
  • Betrous al Taweel
    Betrous al Taweel 10 months ago French would probably put Lil Pump and Young Thug on the remix
  • Alize Cook
    Alize Cook 10 months ago Right smh
  • Art Kannon
    Art Kannon 10 months ago Rocko chinx would still be alive
    KINGxTERRY 9 months ago Would be the hottest record of the Year
  • Logan Campos
    Logan Campos 9 months ago I was in Poland when I first saw this video i was with a thick polish bitch around that time 2011 right??
  • Boyan Tringov
    Boyan Tringov 8 months ago No chance hahaha :) :)Probably it will be a twerk version hahah ..:):)
  • Boyan Tringov
    Boyan Tringov 8 months ago @Logan Campos I will love to have that kind of Polish girl or Romanian one best regards from Bulgaria ..! :) :) :)
  • Game Asylum
    Game Asylum 8 months ago Im from Atlanta and NYC but NYC might b coming for the throne son!!!!!!!!!
  • Inas El Outmani
    Inas El Outmani 8 months ago Logan Campos 2013
  • Lil Benz
    Lil Benz 7 months ago MONTANIA!
  • Tommy Reusse
    Tommy Reusse 6 months ago the time is more than right to go back to cold winter NY nights with hard raps imo. way overdue. someone needs to come out and diss all these high school desk face rappers.
  • Brody Murphy
    Brody Murphy 5 months ago @Gabe Schmidt facts
  • Adil Choudhury
    Adil Choudhury 3 months ago It would be heat
  • Rula Kid
    Rula Kid 2 months ago I could see it being a banger in 2018 not 19
  • Talk To MeTv
    Talk To MeTv 2 months ago SWEAR THEY NEED TO DO A PART2 CUZ.... eh yooooooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Fallen World
    Fallen World 2 months ago @Julian Martinez exactly.
  • natureboyinyourface
    natureboyinyourface 2 months ago Imagine it dropped in '97!
  • Xxxmjj Bss
    Xxxmjj Bss 2 months ago this old hits need some remix
  • CoopDawg
    CoopDawg 6 months ago I can confirm this is still the best French Montana song even in 2019
  • PownStar TeleVision
    PownStar TeleVision 5 months ago You right man. This is the only song I've heard from him where he raps on par with the beat. And the verses are not wack at all
    CHICO POPI 5 months ago Naw French Montana old mixtapes was 🔥🔥🔥 like wake up in the morning ft max b
  • Souhaïl Choukhairi
    Souhaïl Choukhairi 5 months ago I definitely agree!!!!
  • Kurupted -
    Kurupted - 4 months ago Coke Boyz tapes n Mac n Cheese 3 !
  • Richie Black
    Richie Black 4 months ago Lockjaw is better in my opinion but this song still slaps
  • thomasthorpe1994
    thomasthorpe1994 3 months ago 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Achraf Bouadila
    Achraf Bouadila 3 months ago Yes my friend that's right
  • Buijamin Jahiu
    Buijamin Jahiu 3 months ago Still in 2020
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 4 years ago This beat is everything. Hip hop with a Spanish touch !! Best song French Montana has ever made.
  • JayCompp
    JayCompp 4 years ago Deadass
  • Joshua Rios
    Joshua Rios 4 years ago +Witknee Hix he be keepin it fly
  • Joshua Rios
    Joshua Rios 4 years ago yeah that's what im sayin
  • Tyler Flynn
    Tyler Flynn 4 years ago +Witknee Hix idk.... This sounds mighty italian mafia to me.... Not anything spanish lol
  • henry huynh
    henry huynh 4 years ago +Witknee Hix yes he made it 13 thousand views kakakakaaa
    YKTV.TV 4 years ago +Witknee Hix not really son got H.I.T.S the streets B knowing juh hearrrrd?!?!? #CokeBoys
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 4 years ago +Adrian Peterson why are so mean 😔
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 4 years ago +chez alegria sorry for my misunderstanding ! Please educate me. 😊
  • chicagocold312
    chicagocold312 4 years ago +Witknee Hix Lords Of the Underground first used that horn riff a long time ago.
  • deadkat5
    deadkat5 4 years ago Lords of the Underground- Funky Child
  • Barry Mckochiner
    Barry Mckochiner 4 years ago you right! 👌🏽😋
  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 3 years ago yeah like wack ass lz
  • 8Baller1000
    8Baller1000 3 years ago +Witknee Hix Yup, this n Julius Caesar, n a few other where he's ftered lol
  • Juice
    Juice 3 years ago +Witknee Hix Lol you know this motherfucker is African right? He's from Morocco... He's not even spanish. Ain't nothing "spanish" about this sample that's sampled from a black group who sampled it from a black funk artist.
  • Marlon Lloyd
    Marlon Lloyd 3 years ago Sample us from Thom Bell Orchestra - A Theme for L.A 's Team...
  • Jonny Muniz
    Jonny Muniz 3 years ago facts
  • Jay Rod
    Jay Rod 3 years ago This song wouldn't have been a smash without Harry Fraud apparently
  • Khalil Turner
    Khalil Turner 3 years ago I agree
  • dre day
    dre day 3 years ago Witknee Hix I agree Ma,Ma. and from your picture you just as fine as ol' girl from video
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 3 years ago Joey Diaz hey papi
  • Deuces Wild
    Deuces Wild 2 years ago Witknee Hix obviously you not from the Bronx.
  • christopher quiles
    christopher quiles 2 years ago how ..u not from tha bronx im from here n hip hop in general has spanish touch to it
  • J Crossover
    J Crossover 2 years ago Witknee Hix 😂😂😂 he right it sound Italian
  • juniorreed0692
    juniorreed0692 2 years ago Witknee Hix do you have IG
  • Deuces Wild
    Deuces Wild 2 years ago juniorreed0692 breh she’s not real.
  • J Crossover
    J Crossover 2 years ago Deuces Wild she is real😂😂 I went to school with her 😭
  • Ant Nee
    Ant Nee 2 years ago Harry fraud deserves that credit...
    OVO SAVAGE 2 years ago Witknee Hix he’s not Spanish he’s Arabic dummy
  • smoothcollected
    smoothcollected 2 years ago Tyler Flynn this is jazz so it all comes back to black
  • E Oanici
    E Oanici 2 years ago 2 years late but u fine
  • Geoff Hetherington
    Geoff Hetherington 1 year ago Witknee Hix. Hi from Geoffrey Hetherington. Jeff Pittsburgh
    GIVE ME CASH 1 year ago Witknee Hix damn u fine
  • Chamch Chamchhi
    Chamch Chamchhi 1 year ago hijpyklmb
  • Ole Okie Watson
    Ole Okie Watson 1 year ago Harry Fraud made the beat
  • Malu Torres
    Malu Torres 1 year ago Lindo
    BPT BANGERS 11 months ago The original sample was from a black soul group
  • Jimmy R
    Jimmy R 11 months ago Wish I was in the video haha 😎
  • Micheal Hebert
    Micheal Hebert 10 months ago Your ears got blockage or something this cat got no talent wake yo ass up
  • Nitty Andrade
    Nitty Andrade 9 months ago Yeah .. umm more Italian it has that up the hill Bronx Tale vibe
  • AquaLady FitNoob
    AquaLady FitNoob 9 months ago Kids dont know music
    RON THATGUY 8 months ago Let me hit u from the back
  • AquaLady FitNoob
    AquaLady FitNoob 8 months ago @RON THATGUY thirsty
  • Redux
    Redux 7 months ago @chicagocold312 I'm glad someone knew, I thought of that as soon as I heard the beat
  • CootieMann Kelly
    CootieMann Kelly 4 months ago French Montana not even spanish tho
  • MilesAllgood
    MilesAllgood 4 months ago french montana is from morocco, a predominately arab/muslim country in north africa that has a high amount of racism against blacks who are the minority there.
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 3 months ago (edited) MilesAllgood damn I said the song had a Spanish touch. When did I ever say he was y’all annoying lol
  • MilesAllgood
    MilesAllgood 3 months ago @Witknee Menyon Lol, knowledge is free, enjoy it.
  • George Bunk
  • natureboyinyourface
    natureboyinyourface 2 months ago No Diggity.
  • Desiigner
    Desiigner 1 month ago sleepy mexicans
  • Dr. SuperFunk
    Dr. SuperFunk 4 years ago i heard this song in my dream last night WTF???
  • Lord Vicious
    Lord Vicious 4 years ago me to man its trippy because i have not heard this in a cool minute
  • Dr. SuperFunk
    Dr. SuperFunk 4 years ago @Lord Vicious hehe
  • MTBOfficial
    MTBOfficial 3 years ago +Dr. SuperFunk Me too
  • Eazy Livin
    Eazy Livin 3 years ago You're the shot caller lol
  • Zeney
    Zeney 3 years ago me three😱
  • Sonny Ishmil
    Sonny Ishmil 3 years ago +Joel Navarro yaaaa nigga u mad gahbah
  • shamanee
    shamanee 3 years ago or u were just watching godfather
    INEEDUTOWAKEUP 2 years ago Dr. SuperFunk musta been a sick dream🔥😎
  • Ethan Mattoon
    Ethan Mattoon 2 years ago Dr. SuperFunk that's why I just looked it up. Haven't heard it in years
  • James S
    James S 2 years ago Nazareth sunshine
  • Miguel Olvera
    Miguel Olvera 2 years ago Hahaha
  • emir bask
    emir bask 1 year ago Dr. SuperFunk sounds like a great dream
  • МοllУBoy
    МοllУBoy 1 year ago Dr. SuperFunk what no
  • V3gas
    V3gas 1 year ago Did she want a shot caller?
  • TCB _ IX
    TCB _ IX 1 year ago Wtf
  • Jimmy R
    Jimmy R 1 year ago You were probably shot calling in yo dreams
  • Prince YZ
    Prince YZ 1 year ago Same bro, as ii woke up this morning lol
  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue 11 months ago Me too. Never heard it before either.
  • Miguel A.
    Miguel A. 10 months ago Yo my guy me too!
  • Crooks
    Crooks 3 months ago You was at the club in the dream ?
  • Nadav Halevy
    Nadav Halevy 2 months ago Damn so did I !!!
  • John Miles
    John Miles 4 years ago The best song he's ever made
  • PlayMeSomePimpin
    PlayMeSomePimpin 4 years ago Agreed, everything else he made is trash
  • Witknee Menyon
    Witknee Menyon 4 years ago Thank you!!!!
    TOTCD 4 years ago +John Miles true
  • Dzastynas
    Dzastynas 4 years ago +John Miles by faaaaar
  • 1Manny93
    1Manny93 4 years ago +Christian Campbell you must be deaf
  • MutedNoifications
    MutedNoifications 3 years ago Off the rip is pretty dope
  • Omar Graves
    Omar Graves 2 years ago only the beat is great son
  • Sisu Saivosalmi
    Sisu Saivosalmi 2 years ago And it's all thanks to harry fraud
  • Lena Lee
    Lena Lee 2 years ago John Miles on everything! This is the BEST song he ever made
  • Angie Bowden
    Angie Bowden 2 years ago Mistadontplay89 no doubt.
  • KiD 504#
    KiD 504# 2 years ago Ros Scoe Different beat.
  • Kelvin Nzioki Muema
    Kelvin Nzioki Muema 1 year ago yes
  • Hannah Marshall
    Hannah Marshall 1 year ago I love this song
  • mr.knowitall
    mr.knowitall 1 year ago The only good song he's ever made.
  • Kane Abel
    Kane Abel 1 year ago no doubt
  • Ole Okie Watson
    Ole Okie Watson 1 year ago Harry Fraud made the beat
  • Dj Nedyaj
    Dj Nedyaj 1 year ago No cap
  • Botond Bakos
    Botond Bakos 1 year ago TUNNEL VISION FEAT CHINX IS THE BEST
  • Rich Noob
    Rich Noob 1 year ago Devil wants my soul 🔥🔥 too
  • Saad S
    Saad S 1 year ago Playing in the wind, Juice are my favorites. This is fire too!
  • manpoo
    manpoo 1 year ago lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im smacked.. this shit had me [email protected] Campbell
  • Lena Lee
    Lena Lee 1 year ago John Miles Hands down
  • Game Asylum
    Game Asylum 1 year ago NYC goodmorning the real bricks goodnight Atlanta.........###Atl 2 NYC.........
  • Ceaz I N F I N I T Y
    Ceaz I N F I N I T Y 1 year ago Then you don't listen to French Montana. He has plenty of classics from the coke wave and mac'n cheese mixtapes.
  • prime mate
    prime mate 1 year ago That's not saying much.
  • Jay Case
    Jay Case 1 year ago Only song he ever made 😂😂
  • Fasil Joshua
    Fasil Joshua 1 year ago Nah fam you must not know about the thousands of his tracks in the old mix tapes.
  • deezy 10 strip 617
    deezy 10 strip 617 10 months ago Nahhh
  • Jay Case
    Jay Case 10 months ago @Fasil Joshua I know and I know they are shit
  • Chris A
    Chris A 9 months ago Not even close french got dope tracks
    KINGxTERRY 9 months ago Fashure lol
  • Patrick C_7
    Patrick C_7 8 months ago First one too. This the one that made him blow uo
  • Mike Glover
    Mike Glover 7 months ago sanctuary from mac n cheese?
  • Si B
    Si B 6 months ago You crazy
  • Chosen1 The Golden1
    Chosen1 The Golden1 6 months ago BY A LOT 2 lol
  • All Ya Gay
    All Ya Gay 5 months ago Nope...pop that
  • s
    s 5 months ago His only listenable song
  • 01dirtydirk
    01dirtydirk 4 months ago Pop that is 🔥
  • J Harris
    J Harris 4 months ago So damn true!!!
  • Youngthrift King
    Youngthrift King 2 months ago I like julus ceasar lol
  • Marokkino Gamer
    Marokkino Gamer 1 month ago Unforgettable
  • Lil Home State
    Lil Home State 2 years ago I always think about New York when this comes on
  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman 1 year ago Lil Home State that was big intention shit & summer jam
  • aaron i
    aaron i 1 month ago Me too and I'm from Dublin. Never been in America in me life!
  • Mtdub Da Champ
    Mtdub Da Champ 3 weeks ago Me too. Makes me wanna live there! The vibes harry had on here is unmatched
  • Lena Lee
    Lena Lee 1 year ago MANNNNNNN I MISS THIS FRENCH MONTANA 😩 I wish he woulda stayed with this New York flow, you can almost hear his roots in this song ✊🏾
  • Talk To MeTv
    Talk To MeTv 2 months ago Lena Lee real shit this when cuz was nice
    Mike MCGAVYER 3 years ago Who's watching in 1936?
    KiLLA GAMING 3 years ago Mike MCGAVYER 2017
  • Luv For Life
    Luv For Life 2 years ago Mike MCGAVYER 6969
  • nawal10
    nawal10 11 months ago Mike MCGAVYER meeeeee
    KINGxTERRY 9 months ago @nawal10 ayyye
  • ِ
    ِ 8 months ago 2096
  • Hei Shehui
    Hei Shehui 6 months ago Mr bonds version is better
  • BobbyBars14
    BobbyBars14 4 months ago Fuck yeah it is. “I go raaaauuu, Like a Stuka Fleiger, I’m from Austria, Home of the original leader.”
  • BobbyBars14
    BobbyBars14 4 months ago Mr. Bond’s version DESTROYS this one.
  • Dawid B
    Dawid B 4 months ago I thought exactly the same. Goddamn.
  • Yazzy Montana
    Yazzy Montana 1 month ago 🙋🏾‍♀️
  • Astral Projection
    Astral Projection 6 months ago (edited) La musíca de Harry Fraud
  • Albert F
    Albert F 2 weeks ago totally stolen
  • Zeta
    Zeta 3 years ago Puff still spending biggies money
  • Roger Nock
    Roger Nock 3 years ago +Godfather Naw dude, Ciroc.
    DISCLOSURE CHANNEL 3 years ago fuc the industry
  • Carl Crowther
    Carl Crowther 3 years ago Don't be dumb he made biggie his money
  • Talk To MeTv
    Talk To MeTv 2 months ago Biggie GOT HIS BREAD YALL now the question is DID MS WALLACE RECEIVE HER BREAD?????
  • ADAM.
    ADAM. 3 years ago Not a French Montana fan but this shit went so hard 🔥🔥💯👌
  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores 3 years ago riiiiiight sane here but this shit here straight yoga flame
  • Don Vito
    Don Vito 3 years ago #TrapSimon if you don't like it, then why you wasting your time watching and commenting?
  • Nationalcitysycho d
    Nationalcitysycho d 1 year ago ADAM. NAH
  • Ethan Howard
    Ethan Howard 1 year ago It goes hard.
  • William Daniels
    William Daniels 1 month ago Same here but that shit was fire, mostly because of the beat. They swiped it from LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND, FUNKY CHILD
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World
    The Most Interesting Man in the World 4 years ago If you ever tried to wife a girl like this, you probably know better by now.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World
    The Most Interesting Man in the World 4 years ago @***** What do you mean?
  • Ryan Fisk
    Ryan Fisk 3 years ago Agreed.
  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez 3 years ago +The Most Interesting Man in the World lmao word is bond
  • Tina Habibti
    Tina Habibti 3 years ago O
  • Casper78694
    Casper78694 3 years ago It can happen...if you click.
  • Thomas Malin
    Thomas Malin 3 years ago Dude you have killer beer ads.. stay thirsty my friend
  • NosorogGoroson
    NosorogGoroson 2 years ago Maybe she's not into you.
  • Geoff Hetherington
    Geoff Hetherington 1 year ago The Most Interesting Man in the World. Hi from Geo Geoffrey Hetherington. Jeff. Pittsburgh
  • wxng rxdden angxl
    wxng rxdden angxl 8 months ago Forreal bitches is just exotic animalz petz
  • R E D R U M
    R E D R U M 5 months ago That’s called a hit it and quit it, like snoop said you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife
  • XSean
    XSean 4 months ago If u talking bout the girl in the vid ab soul wifed her and changed her from an Amber hoes to Jhene Aiko
  • shawna johnson
    shawna johnson 2 months ago @Casper78694 yes
  • Pistons2015
    Pistons2015 5 days ago The Most Interesting Man in the World 😂😂
  • Treysev
    Treysev 3 years ago if French Montana was still like this
  • TryOnKicks
    TryOnKicks 3 years ago The only french song i ever liked & still do 🔥
  • Haydn
    Haydn 3 years ago FTG
  • Lowe Life
    Lowe Life 3 years ago u heard lockjaw
  • TryOnKicks
    TryOnKicks 3 years ago +gumundertable I forgot about that, that go hard too no lie
  • autroone
    autroone 3 years ago check out julius cesar
  • Fatality NebYT
    Fatality NebYT 3 years ago +Ga'Briel Alexander you heard off the rip?
  • Jeffrey Flores
    Jeffrey Flores 3 years ago +gumundertable that song is a beast
  • Shaq O'Neal
    Shaq O'Neal 3 years ago "once in a while" 'told em" "ain't worried bout nun" and pretty much da whole Cokeboys 4 mixtape
  • Desmond Williams
    Desmond Williams 3 years ago shit French got a lot of bangers everybody fw his beats but I like his flow
  • shuburney thielman
    shuburney thielman 2 years ago Fatality NebYT Off the rip is the best gangstah beat🙈
  • Eric
    Eric 2 years ago He's never been a good rapper, but back in '09 when he was working with Max B a lot in the NY mixtape scene he made some great music. The mainstream stuff he does now is wack, but that shit was hard. Check out the song "Steak Sauce" to see what I mean. Also "God Damn". Both songs are Max B, French Montana collabs.
  • BIG 191
    BIG 191 1 year ago You buggin. French got hella bangers
    MAHARISHI 240 1 year ago Listen to 5 MO
  • Billy Diesel
    Billy Diesel 3 years ago RIP Chinx
  • Abdulrahman Mf
    Abdulrahman Mf 3 years ago how ?! :)
  • King Usher
    King Usher 3 years ago Abdulrahman Mf he died that's how 😂
  • JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson 3 years ago King Usher he means how did he die dumbass
  • Ethan Howard
    Ethan Howard 1 year ago Rest in peace to Heavy D, too.
  • Kim Buxton
    Kim Buxton 11 months ago when Khloe Kardashian saw Yaris, she got her body surgically done to imitate her.
    NYC AUDITOR 2 years ago From the south Bronx home of the original clappers
  • 赞成裕裕裕
    赞成裕裕裕 7 months ago My parents told me it was Bucktown. 🤔
  • Truth Witness
    Truth Witness 2 years ago Shot Calling in 2018!
  • Elijah Colón
    Elijah Colón 2 years ago Truth Witness facts 2018
  • Jimplexx
    Jimplexx 2 years ago Truth Witness yep
  • Blαƈʞ Ẅe̶a̴b̷ D̲[̲̅o̲̅]r̾k͆
    Blαƈʞ Ẅe̶a̴b̷ D̲[̲̅o̲̅]r̾k͆ 1 year ago What's guud 2018
  • FaclsGta YTB
    FaclsGta YTB 1 year ago yep 2018 still lit
  • МοllУBoy
    МοllУBoy 1 year ago Truth Witness 2019
  • Shon Harris-Hinton
    Shon Harris-Hinton 1 year ago Song used to be the shit
  • Just Ralph
    Just Ralph 1 year ago Still playing this 💯
  • d garcia
    d garcia 1 year ago No matter what year it is I'm always shot calling
  • Levar Combs
    Levar Combs 1 year ago Truth Witness 8
  • Reece Allison
    Reece Allison 1 year ago 2019!!
  • Bigol H23D
    Bigol H23D 1 year ago Ayyyyy💯 where them cartel vídeos
  • Rem Dik
    Rem Dik 1 year ago 2019
  • 510 Kev
    510 Kev 4 years ago This that REAL NEW YORK MUSIC