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Скачать с ютуб Ruining Scribblenauts by using bad solutions to problems

Опубликовано: 25 мар. 2019 г. 5 903 582 просмотра

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Adjectives were a terrible mistake

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  • RTGame
    RTGame 1 year ago It's been a wild ride, but our Scribblenauts journey is at its end. We'll be pressing on with Fable again soon
  • Salad McValid
    Salad McValid 1 year ago Looking forward to the violent mass murder of those poor NPCs.
  • Dankukus
    Dankukus 1 year ago oh no
  • Hand
    Hand 1 year ago "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" my ass
  • Mr. Meloetta
    Mr. Meloetta 1 year ago (edited) @Hand With Great Power Comes whatever the villagers sacrifice too you hoping for your mercy
  • Azoth
    Azoth 1 year ago When you send that guy in the cave with a gun and he shoots..... I fokin died
  • Steven Bills
    Steven Bills 1 year ago I'm glad Charles Darwin did work
  • Christian Patterson
    Christian Patterson 1 year ago Lord and saviour
  • Haiek Nagasaki
    Haiek Nagasaki 1 year ago nooooooo I liked this series so much
  • Some dude
    Some dude 1 year ago Do fable 2 I loved playing it
  • Natalie Watters
    Natalie Watters 1 year ago Need happiness and joy? summon the devil!
  • marky p
    marky p 1 year ago honestly these videos where hilarious
  • TheGang 198
    TheGang 198 1 year ago Ok
  • TheGang 198
    TheGang 198 1 year ago :(
  • x302justice
    x302justice 1 year ago RTGame should've used an earthquake to remove the rock
  • Mac and Cheese
    Mac and Cheese 1 year ago make an episode where you commit mass genocide in scribblenauts
  • Nabil
    Nabil 1 year ago I think there is a DLC
  • Powwwerr
    Powwwerr 1 year ago Try scribblenauts remix. IDK if its anything near this thing but why not ue scribblenauts letsplays keep me alive
  • Bracken40
    Bracken40 1 year ago d l c .
  • the mighty J
    the mighty J 1 year ago Their are different scribbbnauts games
  • MorsClue
    MorsClue 1 year ago Check if you can add the infinity gauntlet
  • nathan the commie
    nathan the commie 1 year ago I remember the chewy Santa from the stream :D love your channel (no homo) have a good day break
  • Tyler Walsh
    Tyler Walsh 1 year ago Scribblenauts Unmasked next please.
  • mc Pic
    mc Pic 1 year ago RTGame 🤘
  • wild starfish
    wild starfish 1 year ago play till 100%
  • Rizoku_
    Rizoku_ 1 year ago Rip Scribblenauts then
  • ZoZ
    ZoZ 1 year ago NOOOO
  • stefan broers
    stefan broers 1 year ago thats sad it was the perfect game for you it was so funny!
  • Aesthetic Boi
    Aesthetic Boi 1 year ago Sad to see this Series end
  • Saftey Inspector
    Saftey Inspector 1 year ago sbeve
  • Doctor Decipher
    Doctor Decipher 1 year ago Will you be playing Scribblenauts Unmasked sometime, its the same but with Batman so its automatically better.
  • Kolli Hope
    Kolli Hope 1 year ago Nooo stay I love these
  • Nivag Nivagson
    Nivag Nivagson 1 year ago they have a superhero one where you can make giant naked batman
  • Toasteritto :/
    Toasteritto :/ 1 year ago No no
  • Zypher
    Zypher 1 year ago Awww, its been a good journey!
  • william smith
    william smith 1 year ago do one more episode playing as lily
  • Voice_act Start
    Voice_act Start 1 year ago So what’s going to be your next big game to play
  • Dj ink dart
    Dj ink dart 1 year ago I wouldnt say its over rt you still have Scribblenauts unmasked to play
  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 1 year ago RTGame you know what I want.
  • Octo Pi
    Octo Pi 1 year ago NO!! Scribblenauts was so funny. You should just do like a sandboxy thing and just make things that the chat says and see how they interacts and stuff
  • Kristian
    Kristian 1 year ago nooo
  • Seamour Butts
    Seamour Butts 1 year ago RTGame Yay! More murder.... I’m sick I know
  • Just Beat
    Just Beat 1 year ago Penguin are not from the Artic grumpy face
  • Collin Flannery
    Collin Flannery 1 year ago All good things come to an end
  • Domesticated Duck
    Domesticated Duck 1 year ago F
  • Seth Latimer
    Seth Latimer 1 year ago You should play the DC Scribblenauts
  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 1 year ago As someone who played through all of Scribblenauts and was disappointed with the ending, thank you for the last-minute patricide <3
  • *Justarandomdude*
    *Justarandomdude* 1 year ago Play scribblenauts unmasked. It's scribblenauts with the DC universe.
  • Sir Spork
    Sir Spork 1 year ago Please do "beware of trains"
  • Mr. KoolKid
    Mr. KoolKid 1 year ago please play Scribblenauts unmasked!
  • Truman productions
    Truman productions 1 year ago You still have scribblenauts unmasked my dude
  • The Snazzmaster
    The Snazzmaster 1 year ago no please play more
  • Chimbeto
    Chimbeto 1 year ago RTGame plaaaay more plssss
  • adam keller
    adam keller 1 year ago theres still the batman scribblenauts im sure
  • Toran Hansen
    Toran Hansen 1 year ago Noooo! There are other Scribblenauts games. Can you can play those please.
  • Owen Marye
    Owen Marye 1 year ago Can you do DC Scribblenauts now please
  • SevenSulivin
    SevenSulivin 1 year ago That's a shame. Would you consider playing the DC theme sequel?
  • jason sanders
    jason sanders 1 year ago play eco
  • Pheasant
    Pheasant 1 year ago Can’t wait to see what you ruin/murder next! 🧿🕳🧿 👁🕳👁 🧿👄🧿 👁👄👁 🧿👅🧿 👁👅👁
  • Legoboy604
    Legoboy604 1 year ago Noooooo...
  • Tucker Ford
    Tucker Ford 1 year ago Hay please do some episodes of modding this game cuz you can add your own stuff so that means you can go to the Steam Workshop and get some stuff mods of course
  • deleted because of hate -
    deleted because of hate - 1 year ago Ö
  • Bearfang Thunderfish
    Bearfang Thunderfish 1 year ago Only the penitent Santa shall pass.
  • Jared Zehner
    Jared Zehner 1 year ago RT, do you plan on making more Scribblenauts games in the future? If so I recommend “Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure”.
  • CJer
    CJer 1 year ago I mean you could just... yk... keep playing scribblenauts anyways. 100% this madness
  • MTG Bros
    MTG Bros 1 year ago F for fucked up fascist cat
  • gustavrsh
    gustavrsh 1 year ago F
  • Fritz McYeet
    Fritz McYeet 1 year ago I miss playing this game. It really was my childhood for the longest time.
  • TheJhonatan067
    TheJhonatan067 1 year ago Download some scribbenauts mods
  • In Star
    In Star 1 year ago There's a DC Scribblenauts "Scribblenauts Unmasked" and there's the switch game
  • I’ll probably regret this name later
    I’ll probably regret this name later 1 year ago Noooooo
  • kingblane
    kingblane 1 year ago @Some dude i still play ny fable 2 sometimes
  • Andrew Krzyzaniak
    Andrew Krzyzaniak 1 year ago RTGame Nooo please do more
  • Toaster Man
    Toaster Man 1 year ago You are the reason why I play this game.
  • Toaster Man
    Toaster Man 1 year ago And i mean scribblenauts
  • Pegamation Productions
    Pegamation Productions 1 year ago Okay.
  • Eddie Savela
    Eddie Savela 1 year ago Should do the dc one
  • Marco Duldulao
    Marco Duldulao 1 year ago NOOOOOO
  • itheparrott
    itheparrott 1 year ago RTGame You should have sacrificed God!
  • Oreox4
  • GenericPlaythroughs - Gaming
    GenericPlaythroughs - Gaming 1 year ago Welp bye then that’s the only reason I stayed
  • ItsMeKrazyB
    ItsMeKrazyB 1 year ago Nooooo
  • The Creator
    The Creator 1 year ago do Scribblenauts unmasked
  • Ariel Lissman
    Ariel Lissman 1 year ago Noooooo.... I want this to never end!
  • lucky panda
    lucky panda 1 year ago RTGame you know you can make things in that game right?
  • Reese Whittington
    Reese Whittington 1 year ago as a highschooler taking latin i cannot agree more with that ending piece of advice
  • Logan Adams
  • SamuelPlaysVideogames
    SamuelPlaysVideogames 1 year ago Why not Scribblenauts DC
  • BlackLight
    BlackLight 1 year ago Tons of other scribblenauts games tho
  • glens
    glens 1 year ago There's another Scribblenauts with DC characters.
  • 牛vb
    牛vb 1 year ago This was one of my favourite series’s
  • Zekeram12
    Zekeram12 1 year ago Actually there's still a little more I think something happens if you get every starite
  • Jeff Moo
    Jeff Moo 1 year ago Do the sequel
  • Fralite
    Fralite 1 year ago Don't forget there is a superhero Scribblenaut.
  • Christian Kirbo
    Christian Kirbo 1 year ago Now the DC version of this game
  • magicGaming
    magicGaming 1 year ago ;-;
  • Paras Mittal
    Paras Mittal 1 year ago noooooo....
  • Terlinilia
    Terlinilia 1 year ago NUUUUUUUUUUUU
  • Cigar
    Cigar 1 year ago Fable is so bad jfc
  • Circuit Breaker_64
    Circuit Breaker_64 1 year ago Why not play Unmasked? It has a really climactic part that would hilarious if you messed with it!
  • Your F.B.I Agent
    Your F.B.I Agent 1 year ago NOO MORE
  • Godzilla Fighter
    Godzilla Fighter 1 year ago RTGame NO MINECRAFT!!!
  • Nick Ellis
    Nick Ellis 1 year ago Can you do the next game the superhero one just mess up batman
  • Dylan Higgins
    Dylan Higgins 1 year ago Can’t figure out whether that skeleton guy in the volcano before the turtle was Death or a skeleton.
  • awful falafel
    awful falafel 1 year ago i dont care if its over keep going
  • tacos stand
    tacos stand 1 year ago I'm gunna subscribe because of your voice and this vid
  • Waffle Cream
    Waffle Cream 1 year ago channel dies
  • Ssylphie
    Ssylphie 1 year ago You should’ve done communist flag. It actually works. Kind of.
  • Werepotato
    Werepotato 1 year ago "wild" is an understatement
  • Andrew Carns
    Andrew Carns 1 year ago ☹️
  • Arinnas
    Arinnas 1 year ago Beginning of Chaos!
  • Flygon 202
    Flygon 202 1 year ago Do Scribblenauts unmasked next
  • Laurence Ranson
    Laurence Ranson 1 year ago (edited) i cannot take scribblenauts seriously ever since i was on a road trip with my family and my brother typed "gun" and the game spawned in something i can only describe as a dildo. i took it from him and tried typing guna few times and it happened. then i typed dildo and got got a dildo again. i showed my parents and we weren't allowed to play that game after that. id have to find and dig through the DS games we had. dont know where they have been stored. it was on the DS though. the one before the 3DS
  • GrowlingLucario7
    GrowlingLucario7 1 year ago I actually kind of want more Scribblenauts... I'm sad this is over... one thing that came from your streams of Scribblenauts is me getting the game and remembering my childhood of playing the original Scribblenauts; the boring (not really, it was fun) one without the adjectives and Super Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS
  • JCDenton 2187
    JCDenton 2187 1 year ago I'm sad
  • MaTT
    MaTT 1 year ago n64 likes
  • SCP 3199
    SCP 3199 1 year ago Try Lumbago
  • Twan TDA
    Twan TDA 1 year ago RTGame why did u not put in the 100 gifted subs
  • JudicareTibi
    JudicareTibi 1 year ago No we need more Scribblenauts
  • 5YNAP5E
    5YNAP5E 1 year ago Play Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure next please
  • Reyhan Pradipto
    Reyhan Pradipto 1 year ago It's not over until you beat Scribblenauts Unmasked
  • Pegamation Productions
    Pegamation Productions 1 year ago I hate how every part of your video is built to make money off your "fans".
  • Jack Myers
    Jack Myers 1 year ago Noooooo please do more Scribblenauts please
  • Jack Myers
    Jack Myers 1 year ago DO SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED
  • Animated Oreo
    Animated Oreo 1 year ago Well fuck
  • Ethan Knotts
    Ethan Knotts 1 year ago Maybe in the future you could play other Scribblenauts games, I'm pretty sure there's a superhero one.
  • Zo N
    Zo N 1 year ago 9th trending well done
  • Geno chara
    Geno chara 1 year ago Noo
  • TheIronDragon
    TheIronDragon 1 year ago There’s a DC spinoff
  • HonooRyu Perrone
    HonooRyu Perrone 1 year ago At least magical John saved us from the volcano
  • Emperors of Fabulous
    Emperors of Fabulous 1 year ago RTGame use vbucks, not moms credit card
  • impossibro tv
    impossibro tv 1 year ago I'm so glad magical John found love
  • Abhay Sharma
    Abhay Sharma 1 year ago Passing out***
  • coolcoolbunny57 aj
    coolcoolbunny57 aj 1 year ago OMG NO
  • wawii
    wawii 1 year ago Bruh do it 1 more time and name it "Scribblenauts but it just magical john"
  • Commander Harrington
    Commander Harrington 1 year ago fair enough, play whatevers good in your eyes
  • why why
    why why 1 year ago If you want more, play unmasked
  • Droidix Bacon
    Droidix Bacon 1 year ago They made a sequel
  • Jerry
    Jerry 1 year ago noooooo
  • Sophia Slowly
    Sophia Slowly 1 year ago Play scribblenants unmasked
  • Jerry
    Jerry 1 year ago tr
  • Vanima Permai
    Vanima Permai 1 year ago we wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year
  • ammar am
    ammar am 1 year ago do your self
  • ammar am
    ammar am 1 year ago Why does watching a grown man playing Scribblenauts always bring me joy
  • Jayce Benson
    Jayce Benson 1 year ago did you ever use Birthday Suit? you should jut hop on for fun & use it
  • 44 Calibre
    44 Calibre 1 year ago I LITERALLY SUBBED BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO! I'm taking it back, traitorrr
  • Aww So cute
    Aww So cute 1 year ago Yes.
  • HonooRyu Perrone
    HonooRyu Perrone 1 year ago @Emperors of Fabulous its the same
  • Yoshi705
    Yoshi705 1 year ago mess around and destroy more things
  • Minny Goose
    Minny Goose 1 year ago Mr. Meloett a
  • Beanos Sans
    Beanos Sans 1 year ago S C R I B B L E N A U T S U N M A S K E D
  • Najatski
    Najatski 1 year ago fable is epic!
  • Wendy O Koopa
    Wendy O Koopa 11 months ago Did you notice the village people reference?
  • Eduard Peeter Lemming
    Eduard Peeter Lemming 11 months ago There is even scribblenauts unmasked
  • alastor 5078
    alastor 5078 11 months ago You should do the thing where you can create your own objects
  • Jimmy Pratt
    Jimmy Pratt 11 months ago Have you ever tried playing “Mutilate-a-doll 2”? I think you might enjoy it in your spare time if nothing else
  • Andy Atkinson
    Andy Atkinson 11 months ago Better watch out Better not cry If he finds you he’ll poke out your eye Santa Claus is going to war
  • Aurea Mediocritas
    Aurea Mediocritas 10 months ago U need a sticky santa!
  • Notnugget
    Notnugget 10 months ago You should play scribblenauts unmasked. You can fuck around with dc superheroes
  • TTV_ZedAnonymous
    TTV_ZedAnonymous 9 months ago Nooooo plz do more
  • Green the Ninja
    Green the Ninja 9 months ago disappointed you didnt do the space levels
  • sXady
    sXady 8 months ago Those were amazing solutions! Clickbait title, man!
  • American Fry
    American Fry 8 months ago RTGame “give me something loud he won’t leave my cave gives gun *jack proceeds to shoot up cave*”
  • R Marsh
    R Marsh 7 months ago #magicaljohn
  • nitro_dynamite18
    nitro_dynamite18 6 months ago Is this on Steam?
  • Lord fondue Films
    Lord fondue Films 5 months ago I don’t want to subscribe but that was hilarious
  • Iivaitte
    Iivaitte 5 months ago In fact, cyanide is sweet naturally
  • Ron Moyer
    Ron Moyer 4 months ago Bro you're playing my two favorite games
  • Chris Robot
    Chris Robot 2 months ago Isn’t this every scribblenauts play through?
  • Oras Iraq
    Oras Iraq 1 month ago Dead
  • nicklas tauru
    nicklas tauru 3 weeks ago I Love the Jesus and god when its a buddhist monk xD
  • Mary Hutton
    Mary Hutton 2 weeks ago Aww
  • Laslow
    Laslow 3 days ago Hey RT, try to create "birthday suit" in this game. 😏
  • Glitch ee
    Glitch ee 1 year ago The other Jack won't leave my cave but we can scare him with a loud noise! distant gun sounds
  • Glitch ee
    Glitch ee 10 months ago @That Boi H M I W O N D E R W H A T T H I S D E A D I C E M A N I S D O I N G N E X T T O M E B U L L E T H O L E S W H A T A R E T H O S E ?
  • Cycloneslasher
    Cycloneslasher 10 months ago At that part i thought the guy went in and shot himself
  • Jabobo Fweebs
    Jabobo Fweebs 10 months ago i thought he shot himself
  • Nicholas Carroll
    Nicholas Carroll 9 months ago And scream
  • Paper Guy
    Paper Guy 8 months ago Jack went sicko mode
  • aWildFox
    aWildFox 7 months ago I fuckin peed myself when I got to that part
  • Playlists s
    Playlists s 6 months ago To Be Continued...
  • pop htf
    pop htf 6 months ago The answer use a gun And if that doesn’t work USE MORE GUN
    AND HER NAME IS SEONG MI-NA!!! 4 months ago @pop htf Considering that two men entered and the one who left was not Jack Frost, I think it's safe to assume that Frost needed more gun.
  • Seth Riggins
    Seth Riggins 4 months ago @pop htf TF2 reference
  • ShinyDuck
    ShinyDuck 4 months ago Jack enters to the cave Why do i hear pumped up kicks?
  • Sarah :S
    Sarah :S 1 month ago I laughed so damn hard
  • Ynnel?!
    Ynnel?! 1 month ago "Scare" him with a loud "noise"
  • SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing
    SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing 3 days ago RIP Jack :(
  • Malex
    Malex 5 months ago "god isn't working" Proceeds to throw god off the cliff
  • Danillo Rodrigues
    Danillo Rodrigues 1 month ago God os dead
  • Ribbons0121 R121
    Ribbons0121 R121 1 month ago god after he saw humanity was like^
  • 12 Years Old Liquid
    12 Years Old Liquid 1 month ago Life= God Dead God= Death
  • Zero Dragon warz
    Zero Dragon warz 1 month ago The second one jumped off
  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros 1 month ago God after seeing r/noahgettheboat
  • Hunter peace
    Hunter peace 10 months ago “Give her something from the farm to ride” Me: cousin RT: silo Me: yeah that works too
  • Ivory D. Lagia
    Ivory D. Lagia 8 months ago Holy shit dude, Nice one.
  • Ezio da Firenze
    Ezio da Firenze 7 months ago Lol
  • Espeonage the Espeon Spy
    Espeonage the Espeon Spy 7 months ago If you listen closely, you can hear Sweet Home Alabama in the distance.
  • This is not my real name.
    This is not my real name. 7 months ago ALABAMA 100
  • beans
    beans 7 months ago I was in thinking a tractor
  • spyder976
    spyder976 6 months ago @Supahstar Warrior Don't forget rape. All those slave mistresses...
  • IJN Yamato
    IJN Yamato 6 months ago @spyder976 Lol what?
  • Eve Speredelozzi
    Eve Speredelozzi 6 months ago And I oop
  • Cement Mixer
    Cement Mixer 6 months ago @Supahstar Warrior i see what you dd there
  • Ajax Dossd
    Ajax Dossd 6 months ago you just made my day
  • b e a n s . e x e
    b e a n s . e x e 6 months ago @Supahstar Warrior I can guarantee that the like is from you
  • Supahstar Warrior
    Supahstar Warrior 6 months ago @b e a n s . e x e Says the guy with that pfp and that name 🙄
  • Sela The Kobold
    Sela The Kobold 5 months ago @Supahstar Warrior This is the most obvious troll I've seen in a while. You can do better, dude...
  • Supahstar Warrior
    Supahstar Warrior 5 months ago @Sela The Kobold Why is it that everybody keeps calling me a troll?
  • down the range
    down the range 5 months ago Alabama exclusive edition. My x tried to buy it but we're in it didn't work
  • down the range
    down the range 5 months ago @Supahstar Warrior ha my mom's actually from Canada and my dad's from Kentucky so fuck you
  • Arthur Davey
    Arthur Davey 5 months ago I thought that too wtf
  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 5 months ago @Supahstar Warrior You say that the Alabama stuff is tired out, and yet you still use the overdone "says the person with this pfp" argument
  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 5 months ago @Supahstar Warrior Also not very original lol
  • Mike Gorman
    Mike Gorman 4 months ago I honestly thought he was gonna give her a tractor.
  • Hunter101610
    Hunter101610 3 months ago if you read this reply look at our names
  • Pretendo
    Pretendo 3 months ago “R i d e a b l e C o u s i n” oh fuck
  • Mewx The Shadow God
    Mewx The Shadow God 2 months ago @Supahstar Warrior ADAM AND EVE EXISTED FOR A REASON!!!
  • Ribbons0121 R121
    Ribbons0121 R121 1 month ago i was thinking horse
  • WhoTookMyPuddingCup ?
    WhoTookMyPuddingCup ? 1 month ago @Supahstar Warrior that's very hypocritical of you to say that-
  • Lightning Point
    Lightning Point 3 weeks ago As someone from Georgia, this comment is gold!
  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 1 week ago Supahstar Warrior That’s ‘cause when you’re here, you’re family. YEEHAW!
  • ben trimble
    ben trimble 4 days ago (plays opening notes of Dueling Banjos.) 😀
    INFERNI CAT 10 months ago Rt : mom, can i have some food? Mom : sure! jumps into the oven
  • NAVYCalvin
    NAVYCalvin 9 months ago RT:"No, Mom u-"
  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago It's 420 likes now :)
  • h
    h 7 months ago “MOM!”
  • H M
    H M 7 months ago Sick roast!
  • helsinreaper
    helsinreaper 7 months ago @H M Could have used alittle salt but overall your mom tasted great.
  • H M
    H M 7 months ago @helsinreaper No need to rub salt in the wound!
  • DBZ Real
    DBZ Real 7 months ago Then rt turns it oj
  • DBZ Real
    DBZ Real 7 months ago @John Smith nice
  • NPC
    NPC 6 months ago I am food at home!
  • Poozie
    Poozie 6 months ago @helsinreaper owo
  • gato_feliz
    gato_feliz 6 months ago Oh no mom!
  • The Generalist
    The Generalist 5 months ago Mother, you must halt this!
  • Earthworm ArtcticSprinkles
    Earthworm ArtcticSprinkles 4 months ago dials 911
  • Mewx The Shadow God
    Mewx The Shadow God 2 months ago NO I DONT WANT TO EAT YOUR ASS!!
  • G.Master: Lord of the G-Force
    G.Master: Lord of the G-Force 2 weeks ago @Mewx The Shadow God Damn you, thanks to you, my dirty mind is now supplying me with horrible images. Not sure which is worse, literally eating it or "eating it".
  • Eclipsee [GD]
    Eclipsee [GD] 2 weeks ago CRISPY!
  • Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion
    Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion 5 months ago So, you brought Charles Darwin back from the dead for the sole purpose of wrapping him in flex tape and then pouring bleach on him? Cool.
  • platogkrone
    platogkrone 2 months ago *Preserving.
  • Nek I
    Nek I 1 month ago (edited) Flax*
  • manatee 1985
    manatee 1985 1 month ago ok
  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 1 week ago must be one of those Creationists. smh my head
  • raffle baffle
    raffle baffle 1 week ago @Dio Brando shake my head my head also another person rewatching scribblenauts
  • Tomas Orchard-Obray
    Tomas Orchard-Obray 1 year ago Science: god doesn’t exist Christians: SCIENTIFIC GOD
  • Bundle Of Fuck
    Bundle Of Fuck 1 year ago Tomas Orchard-Obray Honestly as a Christian since he invented science itself, yep S C I E N C E. G O D.
    INSTALL GENTOO 1 year ago @Bundle Of Fuck You have no agency, if god wants to rape you you let him.
  • Sarrcher
    Sarrcher 1 year ago RT Viewers: Magical John
  • Bundle Of Fuck
    Bundle Of Fuck 1 year ago INSTALL GENTOO Yep
  • Bundle Of Fuck
    Bundle Of Fuck 1 year ago INSTALL GENTOO That’s a godly dick btw, that’s *A B I G D I C K
  • RedDeath5
    RedDeath5 3 weeks ago S C I E N T I F I C G O D
  • Salvation Salvatoré
    Salvation Salvatoré 1 month ago *puts cyanide in hot chocolate* Scribblenauts : w o r l d ‘ s b e s t h o t c h o c o l a t e ?
  • The Essayist
    The Essayist 5 months ago I've never laughed harder than RT: "Origin of Species" Game: Polar Bear with party hat?
  • Ibrahim TGD
    Ibrahim TGD 3 months ago HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Jihefmat
    Jihefmat 3 months ago if it works, then its maybe true
  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 1 month ago Don’t forget the real outfit finisher, the 3D glasses
  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 3 months ago "The coals are very hot." *gasp* "Damp Santa!"
  • Royal Clash
    Royal Clash 1 month ago Brandon M Damp Santa solves everything!
  • Shibu Inu
    Shibu Inu 1 month ago @Royal Clash can it solve the reason why I don't get presents every year despite being a saint?
  • greathorn
    greathorn 4 months ago "We can scare him out with a loud noise!" distant gunshot from inside the cave
  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 1 year ago Oh, so you can't do steroids, but sure, by all means, put cyanide in someone's drink
  • BillyTheDailyGamer_ YT
    BillyTheDailyGamer_ YT 11 months ago Duh it's logical lol
  • Krussy Krab
    Krussy Krab 11 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Xx Supreme xX
    Xx Supreme xX 10 months ago Isn't that normal?
  • Jonathan Odude
    Jonathan Odude 10 months ago tastes like almonds
  • SweatyGoat
    SweatyGoat 10 months ago Nah I’ll stick with rohypnols
  • BladeGuy
    BladeGuy 10 months ago @Xx Supreme xX I'm sorry, what?
  • Luis P.
    Luis P. 9 months ago @BladeGuy Of course. That's sort of obvious.
  • I Enrika I
    I Enrika I 9 months ago Chernobyl explosion
  • Ninetails2000
    Ninetails2000 9 months ago But it was 'Delicious' cyanide....
  • Terho Raami
    Terho Raami 8 months ago I swear that guy was Rasputin
  • Cole M
    Cole M 8 months ago And give someone a body that washed up on the beach
  • barbarian blades
    barbarian blades 8 months ago That will make you happy.
  • Darth Hue
    Darth Hue 8 months ago @Ninetails2000 Cyanide's (from the ZF Clan) GF explaining why she raped him before they were in a relationship
  • Jane Edwards
    Jane Edwards 7 months ago you mean tasty cyanide
  • Playlists s
    Playlists s 6 months ago Game logic 👌
  • Night Light Shine Bright
    Night Light Shine Bright 5 months ago Kiwi Don't worry, it was TASTY cyanide.
  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw 2 months ago The overabundance sugar in hot chocolate would neutralize the cyanide, just FYI
  • Golden Tresh
    Golden Tresh 9 months ago 3:22 Cyanide does in fact have a flavor. People who consumed cyanide claimed it to be overwhelmingly bitter.
  • Skullhawk13
    Skullhawk13 7 months ago Golden Tresh did people intentionally taste test poison?
  • Lord KaBlamo
    Lord KaBlamo 7 months ago probably the taste of death,but yea i guess
  • LilJbm1
    LilJbm1 7 months ago @Skullhawk13 I mean it doesn't kill you until you consume a fairly large quantity. The small bit consumed for a taste test is not nearly the dose necessary to cause death or pain.
  • Skullhawk13
    Skullhawk13 7 months ago LilJbm1 ah, I guess I should’ve known that, I did a lot of reading on acquired immunities for a character so I feel kinda silly for not remembering.
  • Tori Lea
    Tori Lea 7 months ago fun fact cyanide smells like almonds
  • Evertree 213
    Evertree 213 7 months ago @Tori Lea Well , I learnt something new today.
  • helsinreaper
    helsinreaper 7 months ago @Evertree 213 Cyanide is also in apples(the seeds).
  • Lucy K.
    Lucy K. 6 months ago Tori Lea I knew that because of Agatha Christie and Detective Conan lol
  • Iivaitte
    Iivaitte 5 months ago Isnt it supposed to be sweet?
  • Playboy Piccolo
    Playboy Piccolo 4 months ago I allways thought it tasted like jelly beans.........huh
  • ghost
    ghost 4 months ago funny joke
  • Alexandra Park
    Alexandra Park 2 months ago Yet nightshade is sweet 😂 shoulda used nightshade there
  • Not Important
    Not Important 2 months ago @Tori Lea Actually, almonds smell like cyanide
  • R. Flynn
    R. Flynn 2 months ago @Not Important Cyanide supposedly tastes like almonds too
  • Not Important
    Not Important 2 months ago @R. Flynn Almonds taste like cyanide. They a little in them.
  • Two Point Oh
    Two Point Oh 2 months ago @helsinreaper wrong, there is something in Apple seeds that when crushed (or broken down in general) becomes cyanide
  • Bingbong Artist
    Bingbong Artist 1 month ago Well good thing its tasty cyanide!
  • VeryPeeved
    VeryPeeved 1 month ago it's quite good if you prepare it right.
  • Ynnel?!
    Ynnel?! 1 month ago Bitter with a faint almondy taste. Almonds contain cyanide.
  • TTM_TacoTrap 4
    TTM_TacoTrap 4 3 weeks ago @Tori Lea there is actually cyanide in almonds
  • Captain Jin
    Captain Jin 3 weeks ago That's a hard pill to swallow
  • Rabbit0
    Rabbit0 2 weeks ago @LilJbm1 That's true. I've heard about cases where people have used it to poison others and the first taste didn't kill them.
  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 6 months ago Artic Native: * wants something from back home * This guy: "What about a penguin?" "Me:* "Penguins are from the Antarctic, you-" Native: * is happy * Me: "I guess she forgot where she lived..."
  • Lilly Tóth
    Lilly Tóth 2 months ago they import penguins now
  • Charley Brown
    Charley Brown 9 months ago (edited) "Let Jesus take the wheel" IM WHEEZING 8:14
  • _HeyoimAJ _
    _HeyoimAJ _ 10 months ago 9:53 Godess: gimme riches RT: okay credit or debit?
  • Buckbeak & Hedwig Gaming/Vlogging
    Buckbeak & Hedwig Gaming/Vlogging 9 months ago Goddess: Credit Please!
  • Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter
    Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter 3 weeks ago Lololololol this shit killed me hahahahahaha!
  • Total Annihilation
    Total Annihilation 6 months ago "Let's put him out of his misery." BAMBAMBAMBAM
  • IDontCare AboutMyUser
    IDontCare AboutMyUser 6 months ago “Just call mom” puts mom in oven “NO MOM”
  • Andromeda Galaxy
    Andromeda Galaxy 10 months ago "Let's call mom, if she knows" jumps into oven NO, MOM!
  • Aurora Brooke
    Aurora Brooke 6 months ago “Let’s call mom, she knows how to do things” Mom: runs into the oven