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Скачать с ютуб [HD] Billiard World Cup of Trick Shot 2012 - USA vs Europe Final Part 4

Опубликовано: 8 мая 2012 г. 6 850 654 просмотра

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  • DPG7000
    DPG7000 3 years ago it's 3am and i don't know how I got here
  • Timothy Barth
    Timothy Barth 3 years ago same here
  • billy bob thorn
    billy bob thorn 3 years ago same shit here yo
  • علي الشيخ
    علي الشيخ 3 years ago It's 10 AM 😩😱
  • El1ement_One 1
    El1ement_One 1 3 years ago Lol me too how in the fuck did I get here
  • Matthew F
    Matthew F 3 years ago 4am
  • Sneaking72
    Sneaking72 3 years ago Lmfao same
  • frankrizzo442
    frankrizzo442 3 years ago Too funny. 5am in Texas here. And to think I wondered how I was watching Professional Air Hockey and got here...
  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 3 years ago 4am and today is my first day of school
  • Amir Luqman
    Amir Luqman 3 years ago yea me too wtf?
  • Waleed
    Waleed 3 years ago Omg it's 3:03 am and I don't how I got here
  • Denton Lutz
    Denton Lutz 3 years ago 0306 am for me. idk, drank to much i guess
  • Popoyo Dank asf
    Popoyo Dank asf 3 years ago Lord Darthveider it's 10:00 at California 11/05/16
  • Jonnie Black
    Jonnie Black 3 years ago Lord Darthveider literally same
  • PredatorFrost
    PredatorFrost 3 years ago Lord Darthveider it's 2 in the morning rn lmfao same idk why I'm here
  • Nuks 42
    Nuks 42 3 years ago wtf 2:30 am bro same baha
  • Tundra14
    Tundra14 3 years ago transport, it's a series of cables, light patterns...
  • Md Hasan
    Md Hasan 3 years ago Lord Darthveider me tooo!!!!
  • Adi Striko
    Adi Striko 3 years ago Lord Darthveider same
  • Spencer947
    Spencer947 3 years ago Lord Darthveider same
  • Cerulean Fish
    Cerulean Fish 3 years ago (edited) I had a stop with snooker. I like billiards so it was cool to watch. That Ronnie O'Sullivan guy is pretty good.
  • Lazaro Pelayo
    Lazaro Pelayo 3 years ago Lord Darthveider its 3 am rn
  • WeezyFire
    WeezyFire 2 years ago (edited) it's 8am i dont know how i got here either wat is sleep?
  • Yeboi Freeze
    Yeboi Freeze 2 years ago Lord Darthveider so do i
  • Palmerrip
    Palmerrip 2 years ago Lord Darthveider 1258
  • Soumah Joubaba
    Soumah Joubaba 2 years ago high?
  • Saad Westbrook
    Saad Westbrook 1 year ago shit 2years later I'm watching this at 3 am
  • Rod Music
    Rod Music 1 year ago Same here
  • James O'connell
    James O'connell 1 year ago Eminem lyrics?
  • Avery Beck
    Avery Beck 1 year ago Sameeee
  • Ogii skrt
    Ogii skrt 1 year ago Same... it‘s 4 am btw🤦‍♂️
  • Pearl
    Pearl 1 year ago 2 years later and 4 am same.
  • nein danke
    nein danke 1 year ago 2am and and i am not even interested in billiard
  • Brighton Plante
    Brighton Plante 1 year ago Same lmaooo it's 2:55am
  • Mitch Harper
    Mitch Harper 11 months ago 2 years later from you and it's 3:14 AM and somehow I'm here
  • Tadić 42
    Tadić 42 10 months ago It's almost 3am bro!!
    LIGHTING 10 months ago same
  • Trill J
    Trill J 10 months ago Bro fr 😭😂😂
  • Michael Scottland
    Michael Scottland 10 months ago DPG7000 3:30 am it is indeed.
  • Andrew Andrade
    Andrew Andrade 9 months ago It’s been 2 years and still relatable
  • Brady Smith
    Brady Smith 8 months ago exactly what I was thinking
  • Isiah Randle
    Isiah Randle 8 months ago It 3:28 and startex with music ended up here
  • Feudal Belth
    Feudal Belth 7 months ago Dude... Exactly the same here
  • Tassos Kard
    Tassos Kard 5 months ago Same !
  • Yaihr Herrera
    Yaihr Herrera 5 months ago Are you my spirit animal
  • GingerShadow
    GingerShadow 5 months ago No matter what you do. When you should sleep, youtube will send you to snooker. I’m a fan of snooker because of that.
  • Smackeddie
    Smackeddie 4 months ago its 3:14AM 3 years later and i'm here now too, what happened?
  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 months ago same 2 am
  • Aaron Pierce
    Aaron Pierce 4 months ago 2:45am
  • 95894L00L8934702 _xnyhf
    95894L00L8934702 _xnyhf 2 months ago Me too bro
  • Paul mitchel pacal
    Paul mitchel pacal 3 years ago "here's our last trick shot. you have to sneeze while keeping your eyes open. oh no we can't do it, your turn. you can't either? okay we win I guess."
  • 05subisti
    05subisti 3 years ago Made me actually lol!
  • MindFreakStalker
    MindFreakStalker 3 years ago I know that was bullshit! That isn't even fair!
  • Erdenkhuu Gantsukh
    Erdenkhuu Gantsukh 3 years ago Paul mitchel pacal
  • corn_exe
    corn_exe 3 years ago maybe you've never tried to sneeze with your eyes open. it's only a myth that it's impossible, it's very easily done.
  • Sir J
    Sir J 3 years ago Chief Beef if it's easily done then why is it a myth?
  • Austin Moser
    Austin Moser 3 years ago Paul mitchel pacal Venom Trickshots could have done it
  • MTHGaming
    MTHGaming 3 years ago Austin Moser very true
    SOFIQUL ISLAM 2 years ago Austin Moser no he can't coz there no more third attempt for Florian for that shot
  • ikno
    ikno 2 years ago Exactly what I was thinking!!!
  • PiliPIANO
    PiliPIANO 2 years ago but why did i did it
  • PiliPIANO
    PiliPIANO 2 years ago i nearly cried though...
    FORTNITE STREAMER HACKERS 1 year ago Yeah fuck Europe
  • Mistuh DJay
    Mistuh DJay 1 year ago Exactly what i was saying?! How did they win if they couldn't even make the shot themselves so how do we know if it's even possible?!
  • Isaaq Ignis
    Isaaq Ignis 1 year ago I mean they could've also chosen a super easy shot and won that way, no difference
  • Vyse Arcadia
    Vyse Arcadia 1 year ago 1st of all guys, he's saying the last trick shot was probably one they couldn't even do themselves anyways. They were in the lead and winning trick frame. So all they had to do was raise the difficulty to impossible to win. Con of the game really. 2nd of all, sneezing with your eyes open is in fact impossible. You blink every single time. And if you somehow manage to not blink, then you've squinted your eyes shut. In every sense of the definition, you are unable to see when you sneeze.
  • Kirby Cuzins
    Kirby Cuzins 1 year ago Quite the strategy....choose an impossible one comes close...what a surprise....gee, we win. In the future, I suggest the two remaining players on the team that chose the shot each have one chance to actually make the shot before they're handed the win.
  • IHS
    IHS 1 year ago @Vyse Arcadia they would have also won by issuing the easiest challenge imaginable as they had a 1 point lead... you're not that smart are you
  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli 10 months ago (edited) @IHS if they somehow messed up an easy challenge they could have given the USA a tie and chance to win, so it's guaranteed if you choose an impossible shot.
  • Immortal Jah
    Immortal Jah 8 months ago I can
  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez 6 months ago So cheap
  • Chris Youngworth
    Chris Youngworth 6 months ago Eminem can
  • gutz323
    gutz323 5 months ago I reckon they have to claim what shots they are going to take in what order before they start.
  • J Rod
    J Rod 3 years ago Why are they playing in London for 50 coins?
  • PhadeAway
    PhadeAway 3 years ago Pretty sure they don't have enough coins for higher since they all look to be using the beginner cue.
  • مهيمن الشيخلي
    مهيمن الشيخلي 3 years ago Jonathan -
  • mujj i
    mujj i 3 years ago I always play berlin
  • Elijah Barrett
    Elijah Barrett 3 years ago Jonathan - Lolololol
  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 3 years ago Jonathan - i kept playing in dubai and gained 50M coins and you won't believe this.. i went to the washroom with pool opened, my lil brother opened a berlin match and when i came back it says the opponent left the game ;) i was so happy i gave him $10
  • 《Â.Š》 ĐÂftŠhooo
    《Â.Š》 ĐÂftŠhooo 2 years ago +Aerochalklate hahahah may be some one say good luck from the last match 😂
  • Adam Dybalski
    Adam Dybalski 2 years ago Lool
  • Denise O'Loughlin
    Denise O'Loughlin 2 years ago J Rod gg
  • PiliPIANO
    PiliPIANO 2 years ago me i dont have any coins but i do play great
  • PiliPIANO
    PiliPIANO 2 years ago really give me coins please i am Juan Carlos lvl 29 the picture is me with a dj
  • Finlay Edwards
    Finlay Edwards 2 years ago 100 coins
  • Gavy De
    Gavy De 2 years ago J Rod lol
  • Bryce Enman
    Bryce Enman 2 years ago J Rod iiii
  • YaboiLegend27
    YaboiLegend27 2 years ago This is the best comment I have seen in a long time
  • Lenin our savior
    Lenin our savior 2 years ago Haha me and my friends are always like that when we play real pool. If we just wanna muck around we are like "let's play London pub" but if we wanna do serious we're like "let's play Berlin platz"
  • Ajay barman
    Ajay barman 2 years ago follish
  • BossBoysTv
    BossBoysTv 2 years ago This isn't 8 ball pool
  • Petre Lee
    Petre Lee 1 year ago J Rod hahah I like Tokyo
  • Josh Christman
    Josh Christman 1 year ago J Rod hahah
  • Jking 8bp
    Jking 8bp 1 year ago Hahaha love it
  • Thanasis97
    Thanasis97 1 year ago i
  • Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher 1 year ago I play Seoul tower
  • Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher 1 year ago With multimiljonairs cue
  • Homie DoMore
    Homie DoMore 9 months ago Come see me in Moscow anyone - Coop
  • Natalia Villalobos
    Natalia Villalobos 6 months ago HAHAHAHAHA made my day
  • michel
    michel 4 months ago Sydney is where it's at B)
  • Rainbow Mosser
    Rainbow Mosser 1 month ago @Aerochalklate haha how about give me some
  • Cam Rehman
    Cam Rehman 5 years ago can't believe I just watched all of this....
  • Jeff106
    Jeff106 5 years ago Me too buddy .... me too
  • Cris
    Cris 5 years ago Yeah, me too
  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson 5 years ago i thought i would quit after 3 mins
  • David Barak
    David Barak 7 months ago it is the same in all of us apparently
  • RandomObed
    RandomObed 3 years ago if they cant complete there own final shot, that shouldnt be the final shot.
  • --
    -- 10 months ago thats the whole point... they meant to pick a hard shot that they knew team USA wouldent be able to do so they could win. i understand what your trying to say but there wasnt anything wrong about it tbh
  • Holt Burdette
    Holt Burdette 5 months ago @-- it is wrong though. I feel like EVERY SHOT chosen should have been proven to have been completed at least once to, at the very least, show they aren't using a bullshit loophole to faniggle a win. At least show it to the corporation/tv people/officials that it has been done sometime in the past, however long its been, just one time to show it's actually possible.
  • --
    -- 5 months ago @Holt Burdette got to sleep you yanke
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago This is why football sucks. The whole sport is full of loopholes and tricks. No skill.
  • --
    -- 5 months ago are you talking about the proper football or the rip off rugby that the yanke's play?
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago @-- sorry sir. "American football" where I'm from its America so we leave the American part out... and no. Not soccer. They're just field fairies who can only kick a ball in a 17 ft net once a game.
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago Rugby is also football. It's called. Rugby football. Learn your sports sir
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago And if you want to watch a real sport go watch hockey... oh let me clarify. Ice Hockey not Field hockey... 😂😂😂
  • --
    -- 5 months ago @NowhereNate wel then, there's so many things wrong and so out of subject that you typed and i could point them out to annoy you, but whats the point, you're just an aggravated yanke that has no idea what he's on about.... and the fact you put emoji's at the end of that last comment show's that you're annoyed(don't try to say you're not) and another thing... you say football (as in the real football) is a bunch of " field fairies who can only kick a ball in a 17 ft net once a game" yet American football is literally scared yankes running around a field with a rip off rugby ball and protection on... so i guess we both lose. (btw i'm not even a fan of the real football or rugby that much, im more of a snooker and pool type of person so none of that even bothers me that much.
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago @-- It sounds like you have a problem with Americans. You overuse the term Yankee. You sounds mad.
  • --
    -- 5 months ago @NowhereNate Yes, i think i do "sounds mad".
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago @-- why? Are you ok? I hope so
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago @-- you're talking shit in a comment section of a billiard trick shot championship video on youtube from 2012 lmao
  • --
    -- 5 months ago @NowhereNate you started all this lmao. i was just saying to some one that the European team was meant to pick a hard shot so that the American team would struggle and the European team would win and there's literally nothing wrong with that, then you randomly come out of nowhere talking about football saying it has loop holes or something.... so realistically what ever you are trying to accomplish doesn't make any sense.
  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry 5 months ago - - What’s your gripe with america buddy? Still salty about the revolutionary war? Get over it man, honestly.
  • --
    -- 5 months ago @Nigel Thornberry donald trump, school shootings, you pay for your health care,racist police. i wasnt born when that revolutionary war happened so it dont bother me. and tbh i think you guys might need us to invade your country again as you seem to be in a complete shit whole right now. all you can really say to this is "go drink some tea" or something like that while you masturbate to your shite hole of a flag that you weirdos are weirdly addicted to. honestly don't get why you lots are so proud of your country coz clearly im not seeing the clear picture through this shite rain we got over here in britain. and that fact that you chose to comment on this and completly ignore all this happening on social media on a video about snooker.... when you could of just laughed at all us numpty's goes to show how weak minded SOME americans are smh
  • Ian Parrish
    Ian Parrish 5 months ago Everyone in this thread is fucking insufferable.
  • NowhereNate
    NowhereNate 5 months ago @-- still the greatest country on earth.
  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry 5 months ago -- The one thing you mentioned which I want to challenge is who do you think pays for health in other countries? You do realize it’s not free right? Everyone pays higher taxes, and the health care quality is far worse. You have to wait far longer to receive treatment, and you certainly aren’t getting the best care.
  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry 5 months ago -- I will acknowledge we have issues with our president, guns and the police, but which country doesn’t have terrible leaders? We do have a gun issue but that’s due to the founding fathers and our constitution which no one would dare change. So I’m pretty sure that will always be the case. That being said, America has a lot of positives that make it an overall great country to live in. At least from my experience. I haven’t had any issues, and I absolutely love my life. I have everything I could every want and I’m very happy all the time.
  • --
    -- 4 months ago @NowhereNate ok buddy you believe that then
  • Blue Kirby
    Blue Kirby 4 months ago @-- I agree with you, I don't much know what these here yankee boys are a going on about lmao. I don't listen to anyone who calls Chips "french fries" or people who call Chocolate Globbernaughts "candy bars" shit grinds my gears. they are a bunch of hoighty toighty tippy typer warriors who have a massive rooty tooty point and shooty problem in the US. If I hear one more American call an upsy stairsy a "escalator" i'm gonna lose it
  • Andy Bateman
    Andy Bateman 5 years ago 5:22 Walter White telling Jesse Pinkman they got to cook
  • Kanker Dildo
    Kanker Dildo 5 years ago Pretty accurate 😂😂😂👌
  • Cody Pardy
    Cody Pardy 4 years ago oh my gosh that's hilarious
  • seb99
    seb99 3 years ago damn how did you find out
  • Cole Batis
    Cole Batis 3 years ago Best comment ever
  • jaxxn
    jaxxn 2 years ago Andy Bateman a
  • The Legendary E
    The Legendary E 1 year ago That's what i thought and then i read the comments to see if anyone else noticed.
  • Epstein’s murderer
    Epstein’s murderer 1 year ago Andy Bateman I don’t get it
  • Purd
    Purd 10 months ago This comment is too underrated
  • Andres
    Andres 9 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bruhhhhhh
  • Nick Ricotta
    Nick Ricotta 8 months ago Nice eye man.
  • Scotty Weißmüller
    Scotty Weißmüller 6 months ago Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows, I didn't hear any resemblance.
  • Scotty Weißmüller
    Scotty Weißmüller 6 months ago You mean 7:26 they guy sounds exactly like pinkman
  • Kayshawn Whitehead
    Kayshawn Whitehead 4 months ago Lmaoooo
  • Popoyo Dank asf
    Popoyo Dank asf 3 years ago I don't even know how I got here
  • Dale Saccone
    Dale Saccone 3 years ago kevins iphone same lmao
  • TheKimpula
    TheKimpula 3 years ago me neither lol
  • Nick Hollander
    Nick Hollander 3 years ago Popoyo Dank asf honestly
  • Popoyo Dank asf
    Popoyo Dank asf 3 years ago Nicholas Hollander 💀
  • tikcuf07
    tikcuf07 3 years ago Fuckin' YouTube rabbit hole, man.
  • 信宏林
    信宏林 3 years ago tikcuf07
  • stu 3355
    stu 3355 3 years ago Let me repeat something that everyone repeats because I don't have a brain.
  • Mactator Maximus
    Mactator Maximus 2 years ago I came from a Classic Tetris Tournament-Video. But I don't know how i got there
  • OopsIMissTapped
    OopsIMissTapped 2 years ago Popoyo Dank asf SAMEEEEEE
  • Tyler Rieger
    Tyler Rieger 3 years ago Anyone else have no idea they got here in the early am?
  • Prime TimeTito
    Prime TimeTito 3 years ago Lol saaaame
  • TeenyBooch
    TeenyBooch 3 years ago it's 4 in the morning here
  • FarisRL
    FarisRL 3 years ago Fr😭😭😭😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • xSir shlept
    xSir shlept 3 years ago it was on suggested wtf
  • LossDouble
    LossDouble 3 years ago Fr 😂😂
  • guillaume asselin
    guillaume asselin 3 years ago moom12321 C
  • Daniel Francis
    Daniel Francis 2 years ago I went from NBA ejections to this...
  • Reaver
    Reaver 2 years ago lmao same
  • Ohm Patel
    Ohm Patel 1 year ago Same
  • Hanging out with Huck
    Hanging out with Huck 1 year ago It’s 12 PM where I am and I don’t know what the heck this is
  • Generic1995 type tingz
    Generic1995 type tingz 1 year ago 2:57am here in nyc right now
  • JMan4702
    JMan4702 3 years ago This kids bunnyhopping all the way through ivy, out middle, and to our connector like a speed demon
  • Egguar Baggins
    Egguar Baggins 3 years ago lol
  • pwny
    pwny 3 years ago I fricken love you
  • Lucky
    Lucky 3 years ago CS is the best game ever
  • Capital
    Capital 3 years ago ESEA Admin: He's not hacking
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 2 years ago Capital Gaming ffs this is billiard no need to talk about phoon
  • my pp is small, also
    my pp is small, also 1 year ago Shawn Smith You cant escape phoon
  • Akansh Gaurav
    Akansh Gaurav 7 months ago Wierd middle eastern music starts to play.
  • suy bas
    suy bas 7 months ago scripts all along the script demon
  • michel
    michel 4 months ago admin he does it sideway !
  • crosshairs3
    crosshairs3 4 years ago "1,2,3, shoot got it?" The guy continues to shoot on 2
  • Tyrone Albertyn
    Tyrone Albertyn 4 years ago +crosshairs3 The sound is off set from the video
  • Paul Patton
    Paul Patton 7 months ago (edited) crosshairs3 I came for this comment. Idiot messed the shot up
  • Rivalistics
    Rivalistics 3 years ago 6:10 "all of them out of their seats" camera pans to crowd clearly sitting barely enthusiastic 😂😂
  • Minus6
    Minus6 5 years ago the last trick can not be done, thats why Europe picked it
  • Admiral Aokiji
    Admiral Aokiji 4 years ago @The Canadian Eh Theist no i think it would be possible but as they called it, it is mission impossible. Very VERY hard
  • Creatip
    Creatip 4 years ago @Borsalino Kizaru agreed, it's 1 success in 10 (or more) tries kind of shot.
  • Benhard Wiesner
    Benhard Wiesner 3 years ago merican smartass detected... Those given dificulties arent just a guess... no matter what they comment while watching it. 9/10 is easier than the last one. you are watching a world cup there! Do you really think they are that fuckin stupid?
  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli 10 months ago It CAN be done, it's just extremely hard.
  • Holt Burdette
    Holt Burdette 5 months ago @Benhard Wiesner not stupid at all. Actually pretty clever. Guarantee a win by choosing a trick that can't be done. They should have to show proof the shot has been completed successfully before. Otherwise, I don't think they should be allowed to chose it. Especially for a final, not that any round makes a difference. All shots should be proven to have been completed before. period
  • raymond untalan
    raymond untalan 5 years ago I wonder if Europe did the last one on purpose because they knew the trick could never been done
  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli 10 months ago yea.
  • Wesley Damen
    Wesley Damen 9 months ago But it can be done
  • Demon Bullet
    Demon Bullet 4 months ago Wesley Damen prove it
  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant 3 weeks ago @Wesley Damen Nope, can't be done.. That's why they call it '' Mission Imposible''
  • Sãmm YT
    Sãmm YT 2 years ago When you finally learned how to hold a stick properly. Then your younger sibling show you this video😭
  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy 4 months ago Love how the channel name spells billiard incorrectly
  • Cold Warrior
    Cold Warrior 3 years ago why tf did I just watch this.
  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez 3 years ago I just watched this whole 20 minute video and I have no idea why I watched it or how I got to it.
  • Cold Warrior
    Cold Warrior 3 years ago +Nicholas DiGerolamo update. still up. watched related videos. contemplating life.
  • Greg Hairston
    Greg Hairston 3 years ago same question i asked my self dude
  • MustafaBiggun
    MustafaBiggun 3 years ago +Greg “TheBigEaredGamer” Hairston you watched it for the juicy balls. Don't let's pretend x
  • Rob Meijer
    Rob Meijer 2 years ago Maybe you watched dudeperfect
  • Teemu
    Teemu 6 years ago Id like to see how these guys play a normal 8-ball game in a pub
  • Martti Vaino
    Martti Vaino 6 years ago i would beat them with closed eyes :D
  • SKGMD11
    SKGMD11 6 years ago @OlenMartti beat them with closed eyes in your dreams :)
  • Martti Vaino
    Martti Vaino 6 years ago not a problem sir :D
  • Ewan Shin
    Ewan Shin 5 months ago Most likely whoever breaks wins and the other side doesn't get a turn.
  • StealYourOwnGame The stealer
    StealYourOwnGame The stealer 11 months ago 5:01 that's what she said
  • Emad Aldeen
    Emad Aldeen 3 months ago 1:20 "he is too fast" Florian: Hold my stick!
  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin 7 years ago 6:07 "All of them out of their seats!" .....Nobody is standing :D