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Скачать с ютуб I Found Steam's Worst Horror Game

Опубликовано: 2 февр. 2018 г. 1 152 598 просмотров

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This is the greatest dark house of All Time

  • Gunner Dohrenwend
    Gunner Dohrenwend 1 year ago I don't think these games are made by anybody they just appear
  • SnowFluffalo
    SnowFluffalo 1 year ago Gunner Dohrenwend SCP style
  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 1 year ago They're the turds of the Universe
  • Frog Hat Freddie
    Frog Hat Freddie 11 months ago I think you're right
  • DreadedFoxx INC.
    DreadedFoxx INC. 11 months ago exactly.
  • E.T. being a hot, slutty mama with his new wig.
    E.T. being a hot, slutty mama with his new wig. 11 months ago I am dying why does this makes sense to me
  • EnderIdiot
    EnderIdiot 10 months ago Lana eating an old man's dick as if it was candy Who’s Lana though?
  • Jordy
    Jordy 10 months ago @The Old One make this an SCP-J post on the wiki lol
  • Rock Puncher
    Rock Puncher 10 months ago Blink, and another one appears on Greenlight
  • Abstract Anonymity
    Abstract Anonymity 10 months ago @The Old One Fam.Scp is fictional
  • The Pepe
    The Pepe 10 months ago SnowFluffalo it’s a REDACTED
  • JR
    JR 9 months ago They're made by AI.
  • Spaghettian 1
    Spaghettian 1 8 months ago they're scps's
  • Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza?
    Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza? 7 months ago @EnderIdiot I think it's Lana Del Rey
  • El Camaroncio
    El Camaroncio 4 months ago @Abstract Anonymity Thanks i dont knew it thanks for that OBVIOUS information
  • Abstract Anonymity
    Abstract Anonymity 4 months ago @El Camaroncio Well.It was pretty clear I wasn't talking to you.
  • Zeldaboi1985
    Zeldaboi1985 3 months ago I think we found another SCP
  • Funny Funny Valentine
    Funny Funny Valentine 2 months ago SCP?
  • ibillisticsheep
    ibillisticsheep 1 month ago Gunner Dohrenwend they spawn at nighttime
  • The Memessiah
    The Memessiah 2 years ago "Did I move into a house with no lights?" The horror genre, summarized.
  • DevilBuster Kaz
    DevilBuster Kaz 6 months ago Is that a Pixie getting fucked?
  • Ogre Bear
    Ogre Bear 3 months ago @DevilBuster Kaz I'd fuck a pixie.
  • Capitão Explosão
    Capitão Explosão 2 months ago @Ogre Bear whats a pixie?
  • Capitão Explosão
    Capitão Explosão 2 months ago @Ogre Bear whats a pixie?
  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki 1 week ago @Capitão Explosão his sister's name
  • John Dobson
    John Dobson 6 days ago Capitão Explosão it's the little things in your tv screen that make it visible
  • john wick
    john wick 2 days ago John Dobson that’s called a pixel
  • LuxCapacitor
    LuxCapacitor 2 years ago The death sound was Charlie's echolocation being answered.
  • Color Code The Artist
    Color Code The Artist 1 year ago Jacob Arntsen Nice, I was the 260th like.
  • Bitchboy Brennan
    Bitchboy Brennan 10 months ago @Color Code The Artist ok?
  • Romey Jomey
    Romey Jomey 8 months ago Brennan Archives 2 ÑÖ
  • Bitchboy Brennan
    Bitchboy Brennan 7 months ago @Romey Jomey ok?
  • Romey Jomey
    Romey Jomey 7 months ago Brennan Archives 2 yas
  • Valentin Jouffray
    Valentin Jouffray 7 months ago @Romey Jomey ÑÖ
  • Hinatatatatatatata
    Hinatatatatatatata 3 weeks ago Holy shit it all makes sense now
  • Sad Panda
    Sad Panda 2 years ago "my wife left me three years ago" HES JUST SITTING THERE SMILING LOL
  • Sister Friede
    Sister Friede 4 months ago The face he gave her as she left
  • L Shadow
    L Shadow 2 months ago He smoked too much weed
  • Enkarashaddam
    Enkarashaddam 2 days ago Resting simpface
  • Oh Man
    Oh Man 2 years ago They spent all the budget on those jiggle physics I see
  • Angel Dee
    Angel Dee 4 months ago money well spent.
  • cresentcube
    cresentcube 2 years ago That scream in the first moments of the video is the representation of internal suffering of Charlie playing this.
  • Connor Shekelstein
    Connor Shekelstein 2 years ago (edited) cresentcube is he a Tusken raider?
  • The Delivery Boy
    The Delivery Boy 1 year ago He can be what he wants to be.
  • A Wizard
    A Wizard 1 year ago I'm a Rusken Taider
  • Zeldaboi1985
    Zeldaboi1985 3 months ago SCP-096 be like
  • penguinz0
    penguinz0 2 years ago To all the experts of Sexy Serial Killer saying how stupid I am for not noticing it was a hallway, I turned the brightness up significantly on the video so what you see in the video is not at all what it's like in the game
  • DeformedBear
    DeformedBear 2 years ago fuck those mouthbreathers Charlie, I'm about to jerk off. Which porn start(s) do you recommend?
  • Nick Salad
    Nick Salad 2 years ago DeformedBear The Sexy Serial Killer
  • skullking119
    skullking119 2 years ago Why isn’t this pinned?
  • Trevor Baker
    Trevor Baker 2 years ago Thanks for the clarification, dad. Almost to 2 mil 💪🏻
  • StillNoPickles
    StillNoPickles 2 years ago I haven't seen any of those comments lol
  • Biancamella
    Biancamella 2 years ago Thank goodness for this comment, I was seriously questioning how blind you were, lmfao. I was seriously like "BUT THERE'S A CHANDELIER RIGHT THERE"
  • DustyO'Rusty
    DustyO'Rusty 2 years ago People are defending this shitfest?
  • I filled Spongebob with Buttplugs
    I filled Spongebob with Buttplugs 2 years ago TBh I thought it was like some big ass mansion type porch with his moving boxes and shit outside, but I gotta say I orgasmed thrice when the guy at the end made that noise
  • TheTree kangaroo
    TheTree kangaroo 2 years ago I couldn't tell wtf it was but please good God make more of this. Most I've laughed at anything in a very long time.
  • Sm0ker
    Sm0ker 2 years ago DeformedBear Nice pair of lesbians
  • DeterminedGoat
    DeterminedGoat 2 years ago I knew that was the case because I'm just that smart.
  • Nekomell
    Nekomell 2 years ago penguinz0 still dumb for not going outside and checking
  • Nekomell
    Nekomell 2 years ago TheUltimateSucc saying player does a dumb thing =/= defending the game. Game is bad, but not checking outside of the room is still fucking stupid as all hell
  • TobbeTheDude
    TobbeTheDude 2 years ago Yeah but you just kept standing there clicking a door that didnt do shit. Like Vaas said: Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change.
  • pee is stored in the balls
    pee is stored in the balls 2 years ago quoting far cry 3?
  • TobbeTheDude
    TobbeTheDude 2 years ago No, Chaminda Vaas the first class Sri Lankan cricketer
  • ItsChrispyChips
    ItsChrispyChips 2 years ago penguinz0 it’s ok to be blind
  • ItsChrispyChips
    ItsChrispyChips 2 years ago Nekomell it’s not that deep lol
  • Zxara Amador
    Zxara Amador 2 years ago Of course it's a hallway! What kind of house has a bedroom that opens directly outside through the front door?
  • Justin Ward
    Justin Ward 2 years ago Zxara Amador Woah we actually got a guy with a PHD in common sense here. Thanks for noticing it's a hallway.
  • DSW102
    DSW102 2 years ago Holy shit charlie you actually commented on your own video
  • Yautja834
    Yautja834 2 years ago I was wondering why you didn't comment on the main character's chest hair poking through his pajamas. It all makes sense now.
  • Sotis175
    Sotis175 2 years ago Sure.....
  • Name
    Name 2 years ago I'm an expert of Sexy Serial Killer
  • Artistically
    Artistically 1 year ago Tbh I thought you were already at the front door and the door that wasn't moving lead to outside
  • CypressWC
    CypressWC 1 year ago penguinz0 Uncle Charles, why the fuck are you in a Christmas special?
  • CypressWC
    CypressWC 1 year ago Nekomell you do realize that even if he was trying its to dark for him to see and the flashlight is on his flappy dick wiggling without his control so you can't defend this game, if he could see or even fucking interact with anything it would be easier
  • Pluto
    Pluto 1 year ago Even with how high you turned up the brightness I still had to crank the brightness on the laptop god damn I pity you having to play this
  • TBSandNFL
    TBSandNFL 1 year ago Still dumb for not noticing.....his entire house is a fucking bedroom?
  • PunlistOverlord
    PunlistOverlord 1 year ago @CypressWC nobody's defending the game at all. just calling him an idiot for not noticing it was a hallyway. which is fair to say because he didn't even bother to go outside the bedroom and check what it was, and kept just clicking the door of the bedroom over and over expecting something to happen despite nothing happening.
  • Trae H
    Trae H 1 year ago I thought it was a porch too
  • DeformedBear
    DeformedBear 10 months ago @FBI Director thanks chris
  • The King of play
    The King of play 10 months ago Ah yes, my house also has a bedroom right after the front door
  • tommi knuutila
    tommi knuutila 9 months ago Sure sure, we believe ya...
  • Edward Flores
    Edward Flores 9 months ago Its ok
  • Donell Bailey
    Donell Bailey 9 months ago Ok.
  • Bill Drake
    Bill Drake 8 months ago @Benjamin Surtsey yeah it's chris. We already know this.
  • Hunter Drew
    Hunter Drew 4 months ago I’m the type of person to get scared of this
  • XenoRain
    XenoRain 3 months ago DeformedBear don’t watch mainstream porn bro
  • byternomar ISR
    byternomar ISR 2 months ago @DeformedBear boku no o pico
  • Deathwing
    Deathwing 1 month ago DeformedBear i see nobody gave you an answer for your question even two years later so I’m gonna give a shout out to harley dean my friend cheers
  • Deathwing
    Deathwing 1 month ago Ines Sousa god damn weebs
  • Price
    Price 2 years ago (edited) 7:30 that's the sound of him trying to motorboat the sexy serial killer as he died.
  • Connor Shekelstein
    Connor Shekelstein 2 years ago Recon PDW-1 huehuehue
  • Prophet of Profit
    Prophet of Profit 2 years ago highly underrated comment
  • Graf Unknown
    Graf Unknown 4 months ago You saved my day XD
  • D lucky#7's
    D lucky#7's 3 months ago I know that's a joke and all but she actually kills him by motorboating him
  • chasetherainb0w
    chasetherainb0w 3 months ago LMAOOOOOOOO
  • Yui Porkchop
    Yui Porkchop 3 months ago lmaoo- 😭
  • Dolce Luxe
    Dolce Luxe 1 year ago “Sensory deprivation tank of a game” is now a quoted review on their website.
  • Spongebob Nopants
    Spongebob Nopants 8 months ago Is that actually true? I am a year late though.
  • Loop Nugz
    Loop Nugz 7 months ago Bitch. You only got likes on this comment cause your a female
  • Andru2000
    Andru2000 7 months ago @Loop Nugz Found the incel
  • Skyper 893
    Skyper 893 7 months ago @Loop Nugz go back to reddit incel
  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 7 months ago @Loop Nugz damnnnnnn lmao
  • gay Kelpy G
    gay Kelpy G 7 months ago @Loop Nugz are you autismo Jones?
  • Egg Shaped Israeli Operative
    Egg Shaped Israeli Operative 6 months ago @Loop Nugz have sex, incel
  • Satan
    Satan 6 months ago (edited) If you guys are going to insult each other on youtube atleast make it decent.
  • Aggressive Tubesock
    Aggressive Tubesock 5 months ago This is the harassment women go through on a daily basis. Not to mention they are paid less for the same work.
  • RandomIdiotWhoCan'tFindAName
    RandomIdiotWhoCan'tFindAName 5 months ago @Aggressive Tubesock I too would cry myself to sleep if one single person called me a word.
  • Lillie
    Lillie 5 months ago @Aggressive Tubesock Nice baseless claims ya got there
  • Ramses
    Ramses 5 months ago @Loop Nugz Lmao, someones pissy.
  • Ramses
    Ramses 5 months ago @Lillie Not really a baseless claim, but go off.
  • Paul Jefferson
    Paul Jefferson 4 months ago @Loop Nugz found the incel
  • CRZ 1021
    CRZ 1021 4 months ago Aggressive Tubesock This is false.
  • TheNin10doer
    TheNin10doer 4 months ago I hate all of you.
  • Paul Jefferson
    Paul Jefferson 4 months ago @TheNin10doer I hate me aswell
  • Blue Tank
    Blue Tank 4 months ago all this person wanted to do was comment...
  • Ah Logic
    Ah Logic 3 months ago Love the sexism. Get a life loop, god.
  • Squid Mom
    Squid Mom 3 months ago This comment thread is a fucking dumpster fire.
  • Daddy Vladdy
    Daddy Vladdy 3 months ago Women belong in the kitchen
  • Tyhg1231 YT
    Tyhg1231 YT 1 month ago @Loop Nugz INNNCCCCEEELLLLL
  • Loop Nugz
    Loop Nugz 1 month ago @Tyhg1231 YT Lol
  • BA3Y R1S
    BA3Y R1S 3 weeks ago To hell with you all
  • Periquito do nordeste
    Periquito do nordeste 1 year ago "Oh i found the front door" famous last words
  • Sister Friede
    Sister Friede 4 months ago Did he die? I couldn't see due to the oversized titties and nutsack mounted flashlight.
  • Swagger of a Cripple
    Swagger of a Cripple 2 years ago (edited) 6 minutes of you thinking the bedroom door was the front door, I think that warrants a full playthrough.
  • Linus Öhman
    Linus Öhman 2 years ago The most pathetic thing about the mouse thing is that you simply need to add a SINGLE LINE of code to remove it from the screen. Assuming it's unity, which it probably is, it requires you to write like 5 words to fix.
  • GangGangUwU
    GangGangUwU 9 months ago Linus Öhman it’s what makes this game truly scary
  • Herobrinetrollin
    Herobrinetrollin 7 months ago when u watch harshlycritical im hip
  • Bernardo Nunes
    Bernardo Nunes 7 months ago This game was 99% copied and pasted
  • Nicolo Bouzari
    Nicolo Bouzari 6 months ago Now that’s some sad and lazy business right there. Guess the programmer had other things on their mind.
  • I have crabs help
    I have crabs help 2 months ago Nicolo Bouzari dos humongous tiddies
  • offscreen 6
    offscreen 6 2 weeks ago Especially since there are already first-person presets made by Unity that do that thing.
  • Stevethegoddamnemu
    Stevethegoddamnemu 2 years ago “My wife left me three years ago for another man. I’ve been lonely ever since” most realistic game I’ve ever played 10/10
  • Eagle4Deagle l
    Eagle4Deagle l 1 year ago First
  • the letter h
    the letter h 1 year ago 2meirl4meirl
  • ChairSkeleton
    ChairSkeleton 9 months ago You see this is not realistic because I wouldn’t have a wife and if I did she’d be dead in the next 3 hours.
  • Hel Trom
    Hel Trom 9 months ago big oof
  • Anonymous Jedi
    Anonymous Jedi 5 months ago I'm convinced that it was the actual experience of whoever made this game.
  • Nona Usagi
    Nona Usagi 5 months ago Literally my dad lol
  • Ben Quincy-Shaw
    Ben Quincy-Shaw 2 years ago I mean, even if it's bad on purpose... it's still bad
  • Daniel Quinterus
    Daniel Quinterus 2 years ago (edited) Then that makes it bad with purpose. Which makes it... Spicy
  • Creativity Plus Stupidity
    Creativity Plus Stupidity 2 years ago Psyché Roadtrip it makes it......"Ironic"
  • Eric Miret
    Eric Miret 2 years ago Makes it even worse, unless it's funny. Which it's not
  • Yergo
    Yergo 2 years ago It is bad at being bad because it is so bad
  • Metal Jacket
    Metal Jacket 2 years ago Ben Quincy-Shaw That's something people don't ever seem to understand.
  • Sada
    Sada 2 years ago Is it though? Is it?
  • stupid american
    stupid american 1 year ago Ben Quincy-Shaw // It’s bad at being bad
  • Alex Cuber28
    Alex Cuber28 1 year ago Ah hem..... gay.
  • rael
    rael 1 year ago If you think like this you don't belive in the concept of irony, therefore what the fuck you are doing in this channel, and the "iTs nOt FuNnY" is subjective.
  • BugPope
    BugPope 1 year ago Rael, you're a goddamn dunce.
  • TheSheklestineBandit
    TheSheklestineBandit 1 year ago If it was always meant to be bad from the start I guess it a success
  • Sir Jocas El Jocoso
    Sir Jocas El Jocoso 9 months ago Eric Miret Well, if the objective is making it bad and it ends up bad... it's good, right? xD
  • Timmering
    Timmering 2 years ago “4 pigs fighting over a trombone” That’s actually pretty accurate lol
  • Dearthvader
    Dearthvader 1 year ago imagine being so scared you stay at the start of the game for 30 minutes
  • Porras The Great
    Porras The Great 1 year ago This was me when playing PT tbh
  • Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist
    Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist 8 months ago you clearly dont know this channel lol
  • Sister Friede
    Sister Friede 4 months ago @Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist sarcasm is a thing
  • Nostalgic Waves
    Nostalgic Waves 3 months ago Alien Isolation for me. It’s too difficult
  • Jumpman056
    Jumpman056 2 months ago Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist r/whoosh
  • Lonk
    Lonk 9 months ago Gets stabbed “Look I found the front door”
  • Hinatatatatatatata
    Hinatatatatatatata 3 weeks ago Lonk is literally getting stabbed to death Charlie: oh no
  • Moody_Mayhem_
    Moody_Mayhem_ 1 year ago “Well maybe if you would stop showing your teeth like you’re a dog ready to attack” Wrong time to take a drink.
  • Luc
    Luc 2 years ago 0:50 His chest hair is going through his pajamas.
  • NotASuicidalRobot
    NotASuicidalRobot 4 months ago I mean details right
  • Lmao *
    Lmao * 1 month ago How 2 Game lol
  • Vintage Seinfeld DVD
    Vintage Seinfeld DVD 2 years ago Charlie actually laughed, what an achievement.
  • Boss Werdos
    Boss Werdos 8 months ago You could see him play Roblox