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Скачать с ютуб Pirates of the Caribbean flashmob

Опубликовано: 14 авг. 2016 г. 1 687 213 просмотров

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I love asians!

  • Pigglypog
    Pigglypog 2 months ago This would be a great distraction for a bank heist
  • Veena *
    Veena * 2 months ago Wow... Good idea
  • Random Bystander
    Random Bystander 2 months ago lmfao i was thinking the same shit lol this plays while mf's loot and pillage all around them xD
  • Izzul Islam
    Izzul Islam 2 months ago Check if Michael, Trevor or Franklin are around
  • Zan J.
    Zan J. 2 months ago Reference from salazar's lol
  • DracoFidei
    DracoFidei 2 months ago Maybe it was...
  • Kada Art
    Kada Art 2 months ago i just might steal this book idea
  • _United State of America_
    _United State of America_ 2 months ago :v
  • Justin
    Justin 2 months ago Hmmm...... this seems suspicious xD
  • Nathaniel Hernaiz
    Nathaniel Hernaiz 2 months ago r/cursedcomments
  • Crazy Goat
    Crazy Goat 2 months ago lol yes
  • -X-
    -X- 2 months ago We'll distract em You guys have 3 minutes *Music starts playing
  • yaphace
    yaphace 2 months ago Ha
  • The Communist Pirate
    The Communist Pirate 2 months ago Maybe it was. BAIN!
  • Axel Emiliano Islas Ordaz
    Axel Emiliano Islas Ordaz 1 month ago FBI OPEN UP!!!
  • Joshua Wells
    Joshua Wells 1 month ago That was not part of the plan
  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon 1 month ago (edited) Pigglypog been done already. There’s a movie about a flash mob that robs.
  • Linh Lee
    Linh Lee 1 month ago Lol
  • Kiarra Jobe
    Kiarra Jobe 1 month ago Me immediately thinks of rdr2
  • Travis
    Travis 1 month ago 💀💀💀
  • Idk IDK
    Idk IDK 1 month ago “If you were waiting for the opportune moment that was it” - Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Claudiu Muresan
    Claudiu Muresan 1 month ago Lester:You can do this loud or silent, you choose. Me:Bring me the f**king orchestra!
  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo 1 month ago Thx I actually did and bought myself the leaked PS5
  • Dylan F
    Dylan F 1 month ago SmDh.. lmao
  • Li Yuxuan
    Li Yuxuan 1 month ago ? !
  • Anthony Iero
    Anthony Iero 1 month ago Good idea
  • Paula Dodds
    Paula Dodds 1 month ago (edited) Thx man Edit:well that didn’t work
  • AndI Oop
    AndI Oop 1 month ago I was the 1.8k like.
  • IceShard
    IceShard 1 month ago bro... how did you know there was a bank heist in progress....
  • Gacha Potter
    Gacha Potter 3 weeks ago Nahh... Even the robber would be distracted
  • gio Van akkerveken
    gio Van akkerveken 2 weeks ago FBI Open up
  • MidnightCanvas
    MidnightCanvas 2 months ago The beginning when all the musicians started gathering felt like when avengers assemble
  • Ravuri Yacob
    Ravuri Yacob 1 month ago 😃😃😄🤣🤣
  • Claudiu Muresan
    Claudiu Muresan 1 month ago Orchestra.... assemble!
  • Esther Acosta
    Esther Acosta 1 month ago Haha
  • muhammad fahreza
    muhammad fahreza 3 weeks ago wkakakamakak
  • Lid Lid
    Lid Lid 3 months ago Random stranger: "Just a normal day." "Why do I hear boss music?"
  • Fresthack GT
    Fresthack GT 2 months ago True
  • garri bet
    garri bet 2 months ago 😫😫😂😂😂
  • Tiqi Narkotyki
    Tiqi Narkotyki 2 months ago Made my day
    RANDOM sTRANGER 2 months ago Just a normal day:)
  • the1TJ
    the1TJ 1 month ago Swear if you just saw a random person running out of no where and drop kick someone I'd die for utter joy
  • takeo serpieri
    takeo serpieri 3 months ago I saw Jack Sparrow in the audience Stealing audience's purse and jewelries
  • Mateusz Abramek
    Mateusz Abramek 2 months ago Being robbed by the legend is an honor.
  • Buttercup Neon
    Buttercup Neon 2 months ago This is the day you will always remember as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • HG_AFRO sAmUrAi
    HG_AFRO sAmUrAi 2 months ago @Buttercup Neon I love jack sparrow he doesn't plan anything he just goes with it hes clumsy yet thee best pirate in the seas
  • Buttercup Neon
    Buttercup Neon 2 months ago @HG_AFRO sAmUrAi Haha! I couldn't agree more! Jack is amazing 😂
  • Raju.y Ch
    Raju.y Ch 2 months ago Lol
  • Faizal Shaikh
    Faizal Shaikh 2 months ago Captain jack sparrow 🎩
  • Lemnai Wangnaw Lemnu
    Lemnai Wangnaw Lemnu 2 months ago Me too time 5:62
  • Nathan Sheridan
    Nathan Sheridan 2 months ago What time in the video? I didn't see him.
  • Jessica Tanouye
    Jessica Tanouye 2 months ago @Nathan Sheridan I think they were joking about seeing Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Nathan Sheridan
    Nathan Sheridan 2 months ago @Jessica Tanouye Oops...probably.
  • Evergreen masti
    Evergreen masti 2 months ago @Mateusz Abramek being murder by a legend is also a honour for you ?!?
  • Mister Morningstar
    Mister Morningstar 1 month ago CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.
  • xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG
    xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG 1 month ago Ge's the worst Pirate i've ever heard of. But I have heard of him I guess.
  • Balthasar Gerards
    Balthasar Gerards 1 month ago Nathan Sheridan 5:62
  • Prerna Sharma
    Prerna Sharma 1 month ago *Captain JACK SPARROW. You broke the only rule.
  • apple juice
    apple juice 1 month ago Evergreen masti uhhhh yes.....
  • SweetStickman
    SweetStickman 1 month ago Jessica Tanouye nah it’s true
  • Kazuma -Desu
    Kazuma -Desu 3 months ago Being an asian, I can confirm that even though we don't show emotions in our face but deep inside, we were mind-blowned and amazed by the performance in flash mob or street performance. but in our country (Philippines), usually people in the crowd was very silent when the performance is still going but you can see in their faces that they are enjoying the show. We only show our appreciation after the show.
  • XR Shi-45 [Mīźū]
    XR Shi-45 [Mīźū] 3 months ago (edited) I just remember a stage play "The man in the iron mask" if I remember correctly... 14 fcking y/o : *Loud fckingg screaming* SANA ALL My mind: You fcking kidding me you all are fcking grade 7 and 8!? Basically there a romantic scene and they all scream my ears hurt from that day.. Inside the theatre everyone should be silent and give reaction when it's done
  • Mimo Beans
    Mimo Beans 3 months ago bitaw lol
  • Lum Slayer
    Lum Slayer 3 months ago We are not easily impressed that all
  • Feiht
    Feiht 3 months ago Well that's kind of robot-like
  • Kermit Never Dies
  • Kermit Never Dies
    Kermit Never Dies 2 months ago in our school if you play a single anime music— students will jUMP oUT IF THEIR S E A TS AND RUSH
  • Darth INVADER
    Darth INVADER 2 months ago Agreed
  • Ilham Halim
    Ilham Halim 2 months ago PUTANGINA BOBO. ME MID OR FEED
  • HG_AFRO sAmUrAi
    HG_AFRO sAmUrAi 2 months ago @Lum Slayer how can you speak for everyone?
  • Aziq Azizi
    Aziq Azizi 2 months ago @HG_AFRO sAmUrAi yeah im asian and im pretty agree with his statement we are not easily impressed but not all and majority in my place when someone make something like in the video we just quietly watch and give clap or shout or anything after the perfomance end except thing that make we laugh
  • HG_AFRO sAmUrAi
    HG_AFRO sAmUrAi 2 months ago @Aziq Azizi speech 100
  • peakerbox
    peakerbox 2 months ago @HG_AFRO sAmUrAi even with the mistakes he made his message is clear as day
  • Litespark
    Litespark 2 months ago Same here in Finland. We're reserved and silent and appreciate way bigger personal space than in most of the world but if something incredible happens, we damn right do appreciate it and show it.
  • mantech vlogs
    mantech vlogs 2 months ago Middle family always shy in world.anywhere.
  • Ee Lin Yeoh
    Ee Lin Yeoh 2 months ago Kermit Never Dies that will never happen in our school since students there deadpan
  • Blits Riderfield
    Blits Riderfield 2 months ago so concert etiquette.
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 2 months ago I live in malaysia
  • Ee Lin Yeoh
    Ee Lin Yeoh 2 months ago Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) me too
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 2 months ago @Ee Lin Yeoh ya
  • Shirø goetgjsjtallrpa
    Shirø goetgjsjtallrpa 2 months ago Same in Germany
  • Deepa s
    Deepa s 2 months ago They are deeply involved in the music
  • Bruh Gemar
    Bruh Gemar 2 months ago Wait this in Vietnam bruh
  • Michael Angelo Simon
    Michael Angelo Simon 1 month ago @XR Shi-45 [Mīźū] Can't blame you with the impression. Nothing I would say about it. Teenagers. 😑😑😑
  • IceShard
    IceShard 1 month ago idk man that performance is kinda mediocre 😳
  • Patrick Dela Peña
    Patrick Dela Peña 1 month ago Im an Filipino
  • Maria victoria inopia Oliva
    Maria victoria inopia Oliva 2 weeks ago Laban lahat na mga Pinoy
  • YG please give Blackpink a full album
    YG please give Blackpink a full album 4 months ago AS AN ASIAN(specifically Vietnamese) when listening to this. in my head: 😯 🤩 👏 my face: 😶😐
  • Wong Zhi Yang
    Wong Zhi Yang 3 months ago (edited) As another fellow Asian I can confirm that
  • thị diễm quỳnh phạm
    thị diễm quỳnh phạm 3 months ago Yeah, we are really good at being a dead fish
  • Trapped Inside A Figure 8
    Trapped Inside A Figure 8 3 months ago Why?
  • YG please give Blackpink a full album
    YG please give Blackpink a full album 3 months ago Trapped Inside A Figure 8 probably because we're not very good at showing our emotions :/
  • Trapped Inside A Figure 8
    Trapped Inside A Figure 8 3 months ago @YG please give Blackpink a full album 👍
  • thị diễm quỳnh phạm
    thị diễm quỳnh phạm 3 months ago IT'STHEBEAN yeah :3
  • pls pls
    pls pls 3 months ago I can confirm that as well and im from ph we also do that here
  • Z_Spyer [Game]
    Z_Spyer [Game] 2 months ago My Head: 😃 me When 35 Will Be Like This my face: 👏👌😉
  • Fresthack GT
    Fresthack GT 2 months ago Stop stealing fish from Indonesia Vietnam
  • The_ MCRuler
    The_ MCRuler 2 months ago Same but I'm not asian
  • super since
    super since 1 month ago Iam not Asian but I have the same problem
  • Josh
    Josh 2 years ago I think they deserve a few more claps than they got. 👏👏👏
  • Philosophy & Psychology
    Philosophy & Psychology 9 months ago Si amigo
  • Huey Duck
    Huey Duck 5 months ago Ikr
  • Michael Sturgeon
    Michael Sturgeon 4 months ago A few???? I almost heard none!!
  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 3 months ago 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Ansh Mahajan
    Ansh Mahajan 3 months ago 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Fall_ en
    Fall_ en 2 months ago (edited) Thts 740 people with 1480 i am damn sure they got a big clap
  • Hushie Yang
    Hushie Yang 2 months ago that one random dude: "hey its pirates of the Caribbean!"
  • Rice o tron films
    Rice o tron films 2 months ago I’m wondering how did nobody suspect a thing when half the people in the cafe had instruments
  • Lana Zayyad
    Lana Zayyad 1 month ago HAHAHAHA EXACTLY
  • Scout Jeremy
    Scout Jeremy 3 months ago But something is missig The pirate costume
  • Erli Wijaya
    Erli Wijaya 3 months ago All the sudden a pirate ship sailed on wheels at the street
  • Pietro Mazzoleni
    Pietro Mazzoleni 3 months ago Ko ko numismstics
  • Pietro Mazzoleni
    Pietro Mazzoleni 3 months ago Si Bm
  • TS VIRUS_7
    TS VIRUS_7 3 months ago @Erli Wijaya did you mean by black pearl 🤔😆😆
  • Elbert widj aja
    Elbert widj aja 3 months ago Where is the Black Pearl and Jack Sparrow 😂😂
  • JerryGonGetUrTaco •
    JerryGonGetUrTaco • 3 months ago @Erli Wijaya And jack sparrow just sails it around
  • Arush Bose
    Arush Bose 3 months ago Yeah.... n in missing
  • Ryuunosuke Fujikage
    Ryuunosuke Fujikage 2 months ago Where is Captain Jack Sparrow??
  • Nobody999 Lbsfamily
    Nobody999 Lbsfamily 2 months ago Where's the rum? Why the rum always gone? 😂
  • Naheed Akhtar
    Naheed Akhtar 2 months ago Souls
  • Cranksquid518
    Cranksquid518 2 months ago No, what's missig is the n
  • Abishaek JS
    Abishaek JS 2 months ago Fuck yes
  • Fraaz Gulzar
    Fraaz Gulzar 2 months ago The rum
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 2 months ago The 'N' word.
  • Michael Angelo Simon
    Michael Angelo Simon 1 month ago @Erli Wijaya Isn't that spongebob reference? 🤣🤣🤣
  • Ming Hsun Yang
    Ming Hsun Yang 3 months ago I really like the developing tense of the repeating notes in the beginning.
  • Celestial Shark
    Celestial Shark 3 months ago Aye, & I appreciate the flow of this piece and the vid, very well done; no waiting, no boredom. GJ VN!
  • Raymond Wildeman
    Raymond Wildeman 2 years ago I didn't know PSY plays the violin
  • lý hiếu
    lý hiếu 2 years ago hell no man
  • Erzio •
    Erzio • 1 year ago Raymond Wildeman also You Didn't Know That PSY Have a Lost Brother?? His Name Is Kim Jong Un
  • OooO OooO
    OooO OooO 1 year ago :)
  • _ΔβHISHΣҜ_
    _ΔβHISHΣҜ_ 1 year ago Lmao😂😂😂
  • Khanh Duc Le Dinh
    Khanh Duc Le Dinh 8 months ago That is Vietnamese.
  • Huey Duck
    Huey Duck 5 months ago 4:31 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 Why am I crying of laughter
  • paddotk
    paddotk 4 months ago Dumbest comment I've seen in a looong time
  • Raymond Wildeman
    Raymond Wildeman 4 months ago @paddotk yet 300 plus likes from 2 years ago. You're just an idiot.
  • Seven7y Ei8ht
    Seven7y Ei8ht 3 months ago His name is Fat-B. One of the most famous violonist in Viet Nam. Fucking PSY or KJU bro!
  • nichtray
    nichtray 3 months ago u mean "undercover kim"
  • Vincentraj
    Vincentraj 3 months ago 😂Lol
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 2 months ago PSY's bro: Kim Jong Un
  • yaphace
    yaphace 2 months ago All Asians play violin
  • Juicep GD
    Juicep GD 1 month ago @yaphace im asian, and i dont play violin
  • ezhil christy
    ezhil christy 3 months ago Audience be like Heart:omygodomygodomygod Face:loading a reaction epic enough. ..
  • Such DamnSKILLZ
    Such DamnSKILLZ 2 months ago Facial expressions buffering
  • Blabla2004
    Blabla2004 1 year ago Okay, why are some people dissing on the crowd? I mean, I'd rather listen and appreciate the music than just cheer blindly without hearing everything. I think the crowd were consisted of the types that listened and loved it silently.
  • MyHero Deku
    MyHero Deku 1 year ago The people listening should have clapped a little more in the end tho
  • Kevin Sundelin
    Kevin Sundelin 4 months ago Was just about to comment the same. Maybe they just wanted to listen and be respectful and not hinder anyone else from hearing the music or flashmobs was just a new thing for them. I certainly wouldn't be cheering while they were playing but then again, I've never experienced a flashmob
  • Alecia Bjorlie
    Alecia Bjorlie 4 months ago Blabla2004 ... If I were there, I would have a smile to show I was enjoying their performance. 👏🙂
  • Kevin Sundelin
    Kevin Sundelin 3 months ago @Bookworm Norway What are you on about?
  • Aziq Azizi
    Aziq Azizi 2 months ago @Alecia Bjorlie yeah asian not like that, we just enjoyed the show quietly and give clap after the perfomance if many people clap their hands the others will follow claps their hand too but if just few people clap their hands not many people will follow
  • jack Simmons101
    jack Simmons101 1 month ago Totally agree 💯
  • Dixie_rekd
    Dixie_rekd 1 month ago because they mostly looked like disapproving asian parents waiting for a bum note.
  • Xanti Nunez
    Xanti Nunez 2 years ago (edited) lmao the girl casually eating popcorn XD
  • Super N.
    Super N. 4 months ago The track made it look epic😂
  • Gop Sarnthong
    Gop Sarnthong 3 months ago Xanti Nunez เ
  • Gop Sarnthong
    Gop Sarnthong 3 months ago พระ
  • Cankun
    Cankun 3 months ago Best scene
  • Darth INVADER
    Darth INVADER 2 months ago If anyone wants to know it's at 5:13
  • Icedwarf M
    Icedwarf M 2 months ago @Darth INVADER thanks Darth
  • Soap Bar
    Soap Bar 1 month ago never use "lmao" and "XD" in the same sentence ever again
  • Icedwarf M
    Icedwarf M 1 month ago @Soap Bar hush you are just a soap bar go wash some hands
  • Argore Sender
    Argore Sender 2 years ago The crowd looks like they wss expecting something better ._.
  • Mythic Omen
    Mythic Omen 2 years ago Jack Sparrow it’s Asians among Asians...
  • Jade Jacky-Mamola
    Jade Jacky-Mamola 2 years ago or maybe asians are so awesome in general this was just average
  • lý hiếu
    lý hiếu 2 years ago the crowd sucks
  • Nino Recto
    Nino Recto 1 year ago In Asia We Really Expect Much More.
  • Kevin Sundelin
    Kevin Sundelin 4 months ago *were
  • Zephiris
    Zephiris 4 months ago Maybe, they don't recognize the theme? XD If someone plays some random Bach I never heard of on the street, I would have the same blank face. Also, they rearranged quite a bit of it, especially with the lack of a strong bass line, so it doesn't have that oomph the actual song have.
  • Ratboy2004
    Ratboy2004 3 months ago Kinda marching band sounding
  • hafis ismail
    hafis ismail 3 months ago I'm an Asian myself,frankly speaking,we don't really into this kind of cheering and clapping.
  • Feiht
    Feiht 3 months ago @Nino Recto you guys are dead inside lol
  • [GH0ST3D] FewZeroes
    [GH0ST3D] FewZeroes 2 months ago (edited) Nah only from the outside... from inside.. is mindblowned? Is that even a word?
  • AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi
    AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi 2 years ago Tips of how to summon Johnny Depp
  • PillowFort
    PillowFort 2 years ago THE GAMING TENDERISER Binky Sacrifice one jar of dirt.
  • AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi
    AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi 2 years ago PillowFort very true
  • _FortuitousSeedling_
    _FortuitousSeedling_ 2 years ago Boba Fett Boba how are you getting wifi connection in the sarlacc pit?
  • Eric Kessler
    Eric Kessler 1 year ago This is one good way to summon Johnny and his fellow cast colleagues
  • Sophia Equestrian
    Sophia Equestrian 1 year ago AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT
  • Tian Putra Serdadu_tinta_inc
    Tian Putra Serdadu_tinta_inc 1 year ago That's right 😂
    SYED RAZA 4 months ago They are asians. They don't get impressed.
  • abdul azim
    abdul azim 4 months ago The black pearl will surface soon.....
  • Lachy_Stack
    Lachy_Stack 3 months ago Don’t forget the rum
  • Crot Selebew
    Crot Selebew 3 months ago i cannot summoned like a mongrel pup 🤣✌️✌️
  • I'm SOFYAN
    I'm SOFYAN 3 months ago Yes
  • Lý long
    Lý long 3 months ago Do you know why Vietnam police gentle sage ??. because the people here are gentle and funny. There is no war. Do not discriminate. respect each other even help each other. If you watch this video, you will understand. Only in Vietnam and will not be available in other countries
  • Ghani Saputra
    Ghani Saputra 3 months ago Ahahhahahahaha
  • xXRem RuataXx
    xXRem RuataXx 3 months ago Ayee savy
  • Riccard Efendi
    Riccard Efendi 3 months ago 😂 LoL
  • Madhu Tyagi
    Madhu Tyagi 2 months ago Tips on*
  • Kaytlin Phillips
    Kaytlin Phillips 2 months ago So true
  • Buttercup Neon
    Buttercup Neon 2 months ago Break a bottle of Rum
  • Lazar_ Potato
    Lazar_ Potato 2 months ago or a rum
  • Pedro Calegaro
    Pedro Calegaro 2 months ago My rum!
    HUSKYLICIOUS Studios 2 months ago this + a bottle of rum because the RUM IS ALWAYS GONE
  • TrulyyMax
    TrulyyMax 3 months ago (edited) Girl: great movie! 5:15
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 months ago The crowd is unimpressed because they can all play at least one of those instruments..
  • Elongated Muskrat
    Elongated Muskrat 4 months ago I love you
    AKUIO 3 months ago And they're all prodigies
  • Aziq Azizi
    Aziq Azizi 2 months ago Its just their face that show unimpressed but in their heart they all really enjoyed the show. That is asian
  • rusTo us
    rusTo us 2 months ago Looool this hit me on a deep level😂😂😂
  • tenzin tsephel
    tenzin tsephel 2 months ago @Aziq Azizi I can assure u that
  • Hano IsMe
    Hano IsMe 2 months ago Actually they did enjoy it, Asians just have a lowkey kind of dead face and stay quiet for the performances :\/ As an Asian I can confirm
  • Baka Tako
    Baka Tako 2 months ago As an Asian this comment made me silently cackle to myself
  • Andrew Vistal
    Andrew Vistal 2 months ago (edited) Damn I'm hearing Jack's and Barbossa's voice as they argue