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Скачать с ютуб Dark Auld Lang Syne | Dark New Year

Опубликовано: 12 дек. 2018 г. 20 682 просмотра

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Art by Dennis Carlsson



  • Twister980
    Twister980 11 months ago Christmas was always his favorite time of year, all the laughter and candy, but most of all; all the fires. Sweet Tooth grinned as he revved his engine, the Nightmare before Christmas has begun.
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 11 months ago Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal Black? Great game
  • Douglas Wagg
    Douglas Wagg 6 months ago @Lucas King one of my favorite, the storytelling was superb.
  • Comrade Drill
    Comrade Drill 11 months ago i don’t know what your sniffing but that isn’t snow
  • Peter Gundry | Composer
    Peter Gundry | Composer 11 months ago Haha, this is rad man!
  • Lil Goth Artist
    Lil Goth Artist 11 months ago This is awesome! Keep it up dude I love drawing to this music :)
  • Michael Junior
    Michael Junior 11 months ago Classy Cartoonist bruuh I thought i was the only one
  • Soufiane Bakhada
    Soufiane Bakhada 11 months ago Yeah
  • Emma
    Emma 11 months ago Same!! Also, writing is fun to do while listening to these songs, in my opinion.
  • Desdesdes Des
    Desdesdes Des 11 months ago What software do you use for the orchestras?? Sounds like tracks from movies I love it!!!
  • Madame Rose Praga
    Madame Rose Praga 11 months ago Brillant as always Sir Lucas
  • SirCarnage05 YT
    SirCarnage05 YT 11 months ago (edited) Dude the picture and the music is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Also I liked every comment
  • Jamz Games
    Jamz Games 11 months ago This clown dude has a massive forehead
  • Madame Minuit
    Madame Minuit 11 months ago It's getting closer !!!
  • Akio santo
    Akio santo 11 months ago Lucas, has done it again!! Dark and cunning Like my depression
  • Walgekaaren
    Walgekaaren 11 months ago (edited) Gotta love this clown -- like a dream come true XD Once again a great upload (Y) Could you do a Silent Night too, with a headless horseman or the four apocalypse riders :P Or both X^D edit anybody know a good dentist for monster clown? no? ^^
  • cade murphy
    cade murphy 11 months ago A good piece of music, but I admit that I can’t really hear the Auld Lang Syne in there.
  • 나린
    나린 11 months ago It was a original melody of National anthem of ROK during 1919~1945.. It remind colonial era was how tragedic
  • GuitarPicks&LegoBricks
    GuitarPicks&LegoBricks 11 months ago From the first moment of the video, this song kept me on my toes, never knowing what was next! I love your work Mr. King, never stop!
  • pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar 11 months ago It’ll be interesting to see a making video for any of you’re tracks
  • Sarah Menary
    Sarah Menary 11 months ago Never knew something so creepy could be so skilled. 😆
  • Helio Nowell
    Helio Nowell 2 months ago This is some Tim Burton style music!!! In love with this
  • Captain FrightNite
    Captain FrightNite 11 months ago Absolutely incredible work once again, my friend. You never fail to impress. The only thing that shook me was 4 seconds in sending flashbacks of stepping on a lego in the dark.
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 11 months ago Thank you Captain, nice to see you again!
  • L.D. Johnson
    L.D. Johnson 11 months ago (edited) Yay! I suggested this last year! And I fucking loved it! Genuinely creeped me out, this one did!
  • Horror Squad
    Horror Squad 11 months ago You did it again Lucas. This is some top notch stuff. Great job as always bringing the spooky to the holidays