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Скачать с ютуб Three Cute Hamsters Happy To Run In Our DIY Ball Maze

Дата премьеры: 22 апр. 2019 г. 117 575 просмотров

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The balls always interest our competitors. In this episode, the difficulties faced by the contestants will be those balls. It will cover the path to the contestant's destination. Make them unable to move. How will our hamster contestants handle it? Can they pass it and go to their destination in the shortest time? Let's follow up with DIY Hamster channel!
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  • Jayla Saunders
    Jayla Saunders 5 months ago Chip: yellow ball you're in my way move Yellow ball: never Chip: then I'm going ta have to take you out (Toss) Chip: time to finish the mission
  • BTS infirestation
    BTS infirestation 2 months ago so cute
  • Stella Dasy
    Stella Dasy 6 months ago such a lot of funny moments in this video
  • Natalie Hammond
    Natalie Hammond 5 months ago 3:12 I died laughing
  • indah murniasih
    indah murniasih 5 months ago The hamster is very make me laugh😂😂😂😂😂
  • Smart Hamster
    Smart Hamster 6 months ago It is a wonderful maze. I've made a lot of similar mazes, but your mazes are always good
  • BTS infirestation
    BTS infirestation 2 months ago 3:10 I kinda felt sad for the cutie :/
  • Jasmine Mason
    Jasmine Mason 6 months ago Aw, I was afraid Hamster fell down when the balls blocked the way
  • Karen B.C.
    Karen B.C. 5 months ago 8:30 (Run Happy)
  • Belle Lexi
    Belle Lexi 6 months ago Colorful balls make the maze more interesting
  • Галина Тарашилова
    Галина Тарашилова 6 months ago да видео супер <З
  • Sara Coello Alamo
    Sara Coello Alamo 6 months ago Los hamsters me parecen bonitos😍😍😍🤣🤣
  • Delois D. Crow
    Delois D. Crow 6 months ago The road was covered by thư ball!
  • BTS infirestation
    BTS infirestation 2 months ago the three of them were cute 😍😍 my fav was chip or toto!
  • Paula Church
    Paula Church 6 months ago Oh no, the obstacle will hurt the hamster
  • Laura Mason
    Laura Mason 6 months ago Though having some trouble, I certainly Hamsters have a great time
  • lissette tenorio
    lissette tenorio 5 months ago Todo todo es mi favorito
  • JiJi Emna
    JiJi Emna 6 months ago A interesting Maze,
  • Ramirez Natalie
    Ramirez Natalie 6 months ago Three Hamsters have tried very hard to overcome the labyrinth, great!
  • Shasticka Thirumal
    Shasticka Thirumal 6 months ago Chip is so cute and intelligent.....and also very very very brave💪💪
  • Audrey W
    Audrey W 6 months ago They are all cute I have a hamster named hammy
  • Erica mojica
    Erica mojica 6 months ago I like the name hammy
  • Samanta Priya
    Samanta Priya 6 months ago The colored balls cannot make Hamster difficult 😅