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Скачать с ютуб Making Arabic (Pita) Bread near the Giza Plateau Cairo, Egyp

Опубликовано: 21 янв. 2011 г. 732 375 просмотров

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Making Arabic (Pita) bread in a traditional oven near the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt

  • وعد الجهني
    وعد الجهني 3 months ago (edited) منورين يامصرييين يااحلى واقدع شعوب الارض يااطيب قلوب ياعشقي ياغرامي ياحبايب قلبي 😍😍😍🇸🇦🇪🇬تحياتي ليكم من المدينه المنوره
  • SunC JjKitt
    SunC JjKitt 2 years ago Love eating it when I was in the middle east country specially when I make it a little bit crispy in the oven.😍
  • Marina Z
    Marina Z 5 years ago How weird to find this video. I took a picture with that little girl when I visited Egypt in Jan.2011.
  • الجنرال ******
    الجنرال ****** 6 months ago كنت اظن ام الربطه البيضاء ضريرة النظر
  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 2 years ago my fevret bread
  • y n
    y n 1 year ago After finished cooking, they put those breads on the ground?
  • Nalan Demirci
    Nalan Demirci 1 year ago 😋😘👍
  • خيرات بلدنا
    خيرات بلدنا 11 months ago 👏👌👌🖒
  • Mariyabh Hisaund
    Mariyabh Hisaund 3 years ago awesome ma sha allah.
  • Mohamed Karel
    Mohamed Karel 2 years ago Mariyabh Hisaund
  • Awad Jaber
    Awad Jaber 1 year ago Thanks
  • Nazi Hitler
    Nazi Hitler 4 months ago الله يرحمه يا محمد مرسي
  • mwjgp حسين جان تركماني
    mwjgp حسين جان تركماني 7 months ago هدحبو
  • only musu
    only musu 2 months ago Background music bahut kharab hai
  • Kavita Pandey
    Kavita Pandey 1 year ago 👌👍
  • زهرة الشام
    زهرة الشام 1 year ago المصريين منورين فكل البلاد
  • عبد الله المسعودي
    عبد الله المسعودي 2 months ago صح عليك
  • Rayray1001
    Rayray1001 5 years ago
  • Mariyabh Hisaund
    Mariyabh Hisaund 3 years ago lovely ladies may Allah bless them insha allah.
  • Rabie Dakkak
    Rabie Dakkak 4 months ago يا سلام على البساطه والناس الطيبه منورين يا مصريين
  • وعد الجهني
    وعد الجهني 3 months ago Rabie Dakkak احلى واقدع ناس
  • Rabie Dakkak
    Rabie Dakkak 3 months ago @وعد الجهني اكيد المصريين ناس طيبين وعلى فكره انا من سوريا ولست من مصر
  • Village Food Cooking
    Village Food Cooking 6 months ago Very nice very nice
  • ("Neha")
    ("Neha") 5 years ago What is this song? I think I have heard this singer but I can't remember his name
  • siemenssx1
    siemenssx1 4 years ago i thought Egypt was supposed to be pooor....these ladies look pretty big to be hungry lol
  • Fadli Ramadhan
    Fadli Ramadhan 3 years ago well... poor american can be far more obese. I think obesity and economy not so related.
  • siemenssx1
    siemenssx1 2 years ago Fadli Ramadhan how so? poor means struggling to buy stuff like food.
  • nabil channel
    nabil channel 1 year ago siemenssx1 you are really mentally retarded. U r sick
  • Bryan Manrique
    Bryan Manrique 6 months ago I taught americans had to me smart and not make stupid coments!
  • Mahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed 4 months ago @nabil channel N. G. N. . nhm. .. .
  • Justme & mythoughts
    Justme & mythoughts 1 month ago Thats not very nice you are really mean and not every country is poor. Its poor NOT pooor😂
  • Abraham Cantu
    Abraham Cantu 2 years ago Why are they putting the bread dough in sand
  • hesham fouad
    hesham fouad 2 years ago Abraham Cantu its a bran just like mc muffin bread or domino's pizza